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The Zodiac Knights


Knights of the Future by Angel17712: Was it really Pluto's fault? The Titans and the Knights Kat as well get sucked into the future and meet the Tomorrow Knight. Xover of TT and Batman Beyond. Uses ZK Chrome's characters, The Knights! Rated T.

ZK: Dark Destiny by Reaper Lord of Death: Within the lasting days of humanity, their end will come at the hands of the King of Shadows. How this will be averted, no one knows. But if it isn't, the universe and the fate of all things mortal will come to an end. Rated M.

ZK: Fallen Angel by Jazzpha: Dmitri, an angel, is forced out of the Empyrean for a sin that is not his own. Hunted down like a dog by the people he once thought of as allies, he is forced to turn to the Teen Titans and the Zodiac Knights for help. Rated M.

Finding Phantom by Ant Crown: Another Prequel to ZK Chromedragozoid's Fic Zodiac Titans. Shadow is charged with recruiting Danny Phantom with help from Rukia and Ichigo of Bleach. Trouble is on the horizon as Vlad has teamed up with Aizen Sosuke and Dark Danny. Can our heroes do it?

Faiz on the Hellmouth by Ant Crown: Another Xander Halloween Fic placed in ZK Chromedragozoid's Zodiac Knight Draco Story. This is a crossover with Kamen Rider: 555. Full Summary inside.

Note: Regarding Final Vents; they depict the glowing symbol of the monster being used for the Final Vent.

A common misconception about Zodiac Knights. A lot of people assume that a Knight's power is in his/her armor. While this is true, it is not entirely accurate. The power actually comes from within the Knight him/herself. The armor merely focuses and amplifies it, with the help of proper Contract Monsters/Zodiac Beasts.

Note 2: Regarding Robin's identity. It has been confirmed in a Press Conference that the Robin in TT is really Richard "Dick" Grayson. However, with the presence of the Justice League and Statis Shock (as seen in the fic "Alive Again"), I'm using the Tim Drake identity instead. Therefore, I am ignoring any hints of Robin's identity as Dick Grayson.I might put Larry in, but that may not be possible. I will, however, be working on an alternate version of the Zodiac Knights Draco fics (more adult oriented) called Advent Knights of Legend and the Robin WILL be Dick Grayson. However, this will be after the current Zodiac Knight Draco series is done.

RECENT NEWS: One of my favorite shows, Kamen Rider Ryuuki, is being adaptated to American under the title 'KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT'. In honor of this I've decided to create a new fic using my Zodiac Knights but instead changing the plot and title into 'CHRONICLES OF THE ZODIAC RIDERS'.

1. Zodiac Knight Draco

Real Name: Ryuki "Leo" Leonard Hasuma

Zodiac Animal: The Dragon

Zodiac Powers:

Combustion/Pyrokinesis/Firebending (Dragon): Draco is capable of generating and manipulating fire. His 'bending' ability allows him to shape the flames anyway he wishes. The flames can also be released from his feet for propolsion.

Strength (Ox): Draco is capable of amazing strength.

Earth Manipulation/Geokinesis/Earthbending(Capricorn): Draco is capable of controlling and manipulating the earth (dirt, rocks, sand etc). He can also 'hear' the earth.

Sand Morphing (Scorpio): Draco is capable of turning his body into sand for escape purposes. This power is both offoensive and defensive as he can use his sand morphed form to blind opponents.

Clairvoyance (Pisces): Draco is capable of seeing into the future however he is unable to control this ability. This usually happens when he dreams or when he uses it in battle to foresee his opponent's next move.

Other Powers: Telekinesis, Teleportation, Flight, Generate and manipulate ice/Icebending, Cat-like reflexes, senses, agility and strength. Also has skills in the martial arts. He learnt how to solidify fire, probably while training with Slade. Possibly able to solidify any form of energy.

Orphenoch powers: Transformation, siring, regeneration, and energy blasts.

Weaknesses: Too trusting and naïve. He tries to see the good in people. He also has a fiery temper. Afraid of thunderstorms and water and can’t swim. Chocolate makes him go hyper. Has short lifespan after becoming an Orphenoch.

Zodiac Beasts: Dragonzer/Dragonrizer (a red Chinese Dragon), Razorclaw (a black lion with a silver mane), Overbite (a red shark), Hardhead (a buffalo), Brainstorm (a blue condor), Wildcat (a tiger), and Dragblacker (a black Chinese dragon).

Motto: “Let’s heat things up!”

Card reader: A dragonhead armguard mounted on his left gauntlet.

Draco’s Vent Cards:

Add Vent Dragonzer (5,000 AP): Summons Dragonzer.

Sword Vent (2,000 AP): Dragon Flame Saber. A Chinese Saber.

Guard Vent (2,000 DP): Double Dragon Shield. A pair of red and silver shields with dragon claws.

Shoot Vent (2,000 AP): Dragon Flame Cannon. A flamethrower in the shape of Dragonzer’s head.

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Dragon Flame Knuckle: Designed similarly to the Dragon Flame Cannon, albeit smaller. This weapon is used like a gauntlet and enhances the power of punches. Also used for the "Dragon Break" attack on which Draco uses the Knuckle to direct Dragonzer to his target.

Trick Vent: Multiply. Creates Duplicates of Draco.

Trap Vent: Spider Web. Traps target in webbing.

Mighty Vent: Increase Power.

Speed Vent: Increase Speed.

Defense Vent: Increase Defense.

Sight Vent: Lights of Revelation. Allows Draco to reveal the target’s true form.

Armor Vent: Dragon Armor Up! Allows Draco to summon all of his chosen weapons.

Rising Vent: Flight of the Dragons. A pair of dragon wings form on his back.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Combustion Dragon Kick. A flaming flying kick that is executed by Dragonzer launching Draco at the target.

Add Vent Wildcat (4,000 AP): Summons Wildcat

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Wild Tiger Claws. A pair of clawed gauntlets.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Tiger Motor Smash. Draco smashes into the target while riding upon Wildcat that has transformed into motorbike mode.

Add Vent Razorclaw (4,000 AP): Summons Razorclaw

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Black Lion Claws. A pair of clawed gauntlets.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Lion Claw Rush. Razorclaw leaps into the air as Draco is riding it and it transforms into its ATV mode before rushing at the target and crushing it.

Add Vent Brainstorm (4,000 AP): Summons Brainstorm

Sword Vent (2,000 AP): Condor Glaive. A glaive.

Guard Vent (2,000 DP): Condor Shield. A shield that looks like Brainstorm’s wings.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Condor Storm Slash. Brainstorn attaches itself to Draco’s back and creates a whirlwind that traps the target inside. Draco then enters the whirlwind and slashes the target to ribbons with the Condor Glaive.

Add Vent Hardhead (4,000 AP): Summons Hardhead

Guard Vent (2,000 DP): Buffalo Shield. A powerful shield.

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Buffalo Hammer. A gauntlet shaped like Hardhead’s head.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Hammerhead Crush. Draco rides horizontally on Hardhead’s head and rams into the target, head first.

Add Vent Overbite (4,000 AP): Summons Overbite

Sword Vent (2,000 AP): Red Shark Sword. A thin double edged blade with a shark-like hilt.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Drilling Shark Strike. Draco rides Overbite and then dives upon the target whilst spinning and stabbing with the sword.

Add Vent Dragblacker (6,000 AP): Summons Dragblacker

Sword Vent (3,000 AP): Frost Dragon Sabre. A Chinese Saber.

Guard Vent (3,000 DP): Frost Dragon Shields. A pair of black and silver shields with dragon claws.

Shoot Vent (3,000 AP): Frost Dragon Cannon. A cannon in the shape of Dragblacker’s head that shoots ice blasts

Final Vent (7,000 AP): Dragon Freezing Kick. Dragblacker launches Draco at the target that had been frozen by Dragblacker’s ice breath and Draco smashes the target with a powerful flying kick.

Survivor Rekka (Left Wing of the Phoenix): Transforms Draco to Survivor Mode. Rekka means "Wild Fire" or "Raging Flame".

Add Vent Dragonrizer (8,000 AP): Summons Dragonrizer.

Sword Vent (4,000 AP): Golden Dragon Blade. A golden blade extends from the Dragblaster.

Shoot Vent (4,000 AP): Meteor Bullet. Enables the Dragblaster to shoot powerful fireballs

Guard Vent (4,000 DP): Dragon Barricade. Dragonrizer flies around Draco, acting like a barricade and protects Draco from attacks.

Random Vent: Allows Draco to access any and all Vent cards from the other Knights in a random order

Survivor Final Vent (10,000 AP): Dragon Meteor Firestorm. All of Draco’s monsters, except Dragonrizer, become meteors and strike at the target while Draco rides Dragonrizer, motorbike mode, and rams into the target.

Evolution Emperor: This card allows Draco to transform to Emperor Mode.

Bio: He’s hot in every sense of the word. With flaming red hair and emerald green eyes, this guy attracts the ladies every time. Unfortunately, he’s completely dense!

Draco is the first Zodiac Knight to join the Titans. He possesses some psychic abilities and can manipulate fire. Draco was born with the Dragon Zodiac Power of Combustion, allowing him to shoot fireballs from his hands. Combined with his pyrokinetic abilities, Draco can literally reshape the flames into anything he wants. Later, he realizes he can fly. How cool is that? He is the drummer of the band made up of him, Shadowcobra and Pluto.

Draco has also developed a romance with a certain ex-HIVE agent called Jinx. Her pink hair and eyes attracted the dragon knight who then gives Jinx a chance as a Titan. Suddenly developing a crush on Draco, the witch eagerly accepts.

Draco’s contract beasts or Zodiac Beasts are Dragonzer/Dragonrizer (main), Dragblacker, Razorclaw, Wildcat, Hardhead, Brainstorm and Overbite. Draco is also the sole owner of one of the 3 legendary Survivor cards.

When approaching Draco remember one rule: Don’t Piss Him Off. Draco maybe docile and kind at times but if you push the wrong buttons, there’s gonna be Hell to pay. Draco can get a little angry sometimes and go absolutely ballistic. He has never really forgiven Cyborg for breaking Jinx’s heart, but he is trying. He also hates rapists with a passion.

When angered, Draco taps into the power of Yaminekoryu, a demonic spirit forever sealed within his family bloodline. Cursed with the burden of having the spirit within him, Draco resorts to Tai-Chi exercises to keep his anger, and the demon at bay. Of course, Yaminekoryu does come out, but fortunately, not for the sake of destruction.

Draco can’t swim and is extremely afraid of water. He is also not allowed to have any chocolate. Once when he had consumed a lot of chocolate, he went completely nuts and hyper. That was the infamous “Chocolate Factory incident”.

Draco’s reason for becoming a Knight was to protect humans from monsters. He later added finding the truth about his father to his reasons. He is a holder of one of the three Survivor Cards. In normal Knight Mode his card reader is a dragonhead gauntlet. In Survivor Mode, it is a laser blaster with a dragon design.

Draco now possesses the Zodiac Power of the Ox, Super Strength and it was revealed during the fight with Molock. He may have gained these powers due to the conditions made while fighting the Gamemasters.

Draco seems to hide a dark side and when finding out that Scorpios had escaped from the Asylum, goes off alone to take down the deranged Knight once and for all, nearly costing him his life. Draco also has a strong hatred towards rapist, especially Rancid and Blood who had jurt Jinx. In his mind, such an act is punishable by death. When he becomes an Orphenoch, he later kills them.

Draco's new battle vehicle is the ZX-Jet Slinger.

Draco later faces Scorpios in a final showdown, changing into hisEmperor form by the use of the EVOLUTION card. He gains Scorpios' sand morphing abilities and also the abilities of the deceased Striker and Jawz (Tazuka)

Later on, he discovers that he can shoot fire out of his feet, allowing flight and shoot ice blasts after a pact with Dragblacker. He can also manipulate ice.

In volume 3, Draco is revealed to be an Orphenoch, the Ifrit Orphenoch. In his fits of rage he not only killed Brother Blood, but Rancid and three FOH guys. He also joined Slade as his apprentice. Intervention from Tiger (and his sister) brought him back to the side of good. However, he still has nightmares. In Orphenoch form, Draco has sharp claws and powerful organic armor. He also has razor sharp teeth. His claws are his siring tool. His greatest fear is losing control of his Orphenoch self. He became Slade's apprentice to gain control of his new 'gifts' even though his evil side was slowly taking him over. Slade hasn't made any attempts to get Draco to join him again.

Ryuki (often referred to as Leo or Draco by his friends) has become a powerful Zodiac Knight in his own right. He became the 3rd holder of one of the three Legendary Survivor Cards as well as the first to attain the Evolution Card. Also, he has 5 Zodiac Powers as of date.

His evolution into an Orphenoch was unexpected. His change into an Orphenoch gave birth to a new personality; Ifrit. Ifrit is a contrast to Ryuki in every way. For one, he is fairly evil and enjoys killing, despite Ryuki’s reservations for the act and enjoys destruction. He is also manipulative and scheming, in contrast to Ryuki’s caring and protective nature. He is much more intelligent than Ryuki. Thankfully Yaminekoryu, Ryuki's spirit guardian, keeps the evil personality in check. But for how long?

Even though he is slowly dying, this only fuels his intentions of protecting humans. He still has problems with killing other Orphenochs, signified by him shedding a tear for an Orphenoch he has killed and sometimes tries to reason with them before resorting to fighting. He has a pet demon dog, a Kaiser named Brimstone.

Draco's idols are the legendary Kamen Riders. This was his reason for giving the team made up of him, Pluto, Shadowcobra and the late Jawz the name "Masked Riders". He also has dubbed the girls Inzecter transformations as Kamen Rider Scarab (Jinx), Kamen Rider Fire (Blackfire) and Kamen Rider Cutter (Terra). He also has a habit of mixing his English with his native Japanese and vice versa.

Draco now has the ability known as Armor Shift. He can shift into a red and silver mode known as Bright Flame Form and a black and grey mode known as Dark Ice Mode. This is because he primarily draws power from both Dragonzer and Dragblacker as seen by his new armor design since the deck reformatting. In Bright Flame Form, he looks the same, except that his armor is back in its old colors of red and silver and the green eyepieces are ON the faceplate and visor instead of under. This form uses fire and earth based attacks and has strong offensive and defensive capabilities. He is also known as "The Burning Red Dragon" in this form. The Zodiac Beasts who support this form are Dragonzer, Hardhead and Razorclaw. However, this form has a side effect that influences his personality, making him act a little bit like Yaminekoryu.

In Dark Ice Form, his armor looks the same, but is black and blue. The red eyepieces are either missing or are glowing too brightly to be made out from under his black faceplate and visor. This form uses ice and wind based attacks and some water based techniques as well. Its additional capabilities are its incredible speed, agility and reflexes. He is also known as "The Cold Black Dragon" in this form. The Zodiac Beasts that support this form are Dragblacker, Brainstorm, Wildcat and Overbite. However, this form has a side effect that influences his personality, making him act a little bit like Ifrit.

This Armor Shift works because Draco's 'default' armor is a combination of both forms. It is unknown as of yet if any other Zodiac Knight who possesses more than one Zodiac Beast can execute Armor Shift. He later discovers that his armor, like the girls' Inzecter suits, can Cast Off and allowing him to use Clock Up without changing into Excel Mode.

He hasn’t changed into his Orphenoch form for a while as he is afraid of losing control. He changed once to prove that he wasn’t the Orphenoch that killed Mortuary’s friends, but never changed again. In New York, while on a mission with Jake, Craig and Jinx, he changes into the Ifrit Orphenoch while fighting Blood Web the Spider Orphenoch. He was in a feral state of mind while fighting. Draco is unable to control his Orphenoch form if he is exposed to strenuous battles for a certain amount of time. It is revealed that he now wears an inhibitor to make sure he doesn't transform into his Orphenoch form.

In Bayville, his worst nightmare comes true as Asakura returns for revenge. How he came back is a mystery, but the fact remains that Asakura ia an Orphenoch now and wants to pay Ryuki back for the favor. Ironically, Asakura is now the Dragon Orphenoch. Ryuki blames himself for Asakura's return and change. However, Ryuki was able to drive away, not defeat, Asakura with the help of the X-Men, Brotherhood, Jake, Team Phantom and most importantly the Gear Riders. In the end, Ryuki finally has his wish granted and, you guessed it, becomes an official Kamen Rider.

Draco names his elemental abilities 'bending' (reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender) He can perform what he calls Firebending and Earthbending as well as Waterbending. The last technique was generated from his ability to generate and control ice. He is able to control water only when he thinks of water as melted ice to allow his powers to effect water. To be more precise, it should be called Icebending.

Draco learns that one of his predecessors was the evil Draconic Demon Sorceror Shendu. This causes him to doubt himself. However, when he also learns that another one of his predecessors, Grand Master Dashi, was also a Zodiac Knight and used his powers for good. He has also been having visions in the form of nightmares. He defeated his sister in a high stakes Xiaolin Showdown game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. Although multiple Shen Gong Wu were wagered none were utilized by the twins. This might involve the twins' honor and using the Shen Gong Wu would've been considered dishonorable as it was akin to cheating. He participated in the final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil.

He also faced a possible dark future version of himself but was able to beat him. However, it resulted in his death. Intervention from Libra who turned back time saved his life but also allowed him to keep the memories. Draco then chose to change his appearance and uniform after that.


In ZKD Volume 1: Draco's armor is red with a silver chestplate that holds his dragon emblem. The gauntlets and boots are red and silver. His helmet is red with a silver moutpiece, green eyepieces and a crown-like silver headpiece that holds his symbol. The belt has a rectangular buckle with his crystal in the centre and his deck is attached to the right side. He wears an armguard that looks like a dragonhead on his right arm. His Survivor Mode armor covers his whole body and is red with golden trimmings. He gains a pair of horns and the symbol on his helmet turns gold.

In ZKD Volume 2: Draco gains the Excel Suit which is black and has dismond shaped red patterns. He also gains a Dark Dragon form with the red parts being black and the silver parts being blue. His eyepieces are red. No change to Survivor Mode. He gains Emperor Form, which is golden with red trimmings and a double dragon symbol on his chest. His faceplate's visor looks like a mask with a pair of red eyepieces.

