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TV Shows: I finally have and lots and lots but now I'm too ADD to sit down a watch TV
Manga: I like doujinshis, one shots, Rma 1/2, asha, Fruasket, Death Note, Yami no Matsuei, aore
Anime: of course, Blch, Oun High School Yakite Japan! Hellsg, Triun, and some frky ror sers of sunatuevents...someng like Daness...augh I dunno...eeerr...thats the only anime I've watched so far...Orginally aga person but just started toet into anime all thanks to my nd Ye.
Pairings: For Naruto...basically anything. Of course Naruto (ioi) must be uke. In het pairing, I like NaruTenten, NaruTem, Nana, uTay, uKin, Nano, basically anything if its written well.


TV Show: Usually It like the Teen dramas on WB. I mean I miss like what? 2 epsidoes There is drama and I find myself interested always start off lt but then its gets comptart to loest or the people stated and lose interow its suppose to be dramatic and stuff but its or mere about when its a fictional show. I prefer shows with one ith random 70s Show, Fd so on.

Manga: Don't really have one ause if I did I would stop retantly. I mean there are some that I wasn't really isted in bu't really rber the titles.

Anime: DI really can' watch dubbed anime because I just s soo wierd to w it. I couldn't even be to lastmi nuteatcing Naruto on Cart Netd to resort to tube for the subbed versions. I can't say I dislikeurai mploo but I am not really inested in watg it. It didn't draw me in likeach or Naruto. Justhed a couple here and there. Coudn't really gety Bet sure if it was because I was feelingD at that time or if I genuinly wasn't into it.

Pairings: Ok...Im really going to rat this one out... I HATE SasuSak...I really don't see it haping!! I mn he really sms not to care. Every time ther is thing he holds ad to, its Naruto whr its rantic or plantonic its up to you but I am saying its only uto he seems to nd with. If there is ybody after that its Kashi. Saka is soo last on his list ole he cares about...which isn long ways. I HE pairings with Sasuke that isn't Naruto for reasons above and because Im a bitchke Sasuke and believes that he should die a miserablely death but willing toxception with Nato. GaaHa...I just don't really it happening...(do they even each other?) and other pairings like that. ce its FANFIts ok to make a stretch but smes it

s like...wth?? but I guess its bc I biasedha.

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Future Projects
Ok really bad with titles but I do have soideas. actually going to do another HP crossover (dunno why t I love this over) but I want to try hag Nars a Slythe usually sorted into findor so kinda want try that out.

Its like one ofose overly used plot but t write at least one ofese kind of story Hossover but have Naruto and te gang hired as bodards story.

This one I'm thinking about is nosover, just plain Naruto verse story try to write a Naruto, or Naruto with menders like bychotic or someth

Well those are ideas so fanows when I'll get em sincer ently Untitl edaking quite a wle as is. Speaking of which... I really should thin

k of official ...review it!!

Ok...well thats all I got so bye!