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Hi!. I finally got around to typing a bio! (It's a miracle)

Now, where to begin...

Name: Kayarra Rosen

Age: 18

Appearance: Hazel eyes and brown hair with gold streaks.

Favorite books: The Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Anything by Cinda Chima Williams, Daniel X by James Patterson, The Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop (Adult), Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward (Adult), Rangers Apprentice series by John Flanagan, Alex Van Helsing series by Jason Henderson, Blood of Kings Trilogy by Jill williamson, Eragon, Harry Potter, anything written by L.J. Smith, The Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing, anything written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Darren Shan, The Carpathian novels by Christine Feehan (Adult)

Favorite Movies: Labyrinth, Transformers, Star Trek 2009, Underworld, Legend of the Guardians, How to train your Dragon, Legally Blonde, Osmosis Jones (don't ask)

Favorite TV Series: Stargate Atlantis, Ghost Whisperer, My Name is Earl, Legend of the Seeker, Vampire Diaries, Being Human, Two Broke Girls, Survivor, Face Off, Top Shot, Lost Girl, Dead like me, Buffy the vampire slayer, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Generator Rex, and Danny Phantom (It's Cute!)

Favorite Anime: Bleach, D Gray Man, Black Butler, Black Cat, Kenichi; the Mightiest Disciple, Ouran Host Club, Trinity Blood, Get Backers, Tsubasa, Gundam Seed, Kiba, Pandora Hearts, Soul Eater, Death Note, xxxHolic, Mars Daybreak, MAR

Favorite Games: FINAL FANTASY Vll, Last Remnant, Kingdom Hearts, Kameo

Fanfic Stories: I'm okay with Slash stories, it just depends on who they're about (Some are just plain scary). At the moment I'm into stories where Harry has a brother the wizarding world believes to be the Boy-Who-Lived when actually it's Harry and stories where Harry get's sent to another dimention, universe, reality, etc. and everyone is alive.

I know, I know, it's short, but I can't really come up with anything else right now. I'll add more if I come up with anything.


Character Profiles;

Name; Harry Kainyan "Kail" Halisio Was sent to the elves when Voldemorts curse backfired due to the mixing of magics. Lestran inheritance was awakened at the same time. Spent seven years training at The Great Elven City and is best friends with Vincent Cantianise. Is wanted by Obsidian to get revenge on Serafious. Voldemort wants him to join him.

Age; 11 (at the moment)

Creature; Lestran

Appearance; Lithely muscled with raven black hair, emerald eyes with gold and silver veins, and unblemished tanned skin. His wings have a span that is a little higher then his height and are a bright violet toward his back, a blazing blue in the inner middle, a striking green toward the outer middle, and end in a shiny black at the tips.

Family; Blood son of Lily and James Potter. Adopted son and heir of Kiryan Salvenoes and Angelus Serafious. Heir of Tom Marvalo Riddle. Considers Sirius Black and Remus Lupin as family. Brother to Chase Potter.

Power: While considered a powerful prodigy amongst wizards, Harry has a ways to go to be able to stand up to the Elders of some races (Vampires, Werewolves, Etc)and the Ancient Races (Elves, Dark Elves, etc).

Gifts; Is proficient in Voice Magics, Mind Magics, Wordless Magics, Staff Magics, Wandless Magic, Inanimate magical object manipulation, Other Vision, and Elemental magic. Has Photographic memory. PaseltoungeRunes Vision. Is currently on the Martis level (third level) of the Power Scale, but does have a little access to the Baratis, forth level, due to his dabbling in Blood and Soul Magic and Necromancy (though no where near a master). He also has a little access to the most powerful form of magic, Ancient Magic, due to him being a Lestran, who are born with Ancient Magic in them much like Dark Elves are born with Black Magic in them, but does not know how to wield it. Is a Shadow Walker (rare)

Status: Is first and foremost the Keeper of Shadows. Lord Merlin. Lord Grindlewald. Lord Griffindor. Lord Ravenclaw. Lord Potter.

