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I guess you're looking here because you want to know something about me huh. Ok, I'll oblige, if only a little.

I'm a South African guy. Born in '86. Blue eyes. Dark brown hair. 1,84m. 80kg. Lean-ish athletic build. Girls seem to like me, so I guess that means I'm okay to look at.

As for my hobbies, I like writing (obviously) and books (sorta follows), Girls (duh), hanging with friends, strategy games and chess, exercising, classical and other relaxing music, Hiking through mountains and wilderness. Currently I'm also a novice Kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter.

A few things that will completely put me off a story. If you have written or are going to write anything on or elsewhere, read this.

- Spelling and grammar mistakes. Yes, we all do it. Yes, I know it's boring going over your work again and again. Yes, sometimes getting a decent beta is hard. BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE! Nothing is more off-putting than to read a story where you have to take a moment to work out what the author was trying to say. Reading needs to flow, not stop and start and screech and whine like a fifty year-old car.

That said, a small amount is acceptable. We are human and most of us don't have professional editors. When I say a small amount, I mean no more than 2 mistakes per 5000 words.

- Asking people to "be gentle because it's my first piece". Okay, if it's your first you can say so, we were all new once, but don't whine. Criticism is there to help you improve and grow as a writer, if you want to be zapped with happy feelings that people like you; you're in the wrong place.

- Giving massive authors notes that are a significant cut of your writing. Come on, your writing should speak for itself. (before you point this out, I know I did this once. It was a special circumstance, see The Heir Apparent ch45)

On that note

- Giving massive authors notes answering your reviewers. What the hell do you think the PM tab is for? This smacks of begging for reviews.

- Holding your story for ransom until you have enough reviews.

- Saying "I suck at summaries" in the summary tab. Just give a short breakdown, nothing fancy. And definitely don't make any spelling mistakes.

- Turning an M rated story into a sexfest. It spikes the reviews, of course it does, but think how it looks to anyone reading the chapters together.

If I see a story with any of these, I will stop reading it immediately.

A few more things to watch out for:

- Characterization. When you're writing fan fiction you're writing about characters that your reader pretty much knows already. You change them subtly, and certainly there is room for character development. But don't take it too far. I read quite a good story a while back where the author took two well known (and, admittingly, insipid) characters and changed them so completely in the space of a chapter that I no longer knew them. I had to stop reading after that.

Also, never ever fall into the trap of making your characters you.

- Plot. Too many stories in are fluff. While some writers do it well, most simply lack direction. There are 3 types of story, man against man, man against nature, man against himself. (I know this definition can be expanded exponentially, but it remains at its core the same)

- Pacing. This is often where the better stories on fail miserably. Because of the episodic nature of chapters being released apart from each other, they lose their flow. What I suggest is simply outlining your story before you write it, so you know where you're going.

- Dialogue. Try saying what your characters are aloud, does it ring true? Or does it sound like something somebody would write, but never say.

- Repeated words. Did you notice my double use of "say" in the last sentence, doesn't it irritate? English is a wonderfully complex language with many different ways of expressing the same thing. Don't be afraid to use them!

I'm done with Fanfiction until further notice. If I do write again, it will be novels. You can track my progress as a writer through my terrible Dark Empire: Exodus to the bad Dark Empire: Jenesis, then finally my decent The Heir Apparent. Hopefully my next work will be good lol.

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