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Ceilidh is pronounced Kay-lee and is Scottish Gaelic for a type of party.-I'm American but my grandpa was from a Scandinavian/Scottish family.

Now that that's out of the way... Hey, I'm here mainly reading, but I get so many ideas, I just may have to post some of them! Let me know if you want more, and constructive criticism is always super-uber welcome! I'm not a very experienced writer, but I love to read...only problem is, reading makes me want to write my own stories. I typically go through phases where I cant get enough of one thing or another and right now, its x-men and Logan and Sabertooth in particular.

I'm in University so I'm going to be pretty busy for a while, I write when I can, which is normally before bed. So be happy I tend to put off my homework!

YAY Yay yay!! I'm in Scotland and my computer works!! However I'm only here for a v. short time so I won't be able to get any real updates up, sorry!! But have no fear; I've written out-by hand!!lol-a new story! It's not v. long and of course it's about Sabertooth, I think the main character is also going to be an alternate version of Liadan...lol I'm so tired; I was at the airport for 12 hours today, 12!! And I thought I'd be smart, because I don't like paying for laundry I brought almost everything I regularly wear. Everything! And now in 3 days I have to get on a Train (!) to Edinburough! Agh! Anyway...I should probably shut uuurp now! Much love, Ceilidh!

Hmm... Yeah I've been back for a while now. Anyway, I'm working mainly on What Daddy Doesn't Know right now, and I have two more that are WIPs but I haven't posted anything on them yet. As soon as I wrap up WDDK I intend to finish Maeve's story...which is the one whose name I just forgot, wow. Anyway, yes...uh...it's a little late, Happy Halloween and Oh Yeah! I still need to finish Boarding School Warrior Princess, but it's going to take a really long time because I totally forgot where I was taking it-sorry for those of you who wanted more!

Holy crap X-Men fans! Have you seen the trailer for Origins? Holy crap it'd better rock! Wolverine!!Ahem.

Liadan is pronounced Lee-AH-dan it means 'grey lady' or 'grey poet' it's also gaelic and I love the name.

Katja is pronounced Kaht-yah

Maeve is pronounced Mave...

Eli's dress only darker and more couture;


I'm so sorry I haven't been working on my stories!! I'm so busy in school right now that I think I actually may die! Ok, well, maybe not...but still! I feel terrible so I'm going to ask this here, and add a AN to some of my stories as well.

Ok-here goes! Do you want me to just leave them as they are, because I probably won't be able to get to them in a long time, or should I put down at least what happens?

Kind of like an epilouge, but less...literary? I could just tell you how it ends.

So, should I just leave them uncompleted for heaven knows how long, or should I tell you how it ends? Send me a message please!

Alright, so thank you everyone for your great messages to me and reviews; they mean a lot! I'm constantly thinking of more material and I do have more places that I've wanted to take all of these stories, and I say again that hopefully I'll be able to write more some time soon. Now I know, I know that the new movie puts Logan and Victor as half-brothers and I know that there were some hints at one time in the comics that the same was true, however, I don't believe it because I'm pretty sure Logan's brother (Dog?) grew old and died...or something. So, lets just go with the presumption that at least in my own happy little version of the vast X-Men universe that Sabertooth and Wolverine aren't related. And I'll reiterate that I don't believe Victor to be as evil as he's often portrayed. I think that the government implanted everyone involved with fake memories...so there.

Lol, have fun everyone, I love you and I hope to write more soon!!


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