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MMPR Dawn of Primacy: Vergence

Chapter 4: ??

So after my last update things got unbelievably busy again, and I changed jobs and a lot has happened. Chapter 4 is about halfway done... the biggest problem of late is that I seem to have developed carpal tunnel in my left wrist. I can wear a splint, but that does hamper my typing speed. The biggest thing slowing me down though is just getting back into the grove of writing in this universe. Trying to make what I write now "feel" the same way as the previous 3 chapters, even though they were written eight years ago is proving to be a little more challenging than I thought. I think I'm getting it close, but the new stuff will probably feel different than before, but I am hoping it will still be just as enjoyable to read. I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm hoping to have this next chapter down before the end of June. (5/28/71)

MMPR Dawn of Primacy: Insurrection

See bottom of profile for Book/Chapter FAQ

Note on Content: As this story is now nearly fully developed I will not take submissions for additional characters or content. I've been approached by several people at various times, but the truth is it becomes a matter of massive rewrites to accommodate these changes at which point the story ceases to be what I envisioned. This is not to say that I don't listen to reviews and make minor tweaks to the story, but the addition of characters and relationships and scenarios are not minor adjustments. So because I have had to turn down requests it is only fair at this point that I say "I must regretfully decline" to any future requests. Thank you.

For the Fans: I thank all of you who have shown an interest in the early stages of the Dawn of Primacy Trilogy (that's right I plan to write three books). I realize at some points there are long gaps between chapters, I apologize, but I can write fast or I can write well, and since you have enjoyed what you have read thus far I'm sure you would prefer the later. I can tell you at present that the first book, Dark Maelstrom will be about 24 chapters and 500 pages when completed. I want to have it done no later than early 2009, but it may happen sooner or a little later. I have set part of my day aside to work on this story each day because I see the interest, so yes as long as I'm alive this story will go on, I really want to finish writing it, probably even more than you want to read it. Book 2 and 3 are still in the works (they may be shorter as a lot of ground work for the trilogy has to be laid in the first book), but they are being fleshed out more and more each day, though I'm trying to stay focused on the current novel. If you have comments or questions (no spoilers though) feel free to email me, I might not get back to right away, but if my filter doesn't erase your message I will respond to it as soon as possible I always like feedback good or bad. Thanks again for your interest, and allowing me to share my imagination. Oh, and yes that is Psycho Green on my profile picture.

Beyond this project? How could I even be thinking that far ahead right? Well I actually have. Beyond book 3 I would like to either write a fourth book as a spin off, though I can't say what it would be about without spoiling most of this series. I have also toyed with the idea of getting my art skills back up to par and turing the whole thing into an online graphic novel. Of course it is just as likely I will have created something completely original that I am passionate about and work on that (right now I have plenty of original ideas I just don't like any enough to write a full book about them). At the same time it is just as likely I will have finished learning Japanese and move to Japan for a few years or be pursuing some feat of engineering like a perfect solar cell (as opposed to those we make that are like 30 efficient). And of course should my life end prior to completing my work, tragically cut down by a swarm of mutant boll weevils during a random trip to buy supplies for my zombie bunker (the undead apocalypse is coming!), I'll finish it when the undead rise to conquer the earth if there's time between all the brain eating.

Presently I am thinking that the Dawn or Primacy saga will be the end of my work for a while (possibly for over a decade if not permanently) as I would like to take time to study Japanese culture and history more in-depth, and really focus more on learning the language as it is one of the more difficult languages to learn (though not as bad as English if you're not a native speaker).

A little about me and the story:

