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Alrighties!Let's just get this on with so I can finish this pointless bio!


Age:You wanna know?NO WAY!

Location:Again.NO WAY!

Weight:How rude!

Height:Very Tall

Hair:Crazy Colors(I'm serious.I have pink in my hair.No I am not a Sakura cosplayer!)

Personality:Total Tomboy, Shy, and Rocker to friends

Culture:I'm asian!CHA!

Anime I like:Naruto(big DUH!)


Pokemon(Don't ask.)

Loveless(Not a fan of yoai or yuri but the plot was cool)

Pita Ten(Pretty Cute)

Kamichama Karin(The plot is so Kawaii!)

Favorite Movies:

My Neighbor Totoro

Spirited Away

Most Disney Cartoon Movies

Nausicaa The Valley Of The Wind

Princess Mononoke

Howl's Moving Castle

Laputa; Castle In The Sky

Kiki's Delivery Service

Favorite chars from each:

Naruto-too many to list.main faves are Hyuga Hinata, Uchiha Sasuke and Tenten.

Inuyasha-Sango, Kiara, Shippo, Kikiyo, Inuyasha and Kagome.

Pokemon-All dragon pokemon, Ash, May and Eevee and all evolutions of Eevee, all legendarys and all starters and evolutions

Loveless-Ritsuka, Yuiko, Yayoi, Shinonome-sensi, Kio, Youji and Natsuo

Pita Ten-Kotarou, Misha, Ten-chan/Ayanokouji, Koboshi, Shia, Kaoru, Shino

Kamichama Karin-Karin, Kazune, Himeka and Himeka(O.o that can get confusing), Kirika, Yuuki, Miyon

My Neighbor Totoro-Satsuki, Mei, Totoro(Big), Chu-Totoro(Middle), Chibi-Totoro(Mini), Catbus

Spirited Away-Haku/Nigihayami Kohakunushi, Chihiro, Rin(Lin?), Soot balls

Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind-Nausicaa, Asbel, Lord Yupa, Lastelle, King Jihl, Teto

Princess Mononoke-Ashitaka, San(Princess Mononoke), Moro and her cubs

Howl's Moving Castle-Howl, Sophie/Grandma Sophie, Calcifer, Markl, Turniphead/Prince Justin(Scarecrow), Heen(Doggy!)

Laputa; Castle In The Sky-Sheeta, Pazu

Kiki's Delivery Service-Kiki, Osono, Tombo, Jiji, Ursula

Favorite Pairings:

Naruto-SasuHina-I'm ABSOULUTELY in love with this couple.It's just so KAWAII!I love the whole YinYang theory about it!It works atually.Total opposites that create balance with one another however they are not total opposites as there is always a peice of Yin in Yang(explain the two dots?).It's just so cute!

NaruSaku-Funny and kawaii.Good combo to me.

NejiTen-I just think they are perect for eachother.It's so KAWAII!

InoShika-Good couple.It's also funny.Hyper Nit-wit VRS Lazy Smartass

TemaShika-The age gap is weird but I find this kinda kawaii.

InoSai-Sai deserves the punishment is what I say.Ino is a good punishment.She'll blow the ears off of anybody.No that I hate her it's just funny!

HinaGaara-Kawaii!I'm not that into it but it's just so kawaii!

HinaKiba-I think it's kinda kawaii.

Inuyasha-KagomeInuyasha-Stubborn Recarnate VRS Equally Stubborn Dog-boy who can't decide between Kikiyo and Kagome

MirokuSango-Pevert.But I think it's funny.

ShippoKiara-Kitsune and Kitsune.It works!OMG IT WORKS!

KikiyoInuyasha-I don't know.It intrests me.

SesshoRin-SO KAWAII!

Pokemon-AshMay-Er don't ask.

Loveless-RitsukaYuiko-It's the only non-gay pairing other than YayoiYuiko which is kinda weird.

YoujiNatsuo-I pretend Natsuo's a girl cause there are alot of debate between whether Natsuo's a girl or boy.

RitsukaSoubi-Don't ask.Main pairing usually catches my intrest.

Pita Ten-MishaKotarou-Funny, Kawaii!

KotarouShia-Er not too sure but he does show intrest?

AyanokoujiShia-I like it sorta.

AynokoujiKaoru-Don't know.

Kamichama Karin-KarinKazune-Its kawaii!

KarinKirika-I know she's girl but before they find out it was cute.

KazuneHimeka-You ought to know which Himeka I'm talking about.Even though they are cousins it kinda cute.You know bro-sis love!

