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Previously: Obsessive Child

Is there such a thing as good and evil?

As writers, I’m sure you all know that there’s nothing so simple as pure black and white in the world. Every cloud has a silver lining, and every action has a motive. Even murderers have reasons, and even saints can have secrets. There’s no such thing as good or evil in the world…

Or is there?

Perhaps it is better to say that we are all evil, and that is why we cannot see evil in the world; because we are living it. Don’t agree? Well, think about it like this. We gossip, we lie, we look away from a helpless person because we want to keep our reputation… is that not ‘evil’? We like to believe we are inherently ‘good’, yet we will not help a homeless person because we do not think they deserve to be helped.

Really, who deserves anything? Do the kids in Africa deserve to become bloody murders because they are forced to participate in a war? Do the women in India deserve to be raped and left to die? So when someone says ‘I deserve this’, or ‘this isn’t what I deserve’, it’s a load of crap.

We don’t deserve anything.

So firstly before we get to the meat of my argument, let’s get that silly thought that we deserve things out of our heads.


Would you die for a stranger?

Some people would, if they thought the stranger was innocent and deserved a good life. I applaud you for that, really. This time I’m not being sarcastic. It truly takes a lot of courage and kindness to die for someone you don’t even know.

Alright then, how about this? Would you die for a known murderer whom hasn’t repented and is going to waste their life away drinking and partying?

No, you wouldn’t.

And yet, that is exactly what Jesus did.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but listen! (Or rather, I suppose, read.) I hope that you understand the significance of this (I didn’t quite understand it until just recently), but Jesus died for the murderers, the thieves, the abusers, the pedophiles… for all of them. For you and for me.

No matter what you have done, it is forgiven. No matter how worthless you think you are, no matter how much others hate you, Jesus will always have a place for you in his kingdom. He is a God of Love. He loves you.

There is not one good person in the world. Not one.

Because we are all sinners (who hasn’t gossiped, lied, or cheated? You are not alone) we don’t deserve life. We deserve death. Just as one would put a murderer to trial and execution, so too do we deserve such a fate. But God.

But God loves us. He does not want to see us die, and thus, he has sent us a way out. He has come in human form, sent his son Jesus the Messiah, to the Earth. He is God; he is infinite, he is almighty, and yet he became human for us. He experienced hunger, ridicule, pain, and temptation, all for our sakes.

This is a God of love.

There is not one good person in the world. Not one.

And so, Jesus came. He came and proved that he could be ‘good’, that there would be one in the world whom wouldn’t commit a single sin. He led the perfectly clean life, and never once lied, gossiped, or cheated. He did what we could not. He was the one and only person to deserve an excellent life.

And then, he gave it all up. For us.

He died a painful death, and exchanged his holiness for our sin. So that we may look like him in God’s eyes, Jesus at the moment of death took upon himself all the sins of the world: past, present, and future. So that whoever believes in him, may have no sin. We don’t have to feel guilty, because whatever bad things we have done is Jesus’ burden now. He paid the ultimate cost, so that we won’t have to.

The story doesn’t end there.

Jesus didn’t only die, he also rose again. This is a point that we cannot forget, because if he had not risen again, then his death would have been pointless. Jesus conquered death; he is greater than Satan, than this world. Earthly chains cannot bind him. Yes, he died, but he was reborn. So too, can we be reborn.

I admit that I’m not the most knowledgeable person on the subject, but what I hope to do is to interest you. Ask someone around you if you are interested, or if you want, pm me. If you scoff at what I say, that is fine also. I simply hope that my words come to you in a time of need, and that you will remember that Jesus loves you.

If you’ve been moved by this short segment… glory to the Lord! If you’d like to accept Jesus into your heart, I strongly suggest you do it now. As long as God has moved you, you shouldn’t feel the compulsion to wait! Finding out the specifics can come later, but if you truly, truly believe, then I strongly encourage you to pray and simply ask Jesus into your heart. Tell him that you believe that he died for you and rose from the grave; did you know that every time somebody comes to believe, there is a party in heaven? There will be a party waiting for you!