In ZKD Volume 3: Decks and belts get reformatted and so does his armor. His black and red dragon armors merge to form a new black and silver armor with a silver chestplate. His symbol is still on the chest. His gauntlets and boots become black and red. His helmet is changed to adopt a horizontally grilled faceplate that covers his red eyepieces. Armguard still the same but deck is now the belt buckle. Survivor Mode armor is changed only at the helmet. Safe to say that Emperor Mode remains the same.

Appearance: A normal looking Japanese teenage boy (18) with long red hair and green eyes. Okay, so he's not so normal. Anyway his hair is now short, black and with messy spikes. He also has red lightning bolt shaped streaks and red lightning bolt shaped bangs.

Uniform: His uniform has gone through several changes. The only thing he hasn't changed are his goggles. His present uniform is a black leather muscle shirt with two straps running across it. He also wears a black jacket with red shoulder and elbow pads and a pair of matching pants with red kneepads. He wears a pair of red wrist length gloves that have black straps on the wrist area. The gloves have wrist and handguards for extra protection. His boots have black straps on the ankles and instead of the pant legs being tucked into the boots, most of the boots are hidden under the pants legs. He wear a black studded choker and a red mask over the upper half of his face. His dragon symbol is on the back of his jacket and he wears an SB belt with his DRA-Blaster in a holster.

Orphenoch Form: His body is covered in grey and white organic armor. He has sharp spikes on his forearms, three on each, and spike on each shoulder. His head is lion-like in appearance with a white mane. Two sharp horns are on his forehead. He has sharp teeth and a pair of fangs on his upper jaw and lower jaw. Fur comes out of the gaps of his organic armor.

2. Zodiac Knight Shadowcobra

Real Name: Ichijyo Desmond Amakusa-Akuma

Zodiac Animal: The Snake

Zodiac Powers: Invisibility (Snake), Astral Projection (Sheep) and 6th Sense (Sagittarius).

Other Powers: Can change self into a shadow form that allows him to stretch his body, shape shift and change his size, Intangibility (can pass through solid objects in shadow form), Shadow manipulation, telekinesis, flight, teleportation, telepathy, healing, regeneration and can create Shadow agents that can be used as spies or erase people’s memories by entering their minds

Weaknesses: Suffers from a split personality due to his split Dark (Vampire) and Light (Angel) sides. He keeps his emotions bottles up and is very secretive, causing himself to be distant from his friends. He is plagued by nightmares of his past as one of Yoshido’s Black Knights. A perfectionist and easily embarrassed by past mishaps he had a hand in. Also succumbs to his basic vampiric needs: blood.

Zodiac Beasts: Genosnaker/Venosnaker (a giant purple cobra), Metalceros (a humanoid rhino), Stingdiver (a stingray) and Genocide/Genocide-X (a combination of the three)

Motto: “Inner balance is the most important thing.”

Card reader: A staff/scepter with a cobra motif.

Shadowcobra’s Vent Cards:

Add Vent Genosnaker (5,000 AP): Summons Genosnaker.

Sword Vent (3,000 AP): Snake Coil Saber. A yellow spiral sword with a jagged edge and purple basket hilt.

Guard Vent (3,000 DP): Cobra Shield. A shield that looks like the back of Genosnaker’s hood.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Genocide Crash. Shadowcobra jumps, does a back flip and Genosnaker launches him with a stream of acid and venom while Shadowcobra performs a bicycle kick (several rapid front kicks in a row).

Add Vet Metalceros (4,000 AP): Summons Metalceros.

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Metal Strike Horn. A gauntlet in the shape of Metalceros’ forehead.

Confine Vent: Cancels out the affect of other Vent Cards.

Trap Vent: Chains of Darkness. Traps target in mass of black chains.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Rhinoceros Smasher. Shadowcobra rides upon Metalceros shoulders, horizontally, acting as a sort of lance and both charge towards the target, the Metal Strike Horn acting as a spearhead.

Add Vent Stingdiver (4,000 AP): Summons Stingdiver.

Swing Vent (2,000 AP): Sting Whip. A barbed whip.

Sword Vent (2,000 AP) Ray Blades. A pair of broad blades attach themselves to Shadowcobra’s forearms.

Copy Vent: Copies the weapon of another Knight.

Vampire Vent: Sucks out energy from the target. Used with the Sting Whip.

Medusa Vent: Paralyses target.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Stingray Surf. Shadowcobra rides Stingdiver like a flying surfboard and rams into the target.

Trick Vent: Shadow Clones. Create shadow duplicates of Shadowcobra

Nasty Vent: Acid Spray. Genosnaker/Venosnaker sprays acid at the target.

Steal Vent: Steals a target’s weapon.

Fusion Vent: Combines two or more monsters together.

Final Vent (7,000 AP): Darkhole Crusher. Shadowcobra drill kicks his target into a whirling vortex formed in the centre of Genocide’s body.

Mighty Vent: Increases Attack.

Survivor Kokoro (Heart of the Phoenix): Transforms Shadowcobra to Survivor Mode. Kokoro means "Heart."

Add Vent Venosnaker (7,000 AP): Summons Venosnaker.

Add Vent Genocide-X (9,000 AP): Summons Genocide-X

Survivor Final Vent (10, 000 AP): Shadow Spiral Shaver. Shadow leaps up and allows his cape to wrap around him. Genocide-X provides the power as he launches himself at his target.

Evolution Vampangel: Transforms Shadowcobra to Vampangel Mode.

Bio: Shadowcobra is the creepiest member of the group next to Raven and just as secretive. He is a reluctant member of the Titans in the way that he never wanted to join the team in the first place. However, he stayed anyway to get to know a certain female Azerathian. He is leader of the three Knights, also known as the Zodiac Titans and formerly known as theMasker Riders (although, the citizens and media in Tokyo still calls them that). He is the guitarist and lead singer of the band made up of him, Draco and Pluto.

Ichijyo has one of the saddest pasts out of the Knights. Shadowcobra is a half breed. He is half vampire and half angel, or in other words a Vampangel. This has caused many demons and humans to shun him. Only his family and closes friends stood by him. Because he is shunned by the outside world, Shadowcobra feels distrustful towards humans. He did fall in love with a human girl but the girl later died due to leukemia. He became withdrawn emotionally after that and didn’t smile until he met Draco.

Draco and Pluto were the first Knights he faced in combat and lost or won countless times. Because of this, he regards Draco as a rival (with Pluto being a close second). Unfortunately, Draco's dimwittedness, naiveté and manner, embarrasses him time and again. He has formed a shaky alliance with both Pluto and Draco. However, he knows it will not last because they would eventually meet in combat and fight to the death. However, even if he hates to admit it, Shadowcobra actually cares for his teammates. He may not show it much, but he regards them as his friends no matter how much they annoy him. And boy, do they annoy him.

Due to his strange origins, Ichijyo possesses both vampiric and angelic abilities. His vampiric abilities allow him regenerate from any wound and his angelic healing powers can be used to heal others. His power to manipulate the shadows is quite amazing as he can use it to disappear and phase through walls. He can also create shadow portals for him to go from one place to another, a manner of teleportation. His psychic gifts of telekineses and telepathy help in some situations. He also has strong mental shields. His most frightening power, however, is that he is able to neutralize powers around him, be they magical, metahuman or alien. This can make his a terrible weapon if he falls in the wrong hands. Of course, the Snake Knight of Invisibility will not surrender without a fight. His Zodiac power to turn invisible makes him a good spy since he is trained in the art of stealth.

Shadowcobra is yet to truly tap into his full potential.

Shadowcobra’s emotions and personality are split into two separate entities that reside within his soul. All his negative emotions are within Akuma, Shadow’s Vampire side while all his positive traits are within Amakusa, his angel half. Both entities act as Shadow’s conscience and anti-conscience.

Shadow is known to have an even worse temper than Draco. Fortunately, he keeps it in check and doesn’t lose his cool. Of course, some situations may cause him to freak out and go postal.

Because of his origins, Shadowcobra can be cold and vicious one minute and then nice the next.

Shadowcobra has started courting Raven, wanting to break through her shell. His power to neutralize powers helps since Raven’s power won’t go haywire when she exhibits emotions. Raven also has a crush on Shadowcobra but has tried to deny her feelings for the fellow Titans and Snake Knight. They have gone on a few dates and evidence of mutual feeling for each other can be seen. They respect each other and care a lot about each other.

Like Raven, he meditates to keep in control. However, his form of meditation is gardening and he does have a beautiful rose garden on the roof. His vampiric side might just attack people if kept unchecked. He also locks himself in his room during the full moons since this is when the vampiric influence is at the strongest.

During his time with the Titans, he has cemented a brother-sister bond with the Tamaranean, Starfire. He doesn’t even mind her bad driving. Her cooking, however, is another story. It is later revealed that they had been friends when they were younger and had their memories erased later on only to regain them in the present. This, however, cements their bond even further. It is revealed that Shadow has a slight crush on Starfire.

He has also never forgiven Draco for burning down the bonsai his mother gave him.

And if you think Draco and Pluto cause trouble, find out what Shadowcobra did one fateful Halloween. Shadowcobra’s reason for becoming a Knight was never known to anyone but Raven.

Note: Shadowcobra was once a member of Yoshido’s Black Knights Guild, wearing a black and red version of his armor.

Shadowcobra was originally chosen by Yoshido to become one of his Black Knights, but Shadowcobra rebelled later on after he found out the god had no intention of helping him bring Misha back.

Shadowcobra is cursed with the burden of carrying the Seven Deadly Sins within him.

Shadowcobra is also a holder of one of the three Survivor Cards. His card reader is a scepter with a cobra design. It changes into a double bladed battle staff in Survivor Mode.

Shadowcobra is the CEO of the Tokyo Branch of Smart Brain Corporation. Back at Titans Tower, he runs his business through the computer in his room.

Shadow had caught the attention of both Heaven and Hell and both sides wish to recruit him. What ever side he may choose remains to be seen.

Shadow's new battle vehicle is the ZX-Side Basher. It will be upgraded and later be known as the ZX-Shadow Raider.

Shadow defeats Hunter and gains the Knight's Zodiac Power.

Shadowcobra is quite a secretive character, keeping his origins a secret. He kept his secret as a Vampangel from his friends until Copycat told them. He is also revealed to be Red-X and the Commander of the Deathtron Secret Police. It is also revealed that Rorek was his teacher in the magical arts. Later on, he is transferred to Smart Brain JC since he is now living in Jump City. His replacement is John Worthing, former CEO of Smart Brain JC.

One day, due to exhaustion, Shadowcobra accidentally signs a request form from Pluto to have the Jet Slinger mass produced before faxing it to Smart Brain. This puts Copycat at an advantage since the newly mass produced Jet Slingers can be accessed by anyone in possession of Excel Gear.

It is noted that both Slade and Yoshido fully know the extent of Shadowcobra’s power and both fear and respect him. Yoshido beats on him to prove his superiority, but when he witnesses Shadow using his energy to fuel Raven before Trigon’s destruction, a feat he was not able to perform himself, he now realizes what could happen if he faced an Arch Vampangel Shadowcobra.

His position in Smart Brain JC was a shortlived one since John Worthing (his replacement) requested a retransfer. This maybe due to the fact that he is unable to handle Prof. Murata. Therefore, Shadow is once again CEO of Smart Brain Tokyo. He uses his computer to run the place and supplies some of the company's funds to the Tower and other charities.

He participated in the final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil in Part 42 of Vol. 3 and was reunited with Raven. Argent has shown interest in him.


In ZKD Volume 1: His armor is purple with silver trimmings and a cobra emblem on his chestplate. His helmet is cobra-like in appearance with a silver visor that has 3 slits over each eye. The bodysuit underneath is black. In Survivor Mode, his armor changes to black with golden trimmmings and he has a tattered cape that appears alive.

In ZKD Vol 2: His armor hasn't changed much except with the addition of the Excel Suit. The patterns are hexagonal. His Vampangel Mode is onyx black with sterling silver trim. Black armor plating covers the sides of the purple legs and sleeves of his bodysuit. Black tatterred robes with immaculate silver lining flowed from his waist. He also has wings; one black and demonic and the other white and angelic.

In ZKD Vol 3: Aside from the belt and deck reformatting, there's no change.

Appearance: His appearance changes so he can disguise himself. As Shadow, his hair is black with silver bangs and he has a red inverted triangle mark on his forehead (The Mark of Sin) and red on black eyes (similar to Gambit of X-Men fame. What I mean is that the parts that are supposed to be white, the sclera, are black and his irises are red with narrow black slits for pupils, like a snake. In other words, aside from the pupils, the color of his eyes turn to their opposite colors. His original eye color is a normal blue.). He also has markings under his eyes and pale, almost white, skin. In civilian form his hair is all black and his bangs cover over his mark and blue eyes. He has fangs. As a Vampangel he has an angel wing and a demon wing. In his Arch-Vampangel form he has 7 angel wings and 7 demon wings. His hair spikes up and he has seven red on black eyes. His mark of sin spreads to cover the upper half of his face.

Uniform: Gone through several changes. Present uniform is a black zipped up tunic with a thin purple line where the zipper is. He also wears the same matching purple gloves and boots as before. He now wears a cloak that is created from the shadows so it seems to take up a life of its own at times, reflecting Shadow's mood. The cloak is clasped on by a brooch that looks like a demonic skull. He wears his SB belt still.

3. Zodiac Knight Pluto

Real Name: Yoshiyuki Takada

Zodiac Animal: The Dog

Zodiac Power: Immortality/Invulnerability (Dog) and Levitation (Rooster)

Other Powers: A Super Genius, dog-like senses, electrical powers and nanotech enhancements.

Weaknesses: Lack of common sense, a big flirt.

Motto: “Did I do that?”

Zodiac Beasts: Cerberus/Cerberion (a three headed dog) and Darkwing/Darkraider (a bat).

Card reader: A sword.

Pluto's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Cerberus (5,000 AP):

Sword Vent (3,000 AP): K-9 Lance. A lance.

Shoot Vent (2,000 AP): K-9 Crossbow. A crossbow.

Portal Vent: Creates a portal to anywhere in the world. Possibly the universe. Also used as a portal to and out of the Mirror Dimension.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Frozen Hunter. Pluto rides upon Cerberus who freezes the opponent before smashing it to bits.

Add Vent Darkwing (4,000 AP): Summons Darkwing.

Sword Vent: Wing Lancer (2,000 AP). A lance

Guard Vent (2,000 DP): Wing Wall. Darkwing becomes a protective cape.

Nasty Vent: Supersonic Screech. Darkwing/Darkraider releases a deafening screech.

Trick Vent: Duplication. Creates duplicates.

Trap Vent: Vine Storm. Traps target in unbreakable vines.

Blast Vent: Darkwing/Darkraider blows the target away with a blast of wind from flapping its wings/the turbine in its wings.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Deadly Immortal’s Drill. Pluto jumps up and Darkwing, as his cape, wraps around Pluto and spins like a drill/corkscrew before dropping on the target, using the Wing Lancer/K-9 Lance as the tip.

Survivor Shippu (Right Wing of the Phoenix): Transforms Pluto to Survivor Mode. Contains the power of wind. Shippu means "Violent Wind" or "Gale".

Add Vent Darkaider (6,000 AP): Summons Darkraider.

Add Vent Cerberion (7,000 AP): Summons Cerberion

Sword Vent (4,000 AP): Hell Sword: A sword that could vary in length.

Shoot Vent (3,000 AP): Hell Crossbow. His card reader becomes a crossbow.

Guard Vent (3,000 DP): Hell Shield. His card reader becomes a shield.

Focus Vent: This card increases Pluto's speed and power by slowing down the rest of the world. Only Pluto has this card.

Survivor Final Vent (10,000 AP): Dark Torpedo. Pluto jumps upon Darkraider, who then changes to motorbike mode before Cyberion becomes energy and fuses with it. A laser paralyses the target before Pluto’s cape spreads out into wings and wraps around him and Darkraider, forming a torpedo that rams into the target.

Evolution Cyber: Transforms Pluto to Cyber Mode.

Bio: Although he is the one of the most experience Knight there is, maturity isn’t something to associate with this guy. Pluto acts like any normal teenager and likes to have fun. He often goes on dates every night and with a different girl each time. He is also a mechanical genius and likes to do experiments with anything mechanical. Of course, his love for mechanics has often gotten him into trouble. He originally became a Zodiac Knight to save his mother’s life. She went comatose after an accident that took the life of her husband and Pluto’s father. Pluto and his sister survived unharmed because they had been born with Zodiac Powers. His was Immortality and Invulnerability. With his sister, they fought to revive their mother from a coma. However, even so, it still does not dampen his cheerful, or flirtatious, personality. He is the bassist of the band made up of him, Draco and Shadowcobra.

Pluto has formed a tight friendship with Beast Boy and Cyborg. He mostly connects with Cyborg since they both have a lot in common and they both scheme and build things a lot. Beast Boy on the other hand is good company, even if he has a bad sense of humor.

Pluto may be a mechanical genius but he lacks a lot in common sense and is accident prone. He is reminded constantly about the “Giant Mutant Vegetables” incident and his only response was, “Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have used plutonium.” Pluto, according to Shadowcobra, was an even bigger fire hazard compared to Draco, believe it or not.

He now strives to become a one woman dog…I mean man. He is dating Blackfire but some of his old flirtatious traits still seep through, earning him a few beatings from his new (and hopefully permanent) girlfriend.

He gains new powers overtime while with the Titans and always accidentally.

Note: Pluto got his codename due to his ability to attain plutonium from god knows where. He holds one of the three Survivor Cards.

His card reader is a sword. In Survivor Mode, both sword and shield (strapped to his left arm and acts like a scabbard for the sword) are his card readers.

It is later revealed that he now possesses telekinetic abilities, which he had gained after defeating Dagger during the Gamemaster Saga.

He also shows a more sensitive side while visiting his comatose mother in the hospital with Blackfire.

Pluto can be seen in the garage or his workshop building or designing new vehicles or weapons. He also has a habit of spouting out outlandish theories.

His new battle vehicle is the ZX-Motor Majin.