While MMPR Dawn of Primacy is my first publicly displayed work of fiction I have been writing since Jr. High. While many of these were short stories I did have a few series that came close to being full size books in their own right. I was originally inspired in sixth grade when we had an assignment to write a story for Halloween. Being a slacker at the time I wrote about a page and turned it in. What I didn't know was that the teacher was going to read them out loud. Needless to say when mine was read I really didn't want any credit. But a friend of mine had written this great story, probably about six or seven pages and after hearing it I realized I could write so much better if I just tried. In 8th grade I had a creative writing class where I ended up writing several works of fiction, and as I mentioned, some series that a few of my proofreaders really enjoyed. I started to realize, despite my bad grammar I had a knack for coming up with creative and intriguing stories. In High School I got serious about writing (not to mention the skills I got in English class now that I was taking writing more seriously) and started to work on a Novel called "Raptor" which was inspired by Jurassic Park. It was mostly an action-horror story about a time rift transporting a pack of Raptors to a modern day town. Unfortunately after two years of work and over 150 pages written the material was lost and eventually destroyed. With Dawn of Primacy (which had actually been called Maleficus Ex Machina, or The Evil Machine prior to the release on this site) I wanted to create an epic Power Rangers Saga (I'm hoping that Dark Maelstrom is only the first of three books) that explains the origins of characters and even the "Morphing Grid" and more on what it really is. I've written PR stories before which actually stem from the days when a friend of mine and I tweaked some role-playing game rules to make Power Rangers more Sci-Fi and less a kids show. These games heavily influenced the direction a lot of the traditional characters have taken, especially Goldar, the first to receive this transformation. I always hated that Goldar, who was suppose to be this powerful warrior was reduced to a bumbling lackey by season 2 when Zedd arrived. So when he was originally first redesigned by my friend and I, we made sure he could kill three Rangers on his own, and so it took some serious team work to bring down Goldar. One of the other changes I wasn't sure would work out with the general public was the introduction of Joshua Raine replacing Tommy Oliver as the Green Ranger. People I know who have been reading this story nearly 8 months before I began posting it loved the character and even began attributing movie moments to being "like something Joshua Raine would do". He is different than most Rangers in that he is more of a loner even within the team, and while he has outstanding abilities those skills make him arrogant and he tends to rely too much on his abilities over help from others. As for making Zedd a newer all powerful enemy, well that was easy since he was the best villain from the series... well okay I liked the Psycho Rangers more, but they weren't the "leader" types. Ultimately I like the PR universe because anyone can be a Ranger, it isn't exclusive like being an X-man or a Superhero, ie there is only one Superman, Batman, Wolverine etc. With Power Rangers anyone can be the Red Ranger, the Green Ranger, the Pink Ranger... you get the point.

In addition as you read more of the story you will find I have taken liberties with a lot of the visual style and general universe, Goldar's wings being like a bat's for instance is an example of a minor change as opposed to Zedd who had a complete makeover. Also the fact that his wings tuck in is actually inspired by the original series Zyu Ranger, Griffozer's (Goldar) wings do retract into his body. When you see Goldar you can see the gold plates that tip his wings on the back of his armor. There are a lot of small changes and some big ones. I also did take some small liberties with the way certain events unfolded, I always hated that some parts of the story were driven by "the budget", and so I tend to ignore those things and plan on writing them the way they would have happened if money wasn't an obstacle. Other changes that might not be picked up on is that I refer to the Ranger's armor, and I mean it in more of a sense like they had in the movie except that I would keep an armored skirt (a little like a Roman's armor) on the Pink Ranger and put one on the Yellow Ranger because I just think it looks better (of course the nice thing about a book is that you can imagine them any way you like). Of course characters I did not modify are left with no real descriptive concerning appearance. In a normal story I would avoid this, but it's a fanfic, so if you're reading it you probably have an idea of what all these characters look like and may use different visualizations for the ones I've changed, but that is the joy of reading over watching a movie. The Zords also act differently and have much more stream-lined look instead of the bulky costumes that had to be used (and still are used). I think having seen Transformers this summer will further inspire future Zord fights. Somethings I'm trying not to take liberties with are the time line. Obviously Ashley as a Ranger is a little of a stretch because she's about a year younger than what I would call the first generation Rangers, and the whole Green Ranger incident is roughly around the Freshman year of the G1 Rangers which would mean that Ashley is now a Freshman in the story while Adam, Billy, and Kimberly are all Sophomores. So 5th/6th season is about as far as I'm willing to go to get characters for the Rangers as Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder are just too far into the future and I don't want to play the time travel angle up so much that it gets silly. This also limits me with villains too, I would love to include Mesogog and Zeltrax, maybe even Broodwing from SPD, but since Mesogog and Zeltrax are about Tommy's age and associated with things he didn't do in this time line and since the time line is different from this point forward I'm hoping maybe to do something with them, and other characters in future books as the trilogy moves on.

The hard part about writing this book is that sometimes I find myself letting a character revert to his/her kid's show roots. So just be forewarned that until I decide this book is done and lock it as complete I may go back and make cosmetic changes, though these won't influence the overall course of the story they will be little things like part of a fight sequence that replaces some stupid lines, or a change in character response if a villain is being too passive. Chapter 1 under went several revisions... 5 total I think, to get the incarnation that is on the site. It use to have heavy summarization and was about 8 pages in length, now I tend to check for that, because I tend to gloss over tedious things to get to something else I want to write about.

