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Author has written 26 stories for Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, and Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Hey. I'm Katie.

I love writing stories especially Grey's Anatomy. I've also written a Scrubs which was a lot of fun since I've been watching that show forever, and a Secret Life Of The American Teenager.

My biggest problem as a writer is starting too many stories at one time. Here are all my stories I've written and a little bit more of a summery about them in order of when I published them.

Grey's Anatomy:

Breaking up and Starting Fresh: (Complete) MerMark: After an unexpected turn of events in Meredith's and Derek's relationship, Meredith pushes Derek out of her life once and for all. Meredith seeks comfort in her friend and fellow dirty mistress. From their relationship grows regardless of all the bumps in the road.

Ease My Pain: (Complete) MerAlex: After a string of painful events in two interns lives, they turn to each other for comfort. (Similar to Breaking Up And Starting Fresh except a MerAlex)

Trapped Under The Rubble: (Complete) MerAlex:After a day of tragedy, Meredith is forced to face her comatose boyfriend and Thatcher after her fake-mommy dies all in one day. Beyond that, her life is turned upside down after some unexpected news comes her way. Turning a usually happy time into one of constant turmoil.

When You're Gone: (Complete) MerMark: Two weeks after the love of her life leaves Seattle, she finds out just how much his leaving will impact her future life.

Back Where We Belong: (Complete) MerMark: She left Seattle not long after he did. Two and a half years later, she returns. And everything has changed.

Tears Of Pink Ribbons: MerMark: There was nothing to keep her in Seattle except bad memories when her life is threatened with illness, so she leaves. By the time, she's well again and she returns. Nothing is the same. And may never return to the same way it used to be after Mark's "family" flies in to cause trouble.

Long Time, No See: MerMark/ HouseGrey's Crossover: Dr. Gregory House flies to Seattle to consult on a patient. When he gets there he finds someone that he didn't expect to find.

Leaving Seattle: Mer/Mark/ Bang:Christina's wedding with Burke doesn't happen. Mark leaves Seattle. With nothing left in Seattle except painful memories, Christina and Meredith look for a fresh start out of Washington. But when they finally get their fresh start, they realize burying their past isn't so easy.

By Your Side: (Complete)MerAlex: At five years old, Meredith moves to Boston with a neglectful mother after her father left them. It wasn't long after she moved there that she met Alex Kerev and his mother Mary Kerev. They become instant best friends and go through their lives influenced by abuse, neglect, new marriages, and love.

Family Secrets: MerMark: Something pushed Ellis Grey over the edge even though she had a seemingly lavish life with a high powered medical career, fame, fortune, and a good daughter. Three years later, her secrets begin to be revealed threatening the life Meredith worked so hard to make for herself. - I will pick this story back up. I haven't updated it in forever. But I will!! I promise!

Tears Will Dry: MerMark: She broke things off with Derek after finding out about his interest in one of the new interns. Addison left leaving Mark heartbroken. The dirty mistress have to stick together. What more can I say?

Never Able To Forget: (Complete) MerAlex: Meredith got pregnant by a medical school boyfriend. Before finding out the baby, he left to start his internship. She started her internship with a baby bump and nobody to turn to for support. After almost five years later, she worked her way to the top of the Nuero residency program. She and her best friend Margaret Hogg move to Seattle to be closer to her step-father, Richard Webber. When she gets there, she realizes everything she had been looking for had been in reach for five years.

Everything I Thought I Knew: MerMark: Meredith and her best friend, George, move from Seattle to New Hampshire for college and medical school. They move into a house that their parents brought them near campus. Their next door neighbors? Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd, and Preston Burke: Three party boys who don't love anything as much as they love sex. They don't do love. They don't do relationships. They do one-night stand after one-night stand. But everything changes when Mark meets Meredith.

Remembering What You Forgot: (Complete)MerMark: Without telling anyone exactly why, Meredith traveled to Boston to ‘deal with her mother's past.' After falling down a flight of steps, she ends up in Boston General Hospital where she laid unconscious for days. Back home, her friends and future husband grow apprehensive over the fact she hadn't called in a few days. When Richard receives word that his stepdaughter is awake and had been unconscious for the last few days, he has her transferred back to Seattle only to discover she had lost years worth of memories.

Guardian Angel: MerMark. A little Bang. HouseGrey's crossover: When her person falls unconscious for no obvious reason, Meredith calls in the best diagnostician she knows, Dr. Gregory House.

Fairytale Ending: MerMark: She had dreamed of a fairytale ending just like the ones her father told her before bed. The stories that always ended ‘and they lived happily ever after.' Up until she was eight years old, she wished for it every birthday and every time she saw a shooting star. And until her father walked out of her life, she thought she had a chance to get it. But when Ellis moves on with her life with a new husband named Jonathon Montgomery and his perfect daughter, Addison, and she is pushed into the very tall shadows of her step-sister. She realizes the truth. Fairytale endings? No such thing.

From Annoying To Beautiful: MerMark: Meredith grew up in the house next to Derek Shepherd's with her mother and her stepfather. The older she got the more she wanted to be accepted in the eyes of Derek, Mark Sloan, and Preston Burke after all her parents had created a close friendship with the Sloans, Shepherds, and Burkes. Being two years older than her, the three boys wanted nothing to do with the annoying little girl who lived next door. After moving away from New York with her family to Boston only a few months after the Shepherd's Forth of July picnic, she was sent away to a live on campus school in Connecticut where she spent every year until she graduated from high school and transferred to California to go to Stanford. Never once in eleven years did she have time to go back to the Shepherd's on the forth. Now, after eleven years at age seventeen, she has to face the three boys that ruined her self-esteem at such a young age.

