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Author has written 12 stories for Prince of Tennis, Bleach, Harry Potter, and Final Fantasy VII.

Hm...I sometimes wonder what I should put here. I don't want to come off as standoffish and arrogant, but not particularly-or overly-friendly to the point it scares people away.

Well, my tastes have changed over the years. I stopped writing for awhile, because I wanted to get better at writing and looking back at the stories I wrote, its almost looking at that 6th grade science project you did and laugh at how terrible it was. But remember how hard you worked on it.

I had my hardware crash two times...The first time when I had a SanadaxYukimura (the Calender fic). I was about to finish the third chapter when my darling computer of 4 years stopped on me. It was the saddest moment I guess, because you do hold dear thoughts with that electronic...I completely lost everything from my AP Literature essay I was writing to all the fanfiction piles stored.

So I kind of went screw it. And stopped for a bit due to anger. Then. This year, when I started writing again, accumulated a great mass of documents on Microsoft, rewrote that SanaYuki fic and was writing a large amount of Scorpius/Albus WIPs. It crashes again. Now I have gotten a back up and learned from my tragic lessons in computer malfunctions of death. T^T

Anyways...Transition will probably never be updated again. Um...Sorry to whoever read it and came here looking for more information. I looked back at it, and unless I do a lot of redrafting and such...Its not going to happen. I don't happen to like the relationships I incorporated and the personalities seem terrible.

I am going back and redoing Calender (no promises so far), but it looks like I have a good journey ahead on that. I am a slow updater (an understatement) because I want everything to be peachy perfect, so I'm only updating fics when I have completed it so the readers have something to look forward to.

I used to be obsessed with Prince of Tennis (and I still am). But now, a certain pairing from a certain fandom has caught my up. Yup, Albus and Scorpius from Harry Potter. Yeah, I get all the shit people say about how they're just their fathers and whoever writes about them is just portraying them as a friendly Harry and Draco without the war with some OOC. I actually shipped Scorpius and Albus before their fathers...in fact, that was what got me into the Drarry pairing because of the lack of fics in the ASS fandom. Yeah its a cliche, but everything is cliched. Not being a cliche is a cliche. So I don't feel that it is overused, it is a pairing I like, I thought about, and it isn't that I'm pairing them because of their fathers.

To be honest, I'm pretty Albus-centric in my fics and likings. I've had people on here say they hate him because he's like Harry. But that's the thing...they can't say he's like Harry when the Epilogue was so friggin' short and showed none of his character development. From the epilogue, I get that's he a pretty thoughtful kid and less extroverted than his siblings-especially James. I don't really get how you can hate someone just because they're someone's son and because of the feeling that its overly cliched like he'll grow up to be exactly Harry again. Anyways...

Fics I'm working on, I'm writing them, finishing them, posting them, and then updating every 1-2 weeks. Jaaa. Its a long process, which made my hardware crashes hurt the more as I was on the verge of finishing a 10k one shot, and then being unable to post.

All I Never Knew-The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Albus/Scorpius. One-shot.

From the Tip of the Fingertips to Beyond-From when you were children to the fledging of adulthood, you’ve been there for him, holding his hand, giving him the hugs, and being more than any brother could be to their painfully-shy, somewhat neurotic, little brother of yours. So when you see Scorpius Malfoy taking the place of what is irreversibly yours, something breaks inside. It isn’t your heart, it isn’t your mind that shatters. It’s the perceived image that you had of being close, that there is a distance stretching like a veiled ship from shore. James/Albus. One-shot, angst, incest. Almost done, quite longish for a one-shot.

Room with a View-Everyday, Louis wakes up in his small apartment on the Rue du Bac. He goes to Guillvandre's at 9 to pick up a biscuit and spends the rest of the time drawing. Somewhat poor, somewhat lonely, and somewhat disillusioned, he finds a worn Albus Severus. And somewhat, they make a relationship work. Albus/Louis. Chaptered. Still writing the first chapter, but it will be long and dense about life in a poor part of France. I was partly inspired by Giovanni's Room, but this is going to have a happy ending.

Untitled (for now)-Albus and Scorpius were best friends then lovers throughout Hogwarts and beyond. But Scorpius breaks it off to live the life he wants to. He didn't want to be tied down to a single person and never experience anything else. Five years later, Scorpius wants to try to awaken the old bonds of friendship and love that happened. Except Albus doesn't want that anymore. Chaptered.

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