One other thing to note, there is a lot of information that is being laid down in this first book, the groundwork if you will, for the rest of the story. This means I have to allude to things that really won't be answered until book 2 or 3. Some things I will never fully explain because in reality the fact that you don't know everything makes it more exciting and drives the imagination. There are things I have already alluded to in the past like Trakeena's statements about being gods on Earth long ago and events that are discovered about Jungle Fury's Pai Zhug (Pie Shwa, if you needed the pronunciation, love chinese romanization) that I will never go into depth about in this story because it's not relevant. Really it's there like the Clone Wars was in the original Star Wars, there are all these events that let you know there is a whole universe of things happening past and present, but leaves them to your imagination. I think most people will be surprised to find what small facts I used to spin this trilogy when all is said and done, but it is the little mysteries that have the potential to open into the biggest adventures. Consider how insignificant the One Ring was in the Hobbit and the story that one little item spawned once you knew all the other history and story behind it. I doubt this trilogy will compare to LotR but it is the same idea that seemingly insignificant events and things can be hiding something very compelling. There is complex web I'm weaving even if the truth that is revealed in the end is simple, I've always liked the movies and books where you don't know one key piece of information and then once you have it everything falls into place and you can go back and watch it or read it again and say 'oh now I get why this was important' and you see all the little clues that are everywhere and soooo obvious now. If I can achieve that I will be content with this trilogy no matter what else happens.

A note of scale to anyone interested, I consider Zord sized to be between 180-230 ft, roughly 20 stories give or take.

And if it matters I'm 34, I live in Shizuoka Japan, and have aspirations of one day ruling the world.

Planned use of various seasons:

So the question with this trilogy that I had to decide was: which seasons do I use and where do I draw the line? Obviously this is going to take several years to write in its entirety, and at present Jungle Fury is making its beginnings, Operation Overdrive concluded some months ago, and there will probably be two of three seasons of Power Rangers beyond that by the time this story concludes. So, at present the official cannon of seasons I am working with are from MMPR to Operation Overdrive, and does not include the first movie as it occurs in a seemingly alternate time line that has nothing to do with the seasons. Though the events of SPD are well outside the time line of the story certain villains may make appearances. Other events in future series may be included, if, and only if, they can be integrated without having to go back and edit past chapters to do so. Though Jungle Fury may at least have a passing mention in the history of the story as the events of Dai Shi and his capture take place a little before, if not during the time in which Zordon and Rita battled, I have no plans at present to include Rangers from this period. For book two I plan to integrate more of the Wild Force story (there is a lot of rich material in that season) and some from Ninja Storm. Book Three will be taking place primarily after Dino Thunder would have occurred and as I'm still looking into Mystic Force, I can't say how much that it will be included in the final book, but since book three is still about 2 years off I think I have some time to figure that out. Now I want to point out that including a season does not mean that I will necessarily be using all or even any of the Rangers or characters from that season, it simply means that elements from the era will be present in the storyline, Obviously in the case of SPD unless I work the time travel angle that Time Force allows for I can't use anyone human from that era, but as aliens in that series have life spans far beyond a normal human's it is conceivable that, while not as long lived, they would still be somewhere in the galaxy during the story's time line. This is the case with Vexacus who has arrived ten years before his arrival on Earth in the original time line. There are other considerations I have to make, but as revealing some of these would spoil future content you'll just have to check back around the middle or end of book 2 when I can share those.

As an update to all this, Book 2 will use material from Wild Force and Ninja Storm. While Book 3 will use material up through Operation Overdrive. However, the actual Rangers used will not go beyond Dino Thunder, and I have little intention of using the Dino Thunder Rangers beyond cameos. I have now seen Mystic Force and SPD and while certain villains from SPD might have cameos, there was nothing in either of those seasons that I felt I could use and still maintain continuity given the plan for the story.

