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I guess you're looking here because you want to know something about me huh. Ok, I'll oblige, if only a little.

I'm a South African guy. Born in '86. Blue eyes. Dark brown hair. 1,84m. 80kg. Lean-ish athletic build. Girls seem to like me, so I guess that means I'm okay to look at.

As for my hobbies, I like writing (obviously) and books (sorta follows), Girls (duh), hanging with friends, strategy games and chess, exercising, classical and other relaxing music, Hiking through mountains and wilderness. Currently I'm also a novice Kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter.

A few things that will completely put me off a story. If you have written or are going to write anything on or elsewhere, read this.

- Spelling and grammar mistakes. Yes, we all do it. Yes, I know it's boring going over your work again and again. Yes, sometimes getting a decent beta is hard. BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE! Nothing is more off-putting than to read a story where you have to take a moment to work out what the author was trying to say. Reading needs to flow, not stop and start and screech and whine like a fifty year-old car.

That said, a small amount is acceptable. We are human and most of us don't have professional editors. When I say a small amount, I mean no more than 2 mistakes per 5000 words.

- Asking people to "be gentle because it's my first piece". Okay, if it's your first you can say so, we were all new once, but don't whine. Criticism is there to help you improve and grow as a writer, if you want to be zapped with happy feelings that people like you; you're in the wrong place.

- Giving massive authors notes that are a significant cut of your writing. Come on, your writing should speak for itself. (before you point this out, I know I did this once. It was a special circumstance, see The Heir Apparent ch45)

On that note

- Giving massive authors notes answering your reviewers. What the hell do you think the PM tab is for? This smacks of begging for reviews.

- Holding your story for ransom until you have enough reviews.

- Saying "I suck at summaries" in the summary tab. Just give a short breakdown, nothing fancy. And definitely don't make any spelling mistakes.

- Turning an M rated story into a sexfest. It spikes the reviews, of course it does, but think how it looks to anyone reading the chapters together.

If I see a story with any of these, I will stop reading it immediately.

A few more things to watch out for:

- Characterization. When you're writing fan fiction you're writing about characters that your reader pretty much knows already. You change them subtly, and certainly there is room for character development. But don't take it too far. I read quite a good story a while back where the author took two well known (and, admittingly, insipid) characters and changed them so completely in the space of a chapter that I no longer knew them. I had to stop reading after that.

Also, never ever fall into the trap of making your characters you.

- Plot. Too many stories in are fluff. While some writers do it well, most simply lack direction. There are 3 types of story, man against man, man against nature, man against himself. (I know this definition can be expanded exponentially, but it remains at its core the same)

- Pacing. This is often where the better stories on fail miserably. Because of the episodic nature of chapters being released apart from each other, they lose their flow. What I suggest is simply outlining your story before you write it, so you know where you're going.

- Dialogue. Try saying what your characters are aloud, does it ring true? Or does it sound like something somebody would write, but never say.

- Repeated words. Did you notice my double use of "say" in the last sentence, doesn't it irritate? English is a wonderfully complex language with many different ways of expressing the same thing. Don't be afraid to use them!

A bit more useless information, to give you an idea about myself.

People that I can't stand (in real life):

- People who spend every other moment on facebook, mixit or MMO's. Seriously, get a life!

- Obese people. Yes, I get that some people put on weight more easily. But once you've got to the obese stage it's your own fault, and you'll die far younger than you should. Put down the burger!

- Self righteous in-your-face people. Especially the religious type, and that includes atheists. Nuff said.

- People that think they own the world because they have money. Yes, you have a lot of it, now go count it in the corner please.

- All other forms of arrogance. Confidence I like, but there is a line.

- People that never, ever stop to read a book. Sadly a growing phenomenom.

Stopped writing Star Wars a year back. Bleach has so far been more rewarding and enjoyable, and a helpful step in my own personal writing apprenticeship. I am currently writing a book, when I'm not working or writing fanfiction or reading etc.