Later on, he requests that Draco’s Jet Slinger be mass produced, but it was a big mistake since the newly mass produced Jet Slingers can be summoned by anyone possessing Excel Gear, including Copycat.

On a funny note, Pluto would eat dog biscuits as a snack. His favorite brand of dog food is the Scooby Snacks, a reference to Scooby Doo.

Participated in the final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil and works together with Gizmo although they can't stand each other.


ZKD Vol 1: When he first showed up, his armor reminded everyone of Batman, still does in fact. The armor is black with a silver chestpiece and worn over a navy blue bodysuit. He wears a cape, which is also his Zodiac Beast Darwking and his helmet has a vertically grilled visor and two sharp points. He gets Batman quips and cracks all the time. Despite being the Dog Knight, his armor is bat-like in appearance. This is also carried over to his Survivor Mode which is Sapphire and Gold with longer shoulder guards and covers his whole body. His cape is split in two and made to look like bat wings.

ZKD Vol 2: No change aside from the Excel Suit, which is black with rectangular patterns. His Cyber Mode looks like his normal mode armor but more technologically advanced as it is all sapphire in color with gold trimmings and a chestplate. Even his visor is gold.

ZKD Vol 3: No change except for the belt and deck.

Appearance: He has spiked up brown hair with two strands sticking out of his forehead and blue eyes. The most normal looking of the Knights.

Uniform: Present uniform is a black jumpsuit with color coded blue shoulder-pads, knee-pads, elbow-pads, gloves and boots. He wears a sleeveless blue labcoat over his suit and a headset with a microphone, pointy antennae and visor. The visor and headset has several functions like a scanner or communicator. Possibly made from his communicator. He wears an SB belt.

4. Zodiac Knight Copycat

Real Name: Neko "Kat" Katherine Hasuma

Zodiac Animal: The Cat

Zodiac Power: Mimicry (Cat) and Motion to the motionless (Rat)

Other Powers: Telepathy, Cat-like senses, agility and reflexes.

Zodiac Beasts: Techno Panther (a robotic humanoid panther) and Psychorogue/Psycho-Rogue/Psycho Rogue (an android-like monster that looks like a humanoid cricket and wearing a metal hockey mask. Could be considered a psychotic humanoid cricket)

Weaknesses: She must first see a person use their powers to copy them. Also, she cannot use more than one individual’s powers at a time less she overloads. Can get pretty obsessive and psychotic. Afraid of thunderstorms but not of water as she is a good swimmer (ironically, she hates getting wet). Suffers the same insanity inflicted by the consumption of chocolate. She also has a terrible temper that usually drives her insane during battle. Though this increases her power and strength, it clouds her judgment in battle. Her temper, more often that not, is a weakness easily exploited, especially when it comes to her twin brother Draco/Ryuki.

Motto: “Everything is just purr-fect.”

Card reader: A whip.

Copycat's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Techno Panther (5,000 AP): Summons Techno Panther.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Feline Claws. A pair of lethal clawed gauntlets.

Copy Vent: Copies the affect of another Knights’ Vent Cards.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Dark Nova Crash. Techno Panther stabs the target and drags it on the ground before Copycat stabs her claws into the target to destroy it.

Add Vent Psychorogue (6,000 AP): Summons Psychorogue.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Psycho Gloves. A pair of spiked gauntlets.

Sword Vent (3,000 AP): Psycho Slasher. A spiked lance.

Guard Vent (3,000 DP): Psycho Shield. A shield that looks like a metal hockey mask.

Final Vent (7,000 AP): Psycho Spiral. Psychorogue transforms into its motorbike mode before Copycat jumps on. Psychorogue spins around with Copycat riding and crashes into the target.

Bio: Draco’s nemesis and twin sister. Copycat has the power of the cat, which was also the animal left out of the Chinese Zodiac. Because of this, she has great animosity towards other members of the Chinese Zodiac. She hates the Rat, yes, but since she is jealous of her brother (Draco) she goes after him most of the time. This is an example of Sibling Rivalry gone bad as Copycat wants to completely annihilate Draco and his friends. As her name implies, Copycat can literally copy the powers of her opponent’s. This makes her quite dangerous, especially since she was once a member of Yoshido’s Black Knights Guild. She was literally kicked out for being completely nuts. However, Yoshido maybe trying to suck her back into the Guild.

However, she is not totally heartless. She still cares for her mother and when someone messes with her mother, they mess with Copycat.

Copycat now works for Slade and is the leader of Team Tartarus, a team of Zodiac Knights made up of her, and three of Slade’s kids; Aqua (Rose Wilson), ARMS (Grant Wilson) and Scizzors (Joey Wilson). She now knows Slade is working for Trigon.

She is in love with Rose. Kat is bisexual.

Kat reveals that she has gained the power of the Rat, Motion to the motionless.

Copycat has a very strange sense of honor, either a warped version of both Ninja and Samurai codes or just personally made up. One of her personal honor codes is that she would never let anyone defeat her brother, unless it’s herself of course. This code has been demonstrated when she helped the Titans during the Gamemaster Saga and then tries to destroy them after it was done. Later on, she temporarily stays in the Tower because of a fight with Rose. She realized she liked being a hero, but then went back to Slade since something she loved more remained there (Rose). Later, during the Terror of Trigon Arc, she joins a rescue team made up of her brother Draco, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin, Shadowcobra and Terra intending to rescue Raven from Azarath (or a wasteland that was once Azarath) and Trigon. This shows that Kat really cares about what happens to the world since she dreams of ruling it one day and wasteland isn't much to rule anyway.

It would seem that Copycat’s animosity towards her brother had toned down. However, she still dreams of beating him, which may not include killing him. This maybe due to the fact that what Kat really wanted was a family and her wish came true when she joined Slade. It was later revealed that Copycat’s original hatred for her brother came from her jealousy of him being given better treatment than her. Her brother although the second born was treated preferentially by everyone in her family since he was the heir of the Hasuma clan. Only her mother treated her fairly.

It is unknown on how Copycat gained her own set of Excel Gear, but it can be assumed that she was once, or would have been a Smart Brain Operative or merely hacked into the system, identifying herself as one and gaining her own set of gear, dubbed the CAT-Gear. She first used the CAT-Gear while rescuing a little girl from a burning hospital. This reveals that Copycat may not be as evil as she cares to admit. There might be a heart under that cold exterior afterall. She later asks Slade to donate funds for the little girl's operation. Ashley, the little girl Copycat saved, may just act as a conscience for Kat and coax her to leave the side of evil.

Copycat seems to dislike Terra the most, aside from her brother. This is because Terra ‘killed’ Slade. This issue may or may not resolve in the future.

Copycat has been called Slade’s best apprentice. However, this may mean that Copycat is the only apprentice that has remained by Slade since he invited her to join, but she remained on her own accord because of her love for Rose. She helped her brother to get out of being Slade’s apprentice because she feels that he’s stealing her thunder.

She is later on seen in Volume 3 stealing things for Slade. She also adopts a baby mutant she names Nekokage or Cat of the Shadows due to the baby’s feline mutation and ability to turn invisible.

Copycat has changed from a sociopathic teen to an anti-hero type of person. However, she still dreams of beating her brother to prove her superiority over him. Even so, she shows a soft side when it involves Rose and Cathy. Cathy has grown up to look 15 now and is the user of the ALPHA Gear, one of the two Emperor Belts Copycat had stolen.

Copycat was defeated by her brother in a Xiaolin Showdown. Though multiple Shen Gong Wu were wagered neither twin utilized them. This maybe because Copycat thought that the items would be a too unfair advantage. How she reacted to the defeat remains unknown but it can be said that she is not happy.


The design of her armor is based on a cat. A whip is securely fastened around her waist and the loose length of rope makes it look like a tail. On each finger of her gauntlets are razor sharp claws. On her legs she wears high heeled boots. Her helmet, that covers the whole face, is designed after a cat with red eyepieces.. Doesn't change much as the story progresses. Gains an Excel Suit in Volume 2 that matches her brother's but color is changed to white and blue in Vol 3. Get's visor that covers over her eyepieces.

Appearance: She is Draco's twin sister so they have similar facial features. Her black hair is long and she ALWAYS wears a black bow ribbon. Her eyes are storm blue.

Uniform: Like the Knight joining the Titans, her uniform has changed a lot over the course of the story. Currently, her uniform is a full black form fitting bodysuit with metal bracelets and claws at the tip of her fingers. She wears yellow tinted goggles that conceal her eyes and have sharp points attached to emulate cat-ears. She also wears a collar with Slade's emblem on it and a utility belt. Her whip is always around her waist.

5. Zodiac Knight Toros (Defeated)

Zodiac Animal: The Ox

Zodiac Power: Super Strength

Zodiac Beast: Bullhorn (A minotaur)

Motto: “We will stomp you!”

Card reader: Located on his left shoulder guard.

Toros' Vent Cards:

Add Vent Bullhorn (5,000 AP): Summons Bullhorn

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Eartquake Charge. Toros slams both his feet onto the ground and creates a powerful tremor, causing spikes to form around the target. Bullhorn will then burst out of the ground and pin the target down before Toros drops down with his Minotaur Hammer, causing massive damage.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Minotaur Hammer. A gauntlet that looks like Bullhorn's head.

Bio: The self proclaimed leader of the Gamemasters. He’s really just a muscle bound bully with a superiority complex. He lets his fists do the talking. He was defeated by Draco.

Armor: Silver armor with blocky shoulder guards, gauntlets and boots over his black bodysuit. His helmet fully covered his head and face and was designed after a bull, complete with a pair of big red horns.

Appearance: (Never seen) Muscular with squarish face and hair style to look like horns. Also wears a nose ring. His hair is black.

6. Zodiac Knight Astra (Defeated)

Zodiac Animal: The Sheep

Zodiac Power: Astral Projection

Zodiac Beast: Ramulus (a large ram)

Motto: “Be spirited away, and never come back.”

Card Reader: A mace.

Astra's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Ramulus (5,000 AP): Summons Ramulus.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Mist Sword. A mist to blind the enemy forms around the area. Astra then prepares to use her sword to stab the target and Ramulus will ram the target from the opposite side.

Shield Vent: This card gives a person a shield that protects him/her against damage but they are prohibited from attacking their opponent.

Sword Vent (2,000 AP): Ram Sword. A sword with a ram's head on the hilt.

Bio: The voice of reason within the Gamemasters and Toros’ sister. Unlike her brother, she prefers to use psychological warfare compared to brutish methods. She was defeated by Shadowcobra.

Armor: White and black body armor with white boots and gauntlets. Her head-covering helmet held a pair of curled horns and a grilled visor

Appearance: (Never seen) Black eyes with black hair styled in buns (much like Princess Leia of Star Wars fame.)

7. Zodiac Knight Animorph

Real Name: Ronald Dean Stoppable

Zodiac Animal: The Monkey

Zodiac Power: Shape Shifting

Other Powers: Has the ability to show an immense amount of good luck, which he dubs as dumb skill, at times. Skilled at Monkey Kung Fu.

Weaknesses: A very low attention span.

Zodiac Beast: Hanumonkey ( A cybernetic monkey)

Motto: “Not dumb luck, dumb skill!”

Card reader: Battle staff.

Animorph's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Hanumonkey (5,000 AP): Summons Hanumonkey.

Sword Vent (4,000 AP): Lotus Blade. A mystical sword with shapeshifting qualities.

Strike Vent (4,000 AP): Scepter of Hanuman. A powerful scepter with mystical powers and often used as a club.

Power Vent: Charge Up. Increase ALL stats.

Grow Vent: Increases the size of the user’s target.

Trick Vent: Monkey’s Army. Create an army of Animorphs

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Heaven’s Drop. Hanumonkey restrains the target and Animorph throws his staff into the air. The staff then becomes the size of a redwood tree and drops upon the target.

Bio: Ronald is Kim Possible’s sidekick/partner in the two man (and one mole rat) team dubbed “Team Possible”. Ron has been known to be a loser around school. However, he has proven himself time and again since he always stood by his best friend, and now girlfriend, Kim Possible. Ron possesses the legendary Mystical Monkey Powers and is a master in Tai Shing Pek Kwar, or Monkey Kung Fu. Ironically, he has a phobia of monkeys. He is also a master of the Lotus Blade. Ron met Libra during his week in Yamanouchi. Libra approached Ron and presented him the Monkey Deck. Ron said that it was, “Sick and Wrong!” but since it was part of his destiny he took it. At the prom, Ron finally hooked up with Kim. Kim, of course, doesn’t know about Ron’s secret. However, she will know that Ron Stoppable is Zodiac Knight Animorph.

He had been born with the Monkey Zodiac Power of Shape Shifting. However, he is only able to change himself into animals. The Lotus Blade is the most suitable weapon for him since it also possesses shape shifting qualities. Since the reformatting of the Zodiac Belts and Decks, his primary weapon and card reader is his cudgel.

Armor: Red armor with a yellow chestplate and shoulder pads. Under the armor is a red bodysuit. His gauntlets and boots are black. On his chest are diagonal straps that cross from his shoulders to his waist, forming a black X. Around his neck is a red scarf. His face is concealed under a red helmet with a crystal orb in the centre of the forehead. A yellow faceplate covers his face and blue eyepieces conceal his brown eyes.

Appearance: Watch Kim Possible. Has messy blond hair, freckles and brown eyes.

8. Zodiac Knight Doc

Real Name: Felix Renton

Zodiac Animal: The Horse

Zodiac Power: Healing

Zodiac Beast: Pegasus (A winged horse), Unigolon (A unicorn)

Weaknesses: Has grown dependant on armor since wearing it allows him to walk.

Card reader: Battle staff with crescent blades attached to each end.

Doc's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Pegasus (5,000 AP): Summons Pegasus.

Add Vent Unigolon (5,000 AP): Summons Unigolon.

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Unicorn’s Horn. A gauntlet that looks like Unigolon’s head.

Flight Vent: Pegasus Wings. Gives Doc the wings of Pegasus.

Speed Vent: Increases Speed.

Defence Vent: Increases Defence.

Shield Vent: A powerful shield that can block even the strongest of attacks, but prohibits the user from attacking.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Pegasus Halo. Doc jumps on his monster, a winged horse and flies around the target. A ring of energy forms and then cuts the target in half as it shrinks.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Golden Horn Strike. Doc jumps on his monster, Unigolon, and rides it towards his target. Unigolon’s horn stabs into the target and then Doc jumps up and dives down with his weapon, striking the target to death.

Bio: Felix Renton is a wheel chair bound youth who is also Ron’s best guy friend. Felix’s chair is no average wheel chair as it was designed by his mother, a cyber robotics genius so it has things like a move at high speeds and fly as well as some hidden knick knacks at his disposal. Felix was chosen by Libra to become the Horse Knight and Felix eagerly accepts after realizing he is able to walk in Knight form.

Felix possesses the power of healing. He can heal wounds and diseases with a touch of his hand. Of course, unfortunately, he is unable to heal his own handicap but it doesn’t get him down. He is also an avid gamer and loves monster truck rallies as much as Ron. He is also a good basketball player. Has taken a liking to Zita Flores. Since the reformatting of the Zodiac Belts and Decks, his primary weapon and card reader is a polearm with a crescent shaped blade on each end.

Armor: White armor with matching gauntlets and metallic knee high boots worn over a red bodysuit. On the left side of his chestplate is a golden circle with his emblem: The Horse. He has a pair of small wings on his back. His helmet matches his armor, with wing-like extensions on both sides of his faceplate and a horn protruding from the top, just above the blue visor.

Appearance: Watch Kim Possible. A blue eyes boy with short brown hair and in a wheelchair.

9. Zodiac Knight Boar

Real Name: Brick Flagg

Zodiac Animal: The Pig

Zodiac Power: Heat Beam Eyes

Zodiac Beast: Wild Boarder (Humanoid wild boar)

Card reader: Rake

Boar's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Wild Boarder (5,000 AP): Summons Wild Boarder.

Shoot Vent (2,000 AP): Boar Rifle: A powerful rifle.

Shoot Vent (3,000 AP): Boar Cannons. A pair of shoulder mounted cannons.

Guard Vent (4,000 DP): Boar Shield. A shield in the shape of a pig’s head.

Mighty Vent: Increases Power.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Optical Apocalypse. Wild Boarder, stands in front of its master. Boar focuses his eyebeams into the monster’s back, which holds a red orb that absorbs the energy. A cannon pops out of the monster’s chest and fires a concentrated energy beam blast. Similar to ARMS' End of the World Final Vent.

Bio: Captain of the football team of Middelton High. Quite a popular student. He used to date Bonnie but now is dating Monique. Not too bright but has a good heart. Became a Knight because his father suffers from chronic heart disease. After the reformatting of the decks and belts, his primary weapon and card reader is a rake.

Armor: Heavy blue battle armor, especially on his chest and shoulders. His bodysuit is black. He has large bulky boots and gauntlets. There is a large green orb imbedded in the centre of the chestplate. His helmet is designed after a pig, complete with pointed ears and a faceplate that looked like a pig’s snout. He has red eye pieces.

Appearance: Watch Kim Possible. Large and muscular with blonde hair and blue eyes.

10. Zodiac Knight Tiger

Real Name: Kazuo Hibiki

Zodiac Animal: The Tiger

Zodiac Power: Yin-Yang Opposites

Other powers: Generates and manipulates ice.

Motto: “Gotta split!”

Zodiac Beast: Destwilder (A humanoid tiger)

Card reader: a battle axe.

Tiger's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Destwilder (5,000 AP): Summons Destwilder.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Savage Tiger Claws. A pair of clawed gauntlets.

Freeze Vent: Freezes Target.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Crystal Break. Destwilder grabs the target and freezes it before throwing it at Tiger who shatters the target to pieces with the Savage Tiger Claws.

Bio: Tiger is one half of the group, “Liger”. As such, his element is Ice. Unlike his partner Lion, Tiger doesn’t rush headlong into battle, but instead plans out his strategies calmly. Unfortunately, he plans out so much that he forgets to act. Luckily, Lion is there to balance him out. His real name is Kazuo Hibiki and he plays the drums in the rock band formed with his brother, Tarou, called the ‘Wild Ligers’. He is dating Ami of Puffy AmiYumi. In Vol 3 he made a brief guest appearance after receving an anonymous call (it was from Copycat) to help the Titans restore Draco. He hasn't made another appearance since.

