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Before I go on to introduce myself, I feel the need to ramble a bit, so I ask that you excuse it. I find this is the best place to place it, and it might give some context to anyone who has any interest in me or my work. I published my first story here almost ten years ago and then I returned again and turned out a handful more only three years ago when I needed a new outlet for all the ideas inside my head. Of course, I've always been a bit fickle and ended up abandoning the one ongoing story I managed to start. Now I'm back again, a little more mature, and determined to finish what I've started. And without further adieu, the true ramblings of a silly writer:

It's amazing how much one's sense of writing composition can improve in just three years, no? I recently returned to the site on a whim and ended up reading through my old publications. I had to cringe at some of the horrid pacing and all of my run on sentences. I've always been a bit critical of my own work, but I suppose I'm also a little older and a little wiser now and all that. My standard of quality is higher than it was before, and that goes doubly for my own projects. And of course, that's the point I'm eager to get to. In the past several months I've resolved to revise and work on many of my old story ideas I never had the patience or focus to fully pursue. My original ideas I've begun slowly but surely refining in the hopes of eventually turning into visual novels. Now, I've decided I also want to add my fanfiction to that list of projects I've resolved to complete, namely my Knight of the Citadel Mass Effect / KotOR crossover fic. I had planned many intriguing character dynamics that I'm still interested in exploring. And why stop there? Certainly my one-shots are complete, but why shouldn't they get a face lift as well? Not to mention all of the unpublished pieces I have collecting digital dust bunnies in my documents folder. So there you have it. I want to fix my bad habit of leaving unfinished projects, both in my art and my writing, and I'm determined to succeed.

Well that's the end of my little stream of conscious, I should talk a bit about myself before I go any further. I think one of the best ways to describe myself is as a dreamer. Not so much in the sense that I want to change the world or anything so profound, but it's the best word to describe what makes me: me. As far back as I can remember I've always interacted with stories I encounter by daydreaming and self-insertion. I'd imagine in my head how I would react to certain events, and how the story would change if I was a part of it. As I've gotten older, it became less about how I myself would react, and instead about how different characters I invented would behave. It's a part of who I am, why I love storytelling in all its forms, and why Bioware games always hit such as strong note with me as an individual. It was like taking what I'd always done in my head and applying it to something real and crisp and clear. So yes, Bioware is one of my biggest inspirations, and as I continue to complete and approach more projects, Bioware games will probably end up taking up the majority of my fan works.

I can continue on, but I think that's enough to wet your whistle for now :3 Lets instead take a quick little sneak peak at my plans for my projects here before I leave you.

Knight of the Citadel

Like I mentioned above, I caught the old muse bug in regards to this particular story. First things first though, I need to refresh myself on the lore, story and timelines of both games. I've been on a particularly strong Star Wars binge lately, but most of of that has revolved around the Rebels TV series and Timothy Zahn's Thrawn novels: i.e. Rebellion and New Republic Era Star Wars. I'm going to replay KotOR as I start to revise what I've already written. After that, I'll start sketching out the direction I want the story to head so I can pace and structure everything properly. I'll probably end up tackling the whole of the Mass Effect Trilogy as well, although that will likely go more alongside the writing of the new chapters. I have no sense of when I'll get these things done, but it will probably become something that earns the most of my attention during the summer.

Yes, Kadan?

The only one of my works I see no real need to modify. It was meant just as a quick little banter, and I am still quite happy with it. I might give myself the mini project of making a nice cover to go with it, but until I finish some of my other projects I think I'll leave it alone.


This one I want to go back and just revise. Mostly it has a lot of little errors I want to fix from a syntactic stand point. The pacing is also pretty wonky and rushed in some places. I know how to fix it, and I think it will be good for me to tackle it. I'm also thinking about adding a nice little cover to go along with it.

Crimson Orbs

I'm not touching this atrocity, and I still have half a mind to delete it... but it's humbling in a way, and a bit nostalgic. I haven't the slightest clue where I intended to go with that idea, and honestly I'm surprised I managed to write any of it down. It's a classic example of one of my old daydreams from when I was particularly infatuated with the FFVIII series.

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