Know; Was sent to the elves when Voldemorts curse backfired due to the mixing of magics. Lestran inheritance was awakened at the same time. Spent seven years training at The Great Elven City and is best friends with Vincent Cantianise. Is wanted by Obsidian to get revenge on Serafious. Voldemort wants him to join him.


Name: Angelus Serafious

Age; Unknown, but said to be alive during Ancient Egypt.

Creature; Vampire

Appearance; Tall and muscular with long amber hair and violet eyes. Is described as being similar in appearance to a carving of a Greek God and tends to dress in black.

Family; Unknown except for his relation with Kiryan and Harry. Was best friends with Obsidian and considers Master Kaden as a father figure.

Power; Is the oldest and most powerful Ancient Vampire in his dimension/world.

Gifts; Is in the Nexis Level (Highest level) of the Power Scale. Is proficient in all magics of the magics of the other Levels and is pretty good with White and Black Magic, and knows how to use some Ancient Magic, but not a Master as of yet. (Can do everything Harry can and a lot more, except parseltounge and Shadow Walking)

Status: Lord of the Vampires in his Realm.

Know; Was apprenticed to Master Kaden with his childhood friend Obsidian, who is a Dark Elf. When Obsidian was driven insane by the Black Magic inheritance of his people he tried to free the Dark Elf race and created a war between all magical beings. Serafious, with the help of the High Council, sealed Obsidian into the Void. Serafious and Obsidian were as close as brothers before Obsidian went insane.


Name; Kiryan Salvenoes

Age; Unknown

Creature; High Elf

Appearance; Tall, thin, and willowy with long white hair and crystal blue eyes. Skin is pale and appears to glow.

Family; Her blood father is King Kaden, ruler of Alenious and the Northern Elven Kingdom. She adopted Harry and has a serious relationship with Serafious.

Power; Is considered a little below the power of an Elder but is pretty strong compared to most other Elves.

Gifts; Power level is at Baratis, the forth level, though like all Elves she does have a natural affinity to White Magic. She also has all the powers of the other three Levels below her because she has mastered them.

Status; Princess of Alenious and the Northern Elven Kingdom

Know; She found Harry when he first came to the Elves and took him in and trained him. She thinks of him as her son and is really protective of him. She is also in a firm relationship with Serafious.


Name; Vincent Cantianise.

Age; 11 (for now)

Creature; Elf

Appearance; Tall with long black hair and amber eyes

Family; Unknown

Power; is a young elf that still needs training but is powerful for his age and is at the top op the class with Harry

Gifts; is currently at Catis, the second power level, but is close to Martis. Specializes in staff magic and combat.

Status; is a elf of the Northern Kingdom and a friend of the Royal Family.

Know; is Harry’s best friend and confidant. Has a quick tongue and a sarcastic sense of humor. Can be serious and is quick on his feet. He was also the one who found and saved Master Kaden when Obsidian had weakened him and left him for dead.. Has a Ring of Eston and is Harry’s confident. Gives Harry the lessons he missed via the link.


Name; Lord Voldemort a.k.a. Tom Marvalo Riddle

Age; Unknown

Creature; You’ll find out later

Appearance; When he gets a body; Long black hair with a few pure white strikes through it, cat-slitted scarlet eye, tall, pale skinned, and muscular.

Family; It’s complicated. Heir is Harry Potter. Is direct descendant and heir of Salazar Slytherin.

Power; Is really powerful compared to most magical beings since he came into his inheritance and powers when he was stripped from his body, but does not as of yet have the power to defeat the ancient beings.

Gifts; Has not cleared all of the four lower Power Levels, but thanks to his inheritance and the fact that he had nothing else to do but strengthen his magic when he was in spirit form, he has mastered Artis, Catis, and Martis and is currently on Baratis. He also has a natural affinity and surprising control over Black Magic.

Status; Heir of Slytherin, who was a powerful Mage. Dark Lord. Also something else that can’t be mentioned right now.

Know; Was originally a wizard until he tried to kill Chase on the twins 4th birthday and hit Harry instead. Marked Harry as his Heir. Awoken both his and Harry’s inheritance, which both happened to be powerful magical beings. Has a natural control over Black Magic, but can’t use his full powers until he gets his body back. Wants to kill Chase in order to strike a blow against Dumbledore. Is intent on making Harry join him because he knows Harry’s true power and form. Is the main bad guy of the story.