Official Cannon: Having seen the premier of Power Rangers RPM this morning I have set the cannon to include the events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Jungle Fury. While RPM has an interesting premise, thus far, the events of the time line clearly deviate from the building of SPD in 2025, as the Venjix Virus (anyone else notice this name was recycled from General Venjix from the episode "Forever Red"?)would have begun spreading in 2009 (in order to maintain cannonisity with JF), spent three years growing before the initial events at New Corinth making it 2012 and then with the added year later places us in 2013. I could cut out SPD, but would then also have to eliminate Mystic Force for it's limited tie-ins. I could also cut out Jungle Fury, but as I've used elements of JFs past it's a little late for that. I do want to make it clear that what is cannon is cannon only in the sense that certain events happened. At the end of book 1 you will find that I have taken a cannon event (Kim and Tommy's break up), but changed the circumstance to make it more realistic. I also reserve the right to change appearances and special effects as those are controlled by budget.

As an add to the above I did discover several episodes later that these Power Rangers in RPM are new and unique (ie no one knew what a Power Ranger was at the beginning) and the Morphing Grid seems to no longer exist replaced instead by a worldwide 'bio field". The suits are now stored elsewhere and teleported to the Rangers when needed. So with these new facts the PR cannon will most definitely be closed from this point forward, which in some respects is unfortunate because as I am currently watching Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (which I'm sure will be renamed something like Power Rangers Samurai or Elemental when it premiers next season) I am finding elements in the Sentai story that would be excellent for the trilogy as far as historical information, but I apparently won't get to use them (assuming they made the transition to the American version).

Other Trivia about me:

Movies and Television Influences (to name a few): Voltron, Transformers, Thundercats, GI Joe, Eek the Cat, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Godzilla, anything with Jet Li, Xmen, Apocalyptic movies like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days/Weeks later, Lord of the Rings (though the books are better), Fight Club, Digimon, ZyuRanger, Animaniacs, Samurai Jack, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Invader Zim, He-Man, Sentai, Kamen Rider (the original versions ie not the American abominations).

Anime Influences: Cowboy Bebep (best anime ever!), Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Inuyasha, Bleach, Blood Plus, Chrono Crusade, Bubblegum Crisis, Big O, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note (probably my current favorite), Samurai Champloo, Robotech/Macross, Guyver, Ergo Proxy, Elfen Lied, Hellsing, Neon Genesis Evangellion, Higurashi no naku koro ni (original and Kai), One Piece.

Favorite Heroes: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Spawn, Original Power Rangers, Stitch (lilo&stitch), Snake Eyes (GI Joe), Optimus Prime, Prowl (Transformers), Aragorn (lotr), Master Chief (Halo Series), Cloud and Tifa (FFVII), Psylocke, Wolverine, L and Light (Death Note).

Favorite Villains: Joker, Psycho Rangers, Unicron (original transformers movie), Doomsday, Horus (Warhammer 40K), Darth Maul, Zedd, Venom, Green Ranger.

Other Influences: Frank Peretti (author), Tolkien, Warhammer 40K, Halo 1-3, Doom, Warcraft, Starcraft, Final Fantasy Series, Battletech, Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), Japan.

Interests: Martial Arts (yes a know a couple styles personally, though I'm no expert), Weight Training, Basketball (playing, not watching), Football (playing, sometimes watching), Strategy Games (computer and tabletop), Painting, Writing, Reading, Tinkering/Inventing, General Creativity, Computers, Technology, Paintball, Disc Golf.

Music: I'll listen to just about anything except really heavy death metal and most country music.

Chapter FAQ (because people have questions) Warning! May Contain Spoilers!

Chapter 1

"You killed, Zack, Trini, and/or Jason!" Yeah, yeah I did.

"Why did you invent a new Green Ranger?" Wait and see.

"Why do Goldar's wings tuck into his body?" I got the idea from Zyu Ranger, where Griffozer's (Goldar) wings actually did retract into his body in a fight.

"Billy's brain switch happened before the Dark Warrior." Ah so it did, had my video files out of order, I fixed chapter 1 so that the brain switch is back where is belongs, in the past.

"If Green Ranger was really going to destroy Zordon why didn't he just destroy the time field like Ivan Ooze did?" Well as I stated above stuff from the movie is not what I consider "cannon". The movie was great, loved the armor especially, but many things in the movie contradicted things from the show, so I decided not to use things from the movie, which includes Zordon actually being present in the Command Center in a time field instead of being in an alternate dimension somewhere being contacted through the blue tube.

Chapter 2

"Why doesn't anyone have a question about chapter 2?" I don't know.