Currently teaching cute Thai kids their ABC's. I live just outside Sin city. No prizes for working that one out lol.

Onto Bleach

These are the captains by division for my most popular story, The Heir Apparent

1st Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai

2nd Shinion Yoruichi

3rd Shiba Kukaku

4th Unohana Retsu

5th Hirako Shinji

6th Kuchiki Byakuya

7th Abarai Renji

8th Kyoraku Shunsui

9th Muguruma Kensei

10th Hitsugaya Toshiro

11th Zaraki Kenpachi

12th Urahara Kisuke

13th Kurosaki Ichigo

Let me also take this moment to make my opinion known on a few Bleach characters, in no particular order.

Orihime: When she was first introduced, I didn't really like her. But after rereading the Soul Society arc, I can't deny that there is a purity about her and her klutzish ways that makes her enduring (the time when she stripped in front of Ishida and his glasses shattered was PRICELESS). However, the whole crush thing with Ichigo never really gelled with me. I would have thought that she would have outgrown it, since they're quite honestly so different that I could never see them together (Or even if they did, Ichigo would get bored with her within an hour of their first date). She should have settled her affections more permanently on Ishida, who actually felt something for her, then she probably would have matured into a far more interesting character. As it stands, her earlier crush has blossomed into full blown stalking (that kiss-him-when-he's-asleep scene was CREEPY), and her constant 'Kurosaki-kun' whining just gets on my nerves. Why oh why, Tite, she had such potential. Bring back the cute Inoue!

Hinamori: It's a bit pathetic that she still worships her captain after he tried to kill her. Honestly it would have been better for the story in general if she'd died then, hers would have just been a simple case of betrayal by a mentor. But Tite seems to hate to kill off any of his characters, I don't think a single good-guy has died except in a backstory so far.

Kira: A bit like Hinamori in that he's betrayed by his captain, although he isn't stabbed. But he at least can pull himself out of the muck and stand by his true companions. Actually I was most impressed with both him and Matsumoto when he came to apologise to her (even if they both got plastered after!)

Hisagi: He's overrated, and looks too much like a black haired Ichigo with a 69 on his face.

Komamura: No, just, no. Only humans have souls, so what's a frikking wolf doing in Soul Society? His presence there I find frankly ludicrous, even if he is a calm character. It throws the entire concept of Bleach. (The strange guys in the twelth division are explainable, if barely, thanks to Mayuri's weird version of Science). The most memorable thing he does anyway is be Black-Coffined by Aizen.

Mayuri: Guy who blows up his own subordinates? He must die, soon.

Kenpachi: Pure awesomeness! If you don't like Kenpachi, you don't like Bleach.

Yachiru: Funny sometimes, but generally annoying. I can take her only in really small doses.

Byakuya: Interesting character, but his part is played so to speak. Besides his link to Rukia he's now largely sidelined, since his power level has been eclipsed by Ichigo. His fight with the strawberry was, unfortunately, probably the last cool thing he'll ever do. Yammy fight = uncool.

Renji: My Beta's favourite! To me, he was coolest when he was a bloodthirsty bad guy, he lost a lot of his charm when he swapped sides. And since he lost his first Bankai fight, its pretty much established that he'll never be a significant force. Shame.

Hitsugaya: He's OK, but way overrated. The whole young-boy-goodlooking-genius has been done many before, and will be done many times more in the foreseeable future. Since he falls far short of the archetype, Edward Elric, that's a fail in my eyes. About all he brings to the table is a bit of humour with his reactions to Matsumoto's childishness.

Kyoraku: Amazing guy, one of the best characters in Bleach. I was thrown at first by his flowery kimono, now it only serves to highlight his awesomeness. In my opinion he could have a whole manga devoted to his life in Soul Society. I'm so bummed we haven't seen his Bankai yet (Damn Wonderweiss for interrupting) I'm sure it'll be the best ever! His Shikai is the best yet, by far. If Kubo did another Zanpakutou poll now that we've actually seen it, the result would be way different.

