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About Me

I am a female who lives in the USA. I love reading and writing various fandoms including WWE, ATLA, South Park, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, KOTOR, DBZ, and probably a whole bunch more that I'm forgetting. I write a lot of slash, but really I'm in to all kinds of pairings. Pretty much anything I write is going to be M rated because I love violence, sex, and bad words. If you ever have any questions for me about my writing (or if you just want to discuss things in the fandom!) please feel free to PM me!

WWE Pairings I Support:

I've been a WWE fan for a very long time now, and even though I don't watch it quite so much anymore, its still probably the fandom I identify with the most, if only because its the one I have the most history with. My favorite wrestlers include RKO, Edge, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, and Shawn Michaels. I'm also rather fond of the Undertaker, CM Punk, Christian, and quite a bit more. I'm really into slash pairings for WWE, mostly because the divas are, in my opinion, quite dull and not much fun to write or read. Randy Orton is by far my favorite right now, and honestly I probably won't write or read anything anymore that doesn't contain him. After literally years of writing for WWE, I've only recently turned my attention elsewhere. I'm sure eventually I'll return to the fandom to write more, probably a Edge/Randy fic (I've been dying to do one), but not anytime soon.







SOUTH PARK Pairings I Support:

I adore South Park, think its the funniest damn show on TV. I'm a Style lover at heart, and you'll probably never see me write anything that isn't inherently Stan/Kyle. I absolutely love reading and writing fics that explore their friendship turning into more, and I'm a real sucker for angsty Style fics. That being said, I also love Cartman/Kyle if its written dark. I can only do Cartman pairings if they're a bit twisted and unhealthy. I just can't see Cartman being in a loving relationship with anyone...except perhaps Wendy, if its done right. The current SP fic I'm working on will probably be the only one that I do.






HARRY POTTER Pairings I Support:

I freaking grew up addicted to Harry Potter. You know, this is probably the only fandom the I don't dive in to seeking primarily romance and pairing-centered fics. With HP, I like reading action fics, especially ones that deal with Harry attaining a new power. I also really like AUs, and anything very dark and angsty. Harry is my favorite character, and even though I'm open to Harry/Ginny, I've got to say that ever since I gave Drarry a try, I don't think there's any going back for me. I've wanted to do a HP fic for forever, and I swear that one day I will. Its going to be an incredible undertaking though, for what I have in mind would probably turn into a trilogy and take forever to complete. But really, I couldn't see myself writing for HP unless it was long and epic.




ATLA/LOK Pairings I Support:

Aside from WWE, this is the fandom that I have been most involved in. ATLA was my favorite TV show of all time. It was just incredible, mature and yet funny, had dynamic and insanely likeable characters that were still very realistic, and the fight scenes in it were just stunning. I have always been in love with ATLA, and yes I am a Zutarian. What can I say, I just always found Aang to be too immature, and I always thought Katara as more motherly to him then anything. Zutara is a darker, sexier pairing in my opinion, and that's probably why I like it more. Ever since it came out, I've really liked LOK as well. At the beginning I was a straight Makorra shipper, though I have found, as the series has progressed, that I am definitely leaning more towards Borra now. I also support Tahorra, because (as evidenced by my love for Drarry, Centon, and Zutara) I tend to have a thing for once enemies falling for each other. That all being said, I'm still quite flexible with LOK, though I'm sure I'll settle for an OTP before the end of the series. With ATLA, I'm strictly Zutara/Sukka/Taang, not really interested in much else. Ok, I lied, I love Jetara too, when its done right.








DBZ Pairings I Support:

Weirdly, I only just recently got into DBZ. The show was hilarious and awesome at the same time, and I've got to say that I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Vegeta was my favorite character, just because he had the most interesting backstory. I love the idea of him and Bulma together, and this is definitely my favorite thing to read about in DBZ. Any fic that's strictly Vegeta/Bulma will definitely catch my interest. Strangely, I also find myself interested in the idea of Goku/Bulma, probably because I really can't stand Chi-Chi and I secretly would love Vegeta/Bulma/Goku.



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