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My name is Lisa Miller. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My older sister Michelle is registered under the name Vieraheart15.

I can't write very well, but when I do it's usually something really, really funny. I want reviews for my stories so bad. I don't read too much. Fran Goes on Jerry Springer is my first story, but I might make some more eventually.

I also like Slayers, Inuyasha, Princess 9, Ranma 1/2, Excel Saga, and too many other things to name. Mostly anime though Final Fantasy is my fave game series.

I don't like using capital letters too much, but if it makes things look good...

I also have a myspace account and I LOVE when people contact me. Just give me your penname in a message if you ask to be on my friends list so I know who you are, 'kay?

I like Vieras, as is obvious by my name, so I will include them in all my stories, just like Vieraheart. She helps me write my stories because she's real good with writing. If you like her work, check out mine. It's pretty similar, just a lot more goofy and everything. my most favorite game of all is okami i love restoring all the guardian trees!

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