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~Greetings Fellow Demons , and other evil, wicked folk !~

I hope everyone enjoyed their introductions to a New Year, as I had. I look forward to a new year of entertaining you perverts , as well as taking into account the the little demons within all of us , and with much care to the emotional , but loving human hearts within , that are hard to ignore. As I have been given extra time on my hands expect more updates for all of my stories , as well as corrections made to my older ones.

On a even more plus side , I finally have my at home computer restored with its original capability, so that I can do more at home then carting the files around elsewhere to do so.. I am also excited with the possibilities that this new year brings, as I am eager to make you laugh , bring you to tears, make you fall in love , and most importantly to have fun with the new additions coming out within a very short period of time, in my stories .

Just as well , I am just as anticipating having the same for myself as I see the awesome talent from my fellow authors , and hope to continue to do so .. I feel very fortunate in sharing my time with all of you , as we take a journey together within my tales , and have enjoyed the many pleasant forms of encouragements from those as well..

Much Thanks , to all that have reviewed, favorited me , or my stories, for they are all appreciated ! Keep them coming , as they are my source of the only encouragement to arouse my humorous, perverted ,and loving dark side , even if its just a small token of how much you enjoyed it, or questions I'll be more than happy with them !

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‎"Things will come for those who wait , whether good or bad doesn't matter for it will come regardless.. For in the end only taking those you hold dear ,graping tightly within the love you share ,and to wait for whatever this way comes against you..For in the end it may be your only option.." Inuyashas Youkai

Additionally, By the end of next week I will have updates posted for all of my stories , and introducing a new one, in time for Valentines Day : Shame On Me , Shame On You, Forget Me Not , Fading Away, & Grounddog Days Inuyasha ...

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~ Special Outtakes ~

~Altering Twilight~

Taken From Chapter Two :

Months had quickly came , and passed , with that of the hanyou still remaining in his changed appearances for the love of his new mate , the soon coming pups as well, but something seemed more off about him as of late, and it wasn't only his stubborn refusal to leave her , even with that of Kikyo summoning him, it was more than that , but his mate didn't know what . Although for now Kagome had let it go after so many failed attempts at getting at the truth of what seemed wrong but only recieveing the lies that everything was fine, even though she knew it wasn't.

Sango had often joined in too, with remaining by Kagome's side , as her pregnancy seem to fly in leaps and bounds, but Kagome mused that it was as well that maybe she too had sensed it , but as it was she could only silently hope. Kaede had taken over her care , as the time grew that hadn't permitted her to move properly as it should've if the situation were otherwise , unless Inuyasha had agreed in carrying her , but he had it's just that Kagome refused in risking in injuring his back in the process, then in the end it was fear for the unknown talking..

Little silver triangle shimmered with her mass of inky locks , and smaller fangs , with claws came soon to match over time, as was stated out loud by her friend Sango, at how beautiful Kagome had become. While taking a soak in the hot springs , both talked about their dreams for future once Naraku had been destroyed . It was a small feat in getting the hanyou to allow her go bath by herself for once , and go with Sango , but maybe it was only time to where her actions would soon come bite her in the ass. Although neither ever knew that today was the day , she would learn her mistake..

As the were bathing a serpeant like entity appeared within the night sky in the corner of her eyes, and it so happened that it was the exact time that Danger would strike , as Naraku decided to show himself into their midst.

"Kukukukukukuku... Naraku taunted as the girls had rushed to become decent , and grabbing their weapons, but as soon as they had, the vile hanyou moved quickly to avert them..

"Tsk Tsk Tsk... I wouldn't do that if I were you ... " Naraku again sang amusedly , as he with his slimy tenticles pushed them away from their reach.

Both Sango , and Kagome stood back to back , facing Naraku to the side , in order to watch for any surprises , as Kagome had raised a barrier up over them. Miroku had soon followed , lead no doubt by their screams , as the sight was taken within their eyes. Inuyasha had made his appearance but not before it was too late to stop what Kagome , had already started to do what she planned..

A blazing light suddenly tore from where a large pulsing orb had emerged from with the pink barrier . Sango held her from behind , to help become her anchor , but all the others who weren't within the barrier itself only saw light. Screams from the outside beating in had muffled their way in, but never could be known as to what was being spoken . Although at the time it hadn't mattered , as more important issues were much more dire than that of what was being said to them..

The moment that the light disappeared from sight, so had that of Naraku, and with him so had Kagome , and Sango went missing.


A Christmas Wish-

Taken From Chapter One:

Once looking curiously at the box that was once wrapped , suddely became confused for it seemed that the tasty pictures amongst it were teasing him , and all it was , was a cardboard box..

" I don't understand Kagome .. What is it ?"Miroku asked curiously

"Um .. Miroku did you even read the box .. hehehehe" Kagome blushed nervously as she was oblivious to the soft growls fading in the background .

"Yes it says Port O Butt ...? What is that ?"

" Sango ! ? Help me here!"

" Nope ! I won't touch that thing ! " Sango ammended.

" Miroku ! Damn it ! Open the Fucking Box !" the hanyou spat .

Taking the words in the hanyou's lead , Miroku ripped the cardboard away , and in it a glowing presence laid within , but it seemed it was only for him . Greedily taking in the glorious sight with his possessive hands, the man was maddly giggling in delight , as in was presented in the form of his answer to his request.. Afterwards looking towards that off Sango , then saying her name softly , before dragging her away once again hurriedly..

For the rest of the evening the too had yet shown themselves , but as the night wore on , the remaining four of the group were privy to the most odd sounds and those encouraging the start of a neverending cackle to join with the loud moans , and banging within a nearby hut .. At least one thing they could find humorous for a long time to come ...

"Yes .. Oh .. Yes.. My Very Own butt .. I love you !"

" Miroku !"

" Oh but you feel nice too .. All nice and warm , and squishy..."

"Why You! "

"Ahh Yes Sango beat me while I take on you and this devine sweetness , my dear Sango ...I 'm such a bad monk.. Spank me hard !"

"Hey Kaede If I would you ... I would see to find a new hut because I wouldn't want to see what shape you find it in once you did...Inuyasha stated the obvious between howling laughter , panting to catch his breath ..

Though the two who didn't quite understand the scary situation with the missing two , besides the loud screams , the kit , and the two tail wondered on the others sanity , as they only took amusement in their friends pain ...

' Were they trying to kill each other?'


A Slice Of You , To Go

Taken From Chapter Seven :

Before Kayame could stop it Isu sought once again to sooth the woman in front on him , for the reasons he was just beginning to learn the knowledge of , regardless if he knew the answer pertaining to it, and as he held her and snuggled further in the crook of her neck , feeling her shiver uncontrollably ,she spoke...

" The voice speaks of one , a hanyou , named Inuyasha , but what is a mate ?"

"Shit ! Tell ya later .. Do you need anything to stay elsewhere for a time ...?"

"Uh why ? Would I do that ? Why would I have to leave my home ?"

"Look , I don't know what's going on , and the things I do know .. Tells me that your not safe here.. Ya know fuck it ! I'll buy you what you need for a few days , okay? At least until we know , for sure.. We'll go, then will talk .. Will you leave with me ? Do you trust me ?"

"Not until you tell me why...?"

" Because Kayame .. I think you just found your mate , and I have found mine ... Regardless of how we don't remember Kayame , You are my Kagome , as I am your Inuyasha .." Isu spoke against her that of her bared flesh , brushing softly amongst the ancient mark , buried with the crook of her neck, and the one proof to the fact that she was his..

For the demon within told him so...

' Trust mate , Follow Inuyasha'

' Protect mate , Hide Kagome'

"I trust you , lets go..!"


Bad Girl ! Sit Boy!

Taken From Chapter Two:

The lull in activity during the next couple days without any leads to jewel shards, and in their travels coming up blank was soon wearing on each others nerves,especially the hanyous. It had became mundane after awhile Inuyasha and Kagome were at each others throats especially after having run into Sesshomeru and Kouga. Sesshomeru had the desired effect in his taunting when he said something to state fact.

" If the dense puppy would cease being to busy playing with his bone than the dog wouldn't have so much trouble in keeping track of his bitch,keeping from loosing them to wolves with fleas,and being emerged in graveyard soil." Sesshomeru taunted

"Let's get one thing straight I am nobody's Bitch ! If anyone's a Bitch you might want to look at the fugly looking toad that can't get himself far enough up your ass that your starting to walk like you have been fucked sideways by Ryukotsusei !" Kagome sneered knocking Inuyasha down in hysterical laughter

" Kagome! " Sango gasped

" What ! The Ice Queen wants to talk truth I indulge his highness what I want to know is what the hell is that thing you call the staff of two heads? I mean come on .Is that some kind of beastly toy that you use in your larger than life dog form so that you poor Jaken won't gag on your imaginary enormous cock that you can only find with the help of a microscope!" Kagome continued

" Kagome!"Sango and Miroku warned while Inuyasha kept rolling on the ground laughing .

"Inuyasha you need to have better control over your Bitch or I will have no other choice to do it for you?" Sesshomeru warned..


Breaking Intent

Taken From Chapter Eight:

Soon Inuyasha, once heard the sharp familar cackle took in her feared gaze and looked on with the concerned one of his own , then leaping to make the short distance close to protect his wife , and place her behind him further away from where she now stood , as her fall from the jumping flinch back had made her lose balance when the voice was heard making her fall a bit aways from him in the process ...

Though before his hands grazed her hands to pull her close as their hands almost touched the image of his mate, his bride, and his life, his everything quickly disappeared from sight..

" Kagome..." Inuyasha gasped faintly while staring longingly at the spot his Kagome once stood

"Inuyasha.." Kagome's mom suddenly was at his side with her shaking hands on her shoulders to offer comfort, and to silently ask for him to bring her back

" Where did you hide Kagome?" Houjo accused

" Mrs. Higarashi , I assure you I will bring back what is mine ! " The hanyou spat in a whisper louder than he wished , but it couldn't be helped for the rise in emotions of what occured ,and the words of a stupid hobo carressly threw out in response to his now missing mate..

Then said hanyou turn to the Hoho in question

" You ! Does your stupidity know nothing , and I am supposed to be dense ..Do you actually think that I 'd ever wish for my wife carrying my pup to be in the hands of the person who now has her...You may indeed love her , But you truly do not know my mate .. If you did you wouldn't be here making a damn fool of yourself ! Inuyasha 's voice roared as his threatening command for his words to be heard were obided with his claws digging into the sides of his throat

"I will tell you once , and only once Hobo , hoho, or whatever dumb ass name you wish to be called , but I want to make this perfectly clear before I leave.. When it comes to Kagome , she is mine , and mine alone ...Remember that or the next time we meet won't be so pretty , cause you will be placed 10 feet under with my Tetsuseiga , and brought back with my brothers Tenseiga , just so I can do it again.. Stay away from Kagome, She's mine , and I am not sharing !" Inuyuasha threatened before tossing him to the ground in a carelessly thrown heap .

It was then Inuyasha took cover under apart of his sleeve as something rather foul tore at his nose , something that smelt horribly like..

"Say ,you just didn't crap yourself did ya hobo? Get outta here before ya stink up my mother's house damn you!" the hanyou quickly threw him from the house

Then, as Inuyasha passed speaking the words promised , ones that he only hoped could be achieved , before heading for the well in search to bring what was his back with him , and keep her there at his side, where she belonged... Alive.. But more than that , would he be able to do so before the beast broke through , taking control, and slaying everything in its wake until his mate was back with him..

" I will return soon Mrs. Higarashi with my mate !"


Broken Hearts,Rivers Of Crimson,Streams Of Regret

Hopping upon the bare counters in the kitchen, then finding that action was a mistake as a painful pinch was administered to her butt , and painfully jumping back up suddenly, causing her body to throb..Once the tightness left her , Kagome's chocolate eyes found a small moving object that seemed to have legs scattering across the flat surface..

"Ahhhhh ! Spider !" Kagome grabbed the first thing she could find , being that of her own shoe from her feet , and raised it to aim , above her..

"Wait ! I don't intend any harm , Lady Kagome..It's been a while since I had a taste of your sweet blood..."

" Who are you ! And what the fuck are you doing in my nightmarish hell anyway, if you aren't here to hurt me?"

"My name is Myoga .. If you don't know than I don't , as I was summoned by you yourself Kagome , and I don't know about you but I don't thing you are dreaming , nor are you dead.. I will not harm you lady Kagome, although I can agree something has happened to bring about this part of time to appear this empty but I can assure you that I will remain with you until we find that of the others."

"The others?"

"The rest of your pack , Kagome.. Master Inuyasha , the Slayer, The Monk , and that that ball of fluff kitsune you claimed as your own..Don't you remember?"

"No... I don't the only thing I know is that I wake up to find myself alone , as have for years , and finding myself getting bit on my ass by a fucking spider, only because I came down to search what to make for breakfast."

"I'am a flee ! This reality Kagome , is wrong ..I don't know why it's occured because I wasn't present when it had , but I can tell you what I say is true .. Somethings very wrong .. I mean where is your family !"

"Family ? I been alone for as long as I can remember , ever since three years ago , when they were killed in a car accident three years ago... Ever since I been taking over the duties of the shrine, now if you'll excuse me I must get going , as you now made me late so I will have to skip breakfast, or I'll never be done in time! .." Kagome declared as she then found herself dressed in the typical clothes of a past miko: Red haskama with a white under kimono, and a haori, completed with wooden sandals.

"My appologies , Lady Kagome.. Go get started , while I take my leave , and check this out .. I will return with lunch for us , and hopefully some answers , as to what has made this point in time possible. " The flea hurriedly leapt away before any argument could be sad.

The shrine priestess , had soon left after him , as to get started with the daily chores of the shrine , like she had for years now. Although , even if she hadn't wanted to admit it to the annoying pest from earlier , Kagome had felt without knowing for sure that something was wrong , but she didn't know what , or why she felt that way , because the woman had the memories to prove it , Kagome just did. Even though she hadn't known any of the names that the flea had mentioned , a flicker of something lightly stroked up against her, and it made her wonder if she had ever had known the, somewhat doubting herself because of the feeling's she felt the second those names were heard.


Changing Path's

Taken From Chapter One:

"Doesn't matter anymore , I am done...Just go home , Inuyasha .. I be back in three days , and maybe hopefully I'll feel better about this , okay?"

"Not until you take it all back wench , and promise me you'll come back ! Your not done till this is thing is over , and then , and only then will we talk about afterwards, Not a second before! You hear me!"

"Fine ! Whatever you say , I take it back ? " Kagome stated only to get him gone and a little long awaited peace from his persistent griping , its a wonder why she had forgotten to sit him as of yet..

"Okay , then I will see you back under the Goshinboku Tree, in three days from now . Don't make me regret doing this Kagome, do not do anything stupid while I am gone!" Inuyasha stepped away from his close proximity to the girl after a short embrace to show, he had genuinely cared..

" I think I have done enough of that don't ya think Inuyasha ? Don't worry I 'll come back , at least for now , anyway ."

Kagome watched as the hanyou's movements towards the well were seemingly hesitant , and seemingly so , for it had appeared as though Inuyasha may have had a inkling in what she would do after he passed through, but she would never admit it to be so, that was why the hanyou said what he had. Once the man in silver , and red disappeared into the well's depths , Kagome had retreated inside to somehow clear her head .

The moment she had passed through the doorway of the shrine house , a shrill roar had seemed to shake the ground , and lead to the old well where she last seen Inuyasha where Inuyasha stood. Taking a deep breath before turning around , and flowing her step back to the old well , and to see what the hell Inuyasha's problem was now..

"Inuyasha ? Something wrong , I thought you'd be back with Kikyo by now!" Kagome joked sarcastically

Without warning , Kagome found herself pinned against the inside of the well house walls with the hanyou's lips hovering teasingly over hers, with his heated breath brushing slightly against them , deliciously , and sending goosebumps down her spine, before his rasp was heard.

" I can't .. The well won't let me through .. Guess for now we are both stuck here!"the hanyou paused before letting his voice speak huskily before he soon forgotten how too , prior to the hold over him with her eyes took over completely

"Which brings me to my next point , Kagome , I guess it's time you knew " The hanyou then pulled her the rest of the way , closing the gap , and took her lips , shyly , in his .

"Wait ! What the hell ! Your doing it again , just cause now you are here you can't expect me to fall for this again , and then once we get back get tossed aside for Kikyo . I can't , and I won't , but I will be your friend, as I always had been. . " Kagome heatedly chastised after finally was able to remove herself from the hanyou's teasing ways ..

'Evil mutt ! How dare he ?'

"Kagome , you got it all wrong, it's not that at all ! Dammit ! "

"Prove It !"


Eternal Rage

Taken From Chapter Four:

Nodding slowly knowing that both of them really had the hanyou's attention now to their secretive behavior combined with Shippo's happy attitude ,and it had Inuyasha wondering as he nervously twisted the gold engagement around his finger..Remembering the last time the kit was so happy as a thought dawned on him.

'Could it be that Shippo and his brother never stopped looking for his mate,even after I had already given up? Could this mean that they have finally found her? ' Inuyasha with that thought in mind came to stand against the door to listen to the conversation being spoken just on the other side.

~ With Shippo and Sesshomeru ~

"Alright Shippo shoot!" Sesshomeru took the lead in starting the conversation that the coast was clear to speak

"Are ya sitting down!" Shippo continued to say in a thrilled tone

"Yes runt ! I am sitting down! Now out with it ! What has got you in such a happy mood!" Sesshomeru mocked hoping in what he thought it was, was true.

