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Hello and welcome to the new collaboration of do i need a pen name and An-Jelly-Ca. If you thought we were weird before...think again.

Please note: We are most likely certifiably insane. But, please, don't let that scare you! :)

10/25/10--Unfortunately, as a result of neither of us being able to make a living from writing fanfiction stories, do i need a pen name and An-Jelly-Ca are currently enrolled in that annoying thing called College. Most unpleasantly we are separated by hundreds of thousands of miles (679 to be precise or, since do i need a pen name likes to prolong her time away from homework so much, 1,092.744576 kilometers). Theoretically, since we survived Florida, this really shouldn't prohibit us from updating but, alas, we are going to use it as an excuse, because we can. But to clarify: NONE of our stories are on hiatus...however, none of them seem to be getting any attention, either. But never fear, we shall day. And hopefully soon, too.

Names: Margaret and Angelica

Ages: 21 and 21, though I am 144 days older than Angelica. And she just has to rub it in. Ah. Well. at least I'll live longer. Hypothetically.

Birthdays: January 30th and June 22nd

Hair Color: Brown and Brown. and I would just like to say that Angelica is crazy if she thinks I was in a fire as a child that turned my hair brown. I only ever had red highlights. Her hair is red! As a child she was in a tragic fire which dyed her and her sisters hair brown/blond and the smoke inhalation caused them to forget that their hair was red. And all the pictures that proved it were burned in the fire. Oh, and everyone with red hair is her relative! Actually, only 5 out of my 50 cousins have red hair. But who's counting? Besides Angelica, I mean. I am counting? She's the one who has to put that she's 144 days older! And the other 45 cousins were in the fire as well, it occured at a family reunion which they brought all their pictures too in order to show the other family members! SO ha! And I would like you to please note that Angelica was the strange one who just had to go and count how many days were in between our birthdays. Umm, yeah, you do realize that isn't helping your argument at all, right? Hmm...I didn't think so. Prove that it is not helping my argument! (BTW I have no idea what argument I am making and what is not helping it...) Well neither do I. So there. Also, in a way, I can almost understand how a fire would 'dye' someone's hair brown, but blonde? Really?

Eye Color: Blue and Blue

Height: 5' 8" and 5' 5 & 1/2". HA! Angelica is shorter! Margar is mean! And Taller. and Meaner. And still Taller. And still Meaner. Plus, in my new high heels I am taller! Alledgedly. It is a true fact. Not an alleged one or however you spell it. I'd just like to point out that I was also wearing flat shoes at the time. So there.

Place of Residence: Planet Earth, five minutes away from each other. least when Angelica doesn't abandon me and go to Florida for obcene lengths of time, that is. Untill next year when we are far, far away. Sad face. Next year came. It is not a happy time. Sadder face.

Occupation: Un-Scholarly Student and obsessed-with-grades Student. Seriously, Angelica was extrememly upset with a B.

Hobbies: Well, I think it's pretty obvious that we like to read and write. And as for me, I collect shot glasses. And I collect stickers. And we both collect United States Quarters. Our lives are just so interesting, aren't they?

Sports/Activites We're involved in: I'm on the bowling team. Angelica abandoned me for Debate.

Ethnicity: Irish and proud of it! I, Angelica, am 1/16 Irish, and I am NOT proud of it. Also German and Polish (just don't tell my mom I told you because she will deny it vehemently). I, Angelica, am ITALIAN (cough best ethnicity ever cough), and I'm also Swedish, although I'm not proud of that either.

Political Affiliation: PROUD REPUBLICAN, because it is awesome to be a Republican. And I could personally care less about politics. You see, when I'm old enough to vote...I guess the world will come to an end...You can all note that she is in fact old enough to vote and we are still alive! For a little while more, at least...


Color-Green, Pink. Yeah, I hate pink. And I hate green! Can you see why we're friends, yet?

Book/Book Series-Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Twilight (we can't believe we were so excited for Breaking Dawn to come out. We can't say it met our standards. And while we're on the discussion of standards, the Twilight movies destroyed our lives.) And, I, An-Jelly-Ca, am obsessed with Pride&Prejudice! and other things you can probably find on our profiles. If you can...

TV Shows-General Hospital, Numb3rs, Days of Our Lives, Brothers and Sisters (cuz Angelica says so), Power Rangers, Doctor Who, Charmed (Because Margaret says so), and we both like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

Movies-The Princess Bride, Meet the Robinsons, and I like The Wizard of Oz. And I think it's scary! Mulan and Anastasia are WOOT! Also, How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days! Basically all things Disney.

punchakuuuuuuuuu (pronounced poonch-uh-koo for all of you who wish to annoy people saying that word as I have been annoyed by it numerous times. Seriously, i don't even know why I'm writing it here for someone who is trying to steal the computer from me.)