Fave Love Triangles or Squares:

Naruto-NaruSakuSasuHina-It's so FUNNY!!LMAO!!

NaruHinaSasu-LOL!!If Sasuke wins that is.

TemaShikaIno-Poor Shikamaru.Lol.

InoSasuSaku-love seeing them fight.But I don't like either SasuIno or SasuSaku.Go read the 'Not to fond of Pairings' part to understand why.

Inuyasha-KikiyoInuyashaKagome-Dead Spirit VRS Recarnate fighting over Stobborn Dog-boy who can't make up his mind.LOL!

Pokemon-None.Are there any at all?


KioSoubiRitsuka-Again.Main pairings and triangles are intresting.Plus it's funny.

Pita Ten-AyanokoujiShiaKotarou-Lol

MishaPoopsKotarou-Again - LOL!

AyanokoujiKaoruShia-Aren't all these so funny?!

Kamichama Karin-KarinKazuneHimeka-LOL!

Not too fond of Pairings(Can Tolerate Though some times)-Naruto-SasuSaku-No I'm not a Sakura basher.I mean have you read one of my stories?And besides one of my fave pairings is NaruSaku.I just don't like this pairing that much.This is abit off of the Yin Yang theroy anyhow.They're personalities are COMPLETELY OFF.At least Hinata has ABIT of Sasuke's person.(quiet and before the Uchiha massacare both wanted to be acknowledged by their fathers...that's all I can think of so far.)

LeeSaku-I'm sorry Lee.I just really don't like this pairing much.

LeeTen-I think she belongs with Neji...

HinaIta-She belongs with the younger Uchiha is what I say.

Any Yoai or Yuri pairings of Naruto-Two sentences-EWWWWW!That only fits with Loveless!

SasuTen-Okay...I have no idea who started this but I still think Neji is her angel.

NaruHina-Like the SasuSaku bit.Personalities.COMPLETE OPPOSITES.

ChoujiIno-Er...pig and butterflies?One beleives in being slim one needs to be fat for ninjutsu.I don't know how it works out.

SasuIno-Again with the whole SasuSaku bit.WAY too off personalities.

Pokemon-MistyBrock-No idea why.It's kinda weird to me.

Inuyasha-I don't think there is any I can think of.

Loveless-SoubiKio-...Never mention this pairing to me.It creeps me out.

YuikoYayoi-Don't ask.I just don't like it.

Alrighties!I'm done!I may be adding to this soon.Time for stories!

Yin For Yang-Just popped into my head and I had to write it before it went away!I thought it was cute.

High School Mischeifs-This one was hilarious in my opinion.My second one!Hope you guys all liked it!And I finally I made the pic!Here's the url(Take out the spaces):

photobucket. com/albums/x55/ChimiCHi/Maybe. png

Online Stupidity-I thought of the idea and I thought it would be hilarious to make an IM fic!My friends helped me in this so I give them credit for some of it.Thankies to my friends!

Holiday Troubles-Sequel to High School Mischeifs!Whoot!Hope you people like it!Takes place durring the holidays too!I should've wrote this in winter!Hehehe!

The Tragedy Of Two Torn Souls-I cannot believe I made a deathfic!Poor Sasuke!Poor Hinata!KYA!!Well anyhow I almost cried writing this sad!WHY?!WHAY MUST THE GOOD DIE YOUNG!!-sobs-I truly think is is a tragic fic.Please read!First death and tragedy fic!

One Heck of a Halloween-Coming Soon!This is my sixth fic and fifth of SasuHina!And it's the one you've all been waiting for!THE SEQUEL TO HOLIDAY TROUBLES WHICH IS ALSO THE SEQUEL TO HIGH SCHOOL MISCHEIFS!!I may do a Valentine's Day one too...that is if I can finish this one.

Hidden Spirits Awaken-A remake of Spirited Away Naruto-style! And it still has me fave pairing!YAYS!Well anyhows hope you like this one!Late updates due to house reconstructions and never-ending 'Get off the computer!' lines from parents.

Okay!That's finished!Now for some random copy and pastes I found that apply to me!Ignore the paranthesies and just paste everything esle.Tee hee hee hee.

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Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, then weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!(I 'm weird.I'm not afraid to admit it.And now I'm going to jump out a balcony pretending I can fly.Wish me luck!)

If you've ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects, copy this into your profile.(Tee hee hee hee!Be afraid of be obbessy!Be very afraid!!)

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You shalt keep an open mind about stories even if you despise the pairing.

You shalt paste this in your profile.(I have I shall obey!)

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Will be adding more if I find them!Message me if ya have any!I love these stupid pointless things!Cyas until next time!

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