"What else fudgicle! I found her! " Shippo had said jokingly naming him the nick name hinting at his kiss ass interactions to save his brother feelings

"Where ? " Sesshomeru sighed thankfully before franctically returning to his office, almost knocking his brother down when opening the door to retrieve items to write the information down on ,while ignoring his brothers yelp on the way

'Serves him right being nosey!' Sesshomeru thought with a growing smirk grow on his face as he continued to listen to Shippo

"Well I didn't realize at first ,until now that it was her , but I am sure now that it's Kagome. Currently she is in a orphanage in downtown Tokyo where I met here just this year. Now for the bad news, she's five and Kagome has been here since birth after her mother tried to drown her .She's a friend that I met a few mouths ago.."Shippo happily rambled with the knowledge of a job well done

"How do you know it was her?" Sesshomeru asked while tapping his claws against the desk awaiting for the confirmation that what the kit says is true ,and hoping it was

" Well ,I think it's pretty obvious when accidentally catching the sight of my necklace and all of a sudden got real excited while pointing to it ,jumping up and down ,and saying 'It Boy It Boy!' ,somehow expecting me to fall down to eat dirt with the way she kept trying to point at the ground." Shippo said with tormenting glee in excitement..


Fallen Blooms,Broken Trails, &Bloodcrusted Falls

Taken From Chapter Five:

~Warnings ~

A bright light breathed warmth into the man's soul, as he found that he wasn't where he was supposed to be , and Kagome was no longer with him. Panic ally searching , as he jumped up within the pearly white stretched with blue , until a deep voice called his name .. Turning towards the voice he found that of a man , appearing to him as a monk of sorts , and suddenly for some reason knew that he had died , but if that were true shouldn't Kagome be with him too. Confused , Sha then looked back towards the now coming monk , passing by the flowing billows of white, and then when he facing the monk above him , he asked why, but he was silenced before he could speak with a wave of the monk's hand ..

"Shhh.. Young man , it will be the way it should be, as long as you had finally learned the error in your ways, regarding the path you should be taking .."

"Where is she ? She died too hasn't she ?"

"Indeed she had , but it will be some time before your soul meets again with hers, and because the ties between you had been frayed , the next time you do .won't be from the same time that you are placed..

"I don't understand ?"

" You see , you had many lives with that of Kagome , and each one you have failed to learn what had been laid out for you, and before it was too late. This will be your last chance , and it won't be easy, but because of the way she left the world , leaving you , the ties you both shared were frayed, and so now she won't share the same existance as you but will come to you from a different place, and a gap of time from your own.. Although the reasons that she was brought to you would appear as a much different cause ,and one not of her own , but one of the time she enters when she finds you.. "

"Where is she now?"

"She now is in a state of restlessness , silence , and will remain until the rift within her soul is closed enough for her to reenter the flow of time , once more ..."

" How will I know ?"

"You won't .. The only thing I can tell you is that she won't appear for a great time , after you have encountered much pain , and before the time when we will meet again ..Although this time you musn't fail or else both of your souls will be destroyed, but I must warn you , there will be another one that makes you feel as though you have found her ,though she will betray you , because both of you will be tricked and it is through a different one from afar that teaches you to forgive amongst alot of things ..That is Kagome.. She will be the one who accepts you , and will in the end promises to remain by your side , until the time you no longer need her .."

"So where will I be ?"

"You will be soon placed within your new life , and in one that within the history books was known as Sengoku Judai or The Feudal Era, taking on Kagome's very first form the very moment you were both born , meeting for the first time.. A hanyou, but unlike her you will survive the centuries without her , and you will not find death as she had , but you will know what she had felt , the reasons she felt the way she had when she died that night in your arms.."

"Is she -?" Sha started before the monk interupted telling him that if he was ready , that it was time to go..."

"I'am sorry young man ,it is time to embark on your journey ... Will you follow me ?"

Without words , Sha did follow him , and as he had , the man suddenly felt heavy sleepy , The last words he allowed pass his lips was of the girl's name ,and the last words he heard after he had spoken it were..


Fallen Petals, Broken Stem

Taken From Chapter Six:

Once Sesshomeru made way to leave the hanyou once again interupted him in his path to leave the hanyou to his previous thoughts.

"Hey Sesshomeru ,whatever you do don't make the same mistake that I did because of honor. You can still be that and listen to your heart.."

" What is that you speak lil' brother?"

"Take it from someone who's loved and lost twice ! Don't let her go if you love her ..I did because I was too stupid to realize it before..."

"Can this Sesshomeru say something without you blowing your top and something you can keep secret ..No matter what, for everyone' s sake!"

"Guess so ,yea.."

" Is that a yes or no ?"

"Yes Dammit ! Just come out and say it!"

" Kagome is Blaze "

"What ! How is that possible? !"

" She came to me about a year ago , and by then it seems she already went through some changes by what I don't know . I wouldn't have recognized her if it wasn't for her scent . Her miko power was just under the surface waiting to come out. So together we destroyed Matsugha, the evil part of the jewel. At this time she had been with one demon bow and Sounga , which was a surprise that she could control it as a miko let alone a miko. But in that time before meeting back up with what she had become ,Rin had changed me . Something happened to her to make the changes in her to be able to have this much power to possess Sounga but after Matsugha was defeated her powers grew exponentially .You can't feel it because because of her hidden attachments to her weapons feeding off it ,as she is now one with them, and for the concealment on my behalf."

"Why are you telling me all of this ? And now of all times?"

"To find out what you plan to do with it?"

"What can I do ?"

"Claim her as your mate?":

"Your Funny Fluffy?"

"This Sesshomeru doesn't joke ..What's so funny?"

"How am I to do that when I am not supposed to know whom she is ? Secondly how do I even know she wants that? Third how can I protect her?"

" Haha... Now that's what's hilarious little brother..Have you even been watching ? Blaze can hold her own even against the most vile opponents .She even comes close to overshadowing me in my abilities. Listen Blaze needs an anchor if not you ,then myself , through a demon bond. I can do it but she needs a mates bond to do it fully. Kagome, Blaze , had managed so far but I am afriad the darkness that consumes her, will eventually take her, and leaving you without one to take care of the jewel ...Don't you understand that is the reason she left.."

"I don't know anything ,anymore..."


Falling For A Friend: Inuyasha Style

The hanyou that had fully turned demon as of now ,lowered his face to close the gap between them ,taking her lips into his,and pulled them into a passionate kiss. It took a minute for Kagome to get over her shock when her eyes bulged out of their sockets, the moment that their lips touched . Finally drawn to the passion that Inuyasha had started to show with the caress of his lips on hers, soon Kagome gave in and returned the kiss with hungry intent.

The kiss that the hanyou had started slowly drifted from her lips ,to her jaw , then back up towards her ears, and that he took his time nibbling on before Inuyasha huskily whispered into them .

"Where do you think your going?"

Inuyasha's eyes had began fading to normal as he took back control of himself and taking his surroundings that he found himself in. When the hanyou realized what he thought happened from the position they were in at the moment realization took hold. Once he regained himself from the shock and reality set in for what almost happened ,and from what it looked like with the girl whom he traveled with, Inuyasha panicked.

Soon and quickly leaping off of the girl ,and being his best friend Kagome, to find his face burning in embarrassment. Soon feeling the blush coming on , and one that he knew the girl in front of him could see.

Trying the foolish task in his nervousness to hide his embarrassment, forgetting what just happened ,and hoping that Kagome wouldn't sit him for letting his slip up happen. For the life of him, Inuyasha wasn't expecting the response to the question that he himself must've asked while in his transformation, and not knowing what happened, the hanyou wondered curiously..

Kagome's answer floored him and left him wondering what the hell did he just get himself into.

" I guess no where. You care to finish what you were saying , Inuyasha?" Kagome taunted in a very sultry tone

' Well I guess that's what I get for wondering .. Damn I need to start learning to stop cues from that cat that Kagome talk's about from her time ,all of the time.. Or I am sure I might for as many times it's happened , be on my last of my nine lives yet! I wonder if it's the same for canine's ? ' Inuyasha chastised himself within his head.

" Ahhh Nothing , don't worry about it Kagome ...I am sorry I ..I gotta go..." Inuyasha shyly studdered before making his getaway

The poor hanyou had to get away from the from the strange acting girl for today because Kagome was acting especially odd today , and because it was unfamilar for him to see her this way , it somewhat unnerved him ... The girl never was this direct with him before , sure Inuyasha knew that she liked him sort of , but for her to do something as stupidly dangerous to willingly submit to his demon , that was crazy ,and when he had some time away the hanyou was certain to have a word with her.

Although now regardless of the reasons behind her strange behavior Inuyasha couldn't control what her actions had quickly filled his mind with , and in result only fueled the very fiercely growing amorous demon just waiting to come out and say hello, at least in his own way...It only made the present situation worse she he liked Kagome ,but he loved Kikyo , and with these now frustratingly lecherous dreams of the prior ,only proved to stand in the way of confusing him further..


Fireflies Flickering Fade

Taken From Chapter One:

The soul collectors slithering this way and that only to support the necessities of their master's existing, pulled lingering souls inching towards peace in passing to join the withering one before cold and unfeeling words were spoken towards the opposite. Although before a word was uttered from the pursed lips of unspoken hatred another carrying two auras of pulsing shards of the sought jewel centered within their journey became known. The muscular presence stood straight behind the now shivering female as if it wasn't for the presence she felt of the shards a attempt to scream would follow if the shock wasn't supplies amongst it. Catching her breath as the males's wolf -like outline became only evident without the sufficient amount of lighting and was supported by the dark languid tones lightly brushing passed her earlobes , before standing to protect hiding her form behind him.

Cursing in a muffled huff the unwelcome threat turned to leave until the older miko could once again meet with the hanyou at a different time and leaving the two annoyances be from her sight at the moment. It was then that the two remaining regarded each other once more after tearing their sights from the retreating figure fading into the distance. While silently speaking in hushed whispers not to wake the others , the two walked aways from the groups chosen site to enable them to talk freely about what was just encountered. A little shaken , Kagome led them to a nearby overhang that overlooked the setting of where the others where still captured by deep slumber before much was spoken.

" Kagome are you sure you are alright you shaking like a leaf and I doubt it's just the cold." Kouga spoke thickly into her hair while holding her from behind

" I 'll be okay but thank you for your concern what you see will soon subside .Kouga may I ask you someth" Kagome begun before Kouga quickly interupted

" Kagome , don't lie to me , be honest what's happening to you ? I never seen you like this and I don't like it ..Are you sick and what do you mean its only for a short time ? Has this happened before and if so what's causing it ? I will answer anything you wish my mate but you have to give me something first.." Kouga amended

" Oh Kouga " Kagome sighed before taking in his concerned eyes,staring worriedly into hers before continuing " I know and yes it has happened before but only recently I swear . Though I don't know if it could be helped it happens every time I am in Kikyo's presence , and unfortunately I think I know why too. I think I can do this knowing by doing it will make Inuyasha happy , and he can have Kikyo back with him after Naraku is gone. It's just now , because my soul has submitted to my decision its hard not to fall towards the pull of hers ."

" You don't mean you would ... NO Kagome I forbid it ! Does the mutt know ? Probably huh? I know you love him Kagome but has he once thought of you without expecting something in return that doesn't have to do with Kikyo or that damn jewel of yours that you are forced to find even though none of this has to do with you...No ! Then again I don't think I need to tell you that do I ? I don't care Kagome what your reasoning is but we will find another way and then you will be free to let him go and let me take care of you ! The wolf pleaded

" Kouga please not now , just take me somewhere to rest and then we will talk about it , I promise. I feel so sleepy and I don't think I can stay awa.." Kagome said weakly before falling into the wolfs awaiting arms to catch her , unconscious.

The wolf securely held the beloved unrequited love within his arms knowingly of her decision for his rival but this was unacceptable even to his standards and he was particularly bold with his claims for Kagome. Carrying her back to the camp only to quickly scraw a short note letting the others where she had gone and not to worry before taking her back to his den to care for her. Though before making it outside of the camps perimeter the pair were adverted from their path by a expected but unwanted hanyou curious as to why the wolf had Kagome , and worried slightly to her present state.

" Heya there fleebag and where do you think you are you going with Kagome no less.. I thought I told you to keep your hands off of her, and speaking of which , what have you done with her ya bastard! I wouldn't think you would be so low to force her to mate while unconscious would ya?" Inuyasha snarled

" Hey Mutt , as it would be a pleasure as seeing your face when Kagome accepts my claim as her mate be golden but her condition isn't my doing .. I assure you I only walked in before any more damage could be inflicted on her , and now doing what she herself asked me to do .. I will bring her back as soon as she is ready for a return trip. " Kouga smirked

" What the hell are you talking about ? Did something attack her ? I won't allow you to take her until you tell me what happened dammit!"

" Muttface I don't have time for this ! I have to get her to safety and let her recover some afterwards..Besides it's not my place to say to you what has happened , only Kagome can do that for you when she has awakened .. Although you probably won't believe it if she told ya anyways so why don't you let her go and go back with Kikyo I gotta go now , excuse me" Kouga stated before both him and Kagome were whisked inside a cyclone tearing up the soil around them before the hanyou could say another word diasppearing from his sight

" But wait... Kagome .." Inuyasha whispered as hs eyes followed the trail of dust traveling with the rising sun

As Kagome unconsciously aware of the goings on around her , the felt presence of a familiar hanyou brought forth some personal memories in the for front of her mind unwillingly. Images of untold circumstances and of things unknown between them but to them . Flashes of light flickering behind closed eyelids as each picture blurred into focus before fading away into nothing as her body further gave way to its own weakness. The tussling movement placed with being in Kouga's arms while at great speeds went unnoticed by the girl being carried away . Kagome was too taken with the thoughts of being held and treasured in a way and in exchange for her deeply ingrained to be loved by the hanyou she loved herself.

After the elder priestess discovered the reason behind the growing reluctance unknown to her said incarnation with the hanyou, Kikyo became enraged , and began to use harsher tactics unkown to the hanyou. It was believed that Inuyasha had wanted this as well through trickery by the older priestess Kikyo , and with never told otherwise, Kagome found it easy to believe their closeness was due to her stepping in until it was time for Kikyo to once again breath life once more ,as Kagome would provide when the time was right with her own life. The exact details were still unknown to the wolf but while watching her sleep , Kouga gathered as much as her voice carried over in hushed muffles of what was to come , and what had already been.

Unfortunately for Inuyasha , it was the last time he saw Kagome again from that point , at least for a time to come...


Forced Bond

Taken From Chapter Six:

Both demons were floored once they caught sight of her blood red eyes when meeting theirs briefly before leaping away, from the oncoming projectiles. Kouga growled bringing the attention of Kikyo and the hanyou towards him ,and off of Kagome for a wolf began to advance on Kagome while seemingly coming close to Kikyo to throw both of the girls off. The hanyou following close behind trying to come up with something to keep both of them from killing each other.

"Shit!" Inuyasha sighed coming up blank

"Kikyo don't you dare ! I don't want to hurt you for Inuyasha's sake but I can't help what my demon desires if he gains control! So I suggest that you stop now before..."

"Mutt I'll take Kagome if you want to take care of your wench!"

"Don't think so fleabag, if we don't get Kagome out of her and fast ,then there will be more than just Kikyo to worry about."

"Inuyasha ,so you've finally come "Kikyo mused

"Kikyo. Why are you doing this?"

"Simple .Removing a constant problem "Kikyo stated over the crackling light of her bow

"What! How is Kagome a problem ? I told you, I already chosen to stay with you ?" Inuyasha started to urge the older miko before them to say what she knew ,and what the others obviously wouldn't.

"What does that matter when you also claimed that bitch as your mate?" Kikyo snarled

"Lies !"Kagome's demon raged

"What ! Kagome is this true ?"Inuyasha gasped in surprise but was concerned when he noticed the transformed state of Kagome at the time

"No!" The demon within Kagome seethingly growled and made way to confront the threat

"Now you die,stupid cunt !"

Although Kouga stood before the ,drooling with bloodlust and rage ,female beast beside him to effectively block Kikyo's advances. From the observing prospective, it seemed that Kagome's battle with her demon side,within the hanyouess appeared to be quickly loosing control over the situation. Before either of them could retort on Kagome's proclamation, Kouga stood forward to go along with her claim, even though he didn't like it but she would have the time to calm herself and wouldn't be drawn into a battle that would accidentally harm the growing white lies could be corrected afterwards when the threat was gone .and Kagome was safe to do so.

" Kagome's right Inuyasha , Kagome is my mate!"

"What? Puny wolf why didn't you just say so ?"

""To protect her and the pup of course" Kouga borrowed one of the reasons he mused the mutt was stupidly using to hide his affections for the girl

"Really wolf!I saw it with my ...Ahhhh!" Kikyo screamed before the rambid hanyouess rushed at Kikyo knocking her to the floor to shut her up

"You saw shit ,cause I was mated to to the wolf you crazy bitch!"

Kouga leapt in between both of them to grab Kagome and take her awy from the area with her malescious intent . Her resistance to leave was currently taking it out on on the wolf with her claws and fangs ,clawing and biting at him ,and demanding to be released .Once out of the area ,Kouga carelessly dropped her into a body of water to hopefully resend her transformation.

"Why don't ya cool off wench !"Kouga irritatedly corrected her

Unfortunately his methods served to piss the demon off more,and failing miserably in it's original purpose. Only seeing red through her once chocolate orbs , stalking forward ,out of her present annoyance, accompanied by the threatening sounds of growling and snarling. The craving for blood only grew with the annoyance that the dead and the canine were drawing out ,and she would surely give it to them. Soon.


Forever Longing In Fiery Oblivion

Taken From Chapters Two & Three:

Chapter Two-

Kanna held up her mirror upon Naraku's command and began devouring her soul within Kanna's mirror. Kikyo, struggling to stand dropped the precious little sphere from her hand to the awaiting ground.

"Naraku , you will never live to see the end " Kikyo spat from her spot from her knees in attempt to gain strength .

Naraku retorted with one of his creepy cackles in return .Inuyasha ran to Kikyo's side as to help before reaching her , a sacred arrow whizzing past toward Kikyo. Inuyasha froze , looking back and noticing it was Kagome whom shot the arrow.

" Kagome Why?"