Being hit in the head. An-Jelly-Ca would like all of you to know that I just gave her a concussion. Allegedly. Of course, she gave me one right back, but I can see past our differences at the current moment in order to sucessfully produce an actual chapter which we can use to update one of our seemingly abandoned stories which are not actually abandoned, because we love them and would love them even more if you people would REVIEW more! That was an insanely long sentence, wasn't it?

Our Freshmen English teacher whom I unfortunately was tortured with Junior year, too. Why does the world hate me? HA, you think the world hates you? He is my soon-to-be debate coach, who I will have to interact with during my free time. And I, now, never have to see him EVER AGAIN!! SUCCESS!! You have to rub it in don't you? Maybe I shall just have to tell him that he was your favoritist teacher ever and that he should go visit you sometime and make sure to say hello to you whenever he sees you in the hallway. I will admit however, that he does make a much better coach than teacher, and he does not annoy me nearly so much. In hindsight, I suppose he really wasn't that bad. Maybe.

Our Summer Reading Books-Odyssey and The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time, among many others, too. Except now it is two years later and we have new summer reading books...which I am too lazy to write down. I would like to say however that I should really go buy mine at some point in the near future... Another non-favorite were our Junior Year Books: The Glass Castle, Words that Work (okay I actually liked that one), and Culture Wars (WHICH WAS THE WORST BOOK EVER WRITTEN, NO JOKE)!.

The fifth Harry Potter movie. Scratch that. ALL THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES. In fact, we're having a party to bash them all. Unfortunately, however, Warner Bros. produced so much film time for us to bash, that we both fell asleep in front of the t.v. halfway through the third movie. Oh yeah, and seeing as we hate them so much, just don't ask about us seeing the fifth movie together at the theater...Angelica's sister wishes we were unable to speak ever again. And yet we're still excited for the seventh movie to come i need a pen name is (hopefully not foolishly) optismitic that this one will be better than the previous ones because it is split into two parts. So help the world if they just ruin the books even more.

I, do i need a pen name, very strongly dislike An-Jelly-Ca's blow-up gavel commonly referred to as a 'Whomp-it' by the Borders Corporation. She would like all of her lovely readers to know (as she hits herself on the ankle with it) that they can expect to be receiving a one-shot about it in the very near future. oh, and did i mention she's also hitting me on the head with it?! If we don't update for a long time it's because i've killed her. Have a wonderful day.

Because we are OCD about the Mauraders excluding Peter we took it upon ourselves to attempt to figure out Sirius' birthday:

Year in School-Age at BEGINNING-Date of Birth-Name-Age at END of year

1st-11- January 30th-Lily-12/March 10th-Remus-12/March 27th-James-12

2nd-12- January 30th-Lily-13/March 10th-Remus-13/March 27th-James-13

3rd-13-January 30th-Lily-14/March 10th-Remus-14/March 27th-James-14

4th- 14-January 30th-Lily-15/March 10th-Remus-15/March 27th-James-15

5th-15-January 30th-Lily-16/March 10th-Remus-16/March 27th-James-16

6th- 16-January 30th-Lily-17/March 10th-Remus-17/March 27th-James-17

7th-17-January 30th-Lily-18/March 10th-Remus-18/March 27th-James-18

So, if we know that Sirius ran away at "about 16" then it can be assumed that he had to have a summer birthday. Since he most probably ran away over the summer holidays (he could have run away at Christmas but that is unlikely becuase he could've just stayed at Hogwarts over Christmas, and this would've just been avoiding the issue rather then handling it by leaving home for good.) and he was "about 16" when he did so and he stayed at the Potters the first summer after he ran away and then bought an apartment at 17 with the money from his uncle the following year. It can be assumed that he most likely ran away between fifth and sixth year since he was "about 16" which to us means that he was fifteen and about to turn 16. He then spent the remainder of that summer, and the summer after that with the Potters before buying his own apartment when he turned seventeen. We have decided to place his birthday on August 17, based on our belief that Sirius is a Leo personality wise.

We have also made Peter's birthday September 1, 1959, making him just barely in their grade, and causing us all to wish that he had ended up being a year older than them so we would not have to deal with him.

We have made Marlene's birthday on December 17, 1959 based on the fact that we believe her to have a Saggitarius personality, which I cannot spell at all. We also find the fact that she is eight months older than Sirius according to our contrived dates to be highly amusing.

And as we all know from the books and JKR interviews Remus was born on March 10, 1960, Lily on January 30, 1960, and James March 27, 1960. January 30 being the best date, by far, as it is also do i need a pen name's birthday.

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