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Hey everybody! I guess I'll give some basic details about myself. I'm a 20 year old college junior from Tennessee, and I'm majoring in English. My initial attraction to opening my own fanfiction account was so I could read others' stories, especially from my good friend WanderingAnariel, but not necessarily publish my own stuff. I want to go into publishing when I graduate, and though I like to write, I enjoy editing more. I may post a story every once in a while, but I wouldn't dwell on my stuff if I were you. That being said, I'll give a few stats about myself; these are some details about my life that you might see pop up in my work or might be the inspiration for a story.

Favorite authors/books/series: Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy); Stephenie Meyer (Twilight series, The Host); Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries, The Mediator, Avalon High); JK Rowling; JRR Tolkien; Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, The Lost World); Christopher Paolini (Inheritance cycle); Gail Carson Levine (Ella Enchanted, The Wish, The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Ever); Suzanne Collins (The Underground Chronicles series); Anne Brashares (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants); Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl series); Jenny Nimmo (Charlie Bones series); Kate Brian; Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys series + super-mysteries; Laura Ingalls Wilder

Favorite TV shows: Supernatural; LOST; Prison Break; Firefly; Numb3rs; Gilmore Girls; JAG; NCIS; Home Improvement; Gossip Girl; One Tree Hill; Life As We Know It

Favorite movies: Twilight; P.S. I Love You; 27 Dresses; Vantage Point; Lord of the Rings; Harry Potter; She's the Man; American Outlaws; Pirates of the Caribbean; Troy; Black Hawk Down; Pearl Harbor; Music & Lyrics; Stick It!; Serenity; Mystery Men; Heavyweights; The Mummy 1 & 2

Favorite music: I'm a complete band nerd, and most music really seems to speak to me so I have a lot of favorites; James Newton Howard; Hans Zimmer; Patrick Doyle; Harry Gregson-Williams; Howard Shore; James Horner; John Williams; Blue Oyster Cult; Cheap Trick; Foreigner; AC/DC; MetallicaBoston; Journey; Triumph; Rush; Queen; The All-American Rejects; Switchfoot; Sum 41; Simple Plan; The Killers; New Found Glory; Bowling For Soup; Linkin Park; Travis; Good Charlotte; Aly & AJ; Josh Groban; Jimmy Eat World; Hawk Nelson; The Fray; The Click Five; West Side Story; Guys & Dolls; Music & Lyrics; Oklahoma; Annie Get Your Gun; Moulin Rouge

Favorite Songs: These are songs that particularly speak to me when I listen to them. Some of the artists are my favorites while others I only listen to for the one song."Keep Holding On"-Avril Lavigne; "Carry On Wayward Son"-Kansas; "Can't Fight This Feeling"-REO Speedwagon; "Inda"-Ken Oak; "Face Down"-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; "Broken Vow"-Josh Groban; "Bohemian Rhapsody"-Queen; "Hear You Me" & "Always Be"-Jimmy Eat World; "It Ends Tonight" & "Straightjacket Feeling"- The All American Rejects; "No One"-Aly & AJ; "There You'll Be"-Faith Hill; "How To Save a Life"-The Fray; "Say Anything"-Good Charlotte; "Time Machine" & "Say Goodnight"-The Click Five; "Someone's Watching Over Me"- Hilary Duff; "Mr. Brightside"-The Killers; "Cry"-Mandy Moore; "Going Under"-Evanescence; "Remember Me," "Belive," "Mi Mancheria" & "You Raise Me Up"-Josh Groban; "Untitled"-Simple Plan; "On Fire" & "24"- Switchfoot; "Into the West"-Annie Lennox; "Clair de Lune"-Debussy; "Sleep"-Eric Whitacre; "Apologize" & "Stop and Stare"-OneRepublic; "Slipped Away," "How Does It Feel?" & "Fall to Pieces"-Avril Lavigne; "Afterlife"-Avenged Sevenfold; "Stolen" & "Vindicated"-Dashboard Confessional; "Rain," "Blow Me Away" & "Until the End"-Breaking Benjamin; "Welcome to the Black Parade"-My Chemical Romance; "Luv" & "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?"-Travis; "Miss You" & "Anthem Part Two"-Blink 182; "Bleed It Out" & "Shadow of the Day"-Linkin Park; "Pure Example" & "Never Said Anything"-Steven Strait; "Tired of Being Sorry"-Enrique Iglesias; "Love"-Matt White; "Kisses and Cake"-John Powell; "Enter Sandman," "The Unforgiven" & "Nothing Else Matters"-Metallica; "Our Town" & "Secret Valentine"-We the Kings; "Don't Look Back"-Boston; "Don't Stop Me Now"-Queen; "Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued"-Fall Out Boy; "Rise Above This"-Seether; "Listen to Your Heart (slow version)"-DHT; "Long Road to Ruin"-Foo Fighters; "The Stone"-Ashes Divide; "Dragostea din tei"-O-Zone; "Memory"-Sugarcult; "Rest in Pieces"-Saliva; "Won't Go Home Without You"-Maroon 5