Armor: White and blue armor with matching gauntlets and boots worn over a blue bodysuit. Blue tiger stripes decorate his white chest plate. His white helmet fully conceals his head and has a white visor with a black slit going down the middle and two horizontal slits crossing over that were reminiscent of a Siberian tiger

Appearance. Has shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. Also has a small X scar on his chin. His eyebrows are shaggy too.

11. Zodiac Knight Dagger (Defeated)

Zodiac Animal: The Rooster

Zodiac Power: Levitation

Zodiac Beast: Cockatrice

Motto: “Cockfight time!”

Card reader: Left kneepad.

Dagger's Vent Cards.

Add Vent Cockatrice (5,000 AP): Summons Cockatrice ( a half snake and half rooster creature)

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Cock Crow. Cockatrice surrounds the target's head with a ball of deafening sound and Dagger then performs a kick simillar to Draco's Final Vent (Dragon's Combustion Kick). Energy forms around his leg.

Bio: He is, in all senses, a chicken. He never fights fair and when the odds are stacked up against him, he turns tail as quick as a flash. He was defeated by Pluto.

Armor: Brown and black armor with yellow gauntlets and boots. His green helmet also covered his head and face and was based on a rooster

Appearance: (Never seen) Has long crooked nose and black hair styled in a mohawk.

12. Zodiac Knight Moon

Real Name: Magami Angelina Amakusa-Akuma

Zodiac Animal: The Rabbit

Zodiac Power: Speed

Zodiac Beast: Hopstar (Humanoid Rabbit.)

Card reader: Right boot.

Moon's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Hopstar (4,000 AP): Summons Hopstar.

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Rabbit Gloves. A pair of gauntlets.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Rapid Rabid Rabbit. Moon and Hopstar run around the target at super speed, creating a vortex that sucks the target in. When the vortex dissipates, the target will drop back down, allowing Moon and Hopstar rapidly attacks the target with their super fast punches and kicks.

Bio: Shadowcobra hyperactive sister. She does everything fast. Quite reckless but able to get the job done. Shadowcobra is often embarrassed by his sister’s behavior but loves her anyway. Has a short attention span. A member of Titans East with Venus. She is currently dating Ekelo who is a member of Titans East as well. Participated in the final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil.

Armor: Pink and white body armor designed after a rabbit complete with a pair of rabbit ears attached to her pink helmet and a blue visor. After deck reformatting, her visor gains eye slits like her brother's.

Appearance: She has long, green and wavy shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

Uniform: Black tunic with pink crescent moon symbol and black pants. Her gloves, mask, scarf and boots are pink.

13. Zodiac Knight Vermin (Defeated)

Zodiac Animal: The Rat

Zodiac Power: Motion to the motionless

Zodiac Beast: Rattor

Zodiac Beast: Rattor (A rat)

Card reader: A whip.

Vermin's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Rattor (5,000 AP): Summons Rattor.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Black Death. Hundreds of rats appear and climb all over the target, immobilizing it. Vermin then rushes forward with his hands surrounded by black energy and smashes them into the mass of rats, destroying the target.

Bio: A rat. Vermin has been known to cheat to get money. An avid player of gambling games, his luck has never failed him. Only against Shadowcobra and Copycat has his luck ran out on him. Is proud for his place at the top of the Chinese Zodiac. Unfortunately, and shamefully, he doesn’t live up to the name. He was defeated by Copycat.

Armor: Brown armor. The armor was worn over a black body suit with spiked gauntlets and boots. His helmet was designed like a rat’s head, complete with buckteeth on the mouth plate and a pair of round rat ears.

Appearance: (Never seen) Bald with buck teeth and big ears. Brown eyes.

14. Zodiac Knight Libra

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Zodiac Power: Maintains the balance of all the Zodiac Knights

Other powers: A full range of psychic and elemental abilities.

Zodiac Beasts: Zhuqiao (a red phoenix), Qinglong (a blue dragon), Xuanwu (a black turtle), Baihu (a white tiger) and Huanglong ( agolden dragon)

Card reader: A staff.

Libra's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Zhuqiao (8,000 AP): Summons Zhuqiao.

Add Vent Baihu (8,000 AP): Summons Baihu.

Add Vent Xuanwu (8,000 AP): Summons Xuanwu.

Add Vent Qinglong (8,000 AP): Summons Qinglong.

Add Vent Huanglong (10, 000 AP): Summons Huanglong.

Sword Vent (4,000 AP):Zhuqiao Swords. A pair of powerful claymores.

Strike Vent (4,000 AP): Baihu Claws. A pair of powerful clawed gauntlets.

Guard Vent (4,000 DP): Xuanwu Shield. A shield that looks like a turtle's shell.

Shoot Vent (4,000 AP): Qinglong Cannon. A cannon that looks like a blue dragon's head.

Time Vent: Manipulates Time

Fusion Vent: Fuses two or more monsters together.

Final Vent (9,000 AP): Red Phoenix Slice. Zhuqiao attaches itself to Libra's back and flies him towards the target before slices them to pieces with his Zhuqiao Swords.

Final Vent (9,000 AP): White Tiger Slash. Baihu restrains the target within a metal cage that it then flings towards Libra and he slashes the target to oblivion with his claws.

Final Vent (9,000 AP): Black Turtle Crash. Libra rides upon Xuanwu who crashes upon the target.

Final Vent (9,000 AP): Blue Dragon Smash. Similar to Draco's Dragon Combustion Kick except that he fires his Qinglong Cannon before striking with a powerful flying kick.

Final Vent (10,000 AP): Sacred Strike. All of his monsters go into his staff and he fires a powerful energy blast at the target.

Final Vent (20,000 AP): Golden Blade. Huanglong becomes a sword and Libra strikes at his opponent with it.

Bio: Guardian of the Zodiac Knights. He watches over the fighting, but never intervenes. His identity is a secret and so are his origins. He does seem to have some connection to some of the Zodiac Knights’ pasts. He works side by side with Fuji to choose and watch over the Zodiac Knights. Totally despises Yoshido. Libra’s true identity is unknown but several hints have pointed out that his true identity is…

He later reformats the decks and belt, fusing them together to create the Z-Buckles. The card decks reside within the buckle and the new transformation call is “Empowerment of (Enter Zodiac Animal/Sign here)”

Example: “Empowerment of the Zodiac Dragon!” or “Empowerment of Aries!”

Armor: Golden and crimson armor with long and broad shoulder guards. The armor is worn over a black bodysuit. His gauntlets hold blades near his elbows. His boots reach up to his knees. His helmet has a pair of curved blade extensions near the brow. Behind him, he wear a red cape. His helmet's faceplate covers his face

Appearance: Messy and spiky black hair with red streaks and green eyes. Has three scars over his right eye.

15. Zodiac Knight Scorpios (Deceased?)

Real Name: Asakura Takeshi

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Zodiac Power: Sand Morphing

Other powers: None

Weaknesses: Mentally unstable and wild.

Zodiac Beast: Garuzak ( a giant robotic scorpion)

Card reader: A scythe.

Scorpios’ Vent Cards:

Add Vent Garuzak (6,000 AP): Summons Garuzak.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Scorpio Claws: A pair of powerful scorpion claws.

Sword Vent (3,000 AP): Scorpio Sword: A poisonous saber.

Final Vent (7,000 AP): Sandstorm Smash. A powerful drop kick. Scorpios leaps upon Garuzak’s and the monster launches him into the air. A sandstorm appears to blind the target, leaving the target vulnerable, before Scorpios drops down upon the target, feet first, causing massive damage. (This attack killed both Zodiac Knight Jawz/Tazuka and Zodiac Knight Striker)

Bio: Scorpios is one of Yoshido’s favorites and the other Knights’ worst nightmare. He is totally devoid of a conscience and kills for the simple pleasure of it. He fights only because he enjoys it and has no real goal but to eliminate anyone who makes him mad or gets in his way. He has murdered countless people especially a couple of Zodiac Knights. Eventually, he was defeated by Draco, Pluto and Shadowcobra and had his deck destroyed. However, recently, he had escaped from the insane asylum, and with a totally new Zodiac Deck, which was probably given to him by Yoshido himself.

His Zodiac Power is that he is able to change himself into sand and can manipulate it as well.

Armor: Black suit of armor trimmed in red with a black bodysuit underneath. His helmet had six slits running horizontally over the eyes.

Appearance: Has bleached blonde and spiky hair. His eyes are amber in color and wild and he has numeroes scars on his face.

Additional info: It remains unknown as to how he escaped from the Mirror Dimension. Upon his return it is revealed that he has become an Orphenoch. Ironically and much to Draco's fears he is the Dragon Orphenoch and one of Occultus' generals.

16. Zodiac Knight Aqua

Real Name: Rose Wilson

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Zodiac Power: Can telepathically speak to aquatic animals. Can also manipulate water (hydrokinesis)and air (aerokinesis).

Other powers: Precognition and skillful in sword combat.

Card reader: A metal fan.

Aqua’s Vent Cards:

Add Vent Dolpheen (4,000 AP): Summons Dolpheen.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Torrential Terror: Aqua summons a giant tidal wave and controls it with Dolpheen to destroy her targets. Good for mass destruction.

Bio: Rose is the youngest of the Wilson children and is Grant and Joey’s half sister. She wants to be acknowledged in her father’s eyes and that’s why she does his bidding. She is an expert gymnast and a good fighter, using steel fans as her primary weapons and a machete as her secondary one. Her precognitive abilities allow her to see short glimpses into the future, but this is enough so she can see her opponent’s next move. She is a lesbian and is in love with Kat who, fortunately, loves her back.

Her Zodiac Power to communicate with aquatic animals is similar to that of the hero Aqualad as well as her ability to manipulate water. She later discovers her ability to manipulate air. Her card reader and primary weapons are a pair of metal fans.

Armor: Blue and white armor with the symbol of Aquarius on her chestplate. Her helmet holds a V shaped black visor and long white hair flows from the back of her helmet.

Appearance: Has long white hair that covers the left or right half of her face.

17. Zodiac Knight Jawz (Deceased)

Real Name: Tazuka Mizuki

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Zodiac Power: Clairvoyance

Zodiac Beasts: Sharkhan ( a hammerhead shark), Overbite ( a red shark) and Stingdiver (a stingray).

Card reader: Shield mounted on left gauntlet. The shield looks like a hammerhead shark.

Jawz’s Vent Cards:

Add Vent Sharkhan (5,000 AP): Summons Sharkhan.

Add Vent Stingdiver (4,000 AP): Summons Stingdiver.

Add Vent Overbite (4,000 AP): Summons Overbite.

Copy Vent: Copies another Knight’s weapon.

Sword Vent (2,000 AP): Red Shark Sword. A thin double edged sword with a shark-like hilt.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Hammerhead Fist. A gauntlet that looks like a hammerhead shark’s head.

Swing Vent (2,000 AP): Sting Whip. A barbed whip.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Hammer Surge. Jawz rides upon Sharkhan like a surfboard and rams into the target.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Drilling Shark Strike. Jawz rides upon Overbite who nosedives towards the target, spinning with the Red Shark Sword pointing downwards before drilling into the target.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Stingray Surf. Jawz rides upon Stingdiver like surfboard and rams into the target.

Final Vent (8,000 AP): Sea Surge. A combination attack. Jawz rides upon Sharkhan as all three of his monsters, and him, smash into the target.

Bio: He was a fortune teller whose only reason for becoming a Zodiac Knight was to stop the meaningless fighting. He was quite close to Draco and Pluto. He was also the only person who knew Shadowcobra’s real reason for fighting. He was killed by Scorpios after sacrificing himself to save Draco. Shadowcobra’s monster, Stingdiver, was given to him by Jawz. Overbite was given to Draco

His Zodiac Power allowed him to see the future. His card reader was a shield shaped like a hammerhead shark mounted on his left forearm.

Armor: His armor was blue and white and had fins on his boots and shoulder guards. His sysmbol was in a golden circle in the centre of his chestplate with golden extensions in all four corners. His helmet had fins flanking it and on it with a fin on top. His black visor was Y-shaped and he wore an armguard/shield that looked like a hammerhead shark.

Appearance: Had short black hair and eyes.

18. Zodiac Knight Scizzors

Real Name: Joseph Wilson

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Zodiac Power: Able to reform into liquid metal and manipulate it to form weapons.

Other powers: Can possess people through eye contact and telepathic communication.

Weakness: Mute and lacks much in proper combat training.

Zodiac Beast: Volcancer (A humanoid crab)

Card reader: Sheers mounted on left gauntlet.

Scizzors' Vent Cards:

Add Vent Volcancer (3,000 AP): Summons Volcancer

Strike Vent (1,000 AP): Cancer Claws. A crab claw that looks like Volcancer's.

Guard Vent (2,000 AP): Cancer Shield. A shield that looks like the shell on the back of Volcancer.

Final Vent (4,000 AP): Scissor Claw Attack. Scizzors jumps upon Volcancer's claws and the monster springs its Knight into the air where Scizzors goes into a rolling attack towards the target.

Bio: Slade’s second child and most often the most gentle. He is unable to speak because his throat was slashed so severely by his kidnappers and his vocal cords were not able to be saved. However, he has developed telepathic abilities allowing him to ‘speak’ into people’s minds as well as possess another person's body through eye contact. Joseph, or Joey as he preferred, is the most gentle of Slade’s kids and may change for the better. However, he is still loyal to his father and family. Kat treats him like a younger brother. He is in love with Erika Takada (Zodiac Knight Venus).

At first, he was only able to reforms his arms into liquid metal to form weapons, but he later learns to reforms his own body into liquid metal. His card reader is a pair of shears mounted on his left gauntlet.

He left shortly after "Cult" to possibly assume the guise of Jericho. He left his Cancer Deck to Kat meaning he might take up the mantle again. He appears again and has apparently become a Titan. He is also Venus' boyfriend but had also gathered attention from Kole. He might reclaim his role as Scizzors but it remains a mystery whether he will become a villain again or use his Zodiac Powers for good.

Armor: Golden armor which Is worn over a black bodysuit. His gauntlets and armored boots are silver. His helmet hold two hollow black eyepieces and a pair of small horns jut out from the front. Mounted on his left arm is a pair of shears. The symbol of Cancer decorates his chestplate.

Appearance: Curly blonde hair and green eyes.

19. Zodiac Knight Mirage

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Zodiac Power: Create illusions

Zodiac Beast: Biomeleon (a humanoid chameleon)

Card reader: Chameleon shaped holster located on left thigh,

Mirage's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Biomeleon (4,000 AP): Summon Biomeleon

Copy Vent: Copy the affect of another Knight’s card.

Clear Vent: Become invisible.

Hold Vent (2,000 AP): Bio-Yoyo. A yoyo and Façade’s/Mirage’s primary weapon.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Death Banish. A pile-driver attack that Mirage/Facade perform together with Biomeleon. Biomeleon unleashes its tongue and grabs Mirage/Façade around the legs after he/she stands on his/her hands before throwing him/her into the blue. Mirage/Façade grabs the target and executes a powerful (and deadly) mid-air pile-driver afterwards.

Bio: Mirage and Façade are masters of illusions as well as masters of disguise. They are actually a set of fraternal twins, Mirage being male and Façade being female. They have eluded defeat time and again, and when it seemed they had died, they return to wreak more havoc. Their identities are currently a mystery.

They were once members of the Black Knights Guild but were kicked out presumably from failure to defeat Draco, Shadowcobra and Pluto. They finish each other sentences. Their card readers look like chameleons mounted on their left thights.

They appear to have a minimal amount of ninja training.

Armor: Green and black body armor that is based on a chameleon motif. Their helmets hold large chameleon eyes. Attached to their left thighs are their card readers, shaped like chameleons

20. Zodiac Knight Façade

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Zodiac Power: Create illusions

Zodiac Beast: Biomeleon (a humanoid chameleon)

Card reader: Chameleon shaped holster located on left thigh,

Facade's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Biomeleon (4,000 AP): Summon Biomeleon

Copy Vent: Copy the affect of another Knight’s card.

Clear Vent: Become invisible.

Hold Vent (2,000 AP): Bio-Yoyo. A yoyo and Façade’s/Mirage’s primary weapon.

Final Vent (5,000 AP): Death Pile-Driver. . A pile-driver attack that Mirage/Facade perform together with Biomeleon. Biomeleon unleashes its tongue and grabs Mirage/Façade around the legs after he/she stands on his/her hands before throwing him/her into the blue. Mirage/Façade grabs the target and executes a powerful (and deadly) mid-air pile-driver afterwards.

Bio: Mirage and Façade are masters of illusions as well as masters of disguise. They are actually a set of fraternal twins, Mirage being male and Façade being female. They have eluded defeat time and again, and when it seemed they had died, they return to wreak more havoc. Their identities are currently a mystery. They finish each others sentences. Their card readers look like chameleons mounted on their left thights.

They were once members of the Black Knights Guild but were kicked out presumably from failure to defeat Draco, Shadowcobra and Pluto.

They appear to have a minimal amount of ninja training.

Armor: Green and black body armor that is based on a chameleon motif. Their helmets hold large chameleon eyes. Attached to their left thighs are their card readers, shaped like chameleons

21. Zodiac Knight Hunter (Defeated)

Real Name: Masaru Shirow

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Zodiac Power: 6th Sense

Other Powers: Skills in shamanism and exorcism

Zodiac Beast: Cheiron. (A centaur)

Card reader: Crossbow equipped on left gauntlet.

Hunter’s Vent Cards:

Add Vent Cheiron (5,000 AP): Summons Cheiron.

Sword Vent (3,000 AP): Hunter’s Blade. A sword extends from his crossbow.

Final Vent (6,000M AP) Hunter’s Heart. Hunter rides on Cheiron’s back and they charge at the target, holding their weapons to stab at the target.