The only reaction he recieved in response was the uplift of her hand and the extention of her pointer finger towards a certain direction. Inuyasha then turned around to face the direction in reference. Suddenly just as he took a change in direction,another arrow soared past Kikyo towards Kanna and lunged into her mirror. Moments later,crackling sounds echoed as the enormous mirror started to haste ,Inuyasha took action leading everyone away from the blast but put distance from explosion erupted sending the remains of souls like comets across the sky, spewing debris everywhere ,leaving shredded remains of Kanna on the ground where she once , some of the wolf tribe became casualties as they to had fallen ,caught in the blast.

The aftermath leaving everyone scattered in every direction separated from their pack .Sango and Miroku quickly rejoined Inuyasha ,though they hadn't they slightest clue where the remaining missing people from the group were thrown to .As their eyes redirected to the sight that now stood in front of them , none of that mattered as they know were faced with another they stood in a defensive stance with their weapons at the realized they were completely surrounded, not only that Kagome ,Shippo, and Kirara were missing..

And so was Naraku.

Chapter Three-

The grounds shook with such feroscity that the minions of Naraku , which had been set forth upon it's master to allude his opponents from completing his grand deception yet ., and in the end of it backfiring those who stood alongside him , soon fell back from the power that had continuously shaken up the soil below , Sango , Kouga , Sesshomeru , and Kikyo were soon drawn to the sight that lured them. The fox kit then joined them soon after running away from the pale rouge light blocking what was happening from view , but Shippo's tears did give way that something was wrong..

"Shippo , Where's Kagome !" Sango asked the same time another followed.

"Runt ! Where is the wench !"

Without words shaking his head violently , and pointing towards the pure light, serving as a barrier to shield whomever was inside from view, as he then spoke the words he promise for Kagome.


Forever Lost

Taken From Chapters One & Two

Chapter One :

Once the forced will of heart causing the innocent bystander to watch , and continued to be held still by a now unknown force , could presently feel her control of her legs to move , Kagome began to move. Quietly but quickly stepping through the underbrush to escape from everything reminding her of why the tightening of her chest convulsed painfully still. The girl left in a daze , never hearing the calls of her name to stop , nor the evil cackle's traveling forth behind her , and tinkling on deaf ears , as she ran passed..

" Kagome !"


Finally reaching the well , and without stopping the woman threw herself over the well , while in mid flight tossing the necklace to the ground ,before being caught by the blue tendrils of light that would bring her back for the last time, through the well to her time. Once on the other side , on a accord that wasn't her own , a burst of light exploded forth , and shattered against the well in flickers of thunderous power , thus sealing the well , before she fell unconscious. Darkness wrapped around her then , answering her submissive call to relinquish the ties that once bound her to the life she once knew, knowing that she would never remain the same..

Chapter two :

' Why Kagome ? Why did you leave me ..Were you there when I saw Kikyo? If you were than you should now everything I tried to hide from you...' The hanyou fretfully questioned anyone who would listen and who possessed the answer within his head , while his eyes began to flicker between colors

As the sun began to rise , the silver returned , bleeding back into his blackened mane , as his claws lenghtened , and his eyes grew amber but continued to war with the bloody crimson of his inner beast. Staring hatefully at the well that would no longer allow him to pass , and keeping him from his mate, as a voice began to flow within his ears to bred his growing hatred . Naraku.

"Kukukukuku ..Inuyasha so it has come that your choice to be with Kikyo has finally caused the impedient wench to flee aww too bad for you but for me it is fortunate ..I won't have the wench to interfere with what I desire , now nobody can stop me.."

"What are you talking about ya bastard , and what do you mean I never abandoned my mate for the dead wench ..

"Kukuku ...poor mutt ! Unfortunately that isn't what the wench saw , she saw what I wanted her to see, to get rid of her...

"You bastard , what did you do to my mate ! If you touched one hair on her head I will kill you!"

"Kukuku try it ! I dare you , without your wench you won't have a chance, and don't worry Inuyasha , I only broke her .. I broke her , then sent her where she belongs in her time , to live or to die but in the end that's her choice.."

"Hahaha That's all I need to hear you have done enough to ensure your death Naraku ! You pathetic life ends here and now!" Inuyasha , now with his demon took over seething with rage , and fear with what the bastard did to his mate might surely mean her death, with what images shown within the mirror positioned in front of him, as he rose above to attack the beast in front of him for taking what was his.

' Kagome... Please stay ...I am coming for you..'

~ Naraku and Inuyasha ~

"You bastard ! You took my mate , made her believe I would leave her than kill her for the dead wench ! If she dies I will bring you back to life just to kill you again!"

"Kukuku ..Would you like to see ? Before I kill you just with you loosing yourself to your demon side what is happening with your mate , I am connected still with her , due to a tainted jewel shard I placed within her before she left.."Naraku taunted before showing him more lies to bring him over the edge to for sure ensure of him loosing himself to his inner beast..

~ Deception~

Kagome was still at the bottom of the well surrounded by her own blood , with her once lively chocolate eyes now blank with nothing staring back at you. She was thrown on her stomach with her hands contorted as though she fell to the ground while the blood continued to pour itself out, from some unknown wound , and hidden from sight. There was nothing but silence .. NO sounds of pain, no lingering gasps of breath , no poundings of a heartbeat , and no existing remains of her scent but old spilt blood. Kagome's blood.

' Kagome , no not you ,mate ..Don't be dead ..please anything but that! I need you haven't you realized that wench I love you ,my crazy bitch!


Friction Amongst The Ice

Taken From Chapter Two:

Sesshomeru smirked in pure enjoyment over their stares that they were glaring him with but he was far from done tonight he would lure his brother away from the miko so that he would make his intentions known to the female that has been a type of torture for who knows how long..Kagome has been taking over his thoughts,his control over his person, and lastly his dark demonic desires. So tonite this Sesshomeru would return the favor while her mutt was out to play finding his miko that was lost to him for a while now ,and still now that dead excuse for a woman torments and keeps him from taking Kagome as his mate..None of that matters though because he would not make that same mistake Kagome will soon become his mate whether she wanted to or not.

"Lil brother not that I care of what you do but I did have a very unwelcome visit by your wench Kikyo and even though she was injured very badly by Naraku after I fought him but I believe she is still alive..If you hurry you just might make it in enough time to help her. "

"Kagome.." Inuyasha turned toward the shocked miko then turned her head ,nodding so that he wouldn't see her heartache.

After Inuyasha gave a sorrowful look towards the miko standing in front of him and then walked cloing the distance to nuzzle her neck ,before whispering his plea towards her earlobe.

" I am sorry Kagome,please forgive me for this is the only way I can move on is to assure myself my chances to be with her are truly gone.I will be back soon as I can " Inuyasha gently urged her to undertsand then turned to his brother Sesshomeru ."Will you take her back to her room please and let the others know ?"

The only response the elder brother gave to response is a grunt huff before taking the girl roughly and leading her back in the direction of the inn that they were staying ,at least until his brothers scent was no longer with 100 miles then diverted his current coarse.

' My brother said to take her back he didn't say when ,and if I have to do that I might as well take my time and enjoy ,myself with the wench..She will return when I deem it to be so.'Sesshomeru thought while leading them towards a field of flowers, next to a small spring,where the moon shone its reflexion of the pale light with the stars glittering like diamonds creating a beautiful atmosphere.

In the distance a darkened cloud that went unnoticed to them until the Lord Sesshomeru caught its foul scent his eyes darted towards the miko's side and thankful that she had her bows..

"Miko ready yourself we got company!" Sesshomeru stood and placed the Miko instinctly behind himself to protect his intended.

Naraku and his Minions stood in a circle around the pair ,while the beast himself eerily cackled to himself that it was so easily done to lure Inuyasha away and get the girl away from the rest of the group without having to do a damn thing,the halfbreed 's brother did it for him. Sesshomeru despised himself for the demeaning action that his demon counterpart was forcibly urging him to do ,and with a loud roar he slammed his sword towards the ground to serve as a distraction. After the blast was sent towards his opponents Sesshomeru grabbed the miko around the waist and tossed her over his shoulder before allowing his larger than life dog image to take form. Unknowningly for him Kanna had sucked up his attack and was currently sending the blast intended for them back to its owner.

The blast hit them hard and even in his newly transformed large beastly form he wouldn't have been able to predict the return attack thrown at them .It all happened too fast to advert from the blast's path before the powerful from the power that Kagome and Sesshomeru called forth when Kanna 's mirror repelled it back at were thrown a thousand feet from where they once stood and when they landed Kagome was thrown underneath him before his large body hit the ground with a crackling there was silence as Sesshomeru came too and realized instinctively what had happened from his beast's painful whine. Kagome was dead and currently underneath him..His mate was gone and he killed her..No he wouldn't allow it ,Couldn't allow her to be taken from him so easily for he was Sesshomeru .So hastily Sesshomeru picked up the miko by the scrap of her neck while her body hung crumpled from his mouth and ran quickly with demonic speed towards the West..To save his mate. Then return to slaughter the vile excuse for a pathetic demon..


Hello Again, I never Thought

Taken From Chapter One:

Inuyasha paused ,taking a deep breath and spoke again softly. "Do you realize how much it hurts Kagome, how much it kills me to watch you from the outside, because of this duty that I carrry from the past,literally bitting me on the ass!"

" Inuyasha what are you saying ?"Kagome questioned .

Now with Kagome leaning against the trunk of the tree ,grabbing the branch to balance herself ,she returned her attentions to Inuyasha, for an answer to the questions she didn't feel like answering that question for the demon within him overwhelmed him , encouraging him to show it to her :as to what was hidden in his heart. Moments passed as his hands had found hers sneakily. He rose her hands ,then pinning hers against the trunk above her head with one of his ,his other hand stroked the side of her cheek ,cupping her chin so she could face him.

"Kagome , I love you, I can't keep it from you anymore", then Inuyasha slammed his lips to capture hers.

Unfortunately , their passionate scene didn't go unnoticed because it wasn't only Inuyasha that had followed the young priestess. For Kikyo's eyes gazed upon the picture laid out in front of her in anger and disgust. Kikyo brought up her bow and aimed the arrow at the tree branch the were so comfortably cozying up onto. Kikyo let her arrow fly and shortly after the branch buckled letting go , releasing the couple that now fell down unexpectedly. The Hanyou back flipped ,grabbing Kagome in mid flight ,then softly landing . He looked at Kikyo with a snare,seething through his teeth while he spoke.

"Kikyo what the fuck are you trying to do kill us?" Inuyasha spat .

"Not you Inuyasha, her. " Kikyo yelled back. "I want her gone from here now ,I don't care if I have to kill her ,just to do it!"

"Over. My . Dead . Body. Kikyo!" Inuyasha seethed .

While Kagome watched ,it seemed like they were into the argument they were in so she supposed an escape ,but before she did ,She let a bow soar towards the area they were fighting to distract them and ran.

' What the hell is going on?' Was Kagome's last thought as she ran.

Inuyasha started to responding to Kagome, while running to distract Kikyo ,so Kagome could get away . Though as he ran to push Kikyo, while she stumbled the arrow flew towards her direction. The arrow hit her with enough force in the shoulder in the position , as Kagome was positioned on the lip of the well , that Kagome was thrown back into the well. The last words that kept chanting repeatedly in her head was Inuyasha's voice.


From The Triangle Within

Taken From Chapter Ten:

Struggling against that of the tight bindings that now bound her, Kagome , not without causing a pained reaction from herself, as it tore away from her now scathed wrists , and ankle's when ripping the chords away from her. Stumbling to stand the woman felt around the dark room for anything that may give her a way out of this new dank , and stuffy surroundings .

Only going blindly to find a way to escape from this hell , as she come to know ,and especially now that she knew what or whom was up with her supposed master , Denetsu. At first it seemed when she had sensed a rather vile presence growing within herself regarding the bastard , as late more than when they first met , but now as she found the cause, Kagome now knew why.

Naraku somehow played apart in this she gathered the moment that she was brought her , as he seemed to now exhibit some of his aura , now that they were once in this tight enclosure together not too long ago, but as of recent it wasn't what she thought for it wasn't a willing companionship. Somehow Naraku had gotten close enough to him to be able to insert a tainted jewel shard inside him.

At this point not caring as to how or when , Kagome only wanted to get away , and now that he would be gone for awhile , or as it had seemed , as he hadn't returned since after the day he brought her here. Walking forward until she felt what she mused to be a wall , running her fingers along the smooth surface ,till coming to a stop where what seemed to be a door frame prevented from going any further.

Closing her eyes , after turning around , leaning against the door , Kagome released some of her miko energy , and allowed a bright orb to hover over that of her open palm, to enlighten the room. Upon taking in the sight , causing her to jump, half expecting that the accompanying holder to what laid from across the room was that of a mirror , Kanna's . Or at least one very much like it leaning up against some dusty parcels facing where she had once been trapped laying.

Returning back to the door , Kagome tried to turn the knob , but it would be certain that this would be the case of it being locked. Shaking it foolishly as to think that it would make any difference , but with the known circumstance , how could she not react the way she had. Falling back onto a old crate by the nearby door , as to think of what to do , while she was forced to wait in this prison, until that of Naraku's minions came for her , or that of Inuyasha , someone came for her.. Kagome of course wished for the later instead of the prior .

' Inuyasha..'


How Not To Fall For A Best Friend:Winry & Ed

Taken From Chapter One:

The yelling paused for a moment with a loud thud ,followed by a ping reverberating into the ears in close vicinity. It was concluded than in its madness Winry just thumped Ed over the head with another one of her wrenches, yet again for the fifth time since the quibbling began.

"Will you quit doing that !" Ed screamed

"As soon as you stop breaking my automail ,gladly!" Winry screamed back

It was when she was almost complete when Ed lightly grasped her hand to prevent her from leaving without finishing the repairs. Abruptly pulled to a stop Winry paused to look at the hand known to her as Edward's. Edward's unexpected move caused the girl to be shocked and a gasp erupted from her without the ability to prevent it escaped from her lips. Slowly turning to face the teary eyes of Winry to those concerned orbs crashing together ,lost within each others eyes.

"Winry ,I am sorry I didn't mean ..I .just ." Edward stuttered

" It's fine ,No big deal ." Winry nervously returned noticing how close their bodies had come.

"No ,Its not ! I know you really put alot of work into this one and I destroyed it" Ed yelled back louder than he wanted to

"And I said ,its fine just be careful next time !" Winry returned in a final yell to end the foolish argument.

With one quick motion Ed had leapt off the bench where she had him sit just finishing the work on his auto mail arm . Ed then had proceeded to quickly turning her around to face him and pinning her against a nearby wall. Without hesitation from hearing another shocked gasp ,Edward firmly took her lips within his .

"What was that for?" Winry softly whispered

" Well it was one way I could get you to shut up and listen without having another wrench hitting my head. Don't necessarily wasn't brain damage ya know?Plus I thought it would be a nice way to tell you that I think I am falling for a best friend I have " Ed confirmed

~Thud! Clunk!~

"Looks like he might be out for awhile so I think before he wakes I 'll go for a walk" Winry said to no one while inching herself towards the door


I Leave You With Love

Taken From Chapter Two:

On the outside Kagome lay in Inuyasha's arms, with the vines from the earth slowly winding itself around her feet, making its way up her legs to pull her deliciously sweet sorrow closer, to be devoured .The starving plants intent for her to become apart of the rivers of blood that leaked from her now closed eyes, while she further succumbed to the happiness luring her from her sorrows, was imperative to their need. Inuyasha was fighting one handed to swipe the vines away, with his sword from the girl,and to shield her Inuyasha held her close to him protectively. Sango and Miroku assisted him a way out of there,because she didn't have much longer after the beaded rosary that the monk gave her snapped while saving the hanyou. Once the bracelet broke after saving Inuyasha ,the demon was able to, with Naraku's help , sense Kagome's distraut soul and take control of her power over the jewel , while consuming the refuge.

~ Visions Of Happiness~

Kagome stood in her backyard as a child once again reunited with her deceased father,calling her towards him. In the corner of her eyes she saw shadows of red and silver flashing by and the moment she tried to remember why the figure was so suddenly felt numb and dizzy. Now held firmly upon her fathers lap while he bounced her on one leg and sang to her, temporarily forgetting what once led her feeling suddenly fatigued in the first place.

Inuyasha tried to rouse Kagome from the spell. Although he didn't know what the visual was that lured her away,but knew whatever it was made it tough for her to escape and return . It was because when he tried to call her ,nudging her with his head against hers,telling her not to leave him,and proving to be seemed like a good idea at the time, but as soon as he did, it seemed like she was going further and further away from him.

It wasn't until the taunts from a familiar past torment came to him in a faint reminder of who all was behind this .

"Kukukukukukukukukukukuku. Why Inuyasha isn't this a pleasant surprise!"Naraku announced

"Damn You Naraku ! Leave her go you bastard!"Inuyasha screamed

" Now now Inuyasha I am only taking back whats mine and in return giving Kagome what her soul most desires ." Naraku taunted

" Yes ,and to think that girl's soul is more destroyed and tormented making her all the more sweet nutrients for my beautiful flowers. I bet she'd benefit much to their beauty,with just the pain within her 't you think?" Gatenmaru teased

"I don't care about those fucken flowers all I am concerned about what I am going to do to you if you don't release her!" Inuyasha seethed

" Oh Inuyasha I am sorry I wish I could but as succulent Kagome 's essence is ,bred by the pain tearing her soul apart ,so that her heart can contain itself from being destroyed as well ,in her vain efforts to hide the pain she feels while continuing to fulfill her promise to you ,to remain by your side ,with love for you ,and while you chase the ghosts of your past Inuyasha. Looking through Naraku's eyes I can see it all ,leading up to here in her final moments she will forever remain here to fed my plants and be happy numbed to any pain that once threatened to obliterate her. " Gatenmaru cockily explained earning a pained whine from the hanyou nudging the girl with his nose,and being in vain.