So that's a little bit about me. Or a lot about me. Chances are that the songs especially will influence my writings, but you just might find elements of the other stuff as well. I'll go ahead and warn you: I like a happy ending. I like chick flicks and gooey moments, although I won't write overly romantic scenes. I don't leave loose ends, and I won't cause my characters undue stress. If you don't care for my style of writing, that's cool. I hope you find what you're looking for or that you'll write it yourself. Happy reading!

Update 10/16/08
So I've decided I should really write more. I'm lame, I know. Over the summer I was finally inspired to start writing a few stories that have been rustling around my head for some time now. However, none of those things are exactly "fanfiction" material, at least the way I'm doing them (yeah, I have influences by other authors; sue me :P). Anywho, I'm a super-huge Twilight fan and I thought months ago of an AU story that nobody would ever write. Oh, yeah. I'm that girl. What you thought no one would ever do? That deep, dark fear you have about the books? Yeah, I'm writing THAT. Muahahahahaaaa! I'm writing a bit different than I used to. I'm starting out by really getting to know my characters, even though they're owned by Stephenie Meyer. I'm just making them do weird stuff (or rather they're doing it themselves and I'm writing it down; that Emmett. I can NOT control that kid!). I'm almost done with chapter 1, but I'm going to wait until I have a bit more substance to post my chapters. I do have just one thing to ask of you, dear readers: please go into this with an open mind. Don't send me flame mail because you hate my guts. I'm doing what I feel is interesting. I promise there will be cookies (and possibly lemons) and plenty of Cullen-induced goodness. This is also why I'm waiting to post. I feel that if I put all the weird chapters first, you'll read them all at once, get what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, and be okay after that. :) Anyway, if this all goes well and according to plan, I'll even throw in a bonus and post my character bios at the end. Cause I'm that nice. Sorta. You won't think I'm nice in a couple weeks. Also, I have an idea for The Host by SM and a few Supernatural ideas floating around. Hopefully I'll have a lot of stuff done in the next couple weeks and months.

Update 11/17/08
To all of you who have read and reviewed My Little Dhampir, I thank you. You are all most kind for taking the time to send me a review, and I love you for it. You've all been asking and the answer is yes, I will be doing chapter 29 from Adrian's perspective. The problem right now is time. I obviously have to have the book with me to get the dialog and actions correct and in the right order, which I can't do during class (which is where I wrote MLD...). Right now there's a lot going on around me so I can't see getting the next story out any earlier than Thanksgiving weekend. Have patience with me, and I promise you will be greatly rewarded. :) Thanks again!

Update 12/01/08
Vampire Academy readers: So apparently my copy of Shadow Kiss ran away, otherwise I would have given you another Adrian story. :( Now I'm in finals week at school, and it's not gonna happen for at least another week and a half. Plus I have to find my book. And get a job. And not fail my classes. -sighs- Darn, that. For all you Twilight fans out there, I advise you to look into my favorite authors and stories. They're much better and much more reliable than I am. For you Supernatural fans, check out WanderingAnariel. She's got good stuff, even if she NEVER UPDATES! -facepalm- Yeah, we're working on that. Also, feel free to check out the Winchester Academy ( if you're into RPGs. It's way fun.

Update 12/09/08
So I found my copy of Shadow Kiss (finally). It was hiding under a box in my room. I WAS spending all my time working on my Supernatural ff, but since SK decided to find its way back to me, I'll be working on that today. Might have a chapter for you tonight or (more likely) in a couple days. :)

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My Little Dhampir reviews
WARNING: This story contains Shadow Kiss spoilers. Specifically, it is part of chapter 22 from Adrian Ivashkov's pov. Basically, Adrian witnesses interaction between Rose and Dimitri and contemplates his feelings for her.
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