Bio: Masaru hates ALL demons, especially Shadowcobra. He has it in his mind that Shadow had killed his sister by draining her life force after finding out his identity as a Vampangel. Even though his sister died of leukemia, he still sees it as demonic foul play and hates Shadow. He calls Shadow by the name ‘Abomination’ and swears to hunt him down and kill him. He believes that Shadow’s existence is a mockery of God’s work and swears to destroy him and others alike. He has trained himself for almost three years so that one day he could destroy Shadow. Yoshido saw great potential in Masaru and gave him the Sagitarius deck and made him a member of the Black Knights Guild. His card reader is a crossbow.

The Knights (Shadow, Draco and Pluto) first encountered him after he broke into the Smart Brain Corp top secret R and D lab and stole a prototype AI equipped, state of the art, fully armed, hybrid motorcycle known as the Desert Stinger.

He was defeated by Shadowcobra.

Armor: Was designed like that of the Samurai’s, with shoulder guards that covered his upper arms and leg protectors attached to the torso armor. His shoulder guards had spikes along its surface. The symbol of Sagittarius rested on the left side of his chest. His helmet was rounded and had a visor with 4 eye slots and a faceplate with 4 vertical slits. His card reader and primary weapon was a crossbow mounted on his left arm. His armor was the color of the Black Knights’, black and red

Appearance: Masaru is a boy about 15 years old with short brown hair and hazel eyes.

22. Zodiac Knight Lion

Real Name: Tarou Hibiki

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Zodiac Power: Control and communicate with wild animals

Other powers: Generates and manipulates fire.

Zodiac Beast: Savageleon (a humanoid lion)

Card reader: Double edged battleaxe.

Lion's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Savageleo (5,000 AP): Summons Savageleon.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Savage Lion Claws. A pair of gauntlets with sharp claws.

Burn Vent: Engulfs target in flames.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Burning Claw. Savageleon will grab the target and restrain it as Lion charges with a flaming Savage Claws. When the claws hit, the target will spontaneously combust.

Bio: Lion is one half of the two man group ‘Liger’. As such, his element is fire. Liger is a hothead who goes into battle without a plan whatsoever and relies on instinct all the time. Luckily for him, he has Tiger to balance him out. Strangely, he is the strong silent type. His real name is Tarou Hibiki and with his brother, Kazuo (Tiger) form the rock band ‘Wild Liger’. He is dating Yumi of ‘Puffy AmiYumi’. He plays the electric guitar.

Armor: Black and red armor with matching gauntlets and boots that are worn over a red bodysuit. His black helmet fully covers his head and is equipped with a red jagged visor, reminiscent to that of a lion’s mane.

Appearance: He has spiked up red hair and blue eyes.

23. Zodiac Knight A.R.M.S. (Artillery Robotic Mercenary Soldier)

Real Name: Grant Wilson

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Zodiac Power: Magnetism.

Other powers: An expert marksman.

Weaknesses: Can become extremely obsessive and trigger happy.

Zodiac Beast: Gigataurus (a robotic minotaur)

Card reader: A submachine gun.

ARMS' Vent Cards:

Add Vent Gigataurus (6,000 AP): Summons Gigataurus.

Shoot Vent (3,000 AP): Giga Launcher. A rocker launcher/cannon/bazooka.

Shoot Vent (3,000 AP): Giga Cannons. A pair of shoulder mounted cannons.

Fly Vent: Giga Pack. A jetpack that allows ARMS to fly.

Guard Vent (3,000 DP): Giga Guard. A shield that looks like Gigataurus' chestplate.

Final Vent (7,000 AP): End of the World. ARMS places the barrel of his submachine gun into the back of Gigataurus and the monster lets loose ALL of its ammo.

Bio: ARMS is a member of Team Tartarus. He first appeared before the Titans after he had executed both Atlas and Overload for failure. He was then challenged by Pluto, Shadowcobra and Draco to a duel, which they lost.

ARMS is basically a trigger happy lunatic with enough ammunition to start World War 3. He loves the sounds of explosions a little too much. His armor protects him from the shocks and recoils of firing his weapons and he has a lot of them, ranging from plasma cannons, bazookas, cannons and rocket launchers. His primary weapon is the sub-machine gun, which he carries around and use as his card reader. He is annoyed by Copycat but respects her leadership skills. He just likes to annoy her and this always causes him to have her boot shoved up his ass.

Grant is the eldest son of Slade and is an expert marksman. He wishes to prove himself worthy to his father and he took on the Zodiac Powers of Taurus to do so. He has magnetic powers that allow him to manipulate metal.

At first, he was a very powerful Knight, but has grown cocky and bigheaded. Now, he is seen as a very incompetent individual with a tech crazed mind similar to Pluto. He is, however, very powerful…if only he wasn’t so arrogant. His arrogance, often than not, usually leads to his downfall.

Armor: Full suit of silver and green armor. The torso is covered in heavy combat armor with blocky shoulder pads while the rest of his body, the arms and legs, were covered in green armor. On his chestplate is the sign of Taurus. Black gauntlets adorned the hands while black boots were worn firmly on his feet. A green helmet fully covers his head and is equipped with a silver visor. A pair of golden horns rests upon his helmet. Looks almost robotic

24. Zodiac Knight Mortuary

Real Name: Craig Smith

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Zodiac Power: He can create duplicates of himself.

Other powers/Abilities: A sharpshooter with his Death Buster gun and can generate and manipulate necroplasm.

Zodiac Beasts: Gigazelle, Megazelle, Negazelle, and Omegazelle. (All are humanoid gazelles/deer)

Card reader: Right kneepad.

Mortuary's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Gazelle (5,000 AP): Summons Gazelle herd

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Horned Greaves: A pair of spike sovered boots.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP) Gazelle Stabber. A double drilled weapon mounted on the right arm.

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Call of the Herd. All of Mortuary’s Gazelle monsters attack the target and Mortuary lands a final fatal strike to finish it off.

Bio: Young Craig Smith was born never knowing who his real parents are. Craig is actually a clone of an ancient sorcerer named Joachim Xell; Craig was the only perfect clone in what was dubbed Project: Xell. Craig was raised to have no concept of right and wrong he was only trained to carry out orders for his superiors. Craig’s superiors are the secret organization called Dark Cronos whose soul purpose is to create clones of warlords, mad men, and sorcerers. Dark Cronos has only succeeded in cloning Xell, but unaware to Dark Cronos was that Craig could not fully control his power. During a training session Craig had totally lost control which ended in the destruction of the Dark Cronos lab with Craig being the only known survivor. He was found wandering in the near by woods by Vincent Harker. Craig had totally lost all memory of the incident and has since become Vincent’s ward. Craig had it made by living with Vince, but he just wasn’t into the rich life style so he decided to leave and work as a lab assistant for Dr. Herbert West at Miskatonic University in Arkham Massachusetts. In Arkham he also met Terra and decided to leave Dr. West for a while and form a team with Terra called the Red Wolves. Due to internal conflicts the Red Wolves broke up, afterwards Craig was sought out by a man who only calls himself “One” to form a team of monster hunters called the Templars. The Templars were getting very successful in their job until a powerful Orphenoch killed the entire team and left Craig fatally wounded, after being treated by Dr. West, Craig sought revenge. Craig believes that Zodiac Knight Draco was the Orphenoch that killed his team and tracks him to Titans Tower. Mortuary breaks into the Tower and tries to kill Draco, but is stopped by the Titans and is talked out of it by Draco.

On a camping trip with the male members of the Titans he is given the Aries Deck by Libra to fight Orphenochs.

Armor: Primarily brown and black and worn over a black bodysuit with the Symbol of Aries resting on his black chestplate. Mounted on his right knee is a kneepad that looked like a gazelle’s head/skull. His helmet is silver and brown, with vertical slits where the eyes would be and with a blue diamond shaped jewel in the centre. There are a pair of brown horns attached to the sides of the helmet that jut upwards. His shoulder pads hold two curved spikes on each. There is a silver mouthpiece on the helmet.

25. Zodiac Knight Striker (Deceased)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Zodiac Power: Earth Manipulation

Zodiac Beast: Metagoater (humanoid goat)

Card reader: Located on left shoulder-guard.

Striker's Vent Cards:

Add Vent Metagoater (5,000 AP): Summons Metagoater.

Strike Vent (3,000 AP): Metadrill. A drill mounted on his right arm.

Strike Vent (2,000 AP): Metaclub A gauntlet equipped with a battering rm

Final Vent (6,000 AP): Death Driller. Striker charges towards his target with the Metadrill while riding, horizontally, upon Metagoater's shoulders. Similar to Shadowcobra's Rhinoceros Smasher.

Bio: The original leader of the Gamemasters. Was arrogant and thought of the battles as a game. His own arrogance led to his downfall as he met his end at Scorpios’ hands.

Armor: Orange in color with a black visor and moutpiece. Blocky in appearance and worn over a black bodysuit. Had small horn potrusions on top of helmet.

26. Zodiac Knight Venus

Real Name: Erika Takada

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Zodiac Power: Healing and can read people’s auras through physical contact while healing. Can also shoot energy blasts

Zodiac Beast: Whitewing (A swan)

Card reader: A rapier.

Venus' Vent Cards:

Add Vent Whitewing (4,000 AP): Summons Whitewing

Sword Vent (2,000 AP): Swan Glaive. A golden naginata

Guard Vent (2,000 DP): Swan Shield. A shield shaped like Whitewing's wings.

Final Vent (5,000 AP) Misty Slash. Whitewing flies behind the target and flaps its wings, blowing them towards Venus who slashes them to pieces with her Swan Glaive.

Bio: Pluto’s little sister and Draco's ex-girlfriend. They broke up after he couldn't cope with Tazuka's death and became recluse. Venus was at first jealous of Jinx but they got over their differences once she realised that Draco was much happier with Jinx. Her power of Virgo comes from her purity. She is able to heal people and canread their aura's through skin contact, letting her now if a person is good or bad. Of course, her healing and aura sensory powers are connected so she can only read auras through healing. She named herself after the Roman Goddess of Love. A member of Titans East with Moon.

Armor: White, gold and black body armor with a white cape, which was split in two to emulate wings, hanging from her shoulders. On her hip Is a white scabbard with a rapier like sword that has a golden handle attached to it. Her helmet ss white with a golden tiara and a black visor. After deck reformatting, her visor is silver and grilled like her brother Pluto's and she has a singel cape that is no longer split. She participated in the final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil and is now actively dating Jericho.

Uniform: She wears a black long sleeved tunic and maching pants. Her boots, gloves, eye mask and scarf are white. She was a swan symbol on her chest.

Appearance: Fair skinned with blue eyes and chin length black hair that curles around her face and frames it in a cute way.

List of my fics:

Zodiac Knight Draco: My first fic. It was short first but now it's been expanded.

VOL 1: The Zodiac Titans

Arc 1: The Beginning (Major story arc): Introducing the Zodiac Knights

Arc 2: The Date (Major Story arc): Draco takes Jinx on a date.

Arc 3: Teen Titans go to the Amusement Park (Major story arc): Like the title says. Lots of wackiness and a little adventure.

Arc 4: Men and their Toys (Mini arc): Pluto and Cyborg go to see Fixit to repair one of Pluto's inventions and perfect it.

Arc 5: Slade's Challenge (Mini arc): Slade challenges the remaining Titans; Shadowcobra, Pluto, Draco, Terra, and Jinx, to a Scavenger Hunt.

Arc 6: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself (Major story arc): Shadow's greatest fear...what is it? It's being alone...

Arc7: Meeting Draco's Mom (Major story arc): Draco's mom comes over to Jump City to visit her son and host a fashion show.

Arc 8: Super Supermodels (Major Story Arc): The TT girls strut their stuff on the catwalk. Also, some special guest stars show up.

Arc 9: Honey, I think i shrunk the Titans (Mini arc): Pluto accidentally shrinks the Titans.

Arc 10: Gamemaster Saga (Major story arc): The Knights' old enemies, the Gamemasters, trap the Titans in a VR world and must beat them if they want to escape.


Part 1: Mirror Madness
Part 2: My Name is Draco
Part 3: Initiation
Part 4: Draco VS The HIVE
Part 5: Draco Visits Jinx
Part 6: Jinx and the Knight
Part 9: Copycat
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Part 30: Go-Kart Craziest
Part 31: Men and Their Toys
Part 32: When Pluto Met Fixit
Part 33: Game, Set, Match!
Part 34: A.R.M.S.
Part 35: Beast Boy and Penguins
Part 36: Knights In Nevermore
Part 37: Stranded at Home
Part 38: Slade's Challenge
Part 39: Spiritual Power
Part 40: Sex Ed
Part 41: Breakfast Interlude
Part 42: Movie Night
Part 43: Searching
Part 44: Despair
Part 45: Fear
Part 46: Memories
Part 47: Darkness
Part 48: Illusion
Part 49: A New Day
Part 50: Meet Draco's Mom
Part 51: Dressing Up for Draco's Mom
Part 52: Dinner With Draco's Mom I
Part 53: Dinner With Draco's Mom II
Part 54: Dinner With Draco's Mom III
Part 55: Rescuing Draco's Mom
Part 56: Dinner With Draco's Mom Conclusion
Part 57: They Really Put Super In Supermodel I
Part 58: They Really Put Super In Supermodel II
Part 59: They Really Put Super In Supermodel III
Part 60: They Really Put Super In Supermodel IV
Part 61: They Really Put Super In Supermodel V
Part 62: The Big Gazelle Brawl
Part 63: Sayonara
Part 64: I Hate Thunder
Part 65: Val Yor Returns
Part 66: Sparring With Hearts
Part 67: A Shrinking Feeling
Part 68: Teeny Titans
Part 69: The Gamemasters
Part 70: The Flier
Part 71: The Black Clown
Part 72: Games and Romance
Part 73: Start Game
Part 74: Desperately Seeking Titans
Part 75: RPG
Part 76: Divine Observation
Part 77: Monster Battling
Part 78: Feast, Explanations, And Adventures in the Night
Part 79: The Morning After
Part 80: The Quest Begins
Part 81: Cememtary
Part 82: Peeping Toms
Part 83: Catfights and Forgiveness
Part 84: Daggers and Duels
Part 85: Hostilities
Part 86: Titans to Knights
Part 87: Crash Course
Part 88: Knights' Victory
Part 89: Training and Inns
Part 90: Cat's Cradle
Part 91: Vampires VS Beasts
Part 92: Genesis of the Vampires
Part 93: Some Down Time
Part 94: The Cat Meows
Part 95: Shadowcobra's Betrayal
Part 96: Survivor
Part 97: Copycat's Intervention
Part 98: Double Cross
Part 99: Endgame
Part 100: Game Over and Broken Trust

VOL 2: Shadows of the Past

Arc 11: The Cat and Dog (Major story arc): Pluto takes Blackfire on a date. Kat does the same thing with Rose.

Arc 12: Smart Brain Trouble (Major Story arc): The Knights are called back home and take along their girlfriends as well.

Arc 13: Doube Trouble: Starfire finds a mysterious teen while the team are out on a picnic in the forest. She takes the stranger home. (Takes place at the same time as Arc 12, 14 and 15)

Arc 14: The Crystal Alchemist: Robin finds a mysterious girl with dangerous alchemic abilities after a fight with Copycat. She is given refuge and Slade has developed and interest in her (Takes place at the same time as Arc 12, 13 and 15)

Arc 15: The Pink Avenger: A new hero shows up in Steel City (Takes place at the same time as Arc 12, 13 and 14)

Arc 16: Catsitting. This mini-arc explores another side of Copycat as she stays for a short time with the Titans.

Arc 17: Off to Gaijo. This mini-arc explores Shadowcobra and Starfire's forgotten past and friendships. It was supposed to be a vacation, but Deathtron Pirates turn it into an adventure.

Arc 18: Terror of Trigon. Trigon has taken Raven to the ruined Azarath and now the Titans must rescue her and save the world from the Prophecy and the End of the World.

Part 1: Timshel
Part 2: Prelude to a Date
Part 3: A Rose By Any Other Name
Part 4: Raiding the Closets
Part 5: Cat Got Your Tongue
Part 6: Spying Snake
Part 7: That Darn Kat
Part 8: Cats and Dogs
Part 9: Memories of Yaminekoryu
Part 10: Movie Mayhem
Part 11: Dinner Date
Part 12: Raving Lunatics
Part 13: Shall We Dance?
Part 14: Shadowcobra and Beast Boy's Crazy Adventure
Part 15: Shalalalala
Part 16: Chinese New Year Magic
Part 17: Robining
Part 18: Weather Wackiness
Part 19: My Old Master
Part 20: A Call From Smart Brain
Part 21: Romancing For Venus
Part 22: Double Trouble
Part 23: The Mystery
Part 24: Double Identity
Part 25: The Dragon's Castle
Part 26: Cyberdog
Part 27: A Solid Lead
Part 28: An Old Friend
Part 29: The LT
Part 30: Double Threat
Part 31: Vendetta
Part 32: Animosity
Part 33: Molock
Part 34: Recruitment
Part 35: The Cat Returns
Part 36: The Talk
Part 37: Catscratch
Part 38: The Band
Part 39: The Cat's Fall
Part 40: The Mysterious Watcher
Part 41: Shadowy Doubt
Part 42: The Gig
Part 43: Molock Attacks
Part 44: The Alchemist
Part 45: Take Him Down Hard
Part 46: Tickled Pink
Part 47: The Legendary
Part 48: New Players
Part 49: Renia's Shopping Trip
Part 50: Infiltration
Part 51: Of Crusaders and Death Knights
Part 52: Oblivion
Part 53: The Artiste
Part 54: Guilt
Part 55: Captured
Part 56: Closure
Part 57: First Impressions
Part 58: Bike Be Gone
Part 59: The Dragon's Vengence
Part 60: Fear of the Unknown
Part 61: Contract
Part 62: The Rogue
Part 63: Possession
Part 64: Humonculus
Part 65: Three Way or No Way
Part 66: Questions of Humanity
Part 67: Crystal Clarity
Part 68: Hunter and the Hunted
Part 69: Sting of the Scorpion
Part 70: Mercy
Part 71: Thriller Night
Part 72: Unholy Alliances
Part 73: Cold as Ice
Part 74: The Dragon's B-Day
Part 75: The Nightmare Returns
Part 76: Girl Power
Part 77: Acro
Part 78: Under Siege
Part 79: The Wizard, the Knight and the Alchemist
Part 80: Catsitting
Part 81: Catfights
Part 82: Catastrophe
Part 83: Catnap
Part 84: Off to Gaijo
Part 85: Secres, Lies and Conspiracies
Part 86: Memories of Lost
Part 87: The Medusa Cannon
Part 88: Bond of Friendship
Part 89: To the Robot Rumble
Part 90: Team Mystic in Jump City
Part 91: Possibilities
Part 92: Portal
Part 93: Azarath
Part 94: Kaisers
Part 95: Temptation
Part 96: Secret Passages
Part 97: Worrying
Part 98: X-Treme Measures
Part 99: Armageddon
Part 100: New Dawn


VOL 3: Lost Paradise(49\/100)

It focuses on Orphenochs...just to let you know. So far so good. This is the final volume of the trilogy which means the tournament is coming closer.