" It is better this way Inuyasha ,you know she doesn't belong here. You know she wouldn't heed in our intentions to return her to her own time .Isn't that so? Now you won't have to worry about having to protect her and I without hurting her , in the end when she dies and her soul returns to me we can be together once again. I can purify the jewel and we can live together as I can be a normal woman,with my human husband. Said the blurry vision of Kikyo trying to entrap him as well into the mix of pained plant food.

"Kikyo ! "Inuyasha rubbed his eyes while still holding Kagome ,trying to remember what he saw was only a illusion.

"Inuyasha don't listen to it, Kagome needs you please! Sango cried watching his hold loosing around Kagome,being pulled by the hungry vines once again


In The Shadows

Taken From Chapter One:

The young woman adorned in a black and grey layered kimono ,brushed with delicate Sakura Blossoms lining the edges ,and the sleeves ,like a vine paisley pattern ,though currently was laying peacefully with her matching grey haori as a pillow for her head to lay against ,and near the roots of The Goshinboku tree. To anyone simply passing by and catching this simply elegant scene, one would merely think she was sleeping .However ,if one would look close enough they would see that she was not. Her eyes was giving off that convincing proof,and clearly evident ,the girl was dying ,but hadn't it been for two years?

~ Two Years...~

It had been two years that he left with Kikyo ,and left her behind...

~ Two Years...~

Since the jewel had returned Kagome back to her time ,trapping her here without ever finishing what she had helped them for so long to do, and not being able to say goodbye to the ones she left behind...

~ Two Years ...~

Two years since then ,Kagome has been dying a little each day since then..

~ Two Years ...~

Nothing. Alone . Slowly Dying .Without

Although with a faint smile on her face ,gratefully knowing it would all soon be over, just like her heartbeat.

'BUMP Bump bump bump..'

"Soon I can finally let go..."

'Bump bump bump...'

"I don't have to live with this pain anymore, like an lost empty shell..."

Kagome felt herself begin to slip away from the wound ,self inflicted with a tip of one of her arrow's ,that was now laying in open palm ,and the arrows tip dripped with the remains of her blood. Everything now was numb , feeling no more pain, no regrets ,no abandonment , nothing, for once she felt like herself ,and for a moment it was her again before him. Finally letting her eyes close to allow herself the peace her soul needed for so long, and fluttered her eyes closed indefinately for the last time, not hearing a nearby door slam..

'BUMP Bump bump'

"Shit ! Dammit ! No! Kagome!" A familar cry echoed past her ears as rushing footsteps pounded lloudly across the shrine.

'BUMP Bump'

"You Bastard! I told ya we should've came sooner !" The same voice screamed frantically, while picking up her blood soaked form ,from where the ground now puddled with her own blood surrounding her

"We had to make sure it was the right time,before we made our presence known"

"Alot of good it's done us now doesn't it ? She's bleeding to death! Are you going to help me or not?"

"Well lil ' brother it seemed to me that you didn't want my help so I was going to let you do what you do best!"

"Shuddup! Now help me ! Please ,before I lose her again ,and only this time for good!"

"Lay her down and move!"

The elder of the two males now standing over the dying girl ,once the younger had heeded to his word. Unsheathing the sword that hadn't been used for centuries, Tenseiga ,was once again brought into the light. Patiently waiting for the right moment to strike , both brothers were tense ,with worry of the chance the sword would still work this time after it's long time of neglected use.


The elder rose his arm clasping the sword into the air , awaiting for the expected pulse from his sword ,that allowed him to see the messengers of the underworld ,and so he could destroy them and bring her back but...


In The Way Of The Cardinal

Taken From Chapter One & Four :

Chapter One:

" Inuyasha would you like to dance with me ?" Kagome asked slightly tipsy

Without words, Inuyasha rose before walking over towards her, pulling her against his chest, and leading her back until she leaned up on a nearby wall in a dark corner of the room. Looking up and Inuyasha began to move to the song but it didn't take long before the temptation got the better of him. Soon because of the erotic sway and bump of their bodies touching the last of his control quickly fell away when Inuyasha made his move.. Leaning down to catch her face,raising it slightly to look at him, and Inuyasha finally closed the distance between taking her lips greedily into his.

The kiss was rough at first but then it became more demanding before he released them to look at her once again. Once melting chocolate met that of his burning desire for her in his fiery red gaze, something came over as she shivered before catching the love blending into the mix,and before she found her voice to confirm what she was seeing .Inuyasha beat her to it realizing that what he saw come through with the memories that weren't of his own , not in this time anyway, and in the end it wasn't lost to her, then he spoke.

"Kagome...My Mate.." Inuyasha sank his lips against hers once again catching every moan coming from her sweet mouth

Eventually , the pair spiraled within the grasp that the darkness had on them fell on the floor in the druken haze, like a dream they dreamt long before they knew everything drew blank ,and not remembering ever meeting another once again . It was like someone didn't want them to remember , and it was as soon as the scream from someone behind them they were once taken from each other again.

Although before they did once again forget something happened between them and took them much farther than should have been allowed , unbeknownst to them. Before the blinding light took away their ability to see , and the following chaos that followed after the fell unconscious , two from the shadows and with the fallen couple remerged into darkness. Even if they are forced to forget , Inuyasha and Kagome now have something they can't take away until they can find away back to each other someday . For the marks on their souls bound by the hidden spot on their neck , and for the small miracle growing inside her.

Chapter Four:

" You crazy bastard I didn't touch Kagome ! I barely even know the bitch !"

" Hey my name is not bitch It's Kagome Ka Go Me ! Do ya get it or are ya blind and deaf ! Why would I even get messed up with a asshole like him Bankotsu !" Kagome roared

" Well why don't ya try using your nose ya pathetic mutt once in a while , and you'll see the truth , and maybe you would share it to the stupid wench that would be great!"

" She's your stupid wench not mine , and your mistaken I didn't touch her when I have my own, Kikyo !I am not as stupid or a selfish bastard , enough to confuse myself as to what is mine and what isn't like a cretin as youself" Inuyasha told as he secretly sniffed towards the breeze blowing from the window poised in Kagome's direction..

" Why you ! " Kagome 's body seemed to glow as her aura flickered unknowingly before somewhere within her urged her to call out a familiar spat

"Sit Boy!" A light burst forth from Kagome shortly before she fainted and needless to say pulled the boy Inuyasha to slam and welcome the plaster below before he could finish the comment as to what he picked up within her delicate , and soothing scent..

The only thing before unconsciousness claimed him after being sat was

" Wait!"

" Dammit To hell! Not this again!"A very pissed growl came from out of the newly formed hole within the concrete .

" What's the matter Asshole ? Something come down on your small brain , and miraculously made the memory suddenly appear of you stealing what was mine!"Bankotsu raged

" Fuck No ! I still don't remember meeting the bitch, though do recall that what she just did , and if you do that to me again I swear you wench , you will not like what I do to you !" Inuyasha screamed angrily , that is until he had saw the fallen form laid crumpled on the ground..

Though what he saw next, kept trying to distort into that of a different image, one of the same girl , but different , and this one that had formed from within his mind had been surrounded in blood .

Once the image fell to the one it truely was , as quickly as it had came , Inuyasha had shaken his head to remove himself of the thought then returned to the sight of the fallen girl surrounded by the their students , with the exception of Bankotsu, himself , and Kikyo..

"Kagome .. wake up you have to get up ! Come on you scarying me ! " Sango's screams for her friend , as they waited for help to arrive , as Mr. Tasho just had gotten of his phone..

Again within his head heard those same screams that were coming from Sango presently , but the girl then screaming for the girl within his thoughts seemed younger, and her voice more muffled , and still her words were the same , as she called for her friend named Kagome, in either time..

Suddenly the doors were through back to reveal a sight that kept wanting to play games inside his head , as Inuyasha looked at him. It seemed as though one the resulting victims of this Bankotsu's , and Kagome's wrath had been a friend of theirs , well it appeared more Kagome's with the way he spoke, but one thing was for certain, Inuyasha didn't much like him .

" Bankotsu , what the fuck ! I am going to kill you ! Why did you let this happen , and what the fuck did you do to Kagome... ?" A very pink wolf roared ..

"Why you want a crack at the bitch!"

"No ! I don't hit girls ya bastard ! Although now that you bring it up .. Yes I will take the girl .. She was mine anyways , before you came in and stole her from me in the first place , ass.. And for what ?" Kouga yelled before standing at Kagome's side , ignoring a emerging growl from within the back ground , and then leaned over to pick her up within his arms.

"Ya know what ! Take the Bitch ! I don't want her !" Bankotsu retorted angrily.

" Kouga Someone will meet you too escort the both of you out , would you need any assistance from there?" Mr Taisho inquired knowing that he would soon be watching those missing from his pack from some time , for over a millenia, many ..

" I'll be fine , but I aint taking her home so she will be at my place , until further notice , and after I can make sure she won't be left alone .."

"Very well .. We'll inform her parents ..." Kaede advised ..

" What the fuck don't you people know anything ! Her parents have been dead for sometime , as well as the rest of her family for years ..Now I am all she has left , besides Sango"

" Aye .. Wait , thats not right her records say ..." Kaede questioned ..

"Who the fuck do you think her guardian is wench ! Do not even think about it , else it'll be your heads !" Kouga sneered as he recieved knowing looks by that of Mr Taisho , and Kaede herself , then left with a frantic Sango following somewhat behind .

Once the trio left , everything that had happened or was, had certainly left a confused and pissed off hanyou, all because he didn't know how to explain it.

' Why do I feel that something is wrong about this whole thing ? Someone knows something , and yet it is kept hidden .. What the fuck is going on?'

After the students were then released , returning to class or ditch , and go home . The hanyou was still stuck within his thoughts as he walked towards that of his bike with his girlfriend somewhat behind , and yacking about something , but for the life of him if asked , he would have a clue. A command called from within the office doors , as his father was summoning him , and without haste excused himself from Kikyo , with a soft apology , a promise to visit later.

As soon as Inuyasha came in to see that of Mr. Taisho , after he closed the door , and found that he never would thought as to what his dad had in mind , not in a million years.

" Inuyasha , what I have called you in for is that I need a favor to ask of you ?"

" What's that ?"

" I need you to look over the Kagome girl ..."

"What ? Hell No ! Did you see what the hell she's capable of , or what she's done to me ?"

" Inuyasha , please .. This girl , she's of great importance, and we need to make sure that her safety is intact. "

"Really ? What is exactly of this great importance anyway ?"

" Not important Inuyasha , the only thing that you need to know is that she is , the rest doesn't matter , not really.. She really don't have to know that you are doing it .."

"Whatever Though I think I should have some right about what I am getting into here, if I am going to have any sort of involvement !"

" I wish I could son , but my presence still being in the school depends on what I know to keep quiet , because of it's nature.. I' am sorry .."

" So how am I supposed to find the bitch ! "

" Do you remember what she smelled like ?" Mr. Taisho teased .

" Actually I do ..."Inuyasha smirked knowing what his father meant , using her scent he was to track the bitch ..

She smells like a oddly familar, calming scent , one haven't smelt in a long time ..

Vanilla & Sakura

'Ready or not bitch , here I come !'

~Nothing is quite what it seems ~


Letters Of The Past

Taken From Chapter Eight :

The three quickly made it back to their places with a shit eating smirk matching that of Kagome's ,while continuing on and passing Inuyasha's forest ,into the village known as home. Once they made it to Kaede's hut and began talking about what happened thus far.

It soon became known that when deep into the groups discussions that something wasn't right at least who picked up on it . Two of the room's inhabitants noticed that two of them were missing from the room.

Inuyasha and Sango realized over time that Kagome and Kaede stepped out of the room for a bit, and the remaining two who knew gave each other a knowing wink.

About a half a hour later the room was silenced by a sound outside the window,with a sultry voice sounding like Kagome . Sesshomeru looked on from his lookout spot with a raised brow towards her ,and the miko only responded with a smug shrug of her shoulders to his inquiry then continued . Only this time her louder voice became rather husky, played on very thick.

"Kouga? Oh my handsome wolf mate ! Where can you be ?Your Kagome wants to play!"

'I show ya play wench' Kouga taunted within his mind towards his mate

" Coming Kagome!"

Deciding on whether to growl or to laugh, the look on Inuyasha 's face must've hinted through to his glower ,because Sango nudged him with her elbow. Kouga soon stepped out with a cocky smirk that the hanyou so wanted to wipe off. Although his curiosity overwhelmed his need to be possessive at the moment as to what Kagome was getting to, so Inuyasha sat back and waited. Inuyasha's smirk returned knowingly,thus growing ever so taunting,when he heard the next words that came from Kagome's lips, and only because he was almost sure of what would come next.

"I gotta surprise for you ,but you have to close your eyes!" Kagome teased

~Silence ~

"Okay Kouga -kun you can open them now "Kagome sang

"What the hell is this Kagome !Take this fuckin shit off!" Kouga warned

"Bingo!" Inuyasha whispered

"Um ,let me think about it" Kagome rose her finger to her chin in deep thought while noticing Sesshomeru's curious attention on her from the corner of his cold eyes,then continued" Uh uh Heel Boy!"

Thud *

"Hahahahahaha " Inuyasha busted out laughing hysterically rolling on the floor before he stood walked toward the oncoming footsteps, with his hands clutching his stomach .

Kagome had stomped her way into the hut to glare at Kikyo while passing Inuyasha on the way in .While the hanyou came out just in time to see the wolfs body frozen in his eating dirt position and catching his brother's shocked expression.

The hanyou couldn't decide what part of this was funnier ,the look of Sesshomeru 's eyes bulging out of his head like his heads goin to explode or Kouga's current position .While he listened with his ears inside the hut he went explained to Sesshomeru,and watched over the fleebag.

When Kagome's voice rang into her ears Inuyasha became curious and listened in more intently to what was going on.

"Heel Boy!" Kagome sang from within the hut

Slam !

"Kikyo ,I have another one for you if you feel that you have any lasting objections of me going home. I would be more than happy to persuade you otherwise !"

~Silence ~

"No !Good ! Than I will be going but I will be back !"

"What the fuck is that shit! You don't mean the miko did that ?" Sesshomeru

"Yup!" Inuyasha offered

"Have her do it again? Can she do that with anyone?" Sesshomeru commanded

"Heya Kagome !" Inuyasha called

"Inuyasha ?" Kagome asked from just coming outside passed the bamboo flap entrance

"My bastard of a brother wants you to do that trick with Kouga again.I have to admit I woudn't mind seeing it again neither"

"Heel Boy!"Kagome responded with a shrug

"Dammit Kagome will ya stop please!"

"Miko we will talk again soon" Sesshomeru responded greedily over the knowledge

After Kagome left the hut ignoring any objections from those in the room ,Sango and Inuyasha quickly followed after her to catch up . All three of them were joining in her laughter so hard in fact they were holding their sides because of the pain that followed.

"I never thought I would laugh so hard when it came to the subjugation necklace .Maybe cause its not me and it the damn wolf instead! Is there any way that you could change it to include me?"

"I could but to be fair I would have to do the same for Kikyo and I am not willing nor do I like her enough to do that but if things were different I could easily do that type of exchange without unnecessary repercussions to the one who's my mate "Kagome teased

"Hey! Better not or I'll have to kill ya wench! ..Wait a minute so if Kouga knew this ,being your mate,than he could easily have the power that you have over me?"

"Yes , but only if I allowed him that power"

"Dammit Wench! You better not or else I 'll have the reason to take ya myself!" Inuyasha stated with a knowing smirk.

"Say Kagome what word would you have said to subdue Kikyo?"Sango asked

"Yea wench , I am kinda curious?" Inuyasha agreed

"I don't know guys what kind of person would I be to tell all of my secrets . Cause then if I have to use them ,where would be the element of surprise to my act?" Kagome whined

"Come on ,please you know you can tell me!"

"Maybe later Sango , I don't want to piss off my favorite hanyou by insulting his future wife!" Kagome said while laughing and running around the well

"Dammit wench ! Come back here!" Inuyasha yelled while giving chase to persuade the miko to tell what he so wanted to know now that she was refusing to say anything

"You can't outrun the both of us ya know" Sango sang as she came to the opposite side to catch up with her friend and sister companion

"Yes ,but only one of you can pass the well !" Kagome reminded from the spot on the opposite side of them with the well in between , wearing a snide smirk

"Please!" Sango and the hanyou begged

"Alright ,alright ! Kikyo's words of subjugation are"

~" On Your Kness Bitch!"~

"Ha ha ha ha ! You so gotta use them please maybe it'll knock some sense into that brain of hers ..What do ya think Inuyasha ?"

"I kinda like it Sango, Kagome so what ya say ?Going to use it anytime soon?"

"We'll see but first ya coming Inuyasha ?"

"Right behind ya ,Later Sango !"

"Yea bye Sango !Be back soon !"

"Bye! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

Once again being pulled by the tendrils of the purplish blue, and landing softly in the well, on the other side. Kagome began feeling around for the rope ladder when thte next thing she knew was her body being trapped between Inuyasha and the wall of the well. Seconds passed before Inuyasha 's lips crushed upon hers in a soft but demanding kiss,it was short but sweet. Kagome just began to respond with a gentle caress of her own against his before the kiss ended. Inuyasha couldn't explain what led them to this or that their was a definite pull towards another, the kiss just felt right ,and they couldn't explain it. The hanyou pulled away then wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her against him before leaping from the well.

"What was that for?" Kagome asked

"Don't ya know the saying All good things come to those who wait ?"

"What the hell does that mean ,in this situation?"

"You'll see in time!"


Looking Through Broken Glass

Taken From Chapter Six:

On the inside of a dark ,muggy, room where the voices spoke of betrayal but no visable form lingered within the crude form of holding the fatally injured body in place. Not that even if the poor creature could move anyway from the crumpled mass she was at one time thrown. Whispers of her body threatening to let itself go to become free entertwined with those taunting her already torn soul.

The horrid rotten smell of spoiled blood spilt throughout the cell and splattered against the walls,and in the midst of it all a limp body only held upright by crudely made steel chackels and hushed by a bloodied rag that served as a face was broken camouflaged by deep hues of black and blue that confirmed was also splayed over the rest of her body.

