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Hey everyone! I am Late Night Angel. This is now my primary writing place, since my former one has, sadly, shut down. is shutting down. I will continue to write here. As you can tell by my avatar, I am a animespiral writer. I have that avatar to show my respect for the former site and for all the people who were on there.

So onto my profile!

I am 19 years old. I am a girl. A sophomore in college. Officially undecided as a major, but probably History and Politics and Government. You don't need to know my name :P

Woo so what else? I've been writing since I was about 12-13 years old. (I don't remember) I, myself, feel that I'm not very good. I mean I'm not horrid, but I'm certainly no novelist. I write for fun, not to be the best. However, I do pride myself on doing the best I can at anything I do.

:Currently Working on:

Surprising (Prince of Tennis): Apparently Hikari Tanaka and Ryoma Echizen were childhood friends. She doesn't remember him at all. All she knows now is he's great at Tennis and loves it as much as she does. That's all she has to know to become friends with him (again). Who knows, the friendship might be...surprising for both Ryoma and Hikari. Slight OCxRyoma.
Status: Work-in-Progress
Publishing Status: As of 7/14/11 four chapters posted.

Stranger in Me (Full Metal Alchemist): Cori Miawaka is a goody-two-shoes, straight-A, quiet, polite freshman in her high school. Edward Elric is the new school freak with a nasty attitude. When they accidently befriend each other, they find out that they have more in common than they think. AU. OCxEd
Status: Work-in-Progress
Publishing Status: Haven't posted anything yet. Probably when I finish the entire story.

Check out my Fictionpress account to read my story: Sweet Temptation.

Hmm yeah let's see what about me? I love anime. I love to read. I'm naturally curious and tend to want the answer to everything. I am huge on fantasy and science fiction I love being wrapped into a whole different world. I also draw a tad bit. That I suck at very much. Overall I'm pretty much a friendly and happy person. I can't stand being mean to people. (I feel so bad afterwards...heh I'm weak, though I'm certain I am kind of mean to people sometimes without meaning to) I have low tolerance for people who whine. I tend to be very optimistic. I am also very sarcastic.

Things that irk me: bad grammar, spelling mistakes, people who whine, dramaqueens and...Ooo here's the one that I shall ramble on...

OOCness: Okay I understand, no one on here (at least I think) is the creator of the anime or book subject of your fanfic. But please people! At least try to get them in character! Fuko? Yeah she's a tomboy bitch. Not (get this NOT) a girly-lovesick bimbo. She annoys everyone she resorts to vioence when she's angry, and she can kick ass. She is not weak either! Do not make her a damsel in distress! --takes deep breath-- Okay I'm not preaching that I get the characters in character I don't much. But I try...some of you its evident not a single strand of thought goes into it. If you are making a fanfiction that means you want to use the characters as are for your own plot...if you want to make completely new character than write an original. My main point is: try to get characters in character 'kay? :) The authors made them that way for a reason. Official statement: These comments are not meant to offend anyone who believes in the pairings or OOCness or anything like that. Thank you.

Things I couldn't live without: My laptop, my mp3 player, my endless supplies of notebooks, my family, my friends, a good book, and my imagination (Life would be so boring if I didn't have my own worlds to escape to!) :D

Favorite Manga/Anime: Rurouni Kenshin, Prince of Tennis, Full Metal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, Darker than Black, and One Piece. I have seen/read many more...but these are my favorites!

Favorite Books: City of Bones Series, Beka Cooper series, Hunger Games series, Goblin Wood, Rogue Knight series, Harry Potter Series, and Paper Towns and the list goes on and on... (--look at list-- Hm...I read a lot of series)

Shameless Self Promotion: Go visit my book blog! I appreciate comments :)

Thanks for visiting! Please read my stories. I appreciate feedback! :)

-Late Night Angel

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