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Yay I got World of Warcraft now _

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Okay everyone who cares. I was new to the whole fan fic thing when I started all of those stories and I got ahead of myself. Therefore I'm delting most of the stories that I know I'm never going to update for. And now I'm going to write out my future fan fics and complete them before I start posting them. Then you'll have frequent updates _. I sorry for all those who are disaponted. You can yell at me if you feel like it. I'll try to write more one shots and finish the fanfic I'm writing now. If you're wondering it's a naruto bleach cross over. Right now it's called After Death and you won't see it up untill i'm at lest half way thourgh it. Well that's all I got to say _


(please excuse my horrible spelling)

My name Jessica

I'm 13

Where I live is none of your business.

I am a girl.

I'm an 8th grader

I play the Cello (just like haji X3)

Favorite movies: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Wow all of those are a series.

Favorite Books:

The Inheritance Cycle

The Black Magician Trilogy (The Magican's Guild, The Novice, The High Lord)

The Wheel of Time (I'm still reading it so far I'm on book 3 The Dragon Reborn and I'll start that after I read the Age of Five Trilogy.)

So far my ultime favorite book is The Great Hunt, which is book 2 of the Wheel of Time

Likes: I like reading, wachting anime, and playing video games, pizza, my dog, my cat (who is old and sick), Kings Island, and the color blue.

Dislikes: preps, shopping unless it is for video games or books, pink, and vegtables.

All the anime series I've ever seen (inorder of when I've seen it):

Pokemon (but I don't watch that anymore



Bleach (my fav XD)

Trinity Blood

Chobits (I still need to finish that one I'm on like episode 7)

Death Note

Blood +


Elven Lied (That one isn't that good)

Hellsing (only on episode 3)

Full Metal Alchemist

Innocent Venus (I'm on like, episode 10)

Peacemaker Kurogane

Ghost Hound (Just started I'm going to finish it after Wolf's Rain)

Wolf's Rain (on episode 5)

- ~ - My Recomindations for Anime - ~ -

InuYasha - it's a good anime for people who are into demons and the Feudel era of Japan. This is what really got me into anime. I highly recomened this anime, they stop making the episodes but I know a very good site to find the manga, if you want to know where it is just tell me.

Naruto - It's an okay anime, most people who watch it can get a little closed minded and say nothing is better that Naruto but that's only cause they haven't seen much anime. It's a bit long and like, 100 of the episodes are filler. Plus no matter how much the characters get hurt they just don't die. And when they do die it's in a stupid way. Naruto always ends up winning when he shouldn't and he always makes friends with the characters too, that gets really annoying. Also, pretty much ever character with character development has a sob story.

Bleach - If you've seen Naruto you'll most likly like Bleach, all of the people I know that have seen Naruto like Bleach. Most people end up perfering Bleach to Naruto. Also, Bleach is obviously more populare than Naruto (in Japan). It's good for people who are into ghost and stuff. There are also some very funny parts. IF YOU START TO WATCH BLEACH DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE HIPPISH OPENING! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BLEACH because I started watching the first episode and stoped because of the opening. But my cousin made me watch it and now it's my fav anime _

yeah, I'll type the rest of this later

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Naruto of the Shikon by LD 1449 reviews
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Tayuya! Mail Order BrideMaid! by Angelslasttear reviews
Orochimaru and others wussed out instead of invading the leaf village during Chuunin. Now they are in debt, and Tayuya is as mean as ever, so they make the decision to sell her off as a mail order bride? Akatsuki needs a maid? TayuyaHidan Ch19 up
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 19 - Words: 33,574 - Reviews: 285 - Favs: 155 - Follows: 141 - Updated: 9/24/2008 - Published: 12/3/2006 - Hidan, Tayuya
A Day at the Shrink's by Da Demon Mystrice reviews
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The sound of your violin by Rewy reviews
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Broken Childhood, Shattered Life by Stereotypical Asian reviews
A preview into the childhood of Tenten. How she lived with an abusive father, a beaten mother, her beloved brother Haku, and the events that led her into Konoha. [HIATUS FOO']
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Speak for Yourself, Shorty! Bleach version by darkfire22 reviews
Ever wonder what would happen if the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric met Gotei 13’s 10th Division Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro? Let’s just say the words of taboo are used more than just once. BleachFMA crossover. [COMPLETED]
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A Bleach Switcher Roo reviews
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