Kagome no longer cried out against her torture nor had the strength to fight against it anymore. The sparks of her soul fighting to be released agaist the power of the Shikon Jewel now beginning to grow to prevent it. All of it was oblivious to the tattered woman that no longer knew where she was ,who she was, or how long she was here ,and all she knew that she wanted to die. Now unconscious ,given in to the growing weakness from her injuries,not that she could hear or see now anyway.

A fierce hand yanked her up from around her neck while the tauntingly evil feeling within her gut grew,not knowing what awaited her. The blood soaked clumped material ,now removed and in its place forced itself down her throat,until she had to force down the gag reflex,not wanting to recieve that punishment again. Blood caked around the thick muscle now being repeatedly forced down her throat soon conbined with the bodily fluids that shot forth from the erratic thrashing member ,and mixing with the blood nearly drowning the woman below.

The torturous ways to break her continued whether she was conscious or not still persisted ,but even a strong miko human couldn't withstand it for long. So alas after a short time following Kagome disappearance, a week after the hanyou was broken out by the miko herself with help of course, the beast took the near dead woman knowing it wouldn't take much time before her last breath soon came . Naraku did what was required for him to have control over her power ,over the jewel 's power that she previously guarded .In his thought now that he controlled her through the broken mess that he plundered upon her without mercy ,Naraku would step in and become its new master through her.

No longer needing to keep the miko in his hold with her death a breath away ,Naraku ordered Kagura and Kanna to discard her body where ever they saw fit as long as it was far away from where the currently were positioned. The two carrying out their master's demands took her towards a long abandoned wasteland with their master's traces of miasma within the waters ,and then carelessly tossed the girl within its torents. Seeing the lifeless body tossed and thrown against the waves into various rock and debries were enough to ensure their confidence that the miko wouldn't survive.

The waters carries her down the rift ,over the high drop of the waterfalls ,into the silent lake below,with hitting some discarded sprouts of branches and sharp rock on the way down. Thrown with the plunge into the water with the inertia of the fall within the rough rapids carrying her pushed the unmoving body upon the start of blood soon escaped her once again within the waters interference to pool around her on the ground to merge slowly back into the water.

~The last thing the girl consciously thought was ' I am sorry , I shouldn't have stayed Farewell and be happy'~

By nightfall the group caught wind of disturbance in the air,a rush of heavily grouped demons lured by the scent of death. Inuyasha and Sesshomeru rushed ahead of the others when the relevance of the scent reached their nose. It was one of theirs. Kagome. When they broke through the trees surrounding the small lake that now bled crimson, finding they were now in presence of the blank chocolate eyes staring back at them. Inuyasha slowly paced towards what he knew would be his greatest fear ,afraid that if he hesitated it wouldn't be so. Nevertheless the hanyou came face to face with his best friend and his intended mate .

"Kagome.." A whine rushed past his lips as realization hit Inuyasha

Gently grazing his claws against her face in a loving carress to soothe his soul against the rage he felt from the violent way one took on her. Taking a deep breath then turning towards the group with rust colored lost eyes and then shook his head in the negative. Turning back to his loss,reminding him of his living nigtmare, Inuyasha hastily took off his haori .Following finding something to cover her ,the hanyou with his clawed hands sliced through to remove her soiled clothes,removing the crude gag and rope tying her still. Then preceeded to tear shreads of his undershirt to soak within the still clean water to cleanse what he could of the red staining her beautiful soul.

Shortly feeling a pressure on his shoulder to look onto his brother 's ferious eyes,not realizing the flow of tears down his face. With a nod to Sesshomeru's silent command ,Inuyasha lightly finished wrapping her within his haori and then picked her up into his tightened embrace. The brothers headed West while the remaining ,led by Kouga traveled back to Kaede's until further instruction.

On the tread back to Sesshomeru's Territory ,the elder in silent observance of his younger brother,lovingly nuzzling and pecking the girl in his arms. This action was never seen coming to or from either one but through his brothers demon having control at the moment it was allowed. Inuyasha's lost control was confirmed with the soft yips and whines soon becoming soothing and warning growls,conbined with his bleeding red orbs.

" Lil brother ,you do realize the miko hasn't passed ,death is near but hasn't fully taken the wench yet" Sesshomeru nonchalantly stated earning a gasp from his sibling

Once within the stronghold's entrance ,Inuyasha rushed up the stairs and tore through the entrance of his room he once resided in the past,followed by his brother and male demon physician. Upon reaching the room a war almost broke out when Sesshomeru insisted that another male was to be alone while treating his mate just so his brother could have a word with him, that just about made Inuyashas head combust with fury.

"Hell no ! I will not leave my mate in the condition she's in alone with him. I will bath my own mate thankyou and when I am done I will stay put until they are done ..If you have something to say then stuff it or start talking cause I am not movin anywhere and you can't make me" Inuyasha yelled while pointing from the people in the room to his brother..


Loving You From Afar

Taken From Chapter One :

It had been three days since the girl from the other side of the well made it back to the Feudal Era. Inuyasha at this point was sitting, fuming over the fact Kagome hadn't returned ,while he pouted within his favorite tree of the Goshinboku. Silently grumbling futile threats towards the said girl who seemed to like to spite him every time that he allowed her to go back to her time.

' Damn wench you better not make you come back and get your ass because you found yourself some trouble or ya won't be going back unless I go with you there to protect you there too!' Inuyasha grunted quietly in his mind

Although deep down the hanyou knew it wasn't true, while Kagome almost never was late returning as of late, that when on the few occasions she had been ,the hanyou's mood had soured with the fear the well would one day separate them ,and with both of them on different sides of the well. Inuyasha also knew eventually that the day would come where they would have to day goodbye , but that wasn't today, and if it was up to him it would never come.

Kagome had in time ,became his first and his only real true best friend ,sure Inuyasha had the others that consisted within his pack ,though she came first , and with her the hanyou gained everything else that came with his family now. There was something else that often came when thoughts lingered on Kagome for long and still today the hanyou couldn't understand it himself to be able to figure it out. It wasn't that Inuyasha was dense but it was the emotions that he felt were somewhat foreign to him, and with everything else that had brought what was different than what he was used to always encouraged him to do as always.

Bark loudly and pretend it didn't exist.

Though his motto that would normally work in most instances , but failed to work in this circumstance because deep down for some odd reason Inuyasha didn't want to forget,not ever. For Kagome saw him as who he was , not half ling , while her well known companion ,he was a selfishly ,arrogant, greedy hanyou especially with her and very overprotective over their close bond to keep it intact. So even while Inuyasha chose to stay with another ,the hanyou at the same time didn't want to give Kagome up either.


Misplaced By Time

Taken From Chapter One:

A impatient hanyou was waiting for the return of his miko friend ,Kagome and his unrequited love,or so he believed. Three days had already passed .the fourth was soon ending to only prove to the girl's defiance once again. Strange though because this occurrence hadn't happened for a while now and now that it was happening worried him all the more. Inuyasha had planned to travel back shortly after the third day had ended as he normally had inn the past ,but with a unexpected run in with his brother Sesshomeru ,and lastly Naraku ,it was temporary forgotten with the hopes she would soon return.

Needless to say that the guarded plea was unanswered and not followed as the hanyou only wished to be. Tonight was decided on the fourth day to be when he would venture back to her time to retrieve the wench. After nightfall casted its hues of darkness amongst the shadows of the trees ,Inuyasha began his trek towards the clearing where the well was made to be it's home,and to the place where he could decend into the threads of time to make it once again to his onna. Just before breaking the invisible fence within the trees a onmious weight fell just past his shoulders to skim down his back and that slightly rose the delicate hairs on the back of his neck on end .

Soon after a brush of light, following a explosion of crimson and cerulean light joined from the depths of the well, crept it's way casting itself into the atmosphere. The Inu Hanyou felt a uncontrollable shiver whisper its way down the taunt and stiff stance that he had instinctively chose. Momentarily the blinding light dimmed to nothing and any other proof towards the odd phenomenon had long since left the vacinity,leaving only a maddened hanyou by his beast emerging slowly to make its presence known,and a slight glow to the well. In the short amount of time that he stood frozen still gave to the strict will to remove any doubts that the onna was indeed safe,and to relive the gnawing within his gut saying the opposite,and it was that she was nothing but. With quickened steps ,Inuyasha rushed to close the distance towards the well ,and with some resistance from the weakened barrier with the swipe of his fang,in the end all that kept him from Kagome now was stripped bare.

~ Truth From Within It's Depths~

' It seems I have let you go ..It seems I 've misunderstood as to where you are'

Once the hanyou was haphazardly thrown from the depths of the mysterious well ,The Bone Well, which at this point was proven to only confirm the hanyou's fears. Slowly lifting to stand from the awkward position that Inuyasha was carelessly tossed into ,to stand and investigate with scrutiny as to the reasons of which things were occurring.A whined roar broke through ,echoing of the clearing that seemed to stretch miles,where the shrine once stood was now a bare expanse compared to the whispers to what it had been. Inuyasha ,devastation and worry weakening his form too greatly to remain standing, fell to his knees with the silent tears that fell second to the roars the spilt forth from his lips. Amber eyes tauntingly glaring at everything and no one ,alert to his likely unknown threat hiding in the shadows and invisible with that on his grasp on reality,as crimson bled through his honey depths in fury, and signifying the release of it's feral beast..

' Kagome , where are you?'


Mother's Lullaby

Taken From Chapter Two:

Lowering his head so his eyes could fall upon her face enlightened by the warmth of the fire , embraced by the kit ,and watching ,as he almost had to force himself to keep within the jealous growl for unknown reason ,at least by what he wanted to admit. It wasn't that he didn't care for her , the hanyou had more than he like to acknowledge, but at the moment because of stupidly reasoned decisions now he was without a choice. Although his mind had made the choice of honor to remain with Kikyo at times he felt it hard and fighting against the will of his heart to keep that choice. Nevertheless the hanyou never faltered it was his cross to bear, and in the end he would own up to it , saying goodbye .

Kagome appeared only to be sleeping soundlessly but unknown to him she was awake . Turning slightly as to remove herself from his line of sight while still portraying the act of being asleep. Although still feeling his eyes boring into the back of her head , and after awhile had soon taken it's toll on Kagome's patience in her fitfully tired state. In result the feigned sleeping girl slowly rose without waking Shippo to confront the hanyou that obviously had something to say.

After escaping her cocoon of warming comfort , Kagome stood into the nights chill, then walking towards the tree that Inuyasha chose for tonite's resting spot. Without looking to meet his gaze the girl from the spot she stood amongst the trees roots , softly spoke..Though for some reason when the hanyou heard her within his enhanced hearing through his now pinned back ears that were flattened to his head , nearly broke his heart as fear and pain seeped through him rather quickly, thus working stubbornly against him..

"Is there anything you wish to say to me ,Inuyasha?"

Kagome's voice , while knowing it was her's that came forth from her lips sounded quiet, too quiet, as though unlike his Kagome sounded as though it came from the presence of a wounded child. Only hearing it somehow brought forth the opposite of her calming scent that was all of his friend , Kagome. It was concern , fear, distraut pain, and the urge to protect her from whatever was causing it , centering itself within whole being just from listening to her shallowed tones. Jumping down to face the woman with the altered smell that attacked his nose , and in consequence when he saw her dulled chocolate eyes, combined with the torrent of emotions , pouring off her once he grew close.

"Kagome ?"


My Bonding Obsession

Taken From Chapter One :

A lone flame flickering through the darkness ,greeting the sleeping shadows ,well except for one .The isolated inseparable companion of a hanyou, lustfully fantasizing about the woman below, adorning green and white .The greedy need to conquer and dominate the woman that has infiltrated his heart, mind , soul ,and in his hopes soon she will take his body. The hanyou 's thoughts of the woman's searing lips trailing from his lips, and wrapping around his shaft to his groin, burned him with desire. When this dream comes to life is when Inuyasha would take the woman known as Kagome captive.

This fantasy trapt him with fury , influenced by the way that woman teased ,knowingly or not. For now Inuyasha would require the use of his hand ,accompanied by the vivid images that the Miko influenced in him, and his hardened cock, but soon this will change. Masturbating to Kagome's imagined pleasant ministrations ,helped keep his sex -starved beast at bay,but only just. Kagome will pay for the sweet torture that she has inflicted upon him,just in being Kagome. Deep down Inuyasha could see the slight arousing darkness that was hidden in her purity ,Kagome gave it away ,with her heated stares ,and the craving pout in her smile. The hanyou knew she had a healthy sexual appetite and in his mind ,he himself would be the the only one who'd be able to quench the salacious abandon,quivering for release.

As she attempted to lure him to his temptation to bound her ,to capture the prey he now saw her ,Inuyasha held the reins of his control, but not for time she pinned him in the dirt with the power she held over him,and the taunting way she spoke the words to pull him,right where she wanted him. There were other factors too besides the obvious purposeful, mocking of his desires, with just her disobeying attention that she bestowed on his distasteful thoughts of his rival only tormented him more ,frozen on her accord at her feet. Every night it was the same, after everyone had gone to sleep, was the only time that Inuyasha could make the delightfully, evil intentions ,brewing in him for her ,to play themselves out. Nobody knew that when he disappeared into the darkened cover of the happenings beyond the shroud of leaves. In his contradicting thoughts ,Inuyasha mused that Kagome likely guessed that he was engrossed in a tryst with Kikyo.

Contrary to that train of thought ,only Kagome brought out the wild sexual perversion that raged through his blood ,enough to send him to his knees to beg her to allow him to ravage her. Though his pride and the very nature of his demonic beast,crashed repeatedly against the cage ,to be again unchained from the prison ,and to be allowed to steal the innocense of her's , one that he deemed as his. Sometimes the will to keep his restraint was harder from day to day,depending on what and how much his wench would stew . As time would pass, his plan to take her as his captive mate only gotten more sinister, as the leash holding him taunt to obey became frayed. When she would take off to her own time without her physically being there to show off her demanding prowess. Inuyasha although somewhat peaved of her distance from him ,her master ,the one who would soon control and answer to her every need,those times he spent in healing solice to his need.

Today was no exception,they were traveling towards a rumor of another jewel shard ,when another of Kagome's potential suitors would present them self ,only to revel in his particular one would always enjoy the maddening distress, advances toward Kagome brought forth from within him ,Damn Kouga! Kagome would play nice to Kouga and punish him ,her protector for saying to the wolf what needed to be said . Though maybe Inuyasha's way would be harsh ,but Kouga wasn't getting any clue from the words coming from his Kagome,only mistaken from the kindness of them .At times Inuyasha's sharpened fangs and commanding lips were so close to where he where he felt the strongest need, to drive them into her soft and supple flesh , to tear the the skin that would soon bear his mark ,and to drink the sweet delectable crimson wine that would flow from sadistic that may sound,didn't pay him no mind, for Inuyasha was a demon .Regardless if only part if only part ,because it was that part of him hungered for her blood. The human part wanted to love her and his demon counterpart only treasured the benefits of devouring her.


Object Of Desire

Taken From Chapter One:

Strike One -

~ Craving Obsession ~

32, year old , recently divorced , single parent,

businessman , with muscular build, seeking slender

female , age 18-25, only to quench this old dog's

insatiable needy desires. No strings attached. Strictly

one on one, and solely meant for me to tease and for

you to please while in captive.

Strike Two

~Seductive Bitch~

24 year old slender single female, with busy lifestyle

seeks kinky love slave to play out most scandalous

encounters, in order to gain a long overdue releases

from wild , overwhelming sexual tension, persistent

overactive physical drive, and sultry tendencies, but no

willing prey to inflict her wrath upon.

Unbeknownst to their friends , Sango , and Miroku , separately unknowingly together , secretly placed ad's for their overly stubborn picky companions in order to possibly start an encounter of the third kind . Meaning while acquiring another beings touch, gaining : No Friendship. No Relationship whatsoever. Only sex. Because this was all they felt their friends could successfully maintain , when it came , coming in contact with their one kind , and those who could understand them .Who knew it would eventually lead them to strike three, and end themselves on a chase to escape their friends wrath, changing their lives completely . The plan seemed harmless enough ..


Playthings Among Demons

Taken From Chapter One:

Once a demon , or any deviation among the like comes to a point in their existence , consisting of a time when the dark desires of their demon side spike into primary control for a time. During this time , intense emotions of lust takes over, urging and eventually forcing their master to submit to to the demon within, and possession of what is in their birthright :To captivate and conquer their desired, sought playthings . ..

For one demon, in particular , well half, and that might explain why his time was late in coming. Though, at the dawn's rising , after a night of the new moon , something changed . It wasn't immediate , but one slowly altering within himself over time , beginning to take place the moment his demonic traits faded back to their normal spot.

The changes within him , as his eyes reclaimed their amber hues paler then the harvest moon , starting out as a oddly faint feeling of sudden arousal , while his sensitivity to such scents around him , intensified , becoming stronger, with clarity , and with them , only increased his emerging desire for something quite new to him. As the hours passed by, the feelings more intense, they grew, and by nightfall , his unrelenting want , soon centered itself in the hardened length buried in the curls of liquid silver , as it throbbed pleadingly for the release it sought.

A curious scent of Sakura, carried by the soft breeze , and brought to his attentive nose meshing with the ones tied to the Goshingboku's falling leaves , as one he wasn't expecting to return , at least not this soon. Not that Inuyasha had any problems against this scent but rather enjoyed it, especially now. It calmed him , and thankfully grateful for its unexpected, but welcomed presence ,because within the calm presented the break he needed , though only for a time. For it seemed within it's deceiving calm , held another spicier scent , entangling with it.

