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Hello. My name is Emma. I'm currently a little cranky, this is my second time typing this. When I typed it the first time, I switched pages for a moment and it got deleted. Sometimes I'm stupid like that. Anyways, raise your hand if you were severely disappointed by the fact that the fifth movie did total injustice to "Snape's Worst Memory".

My Complaint List About the Fifth Movie

1. Young Lily was not even in the movie at all.

2. James was ALLLLLL WRONG! He is supposed to be good looking, he is supposed to have black coloured hair! Ahhhhhhaha (crying).

3. The Marauders were barely in it.

4. Once again they left out Jo's brilliant Fred and George humour (ya, they're funny, but the movies really should use some of their book lines, they're the best).

5. Umbridge was not ugly enough (Imelda Staunton was AMAZING though).

6. The kiss. It went on and on as the camera circled around and made it more and more sappy. I wanted it to end. Sorry Dan and Katie.

7. No Quidditch. :(

8. As always: A) Little details that strayed from the book, like Neville finding the Room of Requirement and no Marietta Edgecombe. B) The fact that Gary Oldman is so wrong for how Sirius is supposed to look- his personality is pretty close to the character though (I'm sorry, but I'm adament on my standards for the Marauders, they just have to be right). C) Sir Michael Gambon tries, but he doesn't like the books, and he just will not ever be the same as Richard Harris, who loved the books and was perfect for Dumbledore in every way. Ah well, there's really no helping that now is there?

(Here I deleted again and am now super pissed off. But I'll grin like a botox barbie and think of my happy place- Hogwarts, ironically).

Things I Liked About Movie Five

1. Helena Bonham Carter was absolutely, insanely (ha, a pun) perfect as Bellatrix Lestrange. She was completely psychotic. It was terrifying (in a really good way).

2. Kingsley’s actor was good for the part.

3. Grimmauld Place was sufficiently creepy.

4. The Weasley Fireworks

5. Ron with Grawp. That’s right Ronny boy, you fight for her!

6. Hermione with Grawp. Hermione’s the boss. When she says “do your homework!” you do your homework, when Hermione says “put me down” you put her down. Yay girl power!

7. The final battle scene with Voldemort; it was terrifying and strange and sad all at the same time. When Harry was on the floor, you really started to get a sense of the fact that he is….Whoops, I was going to say something that would anger the people who haven’t finished the seventh book. I hate spoilers, and if you haven’t finished the seventh book yet, I won’t chide you. I can sympathize with wanting to make it last, when it’s done it’s done.

So no spoilers. I got five guys in death eater shirts thrown out of the bookstore on opening night for 'Hallows' because they said they were going to shout the ending when they got their copies. They were ahead of me in line and I didn't want to know the tiniest scrap of information before I read it. So I'm dead serious about this. (Sorry, momentarily forgot to be botox barbie).

Favorite Books

I have several favorite books, I can't necessarily put them in order.

-The Harry Potter Septet

-The Catcher in the Rye (I'm exactly like Holden- except that I'm a girl- but other than that we are FREAKISHLY similar; we have the same train of thought and everything).

-His Dark Materials Trilogy


-The Inheritence Trilogy

-The Inkheart Trilogy

-The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Plus the Hobbit)

-Pride and Prejudice

-The Chronicles of Narnia

Favorite Movies

Once again, in no particular order

-Becoming Jane

-Driving Lessons

-The Harry Potter films

-The Lord of the Rings films


-Peter Pan

-The Pirates of the Caribbean films

-Moulin Rouge

-Hello, Dolly


Yay, British Films

I finally saw Becoming Jane and I rented Driving Lessons. God I love the cast of Harry Potter. Julie Walters and Rupert were excellent together, they're so cute. Although I must admit it was odd to see them not as mother and son, ah well, they were still really close, she was more of a mother than his adulterous mom. Becoming Jane was cute and sad, can't be spoilers here, everyone in the UK knows that Jane doesn't end up with her man. I still think it was a little unusual to have, out of all the British actresses, an American play Jane Austen, who is essentially the most well known classical female writer in England. And in whose book/ movie/ play adaptions, might I add, almost every British actor or actress (whether thespian or film person) has at one point in their life had a role.

Ok, I have a headache now from rambling. I'll update this again soon and finally publish that Harry Potter fanfic that I've had on my computer, partially complete, for eleventy wazillion years.

Cheers, Emma

P.S. Please Recommend Fanfics that you've read and liked. Whether they're on this site or on a different one. It would be so much easier to just read recommended ones than to have to search through them all myself and find good ones, which is a complete pain in the--Right, I have regained my composure and am now a little less inclined to swearing.

Extra P.S.- My Icon is how I pictured the Marauders. I have another picture that I found that is also really close to what I pictured but I don't know how to put it on here, if anyone does, feel free to tell me.

Note: I am currently writing my fanfiction (the one I've had in my head for over 2 years), and I need a lot of names for extra Hogwarts students, and I mean A LOT- Over 500. You'll find out why eventually-But don't get yourself psyched up for something REALLY good, it's not THAT cool, more like my own anal retentiveness- but it will still be kind of neat. Anyway, if anyone could kind of randomly send me a... well, essentially a Hogwarts student- An idea for a person, including name, age (relative to James and Lily-must be within 6 years of their age) and house. I know this is an extremely unusual request, but I'm not that creative, and input is appreciated, so please just bare with me and tolerate my insanity for a little longer. Thanks a bunch!

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