Name; Obsidian

Age; Unknown, but a couple of millennia

Creature; Dark Elf

Appearance; Tall and broad shouldered with features seemingly carved from marble, long black hair with red tips, eyes with blue near the core that fans out to orange and look like the core of a flame.

Family; Prince of the Dark Elves. The Royal Family

Power; Is very strong and at a similar level as Serafious seeing as they trained together.

Gifts; At the level of Nexis and has unusually perfect control over Black Magic.

Status; Prince of the Dark Elves

Know; Was Serafious’s best friend and agreed to be the Holder of the Seal so that his people would be trapped into an everlasting sleep. Was later driven ‘insane’ by the Black Magic and lead a war that consumed the Magical Beings, trying to free his people. Was banished to the Void by Serafious and the High Council. Escaped the Void and broke the Seal, freeing his people. Is currently after Harry and Kiryan to strike back at Serafious. Was an apprentice to Kaden. Is a bad guy but not the main bad guy.


Name; Ron Weasley

Age; 11 (at the moment)

Creature; Human, Wizard

Appearance; Thin with wild red hair, green eyes, pail skin, and freckles.

Family; Molly, Arthur, Ginny, Percy, Fred, George, Bill, and Charley Weasley.

Power; is a first year student (currently) at Hogwarts and won Serafious’s approval when he knocked out Arnious in the first fight with the Dark Elves

Gifts; reflexes, courage, acting on his feet

Status; Harry’s Friend

Know; First met Harry on the train and instantly won the fondness of Rowan. Was reluctant to be friends with Slytherins at first, but hung out with them anyway until he got to know them. Is described as having a strategists mind when he gets over being biased and out from under his family’s and the ‘Light’s’ influence. Tends to act first and ask questions later in the heat of the moment. Bases facts and info on things based on his own experience and not that of others. Is dependable but tends to be innocent and naive in most cases. Sometimes says things without meaning to. Often goes against his family to protect Harry and the others. Knows Harry’s secret. Has a Ring of Eston.


Name; Hermione Granger

Age; 11 (at the moment)

Creature; Human. Witch

Appearance; Thin with bushy brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.

Family; Mr and Mrs. Granger, no siblings

Power; First year student at Hogwarts

Gifts; Intelligence, perception, fast thinking, good with spells, photographic memory

Status; Harry’s Friend

Know; Met Harry and the others on the train and immediately disliked Chase. Is a stickler for facts and depends on books and the words of teachers too much. Is a Ravenclaw and didn’t get along with Draco very much at first. Doesn’t have very much self confidence do to being teased about being smart when she was younger. Was the first at Hogwarts to find out Harry’s secret. Has a Ring of Eston


Name; Draco Malfoy

Age; 11 (at the moment)

Creature; Part human, part Veela, though doesn’t know it yet.

Appearance; Thin with pale blond hair, grey eyes, and pale skin

Family; Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Distantly related to Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange

Power; A first year student at Hogwarts

Gifts; The power to influence people, cunning, creative, good with spells, potions

Status; Harry’s Friend, Heir to the Malfoy name.

Know; First met Harry and the others on the train when he was avoiding Pansy Parkinson. Didn’t know what to make of them and was reluctant to be friends with them at first. Didn’t like Hermione at first because she is Muggleborn, but then got to know her and deemed her ok. Is perceptive and careful, but sometimes angers people when saying something off-handedly. Was cold at first, but then started to lighten up with his friends. Tries to be the perfect example of a Pureblood. Is really good at Potions and Transfiguration.


Name; Neville Longbottom

Age; 11 (at the moment)

Creature; Human, Wizard

Appearance; Slightly over weight with brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin

Family; His Grandmother; parent, Alice and Frank Longbottom, were killed during the first war with Voldemort.