' Kagome '

While he chose Kikyo , to remain with , between the two Miko's , Inuyasha couldn't no longer deny the deepening attraction forming towards Kagome. As of late the hanyous efforts to use his chosen in the means to ride out the amorous sensations , popping up every waking moment , with every turn , failed to be successful . Even though , trying to be the loyal man , proving himself to his past love , did soon nothing to quench the thirst eating him alive from the inside out, and all for something more than his rotting courpse's betrothed circumstance, provided ,acquired by the spans of unforgotten time in passing.

Inuyasha's hungry crimson eyes, from his spot , camouflaged between the brush of soon to fall leaves , and branches, lingered tracing along her long legs , towards her curvy hips , only to await his possessive claws to claim as his.

While carrying , a weaker resolve , leaping from his perch, the horny demon stalkingly followed the rather unknowing Kagome , heading towards the direction of Kaede's hut.

Before Kagome entered the village however, Inuyasha too soon caught up with her , pounced , holding her by the hips within his claws , and immobilizing Kagome in his tightened , unexpected embrace.

"Ahhhhhhh! "

"Kagome .. Shhhh, it's only me . Come with me I want to show you something.." Inuyasha spoke harshly , but quietly huskily against her earlobe while admitting defeat with something he could no longer control..


Poison & Wine

Taken From Chapter 1& 2:

Chapter One :

'You only know what I want you too'

Standing , panting ,as he now stood frozen immediately stilled from the brisk run to chase after the girl ,only just ahead of him with the scent of salt billowing behind her in the breeze, with the said girl presently ceased all movements abruptly and currently ,seemingly cradled herself amongst the roots of Goshingboku.

' Your mouth is poison , your mouth is wine '

Tears flowed down her cheeks seen from his amber eye, as he tried to remain hidden within himself so that he wouldn't have to feel his heart break when seeing her like this, but it couldn't be helped. The wind wind whipping around , tossing her inky locks as though as it were caused on her own accord felt by her now plagued emotions. Finding the will to seek her, the male in front of the distraut woman soon met her pained , chocolate eyes as she too looked to his , the salt cascading down her orbs to her now broken soul ,soon passed over her ripened ,red lips.

' Oh I don't love you, but I always will..'

Finding that his body wouldn't move forward , later discovered his mind caused him to force his body to defeatedly remain still , forcing himself to painfully watch , without escape or reprieve. Actions played out , words thrown from pursed lips , had brought them here , to this very spot , and within this abrupt turn in the road to what they thought they knew. The moments leading up to where they were now, breaking forth like a hovering blackened cloud only waiting for the moment then without warning , to suddenly crash down upon them ,as a tidal wave , when everything came to a screaming halt.

'The less I give , the more I get back ..'

Everything came down to this moment , what direction they took now would forever decide whether each one would either leave alone: ignored, remain as they were, or just leave separately, with things unanswered, hanyou couldn't stand to do the latter , for the too fragile looking miko in front of him still meant to much too him to let go, and knew that she wouldn't do the one's given prior.

' I don't have a choice, but I still choose you '

So , given the choice there was only one thing Inuyasha could do , breathing a shuddered sigh , starting to walk, but with the strong aura almost turning black ,and coming from the girl , weakened him. This soon , causing him to fall to his knees , crawling over to the still shaken with sobs miko , drowning in the immense sorrow , and subdued by them , as she leaned faintly against the trunk .

' I don't love you , but I always will '

Chapter Two:

' I know everything you don't want me too'

Running away from then pain, the disappointment of the truth she already knew , but wanted to believe that the words of her love were so , until it was plainly shown in front of her very eyes.


Hearing his voice scream for her to stop , but the miko wouldn't , she knew , though continued in the unknown path of her only escape, and one where he couldn't follow just to bring her back .Shaking her head violently to shake the images from her head , and with her hands to clear her blurred vision, as her feet carried her blindly towards their destination.

' You think your dreams are the same as mine...'

At this point finding everything that she thought she'd known shattered like , and discarded like pieces of broken glass along the cold , unforgiving ground, only to be forgotten . She was wrong for believing , so was he for taking her in the first place , they both were deceived , by each other , once more just like in her past life , but this wasn't because of some manic madman tearing them apart, it was just them alone. Though no matter how much she hurt , Kagome knew that she couldn't break the promise to him she'd made so long ago, never to leave his side, and suddenly she felt torn.

' Oh I don't love you, but I always will '

Though still her heart did break , feeling the effects of the cold harsh truth, coming in its own light, and making her numb. Soon passing the entrance into the forest that bore his name , the name that only brought her tears to accumulate all the more, with the shadow seen in her hindsight of the one who bore that calling , as he quickly followed, only to prevent whatever she had in her mind to keep stay away from him .

' I wish you'd hold me when I turn my back ..'

" Dammit Kagome ! Wench get back here !... You can't leave ... Please stop ? !


Reluctant Passion

Taken From Chapter One :

The battle raged on in great explosions searing with enormous power , but so was the casualties once the final stand was also great. Sesshomeru, Inuyasha , Kouga , and Kikyo were the last of the survivors opposing the enemy , leaving the others dead or bleeding to death on the cold , harsh grounds. Scattered remains of their comrades bodies to where you couldn't see where the ground ever started and where the courspe's began , because within sight, there was no ground only a vast sea of bodies.

Kikyo, now with the Shikon Jewel clasped within her fingers, thrown from one of Naraku's severed body parts before he could retrieve it, began the task of purifying it, while the others still fought to destroy the bastard. A piecing scream came from the spot that Naraku stood, and as Kagome was now at the ground at his feet , with her arms wrapping around him , a barrier also formed around them as well, while Shippo , and Kirara worriedly watched , wondering if their decision to help her was the right one..

The light filled the area , almost blindingly, as Naraku fought against it's captor , because it's purity emersing him , was also eating him alive, and whole. Suddenly a burst of light shot from it , then disappearing quickly as it came , only leaving the dust carried by the gentle winds as though it was merely falling leaves in the fall, but with some fragments of colored specks of green white and blue within it, they knew amongst it also brought the remains of Kagome , and Naraku. Inuyasha stood there in shock and denial as he continued watching things play out , as though it was just a dream , a nightmare he could't presently wake from.

It was until , unbeknownst to him, himself , Inuyasha's eyes final settled on one of the chosen hues his once hanyou eyes flickered between , and instead of landing on which was a tell tale of the hanyou they loved decided on the much sinister intent of the bloody crimson, and was glaring intently on the others still standing , watching him. Soon as the blood lust took over in the creature's grief , complete , and utter madness took over in its wake , making everyone appear as a threat. With one swipe , and a quick leap struck down the priestess Kikyo , with no possible way to bring her back , since he tore the soul collectors with those same claws until the no longer existed in any form. The same fate was bestowed on Kouga quartered , and thrown into carelessly thrown sections as the demon within , and assuming control at the moment grew ever more excited over the amounts of blood caking into his fingertips, down the flesh of his..

Thrilled with maniacal glee , as his craving for blood only heightened , and turned towards his brother Sesshomaru, only to him it wasn't him ,or else his joy would be doubled, actually to him was just another demon like Naraku, and who in the end was also at fault for his loss of his lifemate, Kagome. Though once Inuyasha 's body felt the tremors from something piercing deeply within his chest, and his eyes began to fade to his normal amber, the hanyou discovered in fact the demon had missed in predicting the ations of his brother, and his sorrows were once again returned to him , as he gasped..

" A ri ga to u ... Otouto , Onegai" ( Thankyou.. Brother, Sorry..)Inuyasha gasped as his brother , Sesshomeru nodded and laid him to the ground..

" Ja'ne chiisai Otouto" ( Farewell Little Brother) Sesshomeru spoken softly before walking away

Inuyasha through knowingly couldn't move his body but searched with his eyes until his sight fell on lingering green shred of cloth currently being tossed overhead by the light wind's breeze . Looking at it slightly , making his voice be known , to say the words , he longed to find to speak to her for so long , and now it was too late , at least until he'd find her again..

" Onegai Kagome , Aishiteru ..Watashi wa mōichido, mōichido anata o mitsukeru koto o o yakusoku shimasu" ( Sorry Kagome, I love you.. I promise you to find you again once more)

~ Same Soul , Different Path's ,Meet Once More~

Shaken awake from sleep , hearing those same words that haunted her for quite some time , and not that those words were anything but devoting in the love spoken within them, but for some reason it also brought on fear for the now 27 year old woman.

" Onegai Kagome , Aishiteru ..Watashi wa mōichido, mōichido anata o mitsukeru koto o o yakusoku shimasu" Chanted softly within her mind repetitively like a mantra

Never had she found out whom this Kagome was , or even if if was purely for the sake of her imagination within her dream that it suddenly made up this so called girl , but something told her it wasn't that easy, as nothing in her life was. Sure she was a good student, got good grades , and for the most part hung around with her small pack of friends , had a good job, but that was just it she shied away from getting to close to anyone . The only ones that she allowed were those that were forcefully introduced as children by their parents, and that was it, anyone else was shut out.

Finally giving up on being able to go to sleep , seeing it was about time to start her day , rose from her bed , and then gathering her things , heading towards the shower. Afterwards fetching a quick cup of coffee to take with her, and a muffin to eat on the way, the woman headed towards the subway. Once on , finding no where to sit she stood , and awaited for the already tediously painful trip to work to finally end. Though today her day was only started to begin, as she came to noticed the subway train suddenly was forced to stop in a screaming hault . Thrown back aways with her coffee now abandoned , spilled on everywhere it reached , being tossed as well, and finding herself now on the floor on top of another , a male to be exact..

Once his voice spoken over the chaos , when he assisted to right them upon their feet , and their eyes met , something passed between them as soon as the moment came.

" Ah Um , Let me help you .. Are you alright?" the voice softly spoken brought back words spoken a long time ago , lasting for a lifetime :

" Onegai Kagome , Aishiteru ..Watashi wa mōichido, mōichido anata o mitsukeru koto o o yakusoku shimasu"

" Oh , you didn't have too but thank you..I am fine.. I must be going now .. "the woman frantically said while hurrying to the front, as the subway car began once again to move


Sensai,Watashi Ni Shite Kudasai:Please Me Teacher

Taken From Chapter One

Chapter One :

Many years had passed since the moments were lead within the Feudal Era , snuffing out its light as it soon dimmed away. It's ending abruptly took hold , replacing each soul , thwarting it back where it belonged , once the curse of Naraku was lifted , and the purity of the jewel was restored. Leaving friends , and loved ones trapped on either side where they were intended , without the chance of going back to where they wanted to be, where their hearts remained . In the end , in essence , in this light, all of them were forced to eventually let go , move on , or stand still, and die, whether they liked to or not.

Standing up looking in the mirror, before righting the stubborn curly whisp of hair that was currently out of place , a consequence after wrestling with her now much older but still younger brother. Once her presence within her sight appeared gain acceptable , the young woman blew a kiss in the reflective glass , and if one were to look closely , it wasn't her image that she was interacting with , but the still image taken of her favorite hanyou.

"Wish me luck Inuyasha! "

This was a form of confort for the woman , as she soon went into her more than fiery stubborn stage , during the summer , and after the well had closed , trapping her back into her time , the present, without Inuyasha. Many times she had thought how life would be if she went to live there or the hanyou live here where she was, but wouldn't that be a sight ,and one she mused the Inuyasha she one knew , the way he was , wouldn't much like..

' Could you imagine if he was stuck here , as soon as he knew 'she mused ' he'd transform and tear a holy muck through Tokyo , and the well would be pretty much destroyed from his raging wrath, all that effort would be just to get back to Kikyo.. What would happen next? Buyo would be in a strait jacket for pets for his torment the kitty time.. The cat's probabaly loving the fact that he's gone .. Oh , I don't know , I guess its better off this way, but I still love him..Don't worry Kitty I will be with you soon..'

" Oh ,Inuyasha..."

The tall, slender male , quickly , but gracefully led Kassie within a oderly , and organized room used as a office, but didn't hold what you would expect in a office held within a school , especially oddly enough when rather antique weaponry was displayed. No, the decor was out of the ordinary , but then again so was the man who now held occupancy. Accurately speaking , he actually stood above two feet above her with blond, almost white long hair that was tied within a que, was donned with tan khakis , and a white button down long sleeve shirt.

" Ms. Hiratori , I looked over your credentials , and they prove to be worthy of this school , but I noticed within your acquired files that there was a name change some years ago , and that information was discovered to be sealed. May I ask why? I only ask because I wouldn't want heathens running amuck of strict obedience and respect within these grounds."

" I understand I will give the name I had previously so that you can do whatever checks that you desire but I assure you , you'll find none.. Though I must tell you that the reasons of why it was done , I feel it is the business of my own , and not any of yours sir, I mean Mr. Taisho"

"Very Well Kassie , and you welcome to call me Meru , let's have it , and I will look into this matter , then get back to you . Fill this out , it gives me access to look into those files , and research your given name. Take this as well , its a packet for you too read , and some in there to fill out as well. I think that's it Kassie, we'll contact you within a few days."

"Here ya go, and Thank you " Kassie handed back the form smiling , and soon left the door.

~ The Unexpected ~

Once Meru began turning on his computer , then wrote some notes for the secretary , and a post it note for the form to be sent , while glancing slightly over at the form ..

~ Permission To Be Granted Access In Closed Files For Educational Purposes~

First Name : Kassie Last : Hiratori

Previous First name : Kagome Last : Higarashi

x Kassie Hiratori

Soon his pen dropped out from his mouth onto the floor, almost choking, and swallowing the pen cap, as his amber eyes bulged widely , when his orbs took in the shocking visage.

" Shit!"

~ Meru's Amusement ~

Ring ! Ring ! Ring !

"Whaddya want? It's my day off ya bastard!"

"Silence brother you may want to hear this!"

"Whatever , than what is it? Hurry up and say it so I can get back to what I was doing!"

" Like you were doing much of anything but sulking after I reprimanded you for your behavior yesturday !"

"She was a ignorant wench , what mother accidently dies her sons clothes pink , and then still sends him to school, is she stupid! Well anyways she'll only have herself to blame if her son decides to leapt to the other side of fence! What the fuck do I care anyway! Now spill before I hang up ?"

" You'll never guess who stepped into my office today.."

"I don't know , the energizer bunny for your endless supply of portable vibrating cunts waiting at home for your disposal?"

" Funny but no try again.."

"I don't know ! It's my day off and I can think of many other things , enjoyable things than to be speaking to you like scratching my ass right now, sounds more entertaining.."

"Feelings mutual , but a rather striking female came through the door seeking education today , and I think you should get off your lazy ass , speak to her. I'll even be nice and place her within one your classes for you !"

"Hahaha ! Don't do any favors , and what's the deal with this one ? Is she actually a male you are trying to pass as one for me or something ? I mean many girls come to you for education , ya never seem to bother me with them ? Why her ?"

" Oh Kya , this one you may want to meet again.. It's been a long time since she's been with us , and I was even surprised to have the wench in my presence again after all this time, maybe she can knock some sense into you once more .."

"What the fuck are you talking about Meru ? What girl?"

"That's it ! You must have a dunce cap made for you pronto! I , after I get off the phone I will have one made just for you , and only to warn people from miles away before being slaughtered by your mere stupidity , or cause an outbreak of dense mutt's , and you call yourself a professor .. Sad little brother, so sad .. Are ya sure you didn't get your education from the back of a cereal box?"

"Shuddup! Just humor me , and explain . So we can end this charade!"

" Years ago .. Many in fact . There was once a silly imprudent wench who often came to us in the form of traveling through a magical well, Dumbass?"

" Ka ka Kagome ?" Kya whispered back

"Bingo ! Good boy ! Would ya like your doggy bone now? Ya Finally your catching on!"

"Wow! ... That's , That's unbelievable .. After all this time , looking for her, and now she comes , all of a sudden , out of the blue ! Where has she been all this time?"

" I didn't ask but it seems so .. It also appears like us she had to change identity as she no longer goes as Kagome , and for the same reason she binds her scent , because as far as I can tell she has none , not any my nose can pick up anyway.. Now Kagome Higarashi goes by Kassie Hiratori.."

" How do you know it was her then ?"

" Kya , records you dolt ! You should know by now that nothing escapes me, except with the reason of why , and that information was refused when asked, but something happened in order for this to occur..There's another thing something has also changed within the miko for now she seem's different .."

"I know... What do you mean..?"

" I 'll let you decide Kya, what will you do Lil brother..?"

" I don't .. I don't know ..."


Tattered Remains

Taken From Chapter One :

Standing unsteadily on his feet , the young man , as he strengthened the grip upon his staff, began to shuffle forward , and moving his weakened body to the direction that he may find answers to where any other surviving members of there pack would be, hoping that they were blessed with such a fate as he..To still live. Clenching and unclenching his hands , as the thoughts of the possibilities to the outcome being anything other than that sprung pain to his chest. Along the way saddened at the many familar faces , as he passed , of those that they had the privileged of knowing during the time of the long preparation for this , but none were of his immediate comrades.

Finally after coming to the place that once harbored the Bone Eaters Well , as the splintered or plain nonexistant remains of the hanyous forest , and matching the state of the well itself , now seen as a gaping whole with only four stones still standing to encircle it. A frown marred his face now as to the only way that his friend were to return home was now destroyed, but that was only certain if the miko herself had survived at all for the sadness of her unexpected loss to be so. Another thought had made its way into his thinking , and that was where, if any of them had indeed survived this ,could they be . Each one of his pack , their faces flowed through his mind, his love Sango, Shippo, Kirara, Inuyasha, and Kagome , but if they weren't with him where could they be..

Turning around , changing directions, as to avoid most of the broken that now made their new mark , thrown to the ground , and continued traveling , only breaking when needed, until he found either of where the others were or to find the answers of what had happened to them. Traveling Westward , wishing that for a time he could assume the curse of his hand , as the small patches of youkai soared overhead in groups, although thankful after seeing that they were in no search for a fight.

