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Input from Kaitylen

Written by Emi Notrek

Hi I'm Emi Notrek, and I'm not gonna tell you how old I am...mwa ha ha haha but I can tell you I am an Aussie Teen. I love music weather it be playing an instument, listerning to music or singing.

My Fav Tv Shows are Friends (is there anything better), Robin Hood, Doctor Who(New Series) and NCIS.

My Favourite books are Twilight Series(of coarse), The Princess Diaries Series, Harry Potter.

My favourite authors Stephanie Meyer (I have read everything she has written but thats not hard. Hint Hint Stephanie.) and J.K. Rowling.

My Favourite Movies Twilight, The Princess Diaries I & II Harry Potter all, Pirates of the Caribbean I,II&III, High School Musicals, Becoming Jane, The Phantom of the Opera and many others (I am a complete movie buff).

My Favourite Actresses are Lucy Griffiths, Jennifer Aniston, Billie Piper and Anne Hathaway.

My Favourite Actors are John Barrowman, David Tennant, Jonas Armstrong and Ewen McGereggor.

Wow and go Natalie Tena, Anne Hathaway and Cote de Pablo who share my birthday (12th November).

Please check out the stories by kaitylen they rock...yay someone thinks my stories rock

I also wrote a simpsons story with will notrek, so be sure to check that out.

Cya, T.T.F.N (quote from winnie the pooh, made by tigger)


P.S. I apoligise if anything in any of my chapters afends anyone I mean for my stories to be enjoyed by my readers. Anyway thank you for reading my stories and reviewing them.


Whats the Latest.

Sorry for not updating lately but as school is in I can't find the time to continue. So who knows if I will continue or not.

I have not recieved much encouragement for Before Time and The Adventures of Tonks so at the moment my priority is Together Forever so keep those reviews comin in.

Please Review. It is sad I have had 10621 people view my stories and only 35 reviews. (as of the 7/12/09)

You know your obsessed with FRIENDS when

1 - you have the theme song on your mp3 player

2 - you are asked to think of a cheesy pick up line and immediately come to "How you doin"

3 - whenever someone says something you automatically link it to an incedent in an episode

4 - you have seen the whole series 10 times in the last year (no jokes I have done that and have lost count of how many times and 10 is an underestimate)

5 - are able to recite the episodes instead of doing your work in class (have done this too)

6 - are able to go through the entire alphabet and name a character that has apeard on friends at some stage throughout the series. (definatly done this on a long road trip)

7 - have a Friends related clip on your myspace/facebook/ect.

8 - when you can't think of a movie to watch you imediatly result to Friends.

9 - whenever you see a friend in another movie imediatly think of their character on friends waiting for a famed catch phrase

10 - have been on the friends imdb site a million times.

11 - are able to link actors/actresses to their role in friends

12 - you keep randomly bursting out "theres no one better, no one greater." (I as up on night and couldn't get it out of my head)

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