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Hey there. Yeah, you. You with the...face. Welcome to my profile, enjoy your stay. Have some cheetos, I don't mind all that much. They'll keep you entertained while I let you know that I'm an 20 year old guy from Minnesota, USA. What? It's not like you can stalk me with just that info. I'll go a step further and say I personally love the game of Go, have an insane desire to create the most delicious ramen noodles possible (Seriously, instant ramen now takes me about 20 minutes) and I'm half Native American.

No, I can't turn into a wolf, Twilight fans. I don't hate you people, but seriously, read some better stuff. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Of Mice and Men. LOTR trilogy. There's plenty of great choices out there that are being forgotten just because they're a little old.

Places you want to be on

Roleplays Rock: An all-purpose roleplay forum with a chat section, active mods and a good, frequently posting community. Novice to Advanced are all welcome.

Star Studios: Except this is only by invite, so get good at Roleplays Rock first. :)

Superherovillain RPG: Shamelessly plugging this one, I've been a part of it for more than two years and it's still chugging...sorta.

If you RP, you need to know these basic facts:

1. Do not Godmod. This means, quite simply, that if you want your character to do something to another (generally combat is where this matters) you cannot succeed unless the other person's character gives the go ahead.

2. This is almost as important. I've seen dozens and dozens of "Secretive till you know his dark past" or "Happy and cheerful but can be serious when she has to". Seriously, people. These characters are cookie cutter, they don't really exist except in rare situations with rare backstories, and if you're in doubt simply RESTART. Why not "Proud and antagonistic, highly narcissistic, but defiantly altruistic"? Or maybe "Brilliant but hindered by a belief that he's unintelligent"? Well-thought out characters are the best, always. Unique ones are the ones people want to write with.

3. Plots for RP's. I swear to God, if I see one more "High School RPG with Elemental Powers" RP, I will freak the fuck out, beat the creater with a frying pan and drag his body into an active volcano. Then I'll let Roy at him, and believe me, that will end your existence. For example, try making some RP's like: "Love To Die: an RP where characters play a Game, the winner of that round dies. 2012 theme trying to reverse the Apathy that has taken hold." Or "The Hell Phone: a regular looking cellphone causes extreme paranoia to its current owner, eventually causing their gruesome demise or demise of others". They don't have to be mature themed, either. I saw one called "Mecha RPG" which had a pretty regular premise (various students from around the world pilot secret weapons they are attuned to) except it did something the others didn't- it focused on the actual human frailties that would come with such a situation. Students screamed, were terrified, fought out of pure instinct and formed close bonds. It was great.

4. Don't let anyone tell you you're a bad writer, not even me. We're here to get better, and no one starts out perfect.

Awesome people I either consider a friend or hold in high regard:

Spearofhope, LivingLife,

Spiral, Tsubasa,

HUNK, Roy,

Asuras, Brya

Valanikos Dark, Lupo,

Foxi, Twig

All of these people are worth getting to know, or at least RP'ing with. They're pretty epic. :D

"Intelligence without Ambition is a Bird without Wings."

-Salvador Dali

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