Hours had passed , and still no signs of anything that he searched of , soon taking refuge in what seemed to be under a slanting tree. Finding a meager meal out of some berries from a recognizable bush nearby , before settling himself , and allowing himself to give into the pull of sleep. It was only to be reawakened a short time later , as the young monk after much time had been able to fall into a deep sleep without his nightmares plagued him , by what felt as a sudden weight to his gut. Jumping unintentionally , given by the shaken feeling of his nerves as to what might had found him , and what would they do if they had, but as a small voice rasped his eyes immediately shot open with glee..

"Shippo! " Miroku sighed , as he held him with his arms know painfully reaching to comfort him..

"No time Miroku , you have to help me ...Please?" The kit replied

"What's wrong Shippo, are you alright?" the monk panicked..

"I'am fine Miroku , it's Kagome, she needs help , and I haven't been able to find anyone else , up to this point ...I did everything I could but she needs more, but I don't know what to do.."

"Where is she?"

"Let's go !"

Shippo had suddenly expanded himself , like he was a balloon , and offered a ride to the soon grateful monk , back to where the kit had the miko hidden. Once there , within some of the deeper untouched patch of forest unclaimed by Naraku's wrath as it passed , Miroku was then led into a hidden dank cave by the young kit Shippo. As they both passed through the dark passageway at the very end of it , laid a rather still form , and covered by a cloth used as a blanket. Looking closer , using the flickering light of the flames whisping against her face , it was soon discovered that the kit was right , and it was very fortunate in her case that he was found.

Many soaked bandages scattered her and there amongst the caves floor soiled heavily with the miko's blood, but Shippo had indeed done well for a child to be able to do the intricate care needed to treat the excessive wounds that Kagome now bore. As both Miroku ,and Shippo had worked then upon finding what they could of herbs nearby, and that of things outside to treat , making her comfortable a thought rose within the ,monk's head..

"Shippo , How long have you been here?"

"Not long , I carried Kagome ever since we were thrown after the explosion, trying to find some one who could help her, then I came here.. I thought it would be safe.."

"It is , you've done well ..When was the last you had gotten word of the others..?"

"I haven't came across anyone still living but you ..Although in our search we had come upon somethings that might help in answering some of your questions.. I only wish Kagome had been conscious enough when we passed by the old well, maybe I could gotten her through.."

"I doubt the well would even work for anyone by the condition it was in.."

"What are you talking about the well's fine I-"

"Not when I passed by it , it was destroyed .. I thought it was from the blast, but if that wasn't what had done it if you saw it standing than I wonder what could have done such a thing.."

"I ..I don't know , but it was there.."


Shikashi ,Yurusa Wasure Rare Nai Rewritten

Taken From Chapter Seven :

Following a light smack on her voluptuous ass, Kagome left him with their daughter Kalamari , while she started breakfast , along with fixing some treats to take with them , and Inuyasha started to pack some clothes they would need when they went back to the Feudal Era. Once breakfast was done , everyone had sat around the table , Inuyasha, Kagome , Kalamari , Mrs. Higarashi, Grandpa, and Souta. Kagome had eggs , bacon, rice balls , toast , sausage, and of course ramen for her daughter and mate. Conversation had been light but delightful with subtle jokes , stories about what they could say about their adventures, and tellings about the things while they were gone of what they had missed.

Afterwards for some reason Kagome's stomach hadn't agreed with something she had ate because while trying to calm herself with concentrating on twirling her engagement ring arouond her finger, and then finding it wasn't working when she suddenly had the urge to fled to purge her stomach of whatever had it so upset. Inuyasha had soon tore after her once he spotted her retreating form disappearing abrubtly from the table once he made sure his daughter was settled. Soon coming to softly rub light circles on her back ,while holding her hair from coming in contact with the vomit that spewed from her mouth. The hanyou continued to sooth her with loving words through softly spoken words.

"Are you going to be okay, mate?"Inuyasha whispered softly into her marbled hanyou ears after playfully taking them into his mouth and giving them a quick tug

"Yea , I am fine probably just ate too fast .. Just let me clean up , and then we can go okay..."

" You sure wench , if you really don't really feel good we can wait another day ? It's not a big deal .."

" Nope , Ready ? Let's go ! " Kagome exclaimed after finishing rinsing out her mouth

The pair quickly being led by Kagome , lightly tugged her hanyou mate behind her as Inuyasha gazed at her suspiciously but was comforted when Kagome began acting like her old self when interacting with their daughter, in her farewell until they returned..After hugs and kisses were exchanged Inuyasha held her hand as they went towards the well, with one last look at the family standing behind them both of them leapt ,thus disappearing into the current of purplish blue.

Although , once within the pull towards the destination through the magical portal, something of a unknown force tore through them both ,and ripped them apart as one was carelessly thrown back to the other side , while the other continued to his time. Once coming to , the hanyou frantically panicked when his mate hadn't for some reason followed him ..

" Kagome !"

Jumping quickly out of the well only to drop their belongings on the outside of the well before leaping back in to retrieve what was his to take, only the flow of time within the well didn't necessarily didn't see it that way because now the only way to reach was now closed off to him. Proceeding many tries through the well to return to Kagome , and Kalamari but in the end failed , Inuyasha suddenly was pulled to his knees by the emotional turmoil exploding forth within him . Tears fell from his reddening hazed eyes bleeding through his once gentle gaze, while repeatedly slamming into the cursed well to force his way back but his attempts became unanswered with being reunited with his family anytime soon.


Silent Hush

Taken From Chapter One , & Two

Chapter One :

Frozen,within each other's embrace,captured by each other's lips,stained in bloody crimson,and leaning into one another for comfort,one last heavily, the young woman hanging by her fists on the creamed -colored shirt of the man, currently holding her tightly around her waist. The miko shuddered against the ferousity and need behind the hanyou's passionate kiss. His actions taking her upon surprise,but soon melted against his feather-like movements against her lips ,as her confession of love for him and her farewell.

The Hanyou wrapped within her devoted love knowing their time together would both end by their untimely death's ,made a decision at that moment they were both struck down. This was the determination that the woman secured in his hold within his arms would know how he felt about her. Kagome .In their last moments, Inuyasha wanted nothing more than this moment to never end ,but because he knew it wouldn't .The Hanyou would show her how much he loved her,and in the end ,that he chose her.

The need for breath forced them to pull hesitantly apart ,just after Inuyasha,weakened by his injuries,and fell to his knees bringing his love with him. The hanyou noticed Kagome pulling out the small pink orb ,now within her small fingers,complete. The girl returned his gaze with a loving smile, that Inuyasha couldn't help but return before she strained to whisper something. Luckily Inuyasha was hanyou,hearing her soft spoken request, as he took her hands in his before stroking her cheek and nodding his head slightly. The world fell away from them ,leaving only the two standing ,alone to share their last moments,and time stood still.

Pulling tightly back within each others warmth to share one last kiss before they parted from each other's side,while they both made there last wish on the jewel ,and leaving their silent preyers of their hearts fall away. Only confirmed by the whisper of their soft touch,when their lips met,and their love was known .

'I love you so much Kagome. I chose you .Its always been you'

'I love you too ,Inuyasha.I have always loved you'

There wish now made upon the jewel casted ,the small jewel turned white as it swallowed the two still firmly attached to one another. The images, and lost memories faded through them as they passed quickly into their minds . Once the light dispersed ,disappearing as quickly as it had come ,and the two that made the wish upon the Shikon Jewel, fell to the ground .The ones who survived only looked on in awe, taking everything in from begining to end leading them to this one spot .Their gaze finally falling to their friends collasped on the ground in their death, with their hands holding on to one it wasn't for the blood ,one would think they were merely,only sleeping ,but Sango, Shippo, Miroku, Sesshoomeru, and Kouga knew better. As the last survivors of the battle ,painfully taking in the visage of there freedom ,it was hard in the end taking in the death's of their loved one's ,and wondering if it was worth it, It was. Although the two died ,Inuyasha and Kagome in the end finally found what they all knew, before they passed on.

The memories flowed through how everything came to be as they buried them,with tears in their eyes. Inuyasha and Kagome were both buried together ,as their friends felt was appropriate in the place where they first met,under the Goshinboku Tree. Never knowing what happened to the jewel or what Kagome or Inuyasha wished before they left their family in the past . Their only hope was that in the end, the two lovers would be together now ,or would be soon reunited in another life...

Chapter Two:

Suddenly the skies grew darker,while the ominous clouds slowly devoured the clear if answering his question ,a large boom crashed accompanied by a flicker of light across the sky. Jumping slightly,if Shippo wasn't positive of Naraku's passing,one would think that the vile beast had once again returned to threaten what little the kit had left. Watching curiously at the pecular and somewhat luminously creepy vision that unfolded in front of his widened gaze. Unsure of what turn of events would show themselves in result, regardless the kit found himself unable to move ,frozen in shock,and it became fruitless to try.

Shortly following the thunders roar,echoing in his ears,the ground shook slightly, and persisted until the two anomalies became in sync with each other. Shippo's eyes widened like two brown saucers to the possibility that this peculiar event presented. Furthermore confused on how if it was so, how was it that it caused this event to occur,and why. Realization dawned on the small but older child, that his parents never met in the end after their death,but were separated somehow. The fox pondered the idea of Inuyasha might have been descended to the pits of hell, as Kikyo originally intended to drag then abandoning him,and since she was no where to be seen after Naraku was killed ,it was possible. While Kagome's soul had risen to the gates of heaven,made the kit saddened with the thought and hoped what it all meant wasn't true.

A soft feminine whisper dragged him from his current path and when his name was spoken ,he found his chest tighten when her familiar voice reached his ears,and soon the tears fell. Shippo didn't need confirmation on whom the sweet, welcoming voice was for he knew,and luckily for him because in that moment couldn't find his voice. A presence wrapped around his form as to embrace him, the memories that the known person that held him brought ,and filled his heart with both happiness and sorrow. The small disturbance in the alcove where Shippo now stood continued as a rainless storm that consisted of large bolts of lightening and the enormous quakes within the ground,and shaking it as if it were going to collasp from underneath them if it continued.

Shaken from his experience,Shippo was pulled from his lowered gaze to flicker open towards the sound of the commotion near him. It seemed that the sounds and movements that occurred in the moments in his remembrance of his mother caused an uproar. The nearby trees in the area were slightly slumped over and upturned by the roots,except one. The Sacred Tree. Not only that but close to where he stood was a patch of ground that was scorched with no life bearing in it and next to it was another spot where it seemed to shadow the other,even in the suns light. Slightly shocked and more confused by this while attempting to help Kaede calm the villagers.

When Shippo was finally alone to his own thoughts with his eyes caught by the moons light. There was something in his mothers voice that invoked fear, confusion,anger, and the concept of being lost with the worry not knowing where she was . Those feelings infuriated him that something was trying to make his mother Kagome feel this way and confirmed that he was wrong in his first theory ,but it hadn't made him feel any better. There was no way in hell that Kagome was in heaven ,if she was able to still be able to come to him and with her soul being in that state. Although if that was true if Kagome wasn't in heaven or with Inuyasha in hell,where was she?


Somewhere Over The Miasma

Taken From Chapter One:

It made him curious , as she had obviously appeared to understand him , and how could she not because throughout his observations of the woman , she knew it too. Kagome understood pain, rejection, love that was given then thrown away , with that wretched mutt that had forever claimed his never- ending loyalty toward that of the one that he had loved too. Could that mean that maybe she could fill the gaps that the other tore within his soul, just with the regards of that understanding , and although he never thought love would ever come of it , but only knowing that another could feel what you felt was something that up till now he'd ever knew. The feelings that it created was those he only wished for but never had come to gain, acceptance .

So , when the bow shot its piecing arrow ,to soar with it's powerful energy engulfing its trail , only to be his means of being no more, Naraku made his final stand against those whom only sought his end, and as he said the words claiming the wish upon the will of the Shikon , the whispers of the girl from before grazed lightly with his ears, like a relentless mantra..

" The Shikon never granted yours did it ? The jewel only twisted it , like all the others who sought it , yours was never answered.. "

Now somewhere , he felt what remained of his torn body had clung too within his subconsciousness for what it seemed like as a web , Naraku also felt the powerful aura brush up against him , as she was also brought here from behind his closed eyes , and then felt a smirk form onto his exhausted features. The Shikon finally headed to the will of his own , it didn't not matter of how it would twist the conditions of his wish for the jewel itself desired what he had, and the only thing that mattered to Naraku was that someone who understood him was standing at his side, regardless of how she truly felt about him, Kagome understood his pain.

It would be proven that with her stuck , like he was for a eternity as all of the others that proceeded them , they'd continue to battle against each other, and that Kagome would be his because she knew just what he knew. Pain. Pain for not knowing what true love reciprocated felt like , only what came with it being rejected , and that was for whatever reasons the girl refused what he only knew was true, hatred. They both would feel hatred, resentment for the ones who would seek to purposely harm them , and he , as Naraku would help her form those rightful feelings without any guilt of having them , with pleasure.

As Kagome's soul would darken , so would his intentions on making it so , and in the end to ensure on the girl's aura to always remain with his. In his eyes he was broken , and when he with the Shikon's will was done , so would she, Naraku would possess Kagome. His thoughts were interrupted when her voice had awoken him slightly , as the jewel continued to taunt the stubborn wench in willingly allowing herself to let go, and while his smirk widening , Naraku soon joined in with it's taunt with one of his own.

The visions that he had set within the girl's mind at that point to rival with the commands of the jewel itself that even though vile , as that was the only thing that now lingered within his musings , the only thing he'd ever known , but within them held a promise to the miko, and only her. It's underlying devotion to her said just this , while Naraku would come to take her as one of his own , no matter the pain , twisted perversions , or whisper taunts , all of which that he would gift to her would be only for her, as he would possess her as Kagome alone , not Kikyo , for he knew the difference , and for that she understood him she would be cherished in it...


Souls Collide

Taken From Chapter One:

Reaching down, with tears in his eyes to lighthly graze her blood smeared face ,from her lips ,and the contusion on her cracked skull. Then with the other clawed hand shakingly grasped ahold of one of her blood soaked hands and slowly rubbed it gently.

"Thankyou Kagome, for everything , wouldn't have done it without you. I am sorry I made you wait , but thanks for waiting for me .I don't know what I am going to do now that I no longer have you. I love you , Kagome , so much.. I'll never forget you for alot of things ,and there all good. I can't .. For it is I in the end that let you get away , and now your unreachable to me .." Inuyasha whispered before leaning in to softly graze his lips against hers, in a sweet kiss

With the help of other survivors the remaining trio were able to carry their fallen friends to where they could be properly be buried . Inuyasha of course carried Kagome, even with her dead the hanyou wouldn't let anyone else to touch her, and so to insure that she couldn't be hurt anymore. While the others walked ahead within the group surrounding the demon crazed longing hanyou ,and all for the woman he held in his arms. Inuyasha , while watching the others ahead of him to make sure nobody noticed ,then slowly moved to lightly nibble and kissed Kagome's neck.

On the count of three, the hanyou sunk his fangs into the supple but dying flesh ,of the corpse's neck to place a permanent mark, and sealing them together as one. Inuyasha then , with crimson glazed eyes chuckled manically ,from the spot behind and entangled with her blood drenched inky locks.

" Ha ! Kagome! Let's see you get away from me now ..You can't get rid of me that easily , and escape from always being at my side ..Especially now that you are my mate! You promised me you would always stay! Haha! Now I have made it so , Kagome ! You are mine! Just wait till I find you again ...I will never let you go no matter how many times you remember to sit me!"

Soon hearing the threatening rasp from behind them ,then finally looked to see the blood lusted glaze staring intently at the still body held by the hanyou ,and as he insanely laughed ,for a moment they wondered if Naraku had once again returned .Though this time within the heart and body of their friend Inuyasha , but was convinced otherwise once they overheard his words..

" Mine ! Kagome ! Mine ! You are now mine ,and in time you will be once again ,as my mate ...No one will ever take you away from me again!" Hahaha ! I will be waiting mate ..."

Chapter Five :

In Inuyasha's many scouting trips to get away , I am told from the previously stick in the ass brother of his that they had come upon a peculiar sight maybe a few years after Kagome's passing . To Inuyasha it was the scent that led him to the event of a babe , baby girl come into this world , and I wish I could have seen it. Not only that it was later proven by that of Sesshomeru's nose that his brother's claims were correct , and I would've loved to have been present to see the blessed event of Kagome's soul returning , once again, but I would've killed to see the look on Sesshomeru's face when Inuyasha eventually made his brother assist the woman in giving birth.

In the end , while the babe's mother passed on shortly after birth , the body carrying Kagome's reincarnated soul remained alive ,and kicking. Seems as though Kagome wanted to return as much as we wanted her too, and couldn't wait to join us once more, as we felt anxiously awaiting her return . Needless to say , I am sure you can guess who took the babe home with them .. Yes , indeed for it was Inuyasha , and when he had , and we had first glimpse of Kagome's reincarnation, it was genuinely a sight for sore eyes, and one to see.

Within the new , thriving village all three of us raised her , it was something it gave us a chance to see a side , as a child unfamiliar to us, but to you it was like a everyday norm, and to us still Kagome . So it was a treat , and felt like we had our friend back home with us ,because we had , even though she was still a child , and much younger than we ever knew her too be, boy was she ever the handful.

To her , I am like her grandpa , at least she calls me grandpa pervee Roku , a name most likely got a helping hand from Inuyasha , her intended mate for the second time , but for now in this case betrothed would be more fitting as he still lovingly cared for her as such , and acted like a shy school boy most of the time, which might I add he hated that she still had much control over his emotions after so much time and looked after her ,with her hand in his. Sango was grandma Sango, or AngoMa , as the tike called it. Yes, indeed we were blessed , one big, happy but dysfunctional family, and until ,within these chapters we meet again ,loved one's of Kagome, I say farewell for now..

It seems like Kagome once again has run a muck, drawing attention to herself once more within the village , and have to see what she is up too this time..I am telling you she's a naughty little hanyouess isn't she. Will have to fill you in with regard to that as well later . Oh , I forgot to mention that , yes this time around Kagome was born as a hanyou, but neither of her parents possessed any demon aura within them , so without Inuyasha's claim in this life being created because she's too young still, your guess is as good as mine how she became that way.