Nanao: Can hardly mention Kyoraku without his little Nanao-chan, can I? She's got more depth than we give her credit for, and there's more to their relationship than is apparent at first glance. Problem is that with all the fillers from the anime we tend to lose perspective, especially those Shinigami womans things where Nanao features prominently. But she's a nice girl; pretty; with a hint of humour and even a darker side, so I can see what he see's in her.

Ukitake: I like the guy, who doesn't? But to have a sickly man as the commander of an elite fighting unit is beyond stupid. He should have retired ages ago. And Bankai-blocking Kyoraku is an unforgivable act in my book.

Kensei: Why isn't he the one in charge of the Vizords? He's a lot more interesting than Shinji.

Shinji: As mention, BOR-ING.

Soi-fon: Her Shikai is cool, but her Bankai SUCKS. And her hero-worship of Yoruichi borders on obsession. On second thought, it IS obsession!

Unohana: Smart woman, but she refuses to fight and prefers to heal. For those of you who believe that she's the second-strongest (loyal) captain, if she refuses to fight it doesn't matter if she's the weakest. And acting like that in front of enemies is not a sign of strength. I don't dislike her, but I don't like her either. She's just ...there.

Isane: Would be nice to see a bit more character development with her. But at the moment it feels like we see her too much, considering how little we know of her. Odd that, huh?

Ishida: Never really liked him from the start, and he's never really improved for me. He failed to kill Mayuri for crying out loud! His rivalry-thing with Ichigo is dull at best, and all he really brings is a bow, which has now gone all weird and spidery. Not that great a character. He's the second best of the human characters, but that's not saying much, considering the competition!

Chad: Boring. Quiet, dull, boring. It's difficult to remember anything that he says, although he isn't silent, because it's all just so unassuming. He was slightly cool in the beginning, but now he just follows Ichigo like a puppydog, fighting for him, risking everything for him. About the only useful thing he's done so far is highlight Kyoraku's amazing strength. He's a waste of space, and should die just to make Ichigo more agro and save on panels that could be used on proper characters.

Tousen: Utter and complete nutjob. Either Aizen has somehow manipulated his thinking, or he is clinically insane. His justice system is so wacked it makes Soviet Russia look normal. Edit: A bit before he died he actually showed some sense. But that bug thing was way weird. Spoiler: my end for him was better.

Tatsuki: Why oh why if Orihime developed powers from her little contact with Ichigo didn't Tatsuki do the same? She's been friends with him for years, far longer than any of the others. All she can do is see ghosts. She's also the only human character I find interesting besides Ichigo. A bit late now.

Kukaku: There's a reason why I made her one of my captains. She's interesting, and its helluva sad to leave her behind with the Soul Society arc. We still don't know what her backstory is with Urahara and Yoruichi. And what made her lose the arm?

As for the rest, meh nothing special to say. What was that, I forgot to mention Ichigo and Rukia? Well, I like them both. They're good characters, hard on the outside but surprisingly tender under that shell. In fact despite their differences they're amazingly similar. On their own, and interacting with other characters, they are OK. Together they make the show. The way I see it, Bleach is the story of how Ichigo's life changes after he meets Rukia, and the events that surround that. They are the two indispensable characters.

I thought about adding a bit about the Espada, but since they're honestly just characters to kill for the Shinigami I'm going to rate them more on their fights, and my feeling about those. Let me just say for the record that I think the whole 'Death Aspect' thing was incredibly trivial, and much too complicated a concept; not to mention it doesn't work -I'll stop there because otherwise I could go on for a while. As for the Espada fights, I'm not necessarily focusing on the Espada, just what their fight(s) brought to the table in terms of story and entertainment. I'll start at the bottom.

9th - Aaroniero Arruruerie (the Kaien guy). Pro's: We got to see Rukia's true power for the first time, remember that in the canon she'd only fought D-Roy, and that lasted all of 5 seconds. It provides a nice resolution to her whole Kaien backstory, hopefully meaning that she can now move on from that. Because it used Kaien it meant that we the audience immediately identified with the enemy, in a weird twisted way. The fight itself showed that it was possible to use two Kido at once.

