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Hello there and welcome to my Profile :3 Yeeeeey!! *applause* My actual name is Mandy but around here I go by NeoPolitanCurls. Queer name right? But than again whose username isn’t J Sometimes I ask myself “hmm couldn’t I come up with something more awesome like … Oh I don’t Know… CaptainMostAwsomest or MightyBestSuperHumanPerson-er ?” but then I remind myself “Mandy this is a Fanfiction site !!” So I decide to go with something I love; I love Neopolitan Ice-cream, like I eat tons in summer, I also think Neopolitan dogs are super cute and I fell in love with the song Neopolitan Dreams. (Link to the song - )

I would have gone with just NeoPolitan but apparently that name is not available. Some loser, who clearly does not understand who I am, decided to copy my Idea and now they have a brilliant Username who clearly belongs to me. >( Argh … Damn You * I joke * Anyways I started thinking of something even better, like how about not just one Neopolitan, but many Neopolitan, so I came up with NeoPolitanGirls. But then I said “wait I don’t want people to think I’m a ‘we’ and by ‘we’ I mean inter-racial Siamese triplets right? So I went with the next best thing and that happened to be NeoPolitanCurls :3

Ok so something bout me, erm I’m a full time student unless you count the weekends, holidays, absentees, after school, System’s class, biology, and during most of my other classes… You know I tend to tune out through the boring parts hmm which is almost all through an average school day. I guess if boredom was a murderer... I’d be dead >_> So yeah I study heh, or at least I try and do my best. My best subjects are English and Art which brings me to why I am such an awesome writer. Tehehe… well yeah I am … sort of … I tend to do silly mistakes like grammar or spelling but yey spell checker * I heart word *

I love drawing and painting, but mostly I love writing. I don’t do fan fiction that much and mostly write for other things but I’ve always been an addict for TV shows, Anime and most things average teens go for. Yep I’m a twighheart. I know I Know some are probably judging me right know but hey everyone has a shrine for a great movie or something. I also read harry potter fan fiction, Lord of the rings, Smallville, Naruto, Inuyasha, Gundum Wing, Full Metal Alchemist and I’m sure the list goes on. I tend to watch a lot of stuff which is probably why I find it hard at times to cope with the world.

Anyways, currently I have been obsessed with Glee. Like hardcore Obsession. All I do is watch re runs of the show and listen to glee songs and read glee fan fiction. Glee is usually the topic of conversation me and my friends discuss most and all I do on the internet is browse through search engines checking out spoilers and interviews.I adore Glee and I think all actors are phenomenal.

My favorite characters are Mercedes, Kurt and Brittany followed by Puck and Artie.

My fave pairings are Puck/Kurt/Fin they’re inter-changeable and I love reading Puck/Mercedes.

I just love the girl. Honestly I don’t usually look up any straight fan fiction I mean we already get too much straight stuff on TV and in books, but Mercedes is just amazing, I heart HER. ^^

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