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Hello Everyone... Cristina Here...

My stories are similar to Stephenie Meyer's Stories( Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun, You know... lol), and most are stories revolving around them, and their P.O.V.'s ( point of views...)

I have several friends who understand my love for books, (though nikitiki thinks i am crazy...

she might actually be right... i don't know...), Who also have accounts on fanfiction.

One of those friends are currently helping me write some stories, and one Shay (4Edward's eyes only,) Has Emmett's Life on her file as well...

I have one we are planing to write... When Devisation hits home... ooooohhhhhh... love it... It's Alice Cullen's pov, and the world's biggest, best, and coolest mall is hit by an earthquake,fire,and, ummmmm, how 'bout a flood... interesting huh?

Emmet's Life : the Comedy. ( A Wonderful comedy... Not for sale!!!! Don't take MY IDEAS!!! It will be found on my account., updated as much as possible... promise...) I would like to thank, my best friends, for they inspired this comedy life story. And thanks to my friend Shalynne, this story wouldn't be writen without her help.

Cristina ...But call me Joe-vi... long story, but it's highly original... How many people do you know with that name? ( other than me!!!!)

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