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Hey everyone! This is my profile. Basically, these are all the things that annoy the crap out of me when they show up in fanfics. This is my opinion. You are free to agree or disagree. If you are writing a fanfic, though, the following things are likely to annoy somebody.


Main Character/OC, Any Significant Character/OC

I don't mind a good original character, but not when they end up dating one of the main characters. Most of the time, it's just the author placing themselves in a relationship with the main character. This is especially annoying if the OC in question is "dating" a character that is already paired up in the book and they dump their original lover for an OC. That is never going to happen and those people who write these types of fanfics should get a life.

Any Incest-type matchups.

I've seen a few of these out there. Usually, there's a warning in the description. Still, that's disgusting, okay? That is really sick and wrong.

Married Person/Someone Else

Okay, if there's a big dramatic reason for this, I'm all for it. Maybe they find out there spouse is cheating. Maybe they find out their spuse doesn't love them anymore. That's perfectly okay. I just hate it when it's all-of-a-sudden "I don't love my husband/wife anymore, I love this person!" This goes for any character in a committed relationship with another character, whether they are married or not.

Annoying Characteristics in OCs

OCs that are way too perfect.

You've seen the type. They get straight A's in every single subject. They play sports so well, they make everyone jealous. They perform everything do absolutely perfectly on the first try. They have no weaknesses or character flaws. There are absolutely no hidden secrets to this person at all! Nobody is like this, people. These characters have no dimension and no real personality. BORING!

OCs that everybody loves right away

They come to wherever the book is set in, and right away they're Mr. or Miss Popularity. Everybody loves them. They hang around with whoever they want, and everyone just seems to think they're the coolest thing ever. Often, this is accompanied by they're being absolutely perfect in everything. Let's get real, people. No one's that popular. Not everybody is going to like you. This applies to everyone.

OCs that happen to every single detail of the main character's life

Just because you and I as readers know just about every detail of the main character's adventures doesn't mean everyone in the story does. In fact, the only character that would really know all of it would be the reader, and possible the main character themself. If that character were to actually show up in the book, the character would probably find it disturbing and think the person was stalking him/her. Wouldn't anybody? Then, most of these fanfics show the character as being okay with or even impressed by the newcomer's knowledge of just about everything about him/her. This often leads to a Main Character/OC romance. Yuck! Keep this in mind when writing fanfics.

Common mistakes that can be easily fixed:

Holes in stories/timeline slip-ups

By this, I am not referring to time-travel fics. Many time-travel fics are actually pretty good. I'm talking about stuff like Harry Potter going after the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone AGAIN because Voldemort is once again after it - three years after it was destroyed! Or someone who's supposedly dead showing up without any explanation whatsoever as to how it happened. Maybe a character is suddenly sixteen at a point in the book where they were 25. Why? I don't know, it never says. If you can come up with an explanation to these kinds of things, it can actually be quite fun. Most of the fun in Fanfic comes from messing with the story a little bit until it becomes what you think should have happened. It doesn't have to be a long explanation. Most explanatons can be summed up in one sentence. If you don't provide any explanations for such changes, though, the story becomes very confusing.

When someone is totally OOC

We all have our favorite characters. We all have things we like or dislike about our favorite characters. Most people are used to these characters behaving a certain way. It can be very annoying. Now, if there is a good reason for the character's strange behavior, the story could be very interesting. Perhaps the character ended up in another person's body and is that other person is now controlling their body. Perhaps the character has become a victim of subliminal mind control. Usually any explanation could work. However, when a character starts acting OOC for no reason at all, the character ceases to be the person the reader knows and loves. It just ruins the whole story.

Other things that annoy me in fanfics:

Bad Spelling/Grammar

If someone slips up in spelling every once in a while, that's one thing. That isn't that big of a deal. There are stories out there, though, where misspelled words go beyond the occasional slip-up and distract from the story. I've seen stories where about a third of the words on the page are mispelled. Often, these stories will look like they were thrown together in a rush. Considering the fact that all the stories on this site come from documents on word processors, it's not all that hard to press a "spell check" button. I'm not saying every word has to be perfect, but it gets to a point where it detracts from the story.

Rushing Through a Story

I you're going to take the time to write your story, write it well. That's all I have to say about that.

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