Part 1: One Bad Day
Part 2: Doubts
Part 3: Corruption
Part 4: Confusion
Part 5: Duality
Part 6: Mortuary
Part 7: Getting to Know You
Part 8: Brimstone
Part 9: X Marks the Spot
Part 10: Preparations
Part 11: Stakeout
Part 12: Unmasked
Part 13: Therapy
Part 14: Partnership
Part 15: Blackbird
Part 16: Uncaged
Part 17: Repairs
Part 18: Raptors
Part 19: Conflict
Part 20: Conclusions
Part 21: Camping
Part 22: Aries
Part 23: Tagged
Part 24: Ambush
Part 25: Battle Royale
Part 26: Tests and Judgments
Part 27: Reflections
Part 28: Big Apple
Part 29: Webs
Part 30: Bayville
Part 31: Brotherhood
Part 32: Berserk
Part 33: Regrets and Sorrow
Part 34: Cult
Part 35: Behemoth
Part 36: Life and Deah
Part 37: Timefire
Part 38: Renia's Return
Part 39: Interogations
Part 40: Undercover
Part 41: Trouble in Chinatown
Part 42: Showdown
Part 43: The Assassin
Part 44: Bleak Future
Part 45: Challenging Fate
Part 46: Sadness, Kindness and Friendship
Part 47: Heart to Heart
Part 48: OMEGA
Part 49: Back to Tremerton

Zodiac Knight Animorph

I also have a spin off series detailing Ron (From Kim Possible) and his life as one of the Zodiac Knights. Felix and Brick will also have roles. Ignores upcoming season 4.


The primary means of travel and vehicle of the Zodiac Knights. It is used to travel to and in the Mirror Dimension. It is a futuristic, capsule shaped, motorcycle. It is color coded according to the Knight who is using it. All Zodiac Knights have one.

Length: 3.25 metres

Height: 1.4 metres

Width: 1.12 metres

Max Speed: 930 km/h


The Excel Gear is a collection of everyday looking items that transform into dangerous and advanced weapons systems once the Excel Suit is activated. The Excel Gear was developed for the purpose of aiding the Knights in their battle against the monsters of the Mirror Dimension and members of Yoshido’s Black Knight Guild.

Property of Smart Brain Corporation.

(SB-957) Excel Suit: The Excel Suits are powerful super suits that increase the wearers’ performance, mainly strength, speed, reflexes and agility. The suits run on energy drawn from jewels. That’s right, jewels. The suits are rigged with energy streams, which is the path the energy fluid travels throughout the suits. Draco’s suit draws power from ruby fluid, Shadow’s suit is powered by amethyst fluid and Pluto’s suit is powered by sapphire fluid. The SB-Watches control the input and output of energy so the suits don’t overload. The suits were also built to bond with the Knights’ armors.

Draco’s D.R.A. (Direct Response Artillery) Gear (SB-372)

SB-958 XL-Vent Card: Activates Excel Suit.

DRA-Key: A metallic card key with Draco's symbol on it. Kept in the belt buckle and used to activate certain DRA-Gear.

SB-372P DRA-Phone: This cell phone becomes the handle of the DRA-Blaster once attached to the DRA-Cam. Commands are spoken into it and because of that, the DRA-Phone can only be used by Draco. This is also Draco’s communicator.

SB-372C DRA-Cam: The second half of the DRA-Blaster, a normal looking digital camcorder. The viewing screen can be used as a targeting scope.

SB-372CP DRA-Blaster: Combination of the DRA-Cam and DRA-Phone. The primary attack executed with Dragonzer in the buckle is called ‘Dragon’s’s Hammer’, which is a powerful kick with the blaster attached to the right boot. Another powerful attack is the Crimson Crash.

SB-982 Excel/SB-Watch: The control unit for the suit.

SB-372ZX ZX-Jet Slinger: A combat bike created specifically for Draco. It possesses 5 jet engines and is armed with a photon cannon and missiles.The bike possesses incredible maneuverability, firepower and speed. Its top speed rivals that of Draco’s Axel System. Also, as an addition, the Jet Slinger can fly.


Length: 4.3 Meters

Width: 1.64 Meters

Height: 2.15 Meters

Weight: 525 Kilograms

Top Speed: 1300km/h

SB-372ZXB ZX-Dragchaser:Draco’s secondary ZX-Rider, basically a smaller version of the Jet Slinger and an upgraded version of the Z-Crimson Dragracer. It possesses powerful side thrusters, allowing speedy turns while moving at high speeds. It is armed with missiles but lacks the photon cannon equipped on the Jet Slinger. It does, however, have laser blasters in the headlights. Two miniature jet engines are equipped to the bike, enabling speeds of up to 500 km/h. Despite its small size, compared to the Jet Slinger, its firepower, speed and maneuverability are quite formidable. The bike also has a flight mode (the wheels fold in and the side thrusters become hover jets). The Dragchaser was built seeing as the Jet Slinger was primarily made for combat rather than for casual travel and racing. Also, the Jet Slinger was far too big to be disguised as a civilian vehicle, unlike the Dragchaser. It also possesses an Excel Mode.The Excel Mode is basically a three wheeleed ATV with maximum maneuverability capabilities. Unlike regular ATV, it has two wheels in the front and one in the back. A robotic dragonhead is equipped to the front as well as hidden missile launchers and laser shooters. There is also a flamethrower within the dragon's mouth. In this mode, the maximum speed is doubled.

STATS (Normal/Masked Mode)

Length: 2.4 Meters

Width: 0.8 Meters

Height: 1.25 Meters

Weight: 230 Kilograms

Top Speed: 500 km/h

STATS (Flight Mode)

Length: 2.4 Meters

Width: 0.8 Meters

Height: 1.25 Meters

Weight: 230 Kilograms

Top Flight Speed: 850 km/h

STATS (ATV/Excel Mode)

Length: 3.2 Meters

Width: 1.2.Meters

Height: 1.25 Meters

Weigth: 230 Kilograms

Top Speed: 1000 km/h

Pluto’s D.O.G. (Defensive Order Guardian) Gear (SB-364)

SB-958 XL-Vent Card: Activates Excel Suit

DOG-Key: A metallic card key with Pluto's symbol on it. Kept in the belt buckle and used to activate certain DOG-Gear.

SB-364P DOG-Phone Blaster: Pluto’s communications device that transforms into a blaster weapon mode. The DOG-Torch can be attached for more power.

SB-364T DOG-Torch: A torch that can be attached to Pluto’s right boot to execute the Hell Drill Striker when Cerberus is in the buckle. Can also be used to perform the Sapphire Smash.

SB-364C DOG-Camera Knuckle: A digital camera that becomes a powerful knuckle duster when the Excel Suit is activated. When Cerberus has been slid into the buckle, it becomes the ‘Hell Impact Shot’ Punch.

SB-364K DOG-Katana: A lightsaber that is also the handle bar of the Motor Majin. Once activated, a blue lightsaber extends from the handlebar, which becomes the hilt. When Darkwing is loaded, the ‘Dark Gravity Slash’ can be executed.

SB-983 Excel/SB-Watch: Controls the options of the Excel Suit and Gear.

SB-362ZX ZX-Motor Majin: Pluto’s new battle motorcycle. It possesses a vehicle mode and a robotic humanoid battle mode.

STATS (Vehicle Mode)

Length: 2.1 Meters

Height: 1.26 Meters

Width: 0.88 Meters

Weight: 207 kg

Top Speed: 380 km/h

STATS ( Battle Mode)

Height: 2.05 Meters

Weight: 207 kg

Shadowcobra’s S.N.K. (Strategic Neutralizing Kit) Gear (SB-765)

SB-958 XL-Vent Card: Activated the Excel Suit

SNK-Key: A metallic card key with Shadowcobra's symbol on it. Kept in the belt buckle and used to activate certain SNK-Gear.

SB-983 Excel/SB-Watch: Controls the options of the Excel Suit and Gear.

SB-765P SNK-Phone Blaster: Shadowcobra’s communications device and can transform into a blaster mode.

SB-765X SNK-Gunblade: A weapon that functions as both gun and lightsaber. When Stingdiver is loaded, the gun parts shoots out a constricting energy net while temporarily increasing the user’s speed. The lightsaber will extend and slash through the opponent. This attack is called the X-Sting Slash.

SB-765D SNK-Double Scope: A pair of binoculars that can become a double barreled weapon. When Genosnaker is loaded and the Double Scope is attached to Shadowcobra’s right boot, he can execute the ‘Geno Drill Striker’. Another attack is the Amethyst Anihilator.

SB-765C SNK-Camera Knuckle: Like Pluto’s Camera Knuckle but uses Metalceros’ power to execute the ‘Metal Impact Shot’ punch.

SB-765ZX ZX-Side Basher/Shadow Raider: Shadowcobra’s battle vehicle. Its vehicle mode is a motorcycle with a sidecar. The battle mode is a large battle walker, capable of tremendous physical and fire power. It has twice the power of Pluto’s Motor Majin but lacks the maneuverability of Draco’s Jet Slinger. The sidecar can detach and act as an independent drone. Though originally known as the Side Basher, it is renamed by Shadowcobra into the Shadow Raider to match his dark personality.

STATS (Vehicle Mode)

Length: 2.37 Meters

Height: 1.17 Meters

Width: 1.96 Meters

Weight: 425 Kilograms

Top Speed: 360 km/h

STATS ( Battle Mode)

Length: 2.37 Meters

Height: 2.45 Meters

Width: 1.65 Meters

Weight: 425 Kilograms

Top Speed: 120 km/h

Some future gear:

Copycat’s C.A.T (Chaos and Terror) Gear (SB-228)

This set of gear was delivered to Copycat. Although the CAT-Gear lacks the functionality of the SNK-Gear and the DOG-Gear that doesn’t make Copycat’s CAT-Gear any less powerful.

SB-958 XL-Vent Card: This card activated the Excel Suit when slid into the belt buckle.

CAT-Key: A metallic card key kept in the belt buckle with Copycat's symbol on it. Used to activate certain CAT-Gear.

SB-228B CAT-Tonfa: A pair of scarlet tonfa blades that also act as the controls for the CAT-Sky Attacker. The tonfa blades can be pulled outand used as independent weapons. With the Psychorogue card in the buckle, the attack is called the ‘Psycho Slice’.

SB-228J CAT-Sky Attacker: A jetpack equipped with state of the art weaponry. When deactivated, it remains in the form of a small backpack. The weapons are photon cannons, laser blasters, and missile launchers. The jetpack also allows her to execute some of her known attacks. In addition, the maximum speed of the Sky Attacker rivals that of the Jet Slinger. Equipping the Sky Attacker with the CAT-Phone increases the Sky Attacker’s flight speed and weapons power to 10 folds. However, the energy increase only lasts for about 5 minute before the Sky Attacker deactivate and reverts to the backpack form. The Sky Attacker also reverts to the deactivated state once the CAT-Tonfa are pulled out.

SB-983 Excel/SB-Watch: The Primary control unit that controls the input and output ofthe Excel Suit and CAT-Gear.

SB-957 Excel Suit: The design is similar to Draco’s Excel Suit. It is black with scarlet excel streams

SB-228P CAT-Phone Blaster: Copycat’s communications device. It can also change into a blaster mode. Unlike the other phones of the Knights, the CAT-Phone can be connected to the CAT-Sky Attacker to add more power. In addition, it can be connected to Copycat’s boot to execute the ‘Scarlet Strike’ kick. With the Techno Panther card in the buckle, the attack can become the ‘Slash Kick’.

SPEED UP systems: Systems developed by Smart Brain used to increase the speed of the user. Made specifically for the Knights. The first was the Axel System, followed by the Dash System and finally the latest Clock Up System. These systems can only be used when the Knights activate the Excel Mode. It is unknown if Copycat has one, but it is safe to say that her Sky Attacker compensates and gives her enough speed that matches the Axel and Dash system. The systems are activated by the Excel/SB-Watches.

Axel System: Lasts only 10 seconds and must recharge after use. Uses the remaining power of the Excel Suit to enables the wearer super fast speed. Once the 10 seconds are up, the suit loses its power and deactivates as well as the Axel System.

Dash System: Like the Axel System, the Dash System gives Pluto a temporary burst of speed. However, unlike the Axel System, it has a 30 second time limit and can be used three times before recharging.

Clock Up System: . The Clock Up system functions just like the Axel System and Dash System, except that it can last longer than ten/30 seconds and can be used multiple times. It increases the user’s speed to a point that he becomes invisible to the naked eye. The user is, in fact, moving so fast to be seen. The theory is that the molecules are sped up. The surrounding area will look frozen in time in the user’s point of view. Shadowcobra was the first to use it. Later on, both Draco and Pluto succesfully used Clock Up in Survivor Mode to take down Dreadwind and Blackwing and their combined form of Dreadwing.

Inzecter System: The Inzecter system is a new transformation and combat system developed by Smart Brain from the data of the Zodiac Knights. Utilizing the Clock Up system as well as the Cast Off/Cast On system, the Inzecter suits generated are built for any sort of situation. The Inzecters are built to look like Terran insects and are sentient with a sort of AI that allows them to recognize their users. So far three Inzecters have been revealed. Also, the suits have two modes: Strong Mode and Speed Mode. Strong Mode puts more emphasis on defence and strength while Speed Mode focuses more on speed and agility. Clock Up and some of the finishing attacks can only be performed in Speed Mode. The Inzecter System was created so that Smart Brain had their own team of Masked Riders.

The Fire Inzecter: Modelled after a firefly. This Inzecter went to Blackfire. The henshin device is the Fire Bracelet.

Fire Inzecter suit (Strong Mode): Transformation initiated when Fire Inzecter is attached to bracelet. Worn over a black bodysuit, the armor is silver and red with heavy armor plating on the arms and broad shoulder guards. The helmet has a pair of long antennae and a black visor/faceplate to cover her face. The armored boots are red. The SB belt is around her waist.

Fire Inzecter suit (Speed Mode): Initiated when the armor Cast Offs via the Inzecter being rotated at an 180 degree angle on the bracelet Blackfire’s armor has a red and black trimmed chetsplate that looked like a beetle’s carapace, like Jinx’s, and her helmet is red with a pair of black eyepieces and antennae. Her gauntlets are black with red a trim. Her suit is modeled after a firefly.

Primary Finisher: Meteor Fist. Activated by pressing the thorax button .The Inzecter unleashes a charge into the fist and then Blackfire performs a punch that destroys the target.

The Scarab Inzecter: Modelled after a scarab beetle. This Inzecter went to Jinx. The henshin device is the Scarab Belt.

Scarab Inzecter suit (Strong Mode): Transformation initiated when Scarab Inzecter is attached to belt. Black and purple armor covers her body and is worn over a black bodysuit. The helmet covers her pink haired head to finish the transformation. The armor itself is bulky in appearance and the armored boots are purple. The helmet has a purple visor to cover her eyes.

Scarab Inzecter suit (Speed Mode): Initiated when the Cast Off switch, the thorax button, on the Scarab Inzecter is pushed and the Inzecter splits open to reveal a miniature energy generator. Jinx’s body armor is purple with matching gauntlets. Her helmet is still black with a pair of purple eyepieces that were originally hidden under the visor and two small horns on top. Her armor is modeled after a Scarab Beetle.

Primary Finisher: Scarab Smash. Activated by pressing the leg buttons in the correct order (1, 2, 3). The Inzecter will then unleash a charge all over Jinx's body. She then performs a powerful charged kick to the target.

The Cutter Inzecter: Modelled after a leafcutter ant. This Inzecter went to Terra. The henshin device is the Cutter Glove.

Cutter Inzecter suit (Strong Mode): Transformation initiated when Cutter Inzecter is attached to armguard (Cutter Glove).The armor itself is silver and green and worn over the black bodysuit. The armor plating on the arms is thick. There is a pair of Vulcan cannons on her shoulders as well as a pair of mandible-like blades on her back. Her helmet has a pair of large blue eyepieces with small antennae. The armored boots are green. Around her waist is a metal belt with Smart Brain’s symbol as the belt buckle.

Cutter Inzecter suit (Speed Mode): Iniated through Cast Off when the mandibles of the Cutter Inzecter are pulled all the way back. Her chestplate is green with yellow horizontal stripes. Her gauntlets are green with yellow trimmings. Her helmet is also green with a pair of blue eyepieces and mandible horns and antennae. Attached to her shoulder guards, where her Vulcan cannons once were, is a pair of katana swords that resembled ant mandibles. Her armor is modeled after a leafcutter ant.

Primary finisher: Mandible Cutter. Activated by combining the Cutter Katanas to form a pair of scissors and slicing the enemy in half.

The Caucasus Inzecter: Modelled after a Caucasus Beetle. The Inzecter went, surprisingly, to a Ranma Saotome in Nerima, Japan because the person in charge of transporting the belt had it stolen.

The Hercules Inzecter

The Centaurus Inzecter

The Scorpion Inzecter

The Hornet Inzecter

The Dragonfly Inzecter

The Stag Beetle Inzecter

The Rhino Beetle Inzecter

Restricted File: The Dark Rings and Dark Bands.

OTHER CHARACTERS: These are additional characters to the series. OCs by me and by some of my friends.

