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Hello Everyone,

My name is Nikke , I'm now in my last year of college, studying the Japanese language, practicing to become a voice actress, and I still LOVE Anime!! Previously and kinda still a Pokemon addict, I've converted to a fanatic to anything relating to Dragon Ball Z! >:D But, I don't think you'll see any DBZ fics up anytime soon...lol...My previous pen names in order were RollingBubbles, Hoshina Utau, Princess of Tora, Explosivo(attempted), Mask of Ice, Don't Say Moe, and HotaruDragon. My final and current username is the EmberWithin. It represents the embers of passion within me that burn for all things cosplay, nerdy/geeky, and super special awesome. Kinda sounds like that one show that was like "Honor, tradition, donuts! xD Anywho, my profile pic is Arale from Dr. Slump who made an appearance in the original Dragon Ball series. In my spare time (besides being a total computer addict) I write stories, and that's pretty much why I'm here. Although I already have a lot of stories to deal with at the moment, I have plans for future stories..many of them having to do with Harry Potter, Code Lyoko, and Pokemon. I can't really think of anything else besides those three..maybe a Deltora Quest-based off the anime of course...

UPDATE: Oh noes, Not another name change! D:

I was sorta getting sick of my name...But get over it, this will probably be the last name change for a while! :) But with a new name comes new responsibilities! :D Nah, I'm just kidding, I'll probably still be late in updating, just letting you know now. :P


SHE LIVES! It has actually been SIX years since I last posted anything! :D I'm back and here to stay! Probably...I've started with an update to Lost Without You. I've been reading some recent reviews for No Need To Worry, and I have to say, Thank you guys for all those wonderful things you've said! It makes me feel totally awful that I kept y'all waiting! ;A; I will try my best to update and keep Chapter 5 to the same quality that I have done the previous chapters. Hope to hear from you wonderful people as soon I update :3

NEW UPDATE: I've decided to tell you how much work I've done on each new chapter through percentages! :D

Currently Working On(By Popular demand and whatever I feel like working on at the moment):

1) JGC: Lost Without You Ch. 3 (13%)

2) No Need to Worry Ch. 5 (3%)

3)The Academy Ch. 5 (80%)

4) The Golden Gang(New Pkmn Story) (60%)

5)Without a Doubt Ch. 3 (65%)

On the side(what I will be working on in my spare "spare" time

6) LiTEoAHS Ch. 17 (48%)

7) Code: H.O.G.W.A.R.T.S. Ch. 4 (0%)

8) Bittersweet Destiny Ch. 2 (20%)

Story Updates:

Without A Doubt

Chapter 3: (No Title Yet)

Preview: Coming soon!

The Academy

Thank you for your reviews! This is only the beginning...My main reason for writing this story is to exploit relationships within Pokemon.. I just wanted to see how well this story will do. The actual Academy will be mentioned in Chapter 5, look forward to it. This story is not as new, but I still don't know about how long it will be...


Chapter 5: (No title as of yet)

“So let me get this straight. You all left out for lunch, and even the back door was unlocked!? You don’t even have security cameras! How did you expect not to be robbed!? Just what kind of business is this anyways!?” she scolded the business men.

“We’re sorry, officer. I guess we were a bit naïve about our security measures. We were such a small company, I didn’t think we’d…”

“I’ve heard it all before,” Jenny cut him off. “So what was it now? A laptop, the safe where you keep your money…how much was in there by the way?”

The man gave a sheepish laugh.

“We actually haven’t been keeping track,” he said nonchalantly.

“Ok that’s it, I’m done here! Until we can get a lead on the culprit, just let insurance handle it. Good bye!” Jenny said storming out of the building.

Lost Without You

Chapter 2: Setting the Date


'Why did I have to go and do that for?' Misty thought herself as she grudgingly got out of bed.

Ash, awoken by Misty's sudden movements, asked, "Why you up so early, Misty?"

Before Misty replied, Ash suppressed a huge yawn, and Misty scoffed.

"Haven't you ever heard the old saying, Ash? The early bird catches the worm. And here I thought you were trying to better yourself as a Pokemon trainer," Misty lectured.

"Yeah, but it's really early," Ash complained lazily.

"You never change," Misty angrily commented before leaving.

"What's her problem?" Ash asked aloud.

"Beats me," Brock replied.

No Need To Worry

I'm really surprised that this story is one of my most popular! XD I thank you all, I will continue to do my best as I update and finish this fic!!


Chapter 5:

Coming soon!!

LiTEoAHS (Life in the Eyes... Abbr. if you didn't know)


Chapter 17

Across over at the Gryffindor table, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in hysterics.

“Did you see the look on Malfoy’s face?” Ron exclaimed.

“That’s our Ellie,” Harry said which caused a stare from Ron.

Harry looked away feeling a little depressed now.

“Talk to her,” Hermione ushered him.

“He will not!” Ron interfered.

“And why not?” Hermione asked.

“She broke his heart!” Ron answered.

“Well, since when is it your decision to decide what’s best for Harry?” Hermione queried.

“Since when is it yours?” Ron countered back.

“But it’s none of your business,” Hermione stressed.

“It’s none of yours either,” Ron replied.

“Ronald, you’re impossible!” Hermione stated.

“You’re no walk in the park either, Hermione,” Ron commented.

Code: H.O.W.A.R.T.S.

Chapter 4: I'd Rather Not Talk About It

Coming soon! Not in 3 years! XD

Bittersweet Destiny

I just posted it on impulse, since it was just sitting there all completed. I already have enough to deal with at the moment, although I will update, I've already got it planned out. Thanks so much for your OCs I will try to incorporate as much of them as I can, but I don't think I'll be able to include their all of their backstories...

Preview: Chapter 2:

“Stupid Chimchar!!!” Ami yelled as she threw it’s pokeball at the tree and stomped on it.

Ami stomped on it and stomped on it, so hard that it cracked into half. The water from the rain caused it to short out.

~Back at the house~

“I haven’t seen Ami yet,” Alice told her father.

“I’m worried, it’s starting to storm outside.”

“I’ll go look for her,” her father responded.

At that moment, the door flew opened. Ami came trudging in ready for whatever happened next.

“Ami!” Alice exclaimed terrified. “What happened?!”

Heavy tears then fell from Ami’s eyes; it’s all she could do. It was too horrible to re-explain what had happened.

New Fics to Come

Mischievous Kiss(HP)

Jealousy Game(Pkmn)

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