Chapter 3

"Aren't the birds called Tengu warriors? And weren't they crows?" They were in the movie, in the series they were called Tengas, and since in Japanese lore a Tengu is a goblin I opted for the tv series name instead. And yes they were crows, I just find ravens more sinister so I redesigned them a little. Also since the movie seems to use a storyline that is non-existent in the TV series I generally avoid characters and information within the movie for the purposes of my story.

Chapter 4

"Why didn't you bring Tommy in as the new Red Ranger?" I thought about it, but in the end the way I did it just made more sense. Jason, when he returns, is modeled more after his personality in Zeo which I liked more than his season1/2 personality. BTW if you view the trailers on youtube you will see that Tommy will be in the story somewhere.

"Why are Kim and Zedd the main characters?" Because when I started this the main characters were Joshua, Kimberly, and Lord Zedd. This book started as a single story, which really began just to write a world where the Green Ranger had defeated the Power Rangers, but it's evolved much since then. I just never really felt the need to change the main characters.

Chapter 5

"You misspelled antivenom" No, actually most people just mispronounce it (though antivenom is considered an acceptable replacement in english now) the word is Antivenin, so in the story Beta pronounces it correctly and Ashley pronounces it like most people do.

"What's the deal with the seven pointed star and the demons?" The heptagram is a symbol that depicts the planets (or at least the known ones in the ancient world) and is where we get the names for our days of the week. Since the series Lightspeed Rescue had the demons focusing on a planetary alignment to bring back Queen Bansheera I thought the symbol made more sense than using a pentagram most commonly associated with satanism.

Chapter 6

"Is Josh really dead?" Well since this is a story in an alternate time line no one is really dead... as long as I restore the time line at the end... but if I don't then the answer to your question is a very definite 'maybe'.

Chapter 7

"You changed the time of year." Yeah, I did. This was taking place in the spring, but watching old PR episodes I discovered that the Green Ranger incident happened in the Fall, so I fixed it in Chapter 7 and am correcting the other chapters (what little there is to correct) so that everything fits correctly. If I missed something though feel free to let me know.

Chapter 8

"Is that mysterious guy that looks like the Green Ranger Josh?" Now why would I answer that and spoil all this perfectly good frustration I'm creating? I will say that I do leave clues, very subtle clues, some so subtle that if you gloss over the wrong sentence you will miss them.

Chapter 9

"Why are the Psycho Rangers idiots?" They're not stupid, they're just bored out of their minds, being unable to attack the Rangers for them is like being locked in an empty room for weeks for a normal person, really what they're suffering from is what we would call cabin fever.

Chapter 10

"Doesn't Zordon say that Rita finally chose someone to give the coin too in Green with Evil implying she never used it before?" I took that part to mean she hadn't given it to anyone since her release. Goldar seems very aware there is a Green Ranger though Squat and Baboo are totally out of the loop even though they've seen the Dragon Zord before. Writing about the past I have a lot of vague comments to dance around, and while this one could have been interpreted differently, personally I think it makes more sense that Zordon would be surprised that Rita sent down 16 monsters before selecting someone to be her Green Ranger again.

"Goldar is a Fear Cat?" In my storyline he is, this is not official from the show or anything, but if you look at Cheetar from Season 15 his facial features are very close to Goldar's, I thought it was a good angle so I went with it.

"Isn't Burai a character from Zyu Ranger?" Yes, Burai was the Dragon Ranger (Green Ranger) in the original Sentai. While none of the other Pai Zhug members are named after their Zyu Ranger counterparts I did this as a nod to the original series and to Burai the true original Dragon(Green) Ranger.

Chapter 11

"Wasn't Alpha (5) created for Zordon by King Lexian of Edenoi?" Yes, according to MMPR season 3 Alpha 5 was assembled by Lexian (Episode 1 of season 3). But since Alpha has memories of Rita and he claims that the King assembled him and gave him life and since Dex, his young son (AKA Masked Rider) is also apparently familiar with Alpha that can only mean that Alpha 5 was assembled within the last century or so (even in long lived races people still mature into adulthood within 20-50 years in every work of fiction I've ever seen). So I would assume that the new Alpha 4 model in this chapter is rebuilt as an Alpha 5 model on Edenoi and has had a memory transfer to give him the knowledge of his previous incarnations. Because Alpha 5 was a gift I would presume that the King would have taken a standard Eltarian Alpha 5 model and made some special modifications. I don't plan on addressing it in the story however as Alpha 5 was melted down by the Green Ranger in Chapter 1 and is therefore gone, and because it has no relevance to the story. So you can take this as my official "behind the scenes" take on that little comment.