Renia the Crystal Alchemist: A humonculus created via the fusion of alchemy and modern genetic engineering. "Parents" were a pair of scientists who were ridiculed by their peers for believing in alchemy. Upon discovering the diary and notebook of Edward Elric, they attempted to learn alchemy. They learnt of thr humonculi and by using both alchemy and genetic engineering, they created Renia. Both were killed in a car accident. Renia was taken in bya horrible guardian, whom she accidentally killed while attempting to bring her parents to life uing alchemy. Her right hand turned to crystal. Later on, she meets up with the Titans and joins them as a member. Renia possesses the ability to perform Alchemy, often ignoring the rules of equivelant exchange,and also the ability to generate crystal or turn things to crystal. She has a very hot temper and will go into a rage if her short stature is ever mentioned. She is sensitive about her height. Slade originally wanted to use her to create an army of chimeras for him, but upon seeing the Titans fighting for her she declines and imprisons Slade in crystal. She later goes to study magic with Rorek.

DT (Double-Trouble): A double agent unit created by the Deathtrons but with no recollection of his past. His original purpose was to infiltrate Sabretron bases and destroy them from within. However, he ran from his creators and ended up on Earth. He was wounded and found by the Titans, who were shocked to discover he was a cyborg like Cyborg but more advanced. His cybernetic enhancements give him super human strength, speed and senses. Also, he possesses the ability to summon armor, one based on a tank, the other based on a bat. These were his Sabre and Death modes. He is recruited by the Sabretons and now lives in the Secret Sabretron City on Earth. Quite close to Cyborg.

Mrs Emiko Narukawa Hasuma: Mother of both Ryuki Leonard Hasuma (Zodiac Knight Draco) and Neko Katherine Hasuma (Zodiac Knight Copycat). She is in her early 40s. She is a fashion designer and head of her very own fashion designing firm dubbed Narukawa Fashions Incorporated. She is INCREDIBLY wealthy. She is fully aware of her children's status as Zodiac Knights and their apparent rivalry. It is unknown if she is aware of her daughter's apprenticeship with Slade but there is a hint that she does know she is living with Slade since she did send a crate of clothes to Slade's mansion. She has long black hair and storm blue eyes, which would explain where Kat got her looks from. She is a little bit obsessive when concerning fashion and videotaping her kids. She was also the one who designed the Knights' earlier uniforms when she became aware of their existence and identities. It is unknown if she truly knows her husband (Libra) is dead but maybe she does know but is keeping it a secret from her children. She knows some martial arts and possesses the power to generate electricity. This is, however, not a mutant ability as she does not possess an X-Gene. This would suggest that her powers are mystical in origin. Despite her calm demeanor and her many bodyguards, she is not as weak as she appears. She can go into a blind rage if her children are threatened in any way. This is evident from the way she beat up Mad Mod. She knows her son is a Titan and although worries for his safety knows there is no way he can back down from being a hero. She receives frequent e-mails (Ryuki omits some of the stuff concerning his sister's allegience) from her children and is glad to know they are happy. She has made appearance in Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 as a support role for Draco. Aside from Jinx, possibly the only force capable of stopping him from losing his sanity.

Professor Yuriko Murata: Head of Research and Development in Smart Brain Tokyo. Takada/Pluto's mentor and a genius. Often seen as a mad scientist, Prof. Murata was hired by Ichijyo/Shadow's father. Prof. Murata possesses skills and knowledge in mechanical engineering, robotics, computer programming, chemistry, biology and various other scientific and medical fields. She has an obssession with experimenting on things and creating randominventions (much like Pluto). She is an attractive woman, in her mid 40's whom Takada had a crush on. Went to college with the Knights' parents and was just as crazy then as she is now. Responsible for creating the Excel Gears. She may also be responsible for creating the Emperor Gears/Belts, but this is unknown as the Gears were kept in Smart Brain New York, which were then stolen by Copycat.

The girls of 3-B: Ryuki's old classmates before he graduated early with Takada and Ichijyo when his life as a Zodiac Knight got in the way of his school life. Some of these girls notably care about Ryuki while some others have crushes on him. Not all the girls have been named. They appear mostly to reveal a bit of Ryuki's life before he met the Titans. Ryuki was also the only boy in the class.

Kyoichiro Devlin Amakusa-Akuma/Red-X III/Bat Orphenoch: The youngest of the three Amakusa siblings. Unlike his older sister and brother he is not a Zodiac Knight. However, he makes up for it by using his skills. As a dhampir (human/vampire hybrid) he possesses all the powers of the vampire and without any of the weaknesses. He can also extends his fingernails into foot long claws and turn into a gaseous form. He possesses limited telepathy and empathic abilities. He wears a mixture of black and white clothes and no other color. He carries a guitar case that is filled with makeup and cosmetics. He wants to be a beautician and his dream is to beautify the world. So far, he excels at makeup artistry. His gentle demeanor hides his ruthlessness and cunning. He was able to break into Titans Tower and acquire the Red-X suit. He is Danielle 'Danni' Fenton's/Phantom's boyfriend and despite his flirtatious attitude, he loves her dearly. He loves all women but Danni holds a special place in his heart. Danny, however, dislikes him for some reason. He cannot (or does not) perform or recite magic incantations, but instead mixes potions and keeps them in potion capsules that he can use during emergencies (or pranks). The capsules are worn around his wrists and ankles on bracelets. They are also some on his belt. His other identity is the Bat Orphenoch.

Ryan Kazama/Kamen Rider Oni: Ryan was originally a rogue spirit in the Soul Society, doing whatever he could to survive. He was possessed by a Hollow and was taken in by the Vizards to help him control it. Because of that, he became a Vizard since he received Shinigami training. Afterwards, he left for the human world and met with the first Kamen Rider. After receiving training from the Riders, he became known as Kamen Rider Oni. Ryan, in normal form, is a musician. He can play almost any instrument you give him. In his Kamen Rider form, he is a powerful warrior. His Zanpakuto, the Oni Dagger, is an extendable blade. His other weapons include his Guitar Axe, his Trumpet Blaster and his Drum Staffs. He also possesses ghost powers, like Danny. He is one of Danny's closest friends and is dating Ember. One of the only character that carries the title of Kamen Rider, which is Draco's desire.

Full bio:

Ryunosuke “Ryan” Kazama

Age: Unknown, appears to be 15, possibly older.

Race: Vizard

Alias: Kamen Rider Oni

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Short and pink

Bio: Ryan Kazama was actually a rogue spirit that got possessed by a Hollow but was able to suppress it. He was trained by a Vizard and learnt how to control and suppress the Hollow within. His Vizard form wears black body armor with chains extending from a circular emblem on his chest, which is a flaming skull. The chains extend in all four corners and connect together to his back. His mask was one skull-like with horns. He later came to Earth and found the First Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo, and trained under the man to control his powers. Because of this training, Ryan has successfully changed his Hollow mask so that it is now a faceless mask with red markings and horns. The skull emblem is a reminder of his old Hollow mask. Ryan was then recruited by The Order and sent to Amity Park to help Danny with the ghost problems of the town as well as try and clear the halfas name with very limited results. He is also a good musician and plays the drums, guitar and saxophone. The girls, especially Paulina, go absolutely wild when he plays. Unlike Danny, he doesn’t set off any of the Fentons’ inventions, except for the Ghost Gabber.


Transformation: He can change into his Vizard form by calling forth ectoplasmic flames that envelop his body

Ectoplasmic Flames: Unlike Danny who shoots energy blasts, Ryan’s blasts are more flame-like. He can also shoot flames from his mouth.

Paranormal Strength/Speed/Agility: Ryan has enhanced strength, speed and agility in either human form or Vizard form.


Flight: He can fly and he can also increase his speed without his legs turning to wisp


Armor: Ryan’s armor is made out of an ectoplasmic substance that is impervious to damage and most anti-ghost weapons. The emblem on his chest is a seal that limits his power and if removed releases the Hollow within. The armor is form fitting and black with the skull emblem on his chest. Chains extend from four corners of his emblem to his belt. He wears a faceless black mask with red facial markings and horns. He has a skull emblem on his forehead too. He also wears a belt with a buckle that holds the same skull emblem.

Guitar Axe: It’s a guitar that can generate an Axe-blade and has the capability to fire an ecto-blast as well as fire off sound waves that can paralyze a ghost

Trumpet Blaster: This fires an ectoplasmic fire ball when being blown by Ryan. It can also be used as a handgun.

Drum Clubs: These drum sticks are used to beat the stuffing out of ghosts. They can also be joined to create a long battle staff.

Zanpakuto: The Zanpakuto is a Shinigami sword used to purify Hollows and send spirit to the Soul Society. The Zanpakuto varies from Shinigami to Shinigami depending on the person’s spiritual energy. When inactive, Ryans’s Zanpakuto is in the form of a short dagger but can be lengthened to the size of a standard katana. Ryan’s Zanpakuto’s name is the ‘Oni Dagger’ or ‘Oni Kunai’. It looks like a tuning fork as a disguise. He uses this to transform.

Disc Scouts: Ryan possesses small compact disc like objects that transform into small animals that scout around for Ryan. The discs are color coded and the forms the discs change into are a wolf (blue disc), a hawk (red disc), a gorilla (green disc) a cobra (black disc), a lion (orange disc), a condor (purple disc) and a crab (yellow disc). The scouts tell anything that Ryan needs to know. They are for spying purposes and backup.

Oni Cycle: Ryan rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle with his emblem on it: A flaming skull. This is where most of his weapons and gear are kept.

Liz the Pink Painter: An original character created by (my sister) Lizbrasco. A superheroinne with the ability to bring HER paintings to life with a magical paintbrush and palette. She dresses mostly in pink, hence the name. Her partner, and best friend, is Dilia the Enchantress

Dilia the Enchantress: She is a sorceress (in training) who can cause chaos with her spells. Although she doesn't really mean it, but bad stuff tends to happen when she casts her spells. She can put fear in the hearts of criminals with her chaotic magic. Comes from a long line of magic users. She is also a junior Smart Brain Operative.

Also, characters from other TV shows have manage to crossover.

EG: Kim Possible, Jake Long, Danny Phantom and etc...Bios based on this fic will be posted soon.

Anyway, I'm currently working on a revamped version of my fics (Just the primary story ars and what not) I'm going to call it Zodiac Knight Chronicles.

Also, a new group of Zodiac Knights will be introduced. These are the Black Zodiac Knights. Coming Soon.

I once mentioned in volume 2 that Shadow had meetings with members of WHOOP, The Centre and Global Justice. Also, he did mention Sabrina and the Charmed Ones. He also got a call from Evangeline from Mahora Academy. Therefore, I am planning several crossovers with these series, putting my Knights into the whole thing. Let's hope it works.

Possible crossovers: I was having a random conversation with my sis and thought up these crazy crossovers.

NUMB3RS/CSI ( Las Vegas, Miami or New York) crossover.

Charmed/CSI crossover

Charmed/CSI/NUMB3RS crossover.

These shows rock!

So, if anyone's interested in helping with these ideas...


A new series I’m working on that takes place in an AU. This series takes place after the Teen Titans Movie: Trouble in Tokyo and after Season 5 so there will be a lot of references. The series is about the Titans and a pair of twins who call themselves Advent Knights. The twins’ job and mission is to seal away creatures known as Beast Spirits that have escaped their ancient prison. The twins’, Leo Narukawa and Kat Hasuma, parents are divorced but despite this the twins are close, unlike their ZKD counterparts. Leo and Kat are made honorary Titans and the series focuses on their experiences with the Titans. As the series goes on, more Advent Knights will show up and the truth of the Beast Spirits’ release will be revealed. I hope you all enjoy this series. Thank you.


Episode 1: Dragon of the Storm
While fighting Cindeblock, the Titans encounter a mysterious young teen that can control the wind. Later, when responding to a monster attack, they encounter the teen again who reveals who he really is.

Episode 2: Café La Salle
Wanting to know more of the mysterious teen, they follow him. They then meet him in a café where he works part time with his sister. The café is their aunt’s and they are helping her run it. He introduces himself, but introductions are cut short when another Beast Spirit attacks.

Episode 3: Phoenix Flame
The Titans invite Leo to the Tower to get to know him better but he declines since he says he’s busy. His sister, Kat, is then revealed to have power over fire and ice. Not only that, a Best Spirit is killing people at the beach and Leo can’t beat it alone. Presenting Advent Knight of Suzaku: Mimic.

Episode 4: Double Unison
They may have conflicting elements, but Leo and Kat are a forced to be reckoned with. The Titans welcome them to the Tower and try to help them get used to the idea of being official members of the team. But another Beast Spirit attack interrupts them.

Episode 5: Shadow
Raven goes to a new Goth bookstore that has just opened and meet a teen with blue hair and dressed ALL in black with his eyes hidden behind a pair of shades. Intrigued, she follows after him only to encounter a wild Beast Spirit. She is then saved by a mysterious benefactor. Advent Knight of Genbu: Shadow makes his first appearance.

Episode 6: I Spy
Beast Boy decided to follow Kat and Leo to school. Why? Terra of course. Assuming the form of a flea, he rides in Leo’s hair. Boy, will this be interesting for the green boy as he sits in the classes in Leo’s hair and spying on Terra at the same time.

Episode 7: Prelude to a Date
Beast Boy and Tara are gonna have a dinner date at Café La Salle and Leo wants this to be perfect for his new friends. However, trouble looms as a villain watches from the shadows. Speaking of Shadows, well…find out for yourself.

Episode 8: Shadowy Emergence
It seems that Beast Boy and Tara’s date just might get interrupted. Let’s hope the Titans can take care of it before it’s ruined. In the meantime, Beast Spirit signals keep popping up on Kat and Leo’s phones before shortly vanishing. What was going on?

Episode 9: Twin Knights VS Shadow Knight
The Knights are fighting one another and causing a disturbance. The Titans can’t help but respond but are unsure of what to do. Who is friend and who is foe? Also, the aftermath of Beast Boy and Tara’s date.

Episode 10: Steel Tiger
Leo’s resting in Titans Tower. Meanwhile, Kat is in school and confronts Tara. She wants to know the truth. Beast Spirits in triplicate attack the mall all of a sudden. Also, a new Knight shows up. What? Knight of Byakko?

Episode 11: Knights’ Conflict
The Titans, with the help of Pluto, are fighting the deadly trio of Beast Spirits. Joining in the battle are none other than Shadow and Mimic. Wait, where’s Leo and why are the Knights fighting each other?

Episode 12: Secrets
Pluto reveals his true identity as they return to Café La Salle to retrieve the briefcase he was carrying. Pluto then becomes an honorary Titan and visits the Tower with Leo as Kat has to continue her detention. Raven goes off to look for Shadow and finds the ‘Man in Black’ in a flower shop. Will she discover his secret?

Episode 13: Infestation
Raven is getting ready for her date with Desmond, Kat is crying in her room and Leo doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly, the city is attacked by strange black insectoid creatures. What are they? Is there something bigger behind this?

Episode 14: Hexed
Leo is running back to the Café from the grocery store when he accidentally bumps into a strange girl with pink eyes and pale skin. Feeling slightly impulsive, he asks her out to lunch at Café La Salle as an apology. Well, when they meet on their date, the Titans are in trouble and need Leo’s help. Should he stay or go?

Episode 15: Jacked
Tara goes to face Beast Boy and the Titans to tell them the truth. However, on her way over, she is kidnapped by some familiar looking android foot-soldiers. Will she be rescued?

Episode 16: Honor
The Royals 12 have sent the Eagle and Peacock Beast Spirits. How will Pluto and Draco handle them? Also, who is gonna rescue Terra from Slade? Shadow, what are you doing? Fighting Slade? Hey, Kat! You can’t leave the Café!

Episode 17: Truths

Terra is going to come clean and tell the truth. That’s not the only secret that is going to be revealed. Stay tune for the next chap to find out what Tara/Terra wants to tell the Titans.

Episode 18: Manipulation
Shadow has been captured by the Royals? Why? They are planning to eliminate the other Knights. Is Shadow the key?

Episode 19: Puppet
Leo and Jinx are out on a date and Kat is conflicted to either call or not call Craig. Leo has to fight a Category Queen?

Episode 20: Vengence
Shadow has gone evil and the buckles are destroyed. Kat’s out for revenge. I sense the scent of battle in the air as the Royals watch this unfold in amusement. How many Knights will remain after this?

Episode 21: Revelations
The Titans find Kat from directions Leo is giving them. Could it be a twin psychic connection thing? They discover her badly injured and with green blood to boot. What will she say now and to her brother? Is she really who she says she is and what about the Advent Buckles?

Episode 22: Revival
Shadow attacks the Tower and he has help from an army of Dark Roaches. The Titans fight as well as Takada as Leo. There’s no way they’re going to lose to him. The buckles are repaired, but how? What else is Kat hiding?

Episode 23: Ascension
To put it simply Draco has kicked this game into a whole new level.

Episode 24: Origins
The truth of the Beast Spirits' Origins is revealed.

Episode 25: The Cave
People exploring the caves in the forest are mysteriously attacked and poisoned. Is this the work of another Beast Spirit or something else? Has Tara fallen prey? Beast Boy to the rescue! Also, Takada sees a purple falling star after he is done with another one of his part time jobs.

Episode 26: Antidote
The victims of the Centipede Beast Spirit’s poison are going to die if an antidote isn’t found in time. Kat asks the Titans for help to find the Beast Spirit and get a sample of the poison before it’s too late. Tara and Leo don’t have much time left! Also, who is the girl Takada found?

Episode 27: Hospital-ity
After the Titans have delivered the antidote to the hospital to have it administered upon the victims of the Centipede Beast Spirit, Kat returns to find Takada with a girl in his bed. Meanwhile, something is happening in the hospital.

Episode 28: Amnesia
A week has past Leo is now good as new. The café now needs the dynamic duo more than ever since a new restaurant called the Turtle Hut has opened up across from Café La Salle. Also, the Turtle Hut is owned by none other than Desmond. Will this be a war between two restaurants as Café La Salle fights to stay in business? What about the girl Takada brought back? How will she help?

Episode 29: Perception
It would seem that Desmond’s business is booming. This does not look good for Café La Salle. No matter what strategy Kat pulls, Desmond always beats her. It looks like she needs to call in the big guns and when there’s trouble you know who to call…That’s right. But what happens when Karmen Anders and Starfire meet?