Power; First year student at Hogwarts

Gifts; Healing, plants, poisons

Status; Harry’s Friend, Heir to the Longbottom name

Know; First met Harry and co. out side of the train when Hermione introduced them. Was immediately identified by Harry as a True Healer, beings with the natural draw to plants and incredible power in healing, who are often known for preforming miracles and having a limited power over life and death. He is often a bully magnet, but is left alone when with Harry or the others. Was scared to trust Harry at first but eventually warmed up.


Name; Sirius Black

Age; not sure, but I think it’s 28 to 31

Creature; Human

Appearance; Tall, lithe, with unruly black hair, black eyes, and tanned skin.

Family; Black family, Nacissa Malfoy, Draco Malfy, Bellatix Lestrange. Considers Remus Lupin and Harry Halisio as family.

Power; Really powerful Wizard with a large enough core to use a Satff

Gifts; Animagus, high senses, speed, intelligence

Status; Harry’s Godfather, Hair to the Black name

Know; He and Remus are best friends and were the only ones really cared about Harry and believed he was alive when he went missing. They were reunited with Harry when Kiryan and Vince took him to the wizarding bank. Is really protective over those he considers family and was the one Lily went to when her memories and feeling of Harry returned. Has a black dog Animagus and helped fight the Dark Elves. Didn’t want to give up his friendship with Lily and James, even when they let fame get to them. Is a teacher at Hogwarts.


Name; Remus Lupin

Age; not sure, but I think it’s 28 to 30

Creature; Werewolf

Appearance; Average height with greying brown hair, pale blue eyes, and pale skin. Tends to look worn out.

Family; Unknown, but considers Sirius and Harry as family. Was ‘sired’ by Fenrir Greyback.

Power; Mostly relied on his wizard side at first, but later becomes more of a Noble werewolf to survive and fight

Gifts; Wolf transformation, strength, speed, smell, ability to sense Black Magic, has a large core and can use a scepter.

Status; Harry’s surrogate uncle

Know; Is best friends with Sirius and had given up on the Potters, but stayed at Sirius’s insistence. Cares a great deal for Harry and felt that Harry wasn’t dead. Met up later with Harry at the Bank with Sirius. Is a teacher at Hogwarts. Later feels something is wrong when the Dark Elves enter the human realm and fights them off with Harry and the others. Had feared his wolf at first, but later accepts it as a powerful and reliable part of him.


Name; Lord Kaden Salvenoes

Age; Unknown but is an Elder

Creature; Elf

Appearance; Tall with a good amount of muscle, but physically looks fifty. Has long white hair and pale grey eyes

Family; His daughter is Kiryan. He thinks of Serafious as a son and Harry as a grandson.

Power; Is a High Elf and the Ruler of the Elven Northern Kingdom. Is considered a very powerful and knowledgeable and is a member of the High Council.

Gifts; Is a member of Nexis and is especially proficient in the Mind Arts and White Magic

Status; King of the Northern Kingdom

Know; Had helped and taken in Harry when he first came to the Elves. Introduced Harry to the other Races as a member of his family and had introduced Harry to Serafious. When he realized Harry had a Wizard’s core he registered Harry at Hogwarts and had Kiryan give Harry Merlin’s Staff, the Thirteen Rings of Eston, Sebastian’s Broom, and the Pendant of Equality. He was attacked by Obsidian during his Leeway Time while protecting Kiryan’s and Harry’s whereabouts and was later found and saved in time by Vince.


Name; Malikie, Ice General of the Dark Elves

Age; Unknown, but over 3 millennia

Creature; Dark Elf

Appearance; Tall, muscular, long white hair with a blue tint and exotic sapphire eyes, pale skinned and tends to wear white and sapphire. Is described as being the embodiment of ice.

Family; Unknown

Power; Is one of the strongest Generals of the Dark Elf Army

Gifts; Nexis Level and extremely powerful Minds Arts. Uses a touch of his element, ice, in everything he does. Has Black Magic but rarely uses it because he views it as an unfair advantage. Has a powerful resistance to magics that influence, including Black Magic

Status; General

Know; Malikie first appeared in the attack to capture Harry and Kiryan, though did not directly participate himself. Is a long time rival of Serafious, who has constantly fought and failed to kill him for millennia before he was Sealed with his people. Is immune to the ‘insanity’ that Black Magic causes his people. Loves to fight but hates to kill because he sees it was a waste. Is strict in honor and despises what his race has become.


