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Author has written 6 stories for Warriors, and Cats.

Heyo!! Im Muslix aka Noelle Sisneros. I have a life. I love my friends. I love my family.
I love to dance to random music. I have an account on here is my page:
El Noellio
Go check out my stories there as well!

Name: Noelle
Age: 13
Gender: Im a girl
Hair: Its really dark coffee-brown and shoulder length. Its really layered and messy and its pretty sick. I have bangs that cover my eyebrows.
Skin: I have a freakin awsome tan. I have a nice pretty face.
Eyes: Dark brown
Build: My friends tell me I got a supermodel body. No seriously Im not kidding.
I cant think of any more stuff. If you want to know more, talk to me or something.

My Interests

I pretty much love to act and dance and sing, my dream is to someday be on Broadway. I know I have a chance because my friends think i've got a serious acting skill, not to mention singing :) Singing is just my thing, everyone says I've got a beautiful voice. In my spare time I dream up plots for fanfictions and non-fanfictions. I cant seem to ever finish real original stories I write, I dont know why. Ah well, I'll finish one someday. I love to write, loved it since I was young. I used to write little picture books about two husky dogs, Oreo and Buttercup, haha, they had pretty insane adventures. Maybe I'll do a story about that, it would be pretty sick. I play guitar and I'm kinda in a band, we dont have a permenant name yet, but for now we're Freak in the Attik. I'm the singer, cuz we have like fifteen billion guitar players so I just decided to sing. We almost have a drummer, and one of my friends is learning bass so I think we're almost good. Thats me.

My Favorite Warrior Pairings

Firestar/Sandstorm: I love this pairing because it was very surprising to me when it started happening. I think it was adorable that they hated eachother but then ended up together in the end..Aww.

Graystripe/Silverstream: Its so cute and sad..I felt so bad for Graystripe when she died that I even cried. :(

Tigerclaw/Goldenflower: I dont know why I love them so much! I just think its cute that he was in love with her. It almost made him

Whitestorm/Bluestar: They grew up together and they are the best of friends. He always cares for her and they are so cute together! I wish..

Longtail/Mousefur: I just think they would click. They are both kinda fiesty.

Cinderpaw/Fireheart: even though I love Sandstorm/Fireheart I think this would have been adorable! She obviously likes him alot!

Cloudtail/Brightheart: This is soooo cute! I love them together and the way he always took care of her when she was injured.

Runningwind/ANYONE: I loved him! I think he should have had someone.

Squirrelpaw/Crowpaw: it would be a repeat of Sandstorm/Fireheart. They hated eachother, and then they would end up together! They would have been cute together.

Ashfur/Squirrelflight: I really liked them together! But I'm glad that her and Brambleclaw are together in the end.

Brackenfur/Sorreltail: SO CUTE!!They were meant for eachother!

Dustpelt/Fernpaw: I love them!!

My Favorite CATS Pairings

Munkustrap/Demeter-I just love them so much! Plus Munkustrap is like, really hot, and Demeter has my nose, so i can fantasize :) haha

Plato/Victoria- They are just so beautiful when they danced the mating dance together, he just looks like somebody who she can rely on to take care of her.

Misto/Victoria- even though i like her with Plato, theres no denying that this would be unbelieveably cute :)

Mungojerrie/Rumpleteazer-awww, twins or not, they are just adorable :)

Coricopat/Jemima- I really dont know.

Alonzo/somebody- I just think he's a chillular cat.

Tugger/Bombi- they are both skanks :)

My Favorite Jellicles (In alphabetical order, isnt that great!?)


Alonzo- god he's hot :) and such a flirt too. haha. almost as bad as Tugger. It actually took me a while to warm up to him, but after watching the video maybe five times, he's come to be my favorite haha. Cool guy. Might be a Alonzo/Jemima fic coming up.

Mungojerrie- HE'S AMAZING! Hahaha omg! Me and my best friend Erica who I think have mentioned before are in love with him, and we know the whole dance and song. I'm Teazer and she's Mungo, having the lower of our voices and the amazing acrobatic ability to base me.

Munkustrap- LOOK AT HIM! LOOK AT HIM! GOD HE'S PURE GORGOUSNESS! Hahaha his voice is so hot too, I love it :) Me and my friend Kitty have an obsession with him, she didnt know his name at the age of five so she called him The Boss. So now he's the boss to us :)

Plato- When I first saw the video I thought he was funny looking, but now I think he's hot. :) Yah. Plus he looks amazing when he's mating with Tori. Hahaha wow. Plus he doubles as Macavity, and I think thats pretty cool.

Pouncival- he's so cute! haha I love how he's like the shortest guy on cast. He also makes the cutest faces.

Mistoffelees- Hahaha you know he loves all the attention. Plus he has a very expressive face, and a funny smile.

Rum Tum Tugger- hot face, funny body. Hahaha he's so amazingly sexy though, its not even funny. I love his fringe.

Skimbleshanks- haha he's so happy! Yay!


Bombalurina- she's such a skank lol, but I love her, she reminds me of my best friend Jaycee.

Demeter- she's so pretty! I love how skittish she is, plus I like her nose, it makes me feel better about myself because she's so pretty and we have like the exact same nose. Also when she sings she sounds scottish.

Etcetera- she just seems so spunky! Theres something about her that just grabs me she's so cute!

Jemima- she's so cute, and such a beautiful voice! She also seems really sweet.

Rumpleteazer- SHES AMAZING! Plus I play her whenever me and my friends do runthroughs, I actually play her, Jemima, and Demeter. But she's the most fun :)

Victoria- look how fuzzy and INNOCENT SHE IS! In the words of my good friend Kate "Kitty" Duncan, "I want that little white cat!"

Oh no, the HORROR! Don't worry, none of them are Mary Sues! In fact, they are all quite the opposite.

Alecto: A dark reddish brown, mottled tabby, on the short, stout side. Stockier than most of the other she-cats, with more curves. Her back legs have white socks. Her eyes are dark amber, and she has long lashes. Her eyebrows are medium width and slightly arched. She is quite pretty if you think about it, but is not the type of Queen that stands out in a crowd. She is quiet and friendly at first, but when you get to know her she is witty and wild, even a bit spastic. She has a very twisted, dark sense of humor. She is a horrid dancer, but has a beautiful singing voice.
Picture1 Picture2 Picture3
Full body pictures of the real Alecto:

My Wonderful Friends from

Mysterys- this chick is pretty much amazing. Her fandom is warriors, and she was one of the first people to comment my first story I wrote. She's a pretty cool cat.

Jemimabub- I just met her, and I decided to write a story about a video she made on youtube, so thats when we started talking. She's also pretty neat, her fandom is CATS.

Taintie- She's just chillular like that. I met her on a fanboard.

I have been writing stories for a very long time now, and have been reading fanfics for about a year. Then I decided to join this website cuz im awsome.


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