Con's: The guys release was massive but friggin useless. Makes you wonder why he even bothered, honestly his best power up was releasing Kaien's zanpakutou.

Personally: I really enjoyed this battle, perhaps because I'm such a big Rukia fan.

8th - Szayel Aporro Grantz (the science guy). Pro's: We see that Renji can in fact use Kido in battle, a definite improvement for him. Uryuu also shows off a new technique. Mayuri finishes it off with quite a nice point (lol).

Con's: This fight took (in the manga) FRIGGIN AGES! I was getting old and skipping chapters to get through it. Most of it was just Grantz countering Uryu and Renji's techniques, and regenerating himself. His release was the type that would either completely own an enemy, or their abilities would be the exact perfect counter. Since he's an enemy, guess what happens?

Personally: The whole thing should have been scrapped.

7th - Zommari Leroux (The love guy). Pro's: Um, um, I think Byakuya showed off a new ability of his Bankai?

Con's: Don't get me started, PLEASE.

Personally: Come off it, this guy was just an excuse for Byakuya to strut his stuff. Naturally his abilities were perfectly counter-able, only by Bya's. Should not have been included.

6th- Grimmjow Jaegerjaques (the abs guy) Pro's: Well, for starters this guy was like the main Espada, the one we saw the most of. Each fight marked Ichigo doing better, and losing, until on the third time he gets it right. Therefore his victory is proof of mastery over his mask. And you've got to admit, he's got a pretty cool look, and a badass attitude to boot!

Con's: The first fight resembles something out of Dragon Ball Z, what with all the kicking into the ground and leaving a crater. The second is one sided the entire way, first on Ichigo's, then on Grimmjow's. It only gets interesting when Shinji steps in. The third, their final epic confrontation, could have been better.

Personally: Grimmjow also is just such a fun character to watch fight, but I was disappointed with his release. Sorry GJ, but it's feminine feline, those lines are too smooth for a man.

5th- Nnoitra Jiruga (the tall guy with the weird weapon) Pro's: He hurts Sado! But didn't kill him, boo... Ok, that should be in the personal bit. Seriously now. Nnoitra provides us with the good bleach fighting action we know and love, and have missed since the SS arc. His section is a breath of fresh air, almost, except that the storyline still ain't moving. His release is pretty cool too!

Con's: His weapon, I mean come on! How the hell are you supposed to swing that thing? The bit when he's beating up Ichigo is a bit predictable, I mean do we really think that he's gonna die?

Personally: Nel's adult form was a short interlude that didn't change anything, and added little. But seeing Zaraki in action was friggin awesome!

4th- Ulquiorra Cifer (the emo guy) Pro's: The short fight with Grimmjow was AMAZING! (I'd put this in the Grimmjow bit but I feel Ulqui needs it more). Also he's the only Espada besides Grimmjow that we have been built a connection to as a character. He chopped up Uryu a bit, yay!

Con's: Realistically, his bat forms do not look powerful. They are powerful because the author says they are, there is a difference.

Personally: Most of the fight involved Ichigo getting owned, and then coming back to life and owning. Honestly, can't he just have a close fight again? Also it took way too long, I'm not sure how many chapters but it was a LOT.

3rd- Tia Harribel (the girl!) Pro's: Hmm, first Espada with an elemental power. Only woman in the Espada, unless you count Nel who was knocked out.

Con's: She's obviously stronger than Hitsugaya, but since boy genius cannot be killed or lose on account of his fanbase she just serves to keep him occupied; and serve as a blackboard for some of his new moves.

Personally: She adds nothing really, the whole big barely covered breasts is really cheap. I had one good moment with her, when she cut Hitsu in two, before I realised it was too good to be true. (Before you crucify me, I'm not out for his blood, I just want to see some good guys die to make it seem as though they might lose)

2nd- Baraggan Luisenbarn (the ancient guy) Pro's: His release was really scary. Hell it scared me! His fight also showed that Kido is an effective weapon, even against Espada. He's the only one killed by a Vizard, honestly they shouldn't have bothered coming lol.

