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Hey everyone. I'm a 22 year old starting my senior year of college on the way to getting a BS in Geological Engineering (and a Minor in Business and Economics).

I have recently become interested in writing fanfiction.

I grew up down in Florida, moved to Missouri, and I am now going to college in Colorado.

Favorite Ships:

Remy/Rogue - X-men

Ororo/Logan - X-men

Jean/Logan - X-men

Scott/Jean - X-men

Harry/Hermione - Harry Potter

My Stories:

X-Men: X3 - The Ace of Spades

Remy's Tattoo: http:///tattoo/bad/ace-of-spades-tattoo-1573237974.jpg

A Short summary of X3: TAOS for those interested in brushing up without re-reading it before continuing on to X4: TQOH:

Remy LeBeau (AKA Gambit) found himself in over his head when he unknowingly helped an anti-mutant group to massacre a community of mutants hiding in New York tunnels. He managed to rescue a young mutant, Sarah, and eventually sought out the help of his old friend Ororo Monroe, and Charles Xavier’s mutant school to help her get control of her powers. There he met and hit it off well with Rogue, who was struggling through the death-throes of her relationship with Bobby Drake who he did not get along well with. Aside from a few spats with some of the residents, he and Sarah found Xavier’s school to be a welcoming new home, and Remy began filling in as a substitute teacher when needed.

The ‘Cure’ for mutants was announced, and after realizing her relationship with Bobby was over, Rogue traveled into New York, and considered taking the Cure. Ultimately after remembering words from Remy and Logan, she decided against it, only to shortly thereafter find herself holding a dying Carol Danvers in her arms. Carol was wearing a nullifying collar, and mortally wounded, she gave her dying consciousness as well as her mutant powers of flight, strength, and invulnerability, to Rogue through prolonged contact. It took some adjusting, though a massive attack by Magneto on San Francisco’s Alcatraz Island – the sight of the Cure lab – gave her plenty of practice using her newfound powers. After the attack was thwarted, Rogue and Remy found themselves growing even closer and going on dates, and even out to Colorado for a spring break holiday.

The X-men discovered that the group Remy had unwittingly helped, in reality worked for the Chief of Staff of Graydon Creed, a Senator who was running for President, and subsequently learned that he was the mastermind and secret funder of many of the growing anti-mutant groups and movements across the country. The X-Men team grew overall, despite the loss of one of their own – Cyclops – at the return of one they thought was dead- Jean Grey, who has been struggling against a powerful second personality known as the Phoenix. Many of the trainees also joined, including Dani Moonstar, Jubilee, and Sam Guthrie. Remy proved to be an invaluable member of the team, planning several of their missions using his experience in the Thieves’ Guild. One of their missions rescued a mutant named Nezhno, as well as another named Lorna Dane who quickly developed a bond with the newly-arrived Warren Worthington II.

An offer from Nick Fury of SHIELD to join a black-ops mutant taskforce called X-Force opened even more doors, and introduced several of the team to Domino, Blink, and Jamie Madrox, and allowed Xavier’s team to extend their reach and influence in their attempt to take down Graydon Creed’s anti-mutant organizations, and hopefully the man himself before he can become President of the United States. Their increased operations lead them into an encounter with an artificial intelligence-driven group of robots developed by the military and stolen by the anti-mutant Purifiers, known as S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L.s. That encounter resulted in the wounding of several of the team, and the capture of Remy, who was then tortured by Creed’s Chief of Staff for information, until the X-Men and the rest of X-Force teamed up for a rescue. Creed’s Chief of Staff, Maldrone, was arrested, leading to a heavy political blow to the unprepared Republican Party nominee.

After the rescue, Remy and Rogue finally admitted their love for one another, much to the delight of Sarah; and a new player entered the game, buying several islands in the Caribbean to form his own nation known as Genosha.

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