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It’s a clear blue sky out in the feudal era in Japan. Nothing could ever disrupt this day. Shippo, following Kagome, jumps into her arms and snuggles to fall asleep. Kagome smiles and continues walking through the woods as a way to enjoy the day

I wonder what Inuyasha is doing. He’s been gone for a long time. He’s probably just in a tree blowing off steam from his hot head, Kagome reassures herself.


“Sesshomaru, I have a score to settle with you”, Inuyasha yells at his brother

“Certainly,” sesshomaru says with no emotion, “Now die!”

With that, Sesshomaru withdrawls Tokijin and runs swiftly towards Inuyasha. Inuyasha removes Tetsusaiga, but Seshomaru is too quick and wacks it out of his hand.

Kagome senses something wrong and runs toward Sesshomaru’s castle

“Kagome, what’s wrong, “ Shippo muffles still half asleep.

“I think Inuyasha is in trouble” Kagome says worridley.

“Feh, I don’t need that sword, I can kill you with my own two hands” Inuyasha yells,

“ Blades of Dragon” (not sure if that is an attack)

Sesshomaru dodges his attack and with Tokijin, stabs Inuyasha into his left shoulder

“Damn it,” Sesshomaru mutters, “so close to his heart.”

Inuyasha winces in pain but grabs Tetsusaiga and yells “WIND SCAR”

At that moment, Kagome reaches the castle and sees the Wind scar in effect.

“Shippo, I want you to go get Sango and Miroku, ok?”

“But Kagome, what will you do, will u be ok?

“go shippo, I’ll be fine. Inuyasha will protect me if anything happens”

“Ok, I’ll be right back.” Shippo runs off into the forest.

Kagome looks at the direction from which the windscar came and runs toward

“You can’t kill me that easily” Inuyasha declares, holding his left shoulder

“today will be the day you will die little brother” and with that he runs with Tokjin to apply the finishing blow but Inuyasha jumps out of the way. Sesshomaru sees what Inuaysha did and quickly jumps, stabbing his brother into the stomach with his poisonous claws.

Inuyasha falls to the ground in pain, clutching his stomach, now with a gaping hole in it.

Kagome at this moment runs in and sees Inuyasha on the ground with Sesshomaru smiling devilishly.

“Inuyasha,” Kagome screams, “Inuyasha”

“run Inuyasha yells, while struggling to save her.”

Sesshomaru looks behind him and sees the determined Kagome running toward Inuyasha and quickly snatches her by the throat.

Kagome gasps for air while she dangles from Sesshomaru’s clutch with his deadly claws.

“let her go, it’s me you want.” Inuyasha says.

“ Why do you defend this stupid wench, she’s a weak human. Just like your mother. She doesn’t deserve to be in this world.” Sesshomaru barks out with his blank stare.

Sesshomaru’s clutch on Kagome tightens, letting out a painful gasp for air from Kagome.

“LET HERE GO” Inuyasha grabs tetsusaiga and runs toward Sesshomaru with his eyes flickering red. Inuyasha is about to release the windscar when Sesshomaru holds Kagome in front of him, as if a shield. Inuyasha stops dead in his tracks.

“Damn it” Inuyasha mutters, “ LET HER GO OR I’LL CHOP YOU UP INTO TINY PIECES”

Seshomaru laughs as he clutches her tigher and tighter until she faints and is on the verge of death. He holds her bridal style.

“What the hell are you doing to her” Inuyasha worriedly yells

“This wench of yours will be useful to me”

“You don’t dare lay a hand on her”

Sesshomaru creates a barrier with the Tensaiga, because Kagome is dieing and the Tenseiga is trembling.( the barrier part i made up)

Inuyasha tries windscarring the barrier open but is unable.

Sessomaru says " I want you to suffer Inuyasha, before you die"

With that, Sessomaru slowly removes Kagome's green skirt and underwear and inserts his member into her. Kagome groans in pain unconsciously, being helpless. INuyasha stares horrified and is trying to save her but is unable. sessomaru is constantly banging himself against Kagome, making Inuyasha filled with rage. Five minutes later, kagome regains consciousness and notices what is happening so she screams and tries to move away but Sessomaru swiftly clamps her hands to the ground. Kagome is wailing and screaming in pain and fright, and slowly turns her head to her right to see Inuyasha gushing blood from his wounds but still trying to save her.

"Inuyasha" Kagome helplessy yells as Sessomaru stops abruptly and with Tokijin, sticks the sword into Inuyasha's chest, just missing his heart.

Kagome gets up and quickly put on her clothes with tears in her eyes.

Inuyasha, now on the ground growls, " Kagome , stay back"

Kagome stops, her hands clasped together, she stands there worried.

"Now to finish you off, Sessomaru uses his deadly whip and spins around, hitting Inuyasha dead straight every time. With Sessomaru coming to a stop, Kagome, who was laying on the ground to not get hit, runs to Inuyasha

"Inuyasha" Inuyasha " she wails.

Kagome lays on Inuyasha and sobs. Inuyasha takes his last breath and says " KAGOME, I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU BUT..." without finishing his sentence, Inuyasha exhales and dies with his head in Kagome's arms.

Kagome weeps on INuyasha until Sessomaru grabs her by the arm, making her wince in pain as his claws dig into her skin. His face full with rage, Kagome is carried bridal style with no complaint for fear of being killed.

An Unexpected Blooming Love reviews
Kagome is raped by Sesshomaru to make Inuyasha suffer, but when Inuyasha is dead, Sesshomaru finds out Kagome is pregnant! What will happen? Will Kagome be killed when she gets there or will he keep her?
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