Con's: Soifon's Bankai was lame, Baraggan died too fast.

Personally: For his scary power he should have gone on a weeklong destruction run, with the good guys thinking of everything and anything to stop him, finally succeeding when almost all hope is lost. But noeee, he's not the main guy so he has to goee.

1st- Coyote Starrk (the cowboy) Pro's: Hurray, a different kind of release. The wolves were cool, though I'm not sure about his guns. Starrk as a character managed to make an impact faster than any of the other Espada. I mean we get a strong feeling for his character though we hardly see him. Perhaps it's cos he fights Kyoraku, who's similar in many ways. Kyoraku's shikai release was awesome too. The fight shows that if a captain is strong enough, Bankai is not neccessary.

Con's: Ukitake's release was a bit weak. I mean, I can see the applications of it, but it still wouldn't work well in most fights. Also I fail to see how his and Kyoraku's blades made the perfect combination.

Personally: This fight was the last thing I enjoyed about Bleach, a shining white light in the gloom so to speak. Maybe I'm biased cos I like Kyoraku. But then again it was upon reading those chapters that I realised how awesome he is. Before then, and since then, it has been nothing but darkness.

0 (come on, nothing goes with zero. So so lame)- Yammy Riyalgo (the big guy). Pro's: Um, his first attack led to a series of events which led to Ulqui noticing Orihime's power which led to an incredibly lame arc... oh wait, that's not a pro. He showed that Espada numbers are from 0-9, which doesn't make any sense, will we next meet the -1 Espada? That's not a pro either, I give up.

Con's: The guy exists to get owned, need I say any more? Fight no1: He gets owned by Ichigo until the latter freezes, and would be killed by Urahara if not for Ulqui. Fight no2: He gets owned by Urahara, who's about to kill him when he gets spirited away. Fight no3: Now ginormously huge Yammy beats up Rukia, Sado and Renji before Bya and Kenpachi start the carving session. Fortunately Tite has seen the light, and stopped showing stupid pointless chapters of him getting bits chopped off and growing larger.

Personally: I really, really don't want to see him in the manga ever again, even in a flashback.

A few pairings I support:

IchigoXRukia - They're just so good together, and while they're so stubborn that it would take them ages just to admit that they feel anthing for each other (let alone undying love) I get the feeling that it will happen in time.

UraharaXYoruichi - Just seems to fit with the story, they certainly are very close.

KyorakuXNanao - She likes him, she just won't show it!

HitsugayaXHinamori - In a few short decades, when his voice has actually broken...

A few pairing I do NOT support:

ByakuyaXRukia. No, just, no. That's like taking a looks replacement, his dead wife's sister. Not to mention incest, ew.

HitsuXRukia. Just because they both have Ice-type swords doesn't mean they should get together; Byakuya and Matsumoto's are even more similar, should they suffer the same indignity? Besides Hitsugaya being too young, they haven't even spoken in the series so-far, not in the canon parts anyway.

InoueXAnybody. Not that she doesn't deserve anybody, but I can't see her getting over Ichigo for a while at least (by that I mean at least 5 years of therapy) and as for the obvious argument of 'what about IchigoXOrihime'; there's little chance that he would get together with her and no chance that it would last. Their characters just aren't compatible.

HitsuXMatu. Talk about an older woman fetish! No ways that would happen, it would be totally out of character for them both. They have a sibling relationship, SIBLING!!

HinamoriXAizen. This one just creeps the hell out of me.

Any Espada/hollow combination. Gah, just sick.

Any Homosexual couple. None of the characters has shown the slighest inclanation of swinging that way, in many cases the total opposite. And besides, I'm sorry but; ew. The only exception is the SoifonXYoruichi, there is some indication of feelings, especially on Soifon's side. But I still wouldn't rush out to read that one. What's with all this Yaoi fanfiction anyway?

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