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Hey all, welcome to my thought station. My creativity filter. The place were I can be me, myself and I.

I have written stories since I was yay high, writing about adventures and animals. And now that Im older and a teeny bit wiser I've moved on to the dramatic, the angsty and the heart wrenching.

Iam currently writing a book called Forget Me Not, but it is on hiatus at the moment as my brain is filled with Fan fiction ideas. Mostly for Supernatural. So once I get them from my head to the laptop, I can hopefully buckle down and finnish the book. Once finished I may fulfill my dream and become published and have it made into a film. I have even planned the cast already, although the list has changed several times.

Aswell as writing fic I realy enjoy making Fan videos, for Supernatural of course. Mostly angsty, sad ones. Its not that I'm a sad person, I just enjoy making them, I find they come easier to me. The same with my stories, all though my stories do have humor in them in places.

I love TV and film, the whole concept of media, I get alot out of watching films, coming up with concepts for films. Im one of those people that can remember the smallest things in films. Need to know an actor from a film, Im your girl. Want to know a random film fact, look no further.

For example the other day I pointed out to my friend after watching a particular episode of Supernatural, I kept looking at a scene with Sam in his cast, on the one angle it was on one hand and the next it was on the other. And I found myself trying to work out the semantics of it. Untill I realized that I was turning into one of those scary people that goes to conventions and lectures the creators on thier mistakes. At wich point I shook myself and said "What are you dong you sad person".

This is why no one will play "Scene It" with me:(

Anyway Im going to stop rambling on about my geeky tendencies now. Thats all for now, but Im sure I'll have more to add at some point. I hope you enjoy my creations and Im looking forward to reading creations by other tallented people.

So for now this is Zoe (aka angelkisses87) saying keep smiling and please comment, they make me smile :)

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