Splintered Souls

Taken From Chapter One :

The hanyou currently in mid swing of his larger than life,transformed Tetseiga to release it's formidable Backlash Kouga came into the uproar's midst carrying Kagome on his back, her arrow pulled taunt aiming it to soar and join the powerful waves sent forth by his sword. Kagome without haste ,released her arrow to chase the Backlash Wave's tail ,wailing on it's trailed suit with the miko still fastened tightly began to spun quickly spun before leaping up into the air to send energy blasts that are equal to that of a fully-powered Wind Scar with his - A claw that Koga earns from his ancestor spirits so that he can avenge the deaths of his comrades, destroy Naraku and has literally become a part of him.

Following shortly after to ensure victory ,Sango swung to swing her Hiraikotsu,combined with the holy staff firmly attached by the sealing sutra's Miroku placed,as it soared into the flames of their comrades previous attack . Although they weren't able to defeat Hakudoushi ,after his near miss attempt to prevent Kagura to mess with her plans,following Kagura releasing Kohaku. In their battle they were able to find some valuable information shockingly through Naraku's incarnations .It was almost nothing though to their frustrations of opponents escape..When it ended each one of them took note of each other and their surroundings,after seeing Kagura off and promising her to retrieve her after when they gained his defeat. Kagura stubbornly shook it off but was grateful inside for the offer when she refused to stay with Inuyasha's group,flying off on a silky feather into the night,alone.

Surprise lingered within the hanyou on the early return, that she was being carried by Kouga no less was a greater blow to him,and not having much time to recover from their closeness they shared in the visit to her time was not helping. Now happily noticing that Kagome's body no longer clung to his, still knowing how close they were only a few moments before his jealously stuck its ugly head in it,and the hanyou wondered if Kagome ever had the same feeling about him. It was a maddening feeling especially that she now stood within arms distance of him,and how Inuyasha wanted to run and lock her and him into a room forever.

As a ,matter of fact right now would be a great time, but unfortunately for him and his demon that was working up within him yet again ,wasn't going to happen. This response to his inner demons commands only served to further pissed him off and stubbornly fought for control,to take and settle its current loss of the woman he saw as his mate. Kagome .Inuyasha wasn't stupid , he knew what the beast within him wanted and in different situation the hanyou would jump all over it ,so because it wasn't ,he wasn't if Inuyasha could help it. Feeling himself begin to lose control of himself ,Inuyasha began to take deep breath's to restrain himself and at the moment failing miserably.

"Kagome ,Your back !"Sango cheered

" Indeed and how fortunate that Kouga was so generous to bring you to us early and lend us a hand " Miroku said to thank Kagome and Kouga ,and also to uneccessarily taunt the already frustrated hanyou.

"Hmmmph! It's not like we couldn't have handled it without without him or Kagome .Speaking of which ,why are you back so soon ? Did ya miss your stinky wolf bastard so soon?" Inuyasha huskily yelled louder than he wanted to in his jealously raging feigned pout, only to ease his emotions in a argument with her.

"Actually , I finished early and I thought since you were nice enough to leave me without interruptions ,I decided to come back early to return to favor. I know how you must want to get on with the hunt for more shards . On the way I ran into Kouga and here we are! But if you would like to go back I could.." Kagome stated before Inuyasha cut her off when she went to Kouga's side before finishing.

'Dammit Kagome wrong answer,why did you have to say that.I don't want you to leave me especially with the wimpy wolf' Inuyasha thought while his anger only fueled his transformation.

' That isn't the only reason Kagome ,and that is the reason I left' Inuyasha thought before moving next to her ,grabbing her hand .

"Inu..Yasha" Kagome gasped slowly turning to meet amber eyes flickering to red and then back again.

" Don't Go ,Mate ." Inuyasha huskily taunted before taking a step towards her..


Martini Kisses

Taken From Chapter One:

It was unknown why it was that he allowed himself to be caught by its unknown presence , and the reasons furthermore that it would be in his nature to submittedly follow it was also undiscovered , as the only thing that the concealed creature knew was that it needed whatever delicious specimen carrying that delectable aroma was , to keep it , all for his own taking. Normally it wasn't even the type of place that he would frequent , as he generally liked locations that veiled its existance , and in it invoke the most errie hush surrounding him , but while out with a unlikely companion it gave the unexpected notion that things would have be done otherwise if it was to catch the sweetness that taunted his very soul.

Now with keen eyes of a pale moon , and with hidden ears watchful of the slightest sounds , the beast scanned methodically , combined with the strong wit of his enchanced abilities of its nose , as to seek out its prey within the dim room ,as the smoky tendrils consistantly carried themselves to the atmosphere to the hazy blur of where this living being hid itself away from its lurking , possessive ways. In the end it wouldn't matter as to how his prey seemed to avoid his intent to come to the surface , it would have what it desired , and only just more painful to the one that evaded his presence for so long ,as it would be just happen for the sake of principle that his prey would be punished when it occured , to never make him wait.

Although it was something , as it seemed to be coming closer , but not knowing from where , only just the stronger tasty scent while near was somewhat familar to him , and it didn't know why. Only that whatever it was , judging by the succulent trail that up to now secluded itself from his discovery , was one that hasn't enclosed his being in a very long time , and so long ago that it was a sort of shock that the breed of whiff still endured after all this time. Just because a name couldn't be placed with the visage that ensued the unlikely habit of unsightly drool , didn't mean that the male had in no way , shape , or form become deteored by this fact, but only made it ever so more of a neccessity to find what it craved , and that was its target.

Therefore , soon his hungry gaze came upon a ravishing female with the most innocent but wise chocolate eyes , ones that enslaved your very soul ,or at least for what it seemed , and was lavishly fitted in the most teasing cuts of red satin, clinging to every curve , but where she now stood wasn't far from where the hooded being stood frozen unable to move. It wasn't that her appearance spoke to anything readily remembered, but it was the uncertain way the female had looked upon him when accidently grazing her gaze upon him that caused the reaction that he gave, and one with slight surprise. At first it seemed as though the woman had appeared in her actions as though what she saw when she looked at him was a sight that she knew, but after her eyes fluttered closed , then reopened again , all of the expressions that she once gave were gone, replaced with one of emptiness.

Walking towards the woman with her back turned , as he felt the start of his body readying to change , with his eyes fading to the most intimidating crimson , but that couldn't be helped because of what her presenced had called forth from inside him, something feral. Quickly making to now stand behind the one that had suddenly became his fervent obsession, just as she took a sip of the drink in her hands , the male with bleeding eyes bent forwards , and with his clawed fingertips brushed alongside the offered , erotic slope of her neck slowly with featherlike strokes before allowing that of his parched lips come in contact with the most mouth-watering , supple flesh . Once past the moment when the woman in his tight hold, stilled tauntly against that of what it felt underneath his claws , but with a slight soft growl purring within his chest , and came to be known within the human's ears , she fell into him completely , collaspsing after giving a answering moan , as his fangs nipped deeply into her throat .

Upon taking the sip of the most ambrosial wine , now dripping from his lips , as the beast continued to feast upon his lustful direction that had taken place , but as he done so realization dawned , and in response to what it now knew , one word fell from his lips , while his eyes fluttered closed..


Within the muddled darkness , a tiny voice questioned as to what was happening , by whom , but deep down she knew , it was caused by the haunting vision and one that sought to tear her apart for the memories it brought of long ago.. It made the whispering notion within her head if she really had escaped from the time of long past , or was she stuck in it within that of her memory of one who had left her alone , at least that was her thoughts anyway, and it also made it curious if maybe she really no longer existed as she mused, but only thrived within someone else's , perhaps in essense maybe she never left at all , only lingering in a place that can't be a memory herself .

A voice then , rasping out her name within the dark recesses of her head , and one that spoke volumes , bringing about the inquires within the veiling dark, but even though however long it had been , she still knew the voice , but not knowing as to how , or why the owner of that taunt was able to return, because as far as she knew he was dead...

'Inu Yasha...But , that can't be .. Its Impossible ..'


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The Sliver Of A Never ending Moon-Thus the night has never ended, carrying with it all of it's secrets untold within a simple sliver of shattered glass, held within the grasp of the lost, unknown of its cause, for all has been forgotten, even of and within those who once shared the same glimpsing misguided fragments over time displayed -continued -inside.- adv./rom.
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The End Of Scrolls reviews
What is destined for the great warriors to defeat Naraku and revive the shikon No Tama ,when the end of the last of the written scrolls have been reached. Can they overcome the dangers and challenges that await them ? I do not own Inuyasha,just in fantasy
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 26,336 - Reviews: 6 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 9/23/2013 - Published: 3/13/2011 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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Words taken for granted as they were thrown from a lover's lips, in hatred for the pain of one night brought,but later to be found a misunderstanding. Though not until years later believing that she was dead, stolen away that very same night before, but now in discovering not only that she survived the fatal accident, the musician's memories lost, and her sight -continued inside-
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For the friends and family through time,of the lendendary miko ,and dear family friend of our Lady Kagome,guardian of the Shikon Jewel.A Sister of Miroku,Sango,and a love of a half demon,Inuyasha.This gift is for you,for inside you will find the truth ..
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A single moment was all it took, just one. And it was within that small spans of time where everything known to him was lost, even for a time himself. But it wasn't until waking up from his temporary lapse of reason, seeing the heartbreaking truth of what all laid there beside him, torn away from his side covered in their own blood.
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Tragedy/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,352 - Published: 9/23/2013 - Inuyasha, Kagome H., Miroku, Sango
Shikashi ,Yurusa Wasure Rare Nai Rewritten reviews
An unforgettably tragic event happens,although it has been forgiven,still it slowly consumes effecting everyone in it's wake. In their journey they must right what once went horribly wrong at one point in their past Might as well start now
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 9 - Words: 14,457 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 9/23/2013 - Published: 1/23/2011 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
Return To Me :Etches In Stone
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Reluctant Passion
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 13,941 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 9/23/2013 - Published: 11/30/2011 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
Painted Blue Scrawled In Blood Tainted In Black
Torn was the hazy fog causing them to not see, and in doing so each one was gifted with possibility of a truth scrawled in blood for all of them individually to see , and taunt them in by itself playing out to life within their by chance,the moment faced with your worst fears while drawn to the lure of a demons lulling ,inescapable grasp, and speaking of what was to come. Adv./Rom.
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Unbeknownst to their friends,Sango,and Miroku,separately unknowingly together, secretly placed ad's for their overly stubborn picky companions in order to possibly start an encounter of the third kind .No friendships. No relationships. only sex. AU
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 10,882 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 9/23/2013 - Published: 11/30/2011 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
Mother's Lullabye
The beast sets its trap once again though known only by few.Until then the Darkness continues to fester,as it's possessor refuses to cease the desire to feed on the lost's soul,and thus continues to devour as its captive whole Will Shippo be her only hope
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"The cradle rocks above an abyss,telling us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.It is the the power to forget,rather to remember,that we exist.Deeply and sensually in touch with what can be,but not known"
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Horror/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,353 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 9/23/2013 - Published: 7/23/2011 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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Brought,to a place where one thought had ended long ago,and left alone,but in the most unexpected ways,the time from which was abandoned for whatever reasons,has sought the missing piece to be returned,once it found it.Now that it has grasps upon tightly-
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Eventually , the pair spiraled within the grasp that the darkness had on them fell on the floor in the drowning haze,like a dream they dreamt long before they knew ,everything drew blank ,and not remembering ever meeting another once again.AU\ tragedy Rom
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Black rainbows,Dark shadows,In a blur of smoke,I stay.I am later told that my name is.Crap I forgot again!Anyways,was told my name,by the voices inside my head,at least I think so,cause I can't see them,can barely hear them,but to be honest.I just don't remember.I know they hurt,because I don't know who they are,although what they don't understand,I don't remember who I am either.
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Life doesn't always turn out the way we envisioned but it always steers us to where fate intended and eventually finds us in the place we truly belong...
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Torn From The one you love without the other even knowing it was more than unrequited.Forced to live a lie for the promises made,long past,forgeting what lies within their heart,too late to change paths chosen.Now both have to led a life without.Or not?
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Despair is what from a past love, ensnared and killed Inuyasha, Devastation, captures Kagome and unknowingly is slowly killing her in her faux bliss,pulling her further into the dark myst where darkness reigns..
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The hanyou,Inuyasha sought after the miko's scent for days,and found nothing,with the exception of a smear of her blood within the clearing of the Sacred Tree.Kagome's blood.As of now,their miko had somehow disappeared somewhere, without a single trace.
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Fate can be cruel"Kagome died in my arms before I had the chance,she passed on without ever knowing the truth.I mated her in hopes that in the next life,we meet.I can give her the happiness taken from this one cause I couldn't freely give it to her"
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 8 - Words: 14,346 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/21/2013 - Published: 8/11/2011
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"Sometimes I get the feeling,that I was once something that wasn't me,too bad,I can't remember just who that is.Maybe,only then will I know,life outside the darkness,I now serve."A life traded,upon its pending demise,for the existence,chosen by the jewel.
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Many years after the well closes,Kagome becomes a new woman,and soon meets the one's from her past, and not how she expects, unbeknownst to her.Falling for the teacher,and soon finds the one she longs for in the past is closer that she thinks ..hum.\trag.
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Not every beginning has a end , at least not of one's lost, desires...A Foolish, dire, mistake chances the risk of loosing it all , without truly knowing what it was that was lost, that is until the moment screams of the one who pulls at your heart , now when they are on the verge of disappearing from your side. Forever..
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"Mutt,if I hadn't have done what I did Kagome would've never survived the fall,she would've died"Kouga paused before continuing his teasing rant"Besides,at this point Kagome is basically my mate anyway!I don't see anytime soon,you jumping at the chance."
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Shaken by the outcome,presently laid out before her,and drizzled in crimson,as the sudden tidal wave of misplaced scenarios played out within her head,still not making any sense,but the only thing she had known for certain:A Bloodlusting beast had risen.
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 5,156 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/21/2013 - Published: 3/1/2012 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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This documentation is the written account of a therapist's efforts in assisting the demons in the present,concealed to live amongst the humans in the present time, since most of the time he's worked with many of them during the feudal era, and that he hasn't been busy as of the late century,as a swordsmith.Therefore has recruited the the other ,not no longer needed by his master,
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Inuyasha becomes bold when it comes to Kagome after complication with Kikyo,that puts up a invisable wall between them.He lets his demon side take over to show Kagome.Thou doesn't go without consequences.Kikyo separates them against their will
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It is said that within packs,One's mate identified by another's scent would be proven by the way to submit,and submit she shall,regardless of who the male claims to stand by in the end,both will have to succumb to it's will,hell's wrath is just steps back
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Of interwoven dew and light of flowing life,and soul that asks to fill it, my soul.A little light emerges brightly before it flickers and fades with the passing, into immense and diaphanous shadows,flames spite of all that can be undone flickering aloft.
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Where's the proof,time heals all wounds,when it claims to tear him apart,as one finds once again,the one who was taken from the Feudal Era,and finding that she doesn't recall.Even worse,Naraku is among them now,when he was supposed to be dead, or is he?
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"No Please!Enough!Don't Hurt her Anymore please!"Inuyasha screams echoed of the walls of his prison chained to his spot against the wall."KUKUKU Inuyasha you are the reason she begs me to give her peace erase her memory.I use it to taint her. more inside.
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'Careful For The Answers You Seek Within The Whispers,Might Not Be Prepared To What You May Find'Tragedy,hurt/comfort,Dark,suspense,romance not till later ,but does contain the works of the hentai within a young woman named Kagome.Post past advent. non au
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Inuyasha is a Inudemon . Come see what the human side has to fight his demon side against,the devious ways he desires to rapture Kagome whether she wants to or not.This story is rated M for now but will have to redirect for further chapters ...Enjoy!
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' Like I had before witnessed within my dreams , I once again walk within the shadows seeing myself as I had ,previous to when I knew who it was , maybe of memories of a past stroll, walking down the stills of a different life'
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Inuyasha takes Kagome as mate in secret,before deciding in the end that he must still avenge,leaving with his past love,Kikyo to hell.Inuyasha sees his mistake when he chances a look of what is to come,ending with his mate and pups demise by new enemy.
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 8 - Words: 14,840 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 1/8/2012 - Published: 5/20/2011 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
Poison & Wine
Falling short.For Kagome and Inuyasha it's no exception,happens to all of us,and left with only to decide what to do next,coming down to keeping what's yours no matter what the cost.Finding love,holding onto,may be harder than it seems,tho not impossible
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Our paths taken in life,sometimes take shorter lengths before stealing away the time we have,with those we come to adore,but even longer to get back,to where we want to be once again,when we finally meet up with those,lost from our existance,never knowin
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 7,405 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 7/30/2011 - Published: 3/13/2011 - Kagome H., Inuyasha
The Sacrifice Of A Priestess reviews
It would seem time has yet again to repeat itself . This time it's not Involving Kikyo nor Inuyasha,well not directly.Though certain circumstances lead Kagome down a path that finds herself in the same situation as Kikyo and Inuyasha..more inside.
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12,354 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/30/2011 - Published: 2/19/2011 - Kagome H., Inuyasha
How Not To Fall For A Best Friend:Winry & Ed reviews
A funny story telling by the by chance occurrence of Ed's automail being destroyed once again and getting a bunch of hits on the head with one of the many wrenches .Thus Ed makes his move to with a kiss ,shows Winry how he feels about her .
Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,943 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 6/27/2011 - Published: 5/19/2011 - Winry R., Edward E.
Within Miroku's Hand
Has anyone ever wandered what lays beyond the zone within the void Miroku's hand, the Inuyasha group learns what there is to find within the perverts wonderland,due to an unexpected accident where the windtunnel backfires and accidently sucks up Kagome!
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,869 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 5 - Published: 2/7/2011 - Kagome H., Miroku
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