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Hi everyone!!

My name is Katherine Gray. I'm a 17 (soon to be 18!!!) year old student from the Land Down Under - Australia. I'm quite new to this site though I swear I've read more than half the stories (I know that's not many compared to probably most people on here but I reckon it's a good effort for a couple of weeks of reading in my sparse spare time).

I try to review everything I read and once I write a couple of my own would LOVE people to review my work as well! I must warn that I do try and give a bit of constructive crtisicim in my reviews but PLEASE don't interpret this as a flame 'cos it's more than likely not and I'll tell you if it is!

I started reading as a way to procrastinate from my exams - which didn't exactly turn out to be the best of ideas but who can resist the pull of Dean and Sammy? I must admit I'm more of a reader than a writer but I'm plannin on writer a few stories when I get the chance.

Likes: Supernatural (quite obviously), House (to a lesser extent).. Um.. Well I'm a HUGE Dean fan because I can empathise with him a bit but I LOVE my Sammy as well (don't get me wrong). I like any really well written fan fic about the boys (not so much John) especially Hurt!Angsty!Protective!Dean and Hurt!Angtsy!Protective!Sam. I'm fairly impartial to well written, not to sleazy, mainly mushy wincest even though the very idea of it makes me quite ill. I'd really like to see more of Dean getting hurt and Sammy taking care of him. Weechesters! are beautiful also.

Dislikes: Overly emo Sammy, shallow interpretations of Dean which go along the lines of 'I'm so depressed because Sam got hurt' because while I can see that in Dean he's just not that weak. Overly weak Sammy which go along the lines of 'OOOH Dean! I've got a booboo.. HELP me!!' because HE is just not that weak! Own female characters of almost any form.. infact female main characters of pretty much any form. Aliens.

So yeah, this is me!

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tag to What is and What Should Never Be.
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Beneath Calm Waters reviews
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When Sam finally snaps will he find the words that are all but banned in the Winchester camp? A realistic approach. Warning, suicide!fic. No Spoilers. R&R!
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