Episode 30: Ideals
People fight for what they believe in but what if those beliefs clash? Can friends reconcile after a fight like this or are the bonds of friendship doomed to be broken? Karmen has to stop this before things go out of control.

Episode 31: Seduction
The twins have a new art teacher and SHE’S HOT! But, since she arrived a lot of the new statues are seen in the art room. Just who is she really? Could she be Medusa?

Episode 32: Statues
Students have been disappearing as more statues turn up. Kat and Leo decide to confront Ms. Midori and find out her true identity. They also get some unexpected help from a Category Queen!

Ryuki Leonard Narukawa/Advent Knight of Seiryu-Draco

Bio: He is the twin brother and partner of Kat and the main character. He is the first Advent Knight to appear. His and Kat’s parents are divorced. He is laid back and doesn’t take things seriously. He is also a member of Murakami’s High kendo club. He is a calm individual, in contrast to his twin sister who is a hothead, and is always seen with a smile and calm aura. Because of this, he is popular with the ladies though he is oblivious to the fact. Wears his long auburn hair in a braid. He may not look much, but he is just a good a fighter as his sister. His nickname is Leo. He has the power to control wind and generate electricity. He is a laid back and calm person normally, but can become absolutely focused and ferocious in battle. Has a habit of quoting philosophy. His most prominent quote is: “I will use the slash of my blade to create a path to my destiny.” as well as several other variations to the phrase. He usually quotes this while pointing to himself, then to the sky, and finishing off by doing a slashing motion with his hand. He also quotes advice from his mother which he uses as guides in life. He smiles often and likes to make friends. He keeps an iguana as a pet. He stays in Café La Salle with his sister and helps run it while their aunt is away on vacation. He helps cook in the kitchen while Kat is at the cashier and sometimes serves. Leo has a habit of mixing in Japanese words into his English since Japanese is his native language.

After their parents' divorce, he lived and travelled with his mother who is a fashion designer, taking on her surname.

He acts as the voice of reason for his sister. Like his element of electricity he can have a shockingly violent temper. He calls forth powerful forms of his elements in attacks named only as "Fuujin" for wind and "Raijin" for lightning. He lost his ability to transform when his buckle was damaged but Kat later repaired it. He also gains the ability to evolve to Jack Form since his armor includes the Advent Absorber equipped to his left forearm. He thinks of himself as a Samurai and protector of the innocent. In future chapters he will carry his bokken with him more often.

Weapon/Card reader: Seiryu Blade (Referred to as the Dragon Fang by Draco). A sword.themed after a dragon. This is where his Rouge Cards are stored. It has a total of 5000 AP.

Card Combo Attack(s): Lightning Combo (Thunder Deer + Beat Lion + Kick Locust + Slash Lizard), Lightning Blast (Kick Locust + Thunder Deer), Lightning Sonic (Kick Locust + Thunder Deer + Mach Cheetah) and Slash Sonic (Slash Lizard + Thunder Deer + Mach Cheetah)

Physical description: Long braided auburn hair that reaches down to his waist. His hair is a bit messy at the top and he has a pair of bangs sticking out. His eyes are green. He wears Chinese shirts under a black jacket, black pants and leather shoes. He also wears a scarf and a pair of goggles on his head.

Armor: Silver and blue armor which is worn over a darker blue bodysuit. The torso armor is blue with a silver chestplate and shoulder guards. His gauntlets are plated on with golden bracelets on the wrists. Metal plates also adorn his knee-high silver boots. His helmet is blue with a silver faceplate, which has a sharp horn that is part of it. His eyepieces are green. On his chestplate is a blue symbol that looks like the one on his belt buckle, except with a dragon emblem on the inside. He later gains an Advent Absorber that is designed after a dragon.

His upgraded form, Jack Form, is relatively the same except that the chestplate, shoulder-guards and faceplate have turned gold and a golden eagle replaces the dragon in his Spade symbol on his chest. He also gains wings which give him the ability to fly and a longer sword.

Draco’s Spade Cards (So far)

Ace of Spades: Change Seiryu
Function: Transforms Leo into Advent Knight Draco.

2 of Spades: Slash Lizard (400 FP)
Function: Increases the slashing power of the Seiryu Blade.

3 of Spades: Beat Lion (600 FP)
Function: Increases the power of a forward punch.

4 of Spades: Tackle Boar (800 FP)
Function: Increases the power of a tackle.

5 of Spades: Kick Locust (1000 FP)
Function: Increases the power of a flying kick.

6 of Spades: Thunder Deer (1200 MP)
Function: Adds thunder/electric element to an attack.

7 of Spades: Metal Trilobite (1600 DP)
Function: Adds additional layer of metal to Draco's armor for protection.

8 of Spades?

9 of Spades: Mach Cheetah (1600 MP)
Function: Increases Draco's speed.

10 of Spades?

Jack of Spades: Fusion Eagle (+2400 AP)
Function: This card can charge the AP of the Seiryu Blade and can be used by Draco (along with the Absorb Capricorn card) to attain Jack Form.

Queen of Spades: Absorb Capricorn (+2000 AP)
Function: This card can charge the AP of the Seiryu Blade and can also be used to enable Draco to attain Jack Form.

King of Spades?

Neko Katherine Hasuma/Advent Knight of Suzaku-Mimic

Bio: Nicknamed Kat, she is the twin sister of Leo as well as his partner. She is the second Advent Knight to appear. Her and his parents are divorced but they are still close like normal siblings. This girl has an extremely fiery temper and once set off is hard to stop. She can snap at anyone for the dumbest of reasons. A high school senior at Murakami High, Kat is one of the toughest girls in school. She is so intimidating that even the bullies are afraid of her. Even so, she does have a soft spot and is kind to those who deserve it. She cares for her brother but competes with him as well. Her powers give her the ability to generate and manipulate ice and fire. She helps out at Café La Salle as the cashier and sometimes serves. She can’t cook but is very artistic. Her catchphrases are “You never asked.” And “It’s a secret.” She keeps a rare red parakeet as a pet. She likes to hackle Robin’s nerves. Raven doesn’t trust her much though. Kat also has a habit of giving people nicknames. So far, she has called Robin “Tweety” (much to his chagrin), Beast Boy “Greenie”, Cyborg “Tin-Man”, Raven “Blackbird” and Starfire “Starry”. She also mixes in Japanese into her English but not as much as her twin. She is a good archer and this helps her out in battle since her primary weapon is a bow. Her energy arrows can be combined with her powers to fire either ice or fire arrows. Her cards are kept in a card holder attached to her belt.

After the divorce of their parents, Kat lived and travelled with her father who was an archeologist. He disappeared one day and Kat never knew he did until Takada told her. He was one of the archeologists that unearthed and released the Beast Spirits. His current whereabout are unknown. Possibly deceased.

Her card reader is separate from her weapon and it only becomes a card reader when both items are combined. Addtionally, Mimic can attach the reader to her belt buckle before slashing cards through to gain some of the physical characteristics and powers of the Beast Spirits sealed inside. She has done so with Tornado Hawk and Float Dragonfly.

After realizing that Smart Brain had been lying to her and keeping secrets about what happened to her father, she temporarily abandons the mantle of Mimic and storms into her room to cry. Only after seeing her brother in battle does she take up the mantle again. However, she will not trust Smart Brain again anytime soon. She doesn't seem to get along well with Desmond.

Like her elements, Kat can be cold at times and possesses a fiery temper.

Craig discovers her true identity and tells her his feelings. She is conflicted about her feelings for him too.

It is later revealed the she is a clone created to replace the real Kat who died of unknown reasons. She was created using the original Kat's DNA and Beast Spirit DNA resulting in her green blood. She retains the memories of the original up to her death and is afraid to tell Leo for she sees him as her brother as he too sees him as his sister. She has recently discovered that she can understand the Beast Spirits' native language.

Physical description: Long black hair that reaches down to her waist and wears a bow in it. Two bangs stick out. She has storm blue eyes. Her style of clothing is punk rocker. a red shirt under a black leather jacket, blue jeans and combat boots. She also wears a leather choker around her neck and fingerless gloves. She now has a diagonal scar on her face after a fight with Shadow.

Armor: Black with a red heart shaped chestplate that has on it the symbol of a bird. The bodysuit underneath is red. Her black gauntlets and boots have red armor plating and the mouthpiece is silver with a red visor on her helmet. A pair of long silver and curved ‘horns’ extend from the top of her helmet. Her shoulder guards are broad like her bro’s. The visor, to be more specific, is also shaped like a heart.

Weapon: Suzaku Arrow. A bow-blade. A bow with blades on the side and can be used as a dual-bladed sword.

Card Reader: Is her belt buckle. When attached to her belt in human form she can slash through her Change Ace to transform into her Advent Knight form. The belt buckle becomes a card reader only when attached to the Suzaku Arrow. Maximum AP is 9000.

Card Combo Attack(s): Spinning Wave (Tornado Hawk + Chop Head) and Spinning Dance (Float Dragonfly +Tornado Hawk + Drill Shell)

Mimic’s Heart Cards (So far)

Ace of Hearts: Change Suzaku
Function: Transforms Kat in Advent Knight Mimic.

2 of Hearts: Spirit
Function: Restores Mimic's human form.

3 of Hearts: Chop Head (600 FP)
Function: Increases power of hand chop.

4 of Hearts: Float Dragonfly (1000 FP)
Function: Give Mimic flying abilities.

5 of Hearts: Drill Shell (1200 FP)
Function: Increases power of a drill kick.

6 of Hearts: Tornado Hawk (1400 MP)
Function: Adds wind element to attacks.

7 of Hearts: Vine Plant (1600 MP)
Function: Creates a vine whip.

8 of Hearts: Reflect Moth (1800 MP)
Function: Reflect Shield.

9 of Hearts: Recover Camel (2000 MP)
Function: A healing card.

10 of Hearts: Shuffle Centipede (2200 MP)
Function: Allow reuse of all cards.

Jack of Hearts?

Queen of Hearts?

King of Hearts?

Desmond Amakusa/Advent Knight of Genbu-Shadow

Bio: A mysterious an enigmatic individual, Shadow is the third Advent Knight to appear. Most commonly known in human form as the ‘Man in Black’ for his choice of clothing which comprises of black shirts, pants, shoes and trench coat. Has shoulder length black hair with bangs that cover his red eyes and often wears sunglasses during the day. His intentions are unknown and he has caught the interest of Raven. Possesses plant based and water based powers since he can manipulate plants and water. He used this to redirect Mimic’s Vine Plant card’s powers against her. He seeks to possess all the Rouge Cards and seal all the Beast Spirits. His motives for doing so are currently unknown but he is seen to be willing to anything like nearly killing Draco to fulfill his goal. However, it may have something to do with his constant coughing and vomitting of blood. He fights with a staff and is surprising fast and powerful despite his armor being themed after a turtle. Most often can be seen in a church since he is a religious person and goes there to confess his ‘sins’. He seems to have some sort of respect for Draco and fights with Mimic a lot since their first encounter. Like Mimic, his cards are stored in a card holder attached to his belt.

His identity is finally revealed in Episode 13. His name is Desmond Amakusa and in the son of Takada's boss who is most likely Kat and Leo's boss as well. He is also heir to Smart Brain Corporation which would suggest that his father owns the company. It is unknown how he obtained the Advent Buckle of Genbu as well as the Change Ace card but it could be suggested that he had stolen them or that his father allowed him to take them. He is a dark individual and rarely smiles, except around Raven of course. He has taken somewhat of a liking towards her. Wears a crucifix under his shirt and goes to church. He is a Christian, but has nothing against demons. He, however, doesn't seem to get along well with Kat/Mimic. He has been spying on the twins for quite some time now. He has the power to manipulate water and plants.

He is later captured and brainwashed by the Royals to eliminate the other Knights. He succeeds in destroying their Advent Buckles and even steals Kat's Category Ace. However, he cannot bring himself to attack Raven which shows there is hope for him yet.

In a fight against Kat he defeats her and steals her Change Ace. He later attacks the Titans but meets his defeat at the hands of Draco Jack Form. Raven neutralizes the mind control and he is restored to normal but with heavy guilt. He reveals that he is suffering from terminal cancer and that only the Rouge Cards can save his life. Has started a romantic relationship with Raven.

Physical description: Pale white skin with shoulder length blue, almost black, hair. His bangs cover over his red eyes. He wears a black turtleneck shirt, black trench coat, black pants, black shoes amd black gloves. He wears a crucifix around his neck which is hidden under his shirt. He wears sunglasses in the day.

Armor: Black bodysuit with black armor plating on his forearms and boots. The armor plating has green trimmings. His torso armor is black with a green chestplate that holds a black symbol of clubs. Around his waist he wears a belt similar to Mimic’s as it too has a rectangular case attached on the right side for his cards. His black and green helmet is designed after a turtle and holds a pair of blue eyepieces. On his back he carries a shield that looks like a turtle shell. The symbol on his belt buckle matchs the one on his chestplate.

Card Combo Attack(s): Blizzard Crash (Bite Cobra + Blizzard Polar), Venom Crash (Bite Cobra + Poison Scorpion), Blizzard Strike (Blizzard Polar + Stab Bee + Rush Rhinoceros), Arctic Venom (Blizzard Polar + Poison Scorpion + Bite Cobra) and Blizzard Venom (Rush Rhinoceros + Blizzard Polar + Poison Scorpion)

Other Combos: Poison Scorpion + Stab Bee.

Weapon/Card Reader: Genbu Staff. The top section is decorated with a turtle-like ornament that carries the Clubs symbol and the bottom section is decorated with a snake’s head. He slashes his cards through the latter part. The staff has a total of 6000 AP.

Shadow’s Club Cards (So far)

Ace of Clubs: Change Genbu
Function: Transforms Desmond into Advent Knight Shadow.

2 of Clubs: Stab Bee (400 FP)
Function: Increases stabbing power of Genbu Staff.

3 of Clubs: Screw Mole (600 FP)
Function: Increases power of a screw punch.

4 of Clubs: Rush Rhinoceros (800 FP)
Function: Similar to Draco's Tackle Boar but striking with the staff. Also increases speed.

5 of Clubs: Bite Cobra (1200 FP)
Function: Increases power of a scissor kick.

6 of Clubs: Blizzard Polar (1200 MP)
Function: Adds ice element to attack.

7 of Clubs: Gel Jellyfish (1400 MP)
Function: Temporarily turns Shadow into liquid.

8 of Clubs: Poison Scorpion (1800 MP)
Function: Adds poison to attacks.

9 of Clubs: Smog Squid (2000 MP)
Functions: Creates a smog to blind the opponent.

10 of Clubs: Remote Tapir (2200 MP)
Function: Unseal Beast Spirits from their Rouge cards and puts them under the user's control.

Jack of Clubs?

Queen of Hearts?

King of Hearts?

Yoshiyuki Takada/Advent Knight of Byakko-Pluto

Bio: He is the 4th and final Advent Knight to appear. Not much is known of him quite yet as he has just been introduced but the twins say that he is their mentor and was the one to choose them to become Advent Knights. However, ironically, even though Pluto knows who Draco and Mimic are, they have no idea who he really is. He reveals his true identity to them much to their surprise. He uses a gun as his main weapon but seems skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Despite being a Knight longer than the others he is very inexperienced in using his powers. He has the power over earth and metal, able to manipulate them to his whim. If only he learns how before he hurts someone.

After his appearance, he reveals his true identity which is a big shock to the twins. They knew him in human form as well as Pluto but never made the connection. He received orders from HQ (Smart Brain Corporation) to tell Kat and Leo more about the archeological dig that freed the Beast Spirits. He enjoys playing with his gun a little too much and has a habit of yelling out when he shows up to announce his presence. He preferres to be referred to by his surname rather than his given one. A running gag concerning him is that he is seen taking up different part-time jobs throughout the series.

Card Combo Attack(s): Burning Divide (Drop Whale + Firefly + Gemini Zebra), Double Barrage (Firefly + Bullet Armadillo + Gemini Zebra)

Other combos: Firefly +Bullet Armadillo

Physical description: He has spiked up brown hair with two strands sticking out of his forehead. His eyes are blue. He often wears jeans with a denim jacket and brown shoes as well as a white shirt under his jacket.

Armor: White armor with black tiger stripes on his chestplate and back. His diamond shaped shoulder guards point upwards. There is a diamond symbol on his belt buckle and another one on his chestplate. The bodysuit under the armor is black with white metal plating on his gauntlets and boots. His helmet, which is white as well, has a pair of sharp black extensions on top of the white eyepieces to emulate tiger ears and black tiger stripes running down the middle of his faceplate and the back of his helmet. Has gained a tiger themed Advent Absorber on his left forearm.

Card Reader/Weapon: Byakko Revolver. A gun with a tiger theme, his Rouge Cards are stored inside. Maximum AP is 5500.

Pluto’s Diamond Cards (so far)

Ace of Diamonds: Change Byakko
Function: Transforms Takada to Advent Knight Pluto

2 of Diamonds: Bullet Armadillo (400 FP)
Function: Increases shooting power of Byakko Revolver.

3 of Diamonds: Upper Frog (600 FP)
Function: Increases power of an uppercut.

4 of Diamond: Rapid Pecker (800 FP)
Function: Gives rapid fire abilities to the Byakko Revolver.

5 of Diamonds: Drop Whale (1000 FP)
Function: Increases power of a drop kick.

6 of Diamonds: Firefly (1000 MP)
Function: Adds fire element to attack.

7 of Diamonds: Rock Tortoise (1400 DP)
Function: Coats the user in an armor of stone.

8 of Diamonds: Scope Bat (1200 MP)
Function: Increases the accuracy of the Byakko Revolver.

9 of Diamonds: Gemini Zebra (1400 MP)
Function: Creates a clone of the user.

10 of Diamonds: Thief Chameleon (1600 MP)
Function: Borrows/steals the power of a card or Beast Spirit.

Jack of Diamonds?

Queen of Diamonds: Absorb Serpent (+2000AP)
Function: This card can be used to charge the AP of the Byakko Revolver

King of Diamonds?

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