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About Me

My name's Aly, short for my middle name, Alyssa. I'm a pure (as far as I know) Malaysian living in Malaysia. I am in my early teens, I think it should be illegal for Milo Ventimiglia to wear a shirt and my cupboard is a shrine to Heroes.

I have short black hair, and I've been wearing glasses since I was five (curse you, television!)

I ship PAIRE, although it is a ship that breaks any of my ethical rules. My best friend pretends to scream at Paire news, my other friends hate me for loving PAIRE.

It took me six years to realize that bought was for buy and brought was for bring. Although I've been writing since I was six. Go figure

I'm eccentric around the edges but lovable all year round.

I have and older sister who is an aspiring photographer, a dad who's into DIY and a mom who loves to cook.

My life is basically all about HEROES.

I have three best friends that I desperately love. One is a Heroes freak, like me, one is an aspiring writer, and the other one just complains about everything he knows about.

I'm Member no.588 of Sylar's Army

I had a a bunch of pimples on my right cheek. It's still there and it looks like a hidden mickey.

Other Heroes Ships I love: Halo (made of love), Syelle (cause it's hot and we all know it), Adelle(same reason as Syelle; Elle makes any ship hot), Sylaire (for some bizzaro reason), Mocah (Molly/Micah. Made the ship name myself), Niki (or Jessica or Tracy)/Nathan, Niki/DL (he died like crap, though), Hiro/Daphne (it's supremely cute and awesome), Matt/Daphne (a little) and-God forbid- Petlar (it is just too hot and GUH to ignore) also.. Peter/Tracy (Running in the forest in Trust and Blood? Awesomeness) and Syke (Sylar/Luke...I don't think I need to explain.)

Other TV Shows I love: Ugly Betty, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Bones, Pushing Daisies, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars

Movies I love: Juno, Elizabethtown, Be Kind Rewind, Spiderman, X-Men 1, Iron Man, Transformers, Outsourced, 13 going on 30, A Lot Like Love, The Royal Tenenbaums, Smart People, Slumdog Millionaire, Rachel Getting Married.

Music: I sometimes listen to 90s Boyband music. I lurve Paramore, the Killers are the best. One of my friends turned me on Copeland, who I love, too. Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Soko, Mates of State, some random Malaysian bands I don't know the names of, Feist and Neutral Milk Hotel, She and Him, Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Death Cab for Cutie, The Weepies, Little Joy, James Morrison,

Other Things About Me

I used to have seven cats. Four were strays.

Reviews and hits make me giddy inside.

Whenever I get bored, I write sayings on my wrist and draw the Heroes symbol on my knuckles.

Since the world is cruel enough to put Milo Ventimiglia in a shirt, I prefer him in the Level 5 jammies...what girl could resist?

I want to spend a full year traveling after college. Even it's not the entire world, just Asia is nice. It's an amazing continent, and I haven't explored most of them.

I like keeping memories. I still have the stuffed bunny my best friend gave me when I was five.

People say I'm a carbon copy of my mom, but I just don't see it.

I make a mean potato salad. Fine, I ask my mom just to peel the skin.

I like to think I am eco-friendly, since one of my best friends nudged me on to it. He's very passionate about saving the world.

I desperately want a pet, but my parents won't let me. My hairdresser has a gazillion cats, and I play with them whenever we go for a haircut. One of my friends once had newborn kitties, and we got to name them. I named mine Peter (for obvious reasons)

My Stories

Our Last Breath: Successfully completed! You can go check it out and don't forget to review! (God, I sound like an ad for some random gift shop...)

The First Taken: It has taken its bows! Thanks all for being so supportive!

Snapshots: A companion to TFT. It's basically a behind-the-scenes look at five pairs. It basically says that love in universal, and comes in all types.

The ships: Peter/Claire, Peter/Molly, Hannah/Evan, Hannah/Michael, Sylar/Daphne and AU Brotherly Peter/Sylar. There might be a little Sylaire, too. We'll see. But that's for Volume One, I have in store for you, two more ships once the sequel comes out, for Volume Two.

Coming Soon

The Sequel to TFT: No idea what to name it yet, but the one thing that pops into my mind is Domino Effect, or Dusk Falling...

Endsong: It's a Claire-knocked up story. It's heavily inspired by Juno, my fave movie of all time. So yeah, teenage pregnancy, up and downs along the way. Do I need to say it? PAIRE, Babay!!

Paire Oneshots: I have never done Oneshots before, mostly because my brain wanders too much.

Petlar Oneshots: My first time writing slash, so don't shoot!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Dusk Falling reviews
Almost two years after the events of TFT, Sylar and Claire are still picking up the pieces of their lives. Meanwhile, Peter may rise again, but so might the unwanted shadows coming towards them.
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Peter/Daphne. As much as he tries catching, she always beats him to the finish line. For once, he wants to win, today he might just get his wish.
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-Companion to The First Taken- They're all connected, they're all broken, but there's one thing they all share: Love. It's universal, and unexpected, but it's there. And as the song goes, Everybody loves Somebody.
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Formerly titled Untouched. What if Peter actually died in the explosion, but his soul stayed on earth? And what if Claire was the only one he had? AU Paire
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