Name; Rowan Halisio

Age; five years old

Creature; Sable

Appearance; A small winged kitten with black fur and violet eyes. Has claws with paralysis venom on the top corner of her wings and the feathers on the bottom tips are bladed.

Family; Harry, his family, Stephano, Ebony, Hedwig, and Kestrel

Power; Is still young for her species but is strong and independent and will reach maturity in 8 years when she reaches her 13th year.

Gifts; Flight, intelligence, stealth, venom in her bite, can paralyze by slashing beings with the claws on the top corners of her wings.

Status; Harry’s Familiar

Know; spent the first five year her life in a closet like room where samples of her were sold as ingredients with only the company of Ebony, Stephano, and Kestrel. Was bought by Harry and became one of his familiars. Is frisky and sarcastic with a honorable sense of loyalty. Hates to be treated like a kid. Too curious for her own good. Gets along famously with Ron


Name; Stephano Halisio

Age; 12 years old

Creature; Half wolf, half Grim

Appearance; Slightly smaller then a wolf but bigger then a dog. Light blue fur and gold eyes with pupils that are shaped like a seven sided star.

Family; Harry, his family, Rowan, Ebony, Hedwig, and Kestrel, his Grim father (who is still alive)

Power; Is considered very young due to his Grim side, which lives an average of 600 years.

Gifts; Speed, stealth, intelligence, ability to blend into the background, ability to inflict bad luck on enemies.

Status; Harry’s Familiar, Heir to his father’s (the Grim) Pack

Know; Lived in the wild for the first 6 years of his life with his mother and her pack before he was captured and imprisoned in the closest for samples with Rowan, Kestrel, and Ebony. Was born as an experiment his father was preforming to see if wolf and Grim DNA was compatible (which was impossible, making Stephano a miracle and the only one of his kind). Was later saved with his friends by Harry and became one of Harry’s familiar’s. Likes to read and learn new things. Is protective and has a dry sense of humor.


Name; Ebony Halisio

Age; 14 years old

Creature; Sage Serpent

Appearance; 5 feet long and 2.5 inches thick. Is black scaled except for the scarlet and gold Celtic like designs the run the length of his body and the back of his hood. Has slitted green eyes.

Family; Harry, his family, Rowan, Stephano, Hedwig, and Kestrel

Power; One of the 13 Sage Serpents in the world (since only 13 can exist in the world at a time), rare.

Gifts; Can paralyze with his gaze when angered, has 30 different types of venoms but can’t the more deadly ones because he is not old enough

Status; Harry’s Familiar

Know; Was born in captivity and was passed around from one Wizard to the next until he came to be in the closet with Rowan, Stephano, and Kestrel. Was rescued later with his friends by Harry and became one of his Familiars. Has a magically binding contract with Harry not to attack anyone unless; a person is trying to hurt him, he is defending another (if the person attacking means the other person bodily harm), or if Harry gives him permission. Is currently trying to figure out the scent of another snake in the castle. Is strict and admires courage and skill.

Name; Kestrel Halisio

Age; 24 years

Creature; Storm Phoenix

Appearance; Average sized Phoenix with green, blue, and purple feathers and sapphire eyes.

Family; Harry, his family, Rowan, Stephano, Hedwig, and Ebony

Power; is one of the few Storm Phoenixes left, though no one knows until later.

Gifts; Control over the weather, fire travel, healing tears, great strength, mostly specializes in snow storms.

Status; Harry’s familiar

Know; Spent 14 years free before being captured and locked in the closet for ten years. Is friends with Rowan, Ebony, and Stephano. Chose willingly to be Harry’s familiar with her friends when he freed them. Is the one Harry calls when he needs help quickly, like with when Neville was falling. Loves flying over forests and sending her friends things she discovers and sees. Is always calm and dependable.

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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 71,669 - Reviews: 1431 - Favs: 3,629 - Follows: 4,541 - Updated: 6/12/2014 - Published: 9/27/2012 - Harry P., Voldemort
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