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Hi to everybody! =D

I'm not a very good English speaker and writer so my fanfics are not that fluent and spelling mistakes are bound to happen. You may address the error however you seem appropriate, thanks. I would appreciate if readers would drop a comment or two for the stories. It's open to everybody...I think.

I am most grateful and appreciative that I have received story alerts, reviews, pm! I mean, I am not good at English so, seeing these coming in actually got me to sit down and improve my English. Hopefully, some of you can notice the slight improvement in my English. Hehe.

For now, I am focusing my attention on completing Murin Breatha Dan. (Perhaps, it is the first fanfic I will ever complete.)

Because I love you, I will update it as soon as I think of a plot for it. Since forever, I didn't really know what kind of plot to write for it. It was more of a story that goes on and on without a real, serious plot like Murin Breatha Dan.

Pm me or include in your review whatever suggestions you have for Because I love you or Murin Breatha Dan.

15 November 2013

So I've been missing for like 2 or so years and I'm sorry to those who were waiting for me to return and continue the fanfic: Murin Breatha Dan. But that period when I'm gone, I actually took some pretty cool English classes to improve on that language and also, I've become my own beta reader. So, I'll be rewriting Murin Breatha Dan (first) to clear up all those mistakes I did previously and continue writing it. I, honestly, don't know how long it will take me to return to updating the fanfic (but I should think it to be quite soon).

Alas, I must thank all those who have continued to review despite me going awol (absence without leave). And once again, if you have any suggestion for any of the fanfic, do drop me a message or include them in your review. Thank you.

29 December 2013

I have already written some parts of Murin Breatha Dan, and now I'm writing the chapters in between now and those chapters. The ending... I've had it planned so I just need a while more to fill in the gaps before I can release another chapter.

As always, should you have anything you'd like me to know, please leave a pm or in your review. Suggestions are also welcomed. Thank you.

Signing off: S3rp3ntin3

Ps. Good day and take care!

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