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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, Fruits Basket, and Maple Story.

NOTICE: My internet is down at my house. Stories won't be uploaded anytime soon but I am still writing them. When my internet is up, there will be mass uploading :D Sorry if anyone thought I died xD

Hey, My name is Ember(but I preffer May). I'm previously known as Uchiha Hoshi and uhmm... I pretty much LOVE to write, and I enjoy reading other peoples' writing :3 I love reading books, and hate borrowing them from libraries, so I always buy my own. I have a obsession for hardcover books ;O I feel weird reading a paperback sometimes. I'm a beta reader =) and I'll be glad to read over your stories, just send me a PM before hand, so I'll be ready.

I love to eat :3 lol. I'll eat or try most everything, I just don't like ginger xD I love to eat sweets and spicy foods ;3

I are gamer -heart- Right now, I'm mainly focused on MapleStory, and expect a story soon ;3 I'm a level 44 i/l Magician in Windia, if anyone wants to stalk :) I'm in a dilemma with GunZ and Gunbound xDD GunZ is challenging and more fun, but GB is cute and slightly boring, but I don't know which one to play ;O

MSN, AIM, ICQ, QQ, name it, I most likely use it. I'm not really sure if I'll give out some of this information, but I might, depends what mood I'm in x)

HATERS BUG ME -heartbroke- I don't like it when they assume I'm writing "Insert-Yourself-Into-Story-So-You-Can-Fantasize-About-Yourself" fanfics, it bothers me soo much. Sure, my story Interception of Love is kind of like that, but Trick of the Heart and Together With You are solid with a plot, and they'll continue on if you guys like it or not. Sure, my updating is extremely slow, and I really wish that I'd write much faster than I am, but I like these stories and I won't stop them just because you say I suck and should take them off. If you don't like, don't read. Yea, if you really didn't like it that much, you shouldn't have read it anyways, there are PLENTY of other stories on this site that are just like mine, I don't see you flaming each and every one of those. Either way, I kind of laugh when I see them, I usually think "Screaming for attention much..." So hate me or not, I love you guys :)

Asian? Yea, I am xD I'm part Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese. The amount of which I am are in that order. My dad is completely Vietnamese, my mom is a mix of Chinese and a little Japanese. But, this doesn't mean I'm a genious at Math and Science. No, no, no I could never be a genious, sure, it's efforless at my grade, but I assume it'll get harder and more of a challege for me. I don't do so well in those classes either, I usually get B's in math, with the occasional A-, and I'm getting a C- in Science ;) Typical asian? No way, some are really smart, and we're people too, don't believe in those stupid steriotypes, everyone is different, asian or not.

-draws- I love art, not only drawing it, but the subject as a whole. I love studying of old artists, as crazy as they are, and I love learning new artforms. Yes, I draw my own characters from my story, but, I usually never, ever color them. Whenever I color, it takes away from my drawings somehow. Although I believe I can draw pretty well, my handwriting is hidious, I hate reading my own writing when it's on paper.

Randommm: My favorite color is purple x) I like the numbers 57 and 3. I like the classic ChapStick the best. Milk makes me sick. I've sniffed glue before. I hate drugs. My favorite food is everything. I act older than I really am. I can't live without music. Electropop by Jupiter Rising is my theme song. Monkeys scare me. Sitting in a calm park near a peacefull river(or lake ;3) is my idea of a relaxing time. I weigh about 95lbs and is around 5'3". I write music. I say the word "gasp" instead of gasping sometimes. I love talking back to my teachers, but I don't get in trouble. I like making little comic strips. Making my friends laugh is a 6th sense. I have read the Twilight series. I have read the 2 books in the Wicked Lovely series(that are out so far). My fear is moving even farther away from my lover. The one thing I want to do before I die is to go streaking in Boston, Massachusetts(or skinny dipping). I believed that 9-11 was a day that we had to sacrifice for our wrongs, and the innocent people were taken by God to assist him, and the evil ones were taken by Satan to help him. I'm Atheist so I'll believe what I want to believe, don't tell me. I usually never do my own homework.

Contact Information: In case you need to contact me outside of FanFiction, here's my contact information...



Facebook: (please ask)

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Together With You reviews
She looks just like her mother.." Was Hinata the actual heiress? What happens when something from Hiashi's past comes to haunt him once more? What he thought was weak actualy turned out strong..Please read & review,it makes me happy :D T just to be safe.
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She's had a hard life. Although she's from a powerfull clan that got slaughtered, she still keeps her head high. After she reaches ANBU for a few years, she meets this boy. Will love blossom or is it just a trick of the heart? SasuxOC.Plz R&R. T for lang
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