Ashes Can Lead To Better Life: MerAlex: She left Seattle. Five years later, with no where left to go, she returns home to Seattle. But everything has changed and she had spoken to anyone in five years, not even her stepfather.

Under The Worst Circumstances: (Complete) MerMark: Their wedding was in five months. Their child was due in four months. Meredith's bliss is stretched thin when her fiancé, Mark, get injured in a car accident. His family from hell comes to Seattle to looks in on him.

Concrete Angel: Eventually MerMark: She had a tragic past, a painful secret, a dangerous home, and a deadly future. By the time she moved to New York City, she was used to keeping her home life a secret and hiding away any evidence of the pain.

Finding The Past: MerMark, Bang: Meredith and Christina met not long after the men in their life broke their hearts. Their past were similar. Their futures were exactly the same. Years had past by the time tragedy hits. The pack up their lives and moved across country in hopes of giving their children a better life. But when they get to Seattle, they find that eventually he past kicks you in your ass.

Hate Myself For Losing You: MerMark: After walking in on something she never hoped to see, Meredith runs away. But you can't run away from all things in your past.

No Thing As Just Roommates: MerMark, Addek, Lexize, Bang, GeorgeOC: Eight surgeons + One huge house + No work = One hell of a good time. Mark and Derek come to Seattle for some new jobs at Seattle Grace. After spending time on their best friend's, Preston Burke, couch, they start hunting for a new place. They stumble upon a flyer advertising the need for roommates. What happens when they move into the same house as Meredith, Addison, and Izzie?

Weight Of The World: MerAlex: After putting the weight of her world on her friends' shoulders so many times, Meredith Grey figures that this time it's better just to run. While all of her friends' lives are in the dumps, she decides that this time she won't add her problems to their pain. Even if she doesn't want to leave behind her friends and the love of her life, she has to go.


A Hit Home: (Complete) When a six year old leukemia patient named Hannah Davis comes to the Sacred Heart ICU, everyone is affected by her story. But for JD, she brings back memories that he tried so long to suppress.

The Secret Life Of The American Teen:

Beautiful Angel: Amy/Ricky: She was pregnant with Ricky Underwood's baby. A result of one night away from home at band camp. It was one night of careless fun, because they both thought "what happens at band camp, stays at band camp." Definitely not. At four months pregnant, she left town to live with her grandmother. Ten months later, she figures it's time to go home and face the demons of her past.

That's all my fics. All 26 of them (so far) like I said, I love to start new stories so I'm sure there are more to come.

Thanks. Bye.

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A patient at Sacred Heart brings about memories from Dr. Cox proving that he and JD aren't as different as he once thought. Rated for language, also it's my first Scrubs fic so please be kind
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Health issues causes Meredith to leave Seattle. A lot happens in the time she's gone. MerMark!
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Her baby was a perfect, beautiful angel, and the result of a hellish situation that all began one summer at band camp. I suck at summeries. Sorry. Rated Teen to be safe. Amy/Ricky.
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Meredith is running. Running away from her past. Running away from her memories. And running away from all her pain. But no matter where she goes, pain seems to follow her. MerMark.
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She knew them for years from the time she was born and was never accepted. Eleven years later, she's back in New York as a seventeen year old college student. MerMark. AU.
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When illness strikes her person, Meredith doesn’t want anything but the best. HouseGrey’s Crossover. MerMark. Sort of Bang.
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HOUSE AND GREY'S CROSSOVER. House comes to seattle to find a lot more than just a consult. I know a crappy summery. Sorry.
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They met and became instant friends with a similar past. Years later, hard times strike and they move in hopes to find a new life and a better life for their kids. When they get here, they find that their past had beaten them there. MerMark, Bang
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Under The Worst Circumstances reviews
With an wedding set to happen in only five months, Meredith is completely blissful. But then there was an accident bringing all of Mark’s ‘family’ to Seattle sending a dark cloud over Meredith’s bright and shiny life. MerMark. Bad Summery I know.
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A tragic past. A painful secret. A dangerous home. And a deadly future. Meredith Grey knew nothing more than this by the time she moved to New York City. MerMark and a big MerAlex friendship.
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Meredith moves to Boston with Ellis, where she becomes best friends with Alex Kerev. I know, bad summery. Sorry about that. AU. MERALEX.
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After Christina’s wedding failed to happen and Mark left Seattle, Christina and Meredith decide to leave Seattle in search for a fresh start. But once they get there, they realize it will be a little harder than they thought. MerMark and Bang.
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Remembering What You Forgot reviews
Secrecy was the key element to the trip. Nobody could know why Meredith took a trip to Boston, not even her friends or her fiancé. All she told them was she had to deal with ‘her mother’s past.'... Full Summery inside. MerMark.
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At the beginning of her internship, she got pregnant. Almost five years later… MERALEX. AU. Full Summery inside. I posted a wrong chapter on this story ch. 30 , but I fixed it.
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After Meredith finds out some disturbing news. She seeks comfort from her friends. This takes place a month after Season 3 ended. MereMark and other couples. The End.
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Meredith was unable to stay in Seattle. Two and a half years later, she returns. Why did she leave? MerMark!
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When a young girl comes into the ICU it affects all the Sacred Heart staff. But it really hits home for JD.
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Meredith was used to getting hurt by the people she loved. But for the first time, she didn't think she would end up hurt. She was wrong. It with be an MerMark story.
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In one night everything Meredith Grey worked so hard to build crumbled down on her. Even after all she had been through more news comes. This is a MerAlex story.
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When two interns have a string of painful events in their lives, they help each other through it. A Meredith and Alex fanfic. There might be a sequel coming!
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Something pushes Ellis Grey over the edge. Not even Richard knows what it could be. Three years later… Family secrets are revealed, shaking the life Meredith Grey had finally built for herself. Slightly AU. MerMark. Minor yet major character death.
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