My Stories:

27 December 2014 Update:

Acquiescence: Oneshot on Tamers verse and yeah I know it has potential. That was kind of the point. Will not be continued, and while I love you guys for wanting it to be continued, please stop asking.

Aurum Maculosus: Finally this fic is back! I promise to get it up to chapter 10 this time before abandoning it, hehe.

Between Black and White: reading it over, this fic is so on a completely different level than my other ones it's a wonder I was the one who wrote it, but I currently do not have any Xmen motivation, so it might be a while for this to get updated, if ever.

Burning Brightly: wanted a DP/TT fanfic where Danny wasn't all emo and stuff. Hope I succeeded. Have the whole plot planned out but don't have enough motivation to write it.

Circle of Influence: I promised I wouldn't discontinue it, but I also do not have a lot of motivation for this due to the lack of D.Grayman updates (lol). I try to update this once a year, which you might not want to wait around for...

Egypt: My YGO/HP masterpiece, maybe? I've plotted the whole thing out, but I have no real plans for completion. I wrote it because I felt that there wasn't enough HP/YGO crossovers that featured Harry. Don't worry, I'll get it up to at least 40k words before I lose interest.

En Passant: rewrite of And In the Darkness Bind Them, wherein I tried to do too many things the story wasn't. The content is more or less the same until chapter 10, where the changed beginning really begins showing its effects. This is my first fic with a beta, the lovely theresanowlinmymarmalade.

Gundam SEED Lelouch of Britannia: this one actually has a fantastic plot, but my greatest failing has always been getting enough motivation to write out the in between bits. Will be updated sporadically.

House of Uzumaki: A monster of a one-shot. I am considering making it into a multi-chaptered fic, but with the recent additions of both the NARUTO chapters and BLEACH ones, don't hold your breath.

Lightning Guard: originally written as a one-shot, but has been expanded since. Although it says 'no magic' in the summary, Voldemort, Hogwarts, and others WILL be making their appearance. Since this was only supposed to be a one-shot, I will not update it frequently. It is written for fun, not because I wanted a story. Here is the pic for Harry-

Like A Clockwork: a Team Seven based one-shot. I wish I could write it multi-chapter, because I haven't actually seen a lot of people write this, but I don't have the time...

Never Let Go: Arc 2 will be completed. A lot of it is pretty terrible and a part of me wants to rewrite it, but considering it's unlikely to happen I'll simply try my best to finish the current arc and maybe put up a plot summary for Arc 3. I do mean to finish at least that much, so don't worry even if I don't update for a long time. Reo9 is the one who made the amazing book cover and since I can't quite figure out how to not make it crop the picture, here is the link so you can see the image in all its glory:

Pokemon Black and White: will get updated when I have my pokemon relapses and get frustrated enough with the battles to actually write this AU. Honestly this one's just for fun. Annd then N showed up in the actual anime, so I'm relatively happy with Best Wishes! right now and this fic might be abandoned.

Rokudaime's Legacy: Completed. And will not have a sequel. Again, I feel like it has some interesting ideas but is too badly written for me to continue.

Snowfall: I have epic plans for this, because GRMM has epic plans, but the style of writing required is different from my norm, so it's hard to update this. GoT season 4 has come and went and has taken my inspiration with it. You'll likely see a new chapter when season 5 begins.

Tangled Web: Previously 'Acquiescence' and then 'Along Came a Spider'. Written initially as a reaction to the Avengers and TASM films, which have now passed and with them, my inspiration. This has gotten surprisingly popular and thank you guys very much for your encouragements. I don't think I would have gotten past four chapters without you. I'm finding difficulty in writing this, but rest assured I will at least finish the latest arc.

The Daddy Thing: originally written to give me cavities. No seriously, it's disgustingly cute, but I need the break every once in a while. It will have no plot until after age seven. You have been warned. NOW COMPLETE. Sequel in the works.

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