Chapter 12

"So is this guy who saved Kim new, or is he Josh?" What do you think? On either question you have a fifty percent chance of getting it right.

"Where are all the other characters?" This is the unfortunate part about having such a large cast, right now the story is following those who are relevant to the story at the moment. Also some time is being given to villains other than Zedd since the dark lord has had such a strong presence in previous chapters.

"The Psycho Ranger's plan is too far fetched to work." Not a question, but okay. One, they're crazy and lack a firm grasp on reality, two, anything else I say will only spoil future chapters, judge not before all has been revealed (and it hasn't yet). Then if you don't like it you can say so...

Chapter 13

"I thought Goldar had the Green Ranger Morpher, how did Ryan end up with it?" This I've had to put off dealing with for some time. But if you recall when the Morpher was taken it was done by a warrior in Gold Armor. At the same time it was mentioned that Goldar had recovered a Morpher for Lord Zedd. While I wrote it in a way to make you think these two events were related, they weren't. I'll leave you to figure out the rest from there.

"I don't like the Psychos. I'm glad they weren't in this chapter much." I can understand that, they bring a slasher/horror/darker element to the story and not everyone likes that. They are evil, but in a way that hits closer to home than say Lord Zedd. I have proof readers who don't like them either, but it's the reasons they don't like them that assures me they are good villains.

"Will the Mega Ship be able to transform into a Zord since the head came from the shuttle that the former Turbo Rangers used to get into space?" Yes. It never made sense that this earth shuttle magically combined with the Astro-Mega Ship to make the Mega Zord, or that Andros wasn't aware the ship could do that. So in my story arc the Mega Ship is a fully functional Zord in its own right. Had I been one of the writers for Power Rangers I would have done things different, like destroying the shuttle the Rangers used as they escaped at the last minute thanks to Andros leaving the one contained in the Mega Ship as always having been there. But bad writing happens when you're determined to use all the footage you have from a show to make it fit some completely different script.

"Where did this Machine Empire ship come from?" The Machina? (Btw this is pronounced in the Latin, Ma-key-na, not like Queen Machina even though they are spelled the same) The ship is actually modeled after the Machine Empire base that was on the moon during Zeo. It just struck me as funny that suddenly there was yet another fortress on the moon that then ceased to exist after Zeo ended, so I made their palace a huge space fairing fortress, added a massive city along the bow and called it The Machina.

Chapter 14

"About Tommy," This will be weird for some people because they are use to a very different Tommy than what I portray. The thing is Tommy is still Tommy, but he lacks the experience of being a Ranger, and he lacks the Green Ranger experience so he doesn't carry all the guilt that drives him to put his life on the line as an act of redemption. He is still a strong individual with good fighting skills, but as time goes on you will see different struggles with him. Hopefully you enjoy his evolution as a character the way you have enjoyed the different paths all the Rangers have had to take and the new challenges they've faced as they grow in this alternate timeline.

Chapter 15

"Seems to be another chapter with no questions," Looks that way.

Chapter 16

"Who are..." Oh come on, it should be obvious by now that I'm not telling you who these two characters at the end of the chapter are and will only respond with something cryptic or misleading... or sarcastic =).

Chapter 17

"So nothing for this one either huh?" Guess not.

Chapter 18

"Can I ask who the White Zeo Ranger is?" You could... I probably won't tell you though =).

"So Josh is really back now?" Yes, the funny thing is in the first draft of the outline he was never going to "die". I had planned out stuff for him alongside the Rangers as they fought the Psycho Rangers and had been thinking about a couple of scenes in the post apocalyptic Angel Grove, but when things really got going I decided he was just too powerful and would end up eclipsing everyone else with his abilities. I had thought of a plan to increase the Psycho Ranger's powers to negate Raine's ability to manipulate auras (or even an idea how the Psycho Rangers could use it against him), but that made the Psychos too powerful and rather than having a battle against them where there was a small shred of hope the Rangers would have been running for their lives until the Command Center was destroyed, which was too much horror and not enough action for my taste. I realize I could have made Josh's evolution of powers more of a subtle curve than in two sharp leaps, but he has to face Lord Zedd and Ninjor didn't last long against him, and even with his current skill level and power I'm going to say Lord Zedd still out classes him considerably (for reasons that won't be made clear until book 2).

"How different is the book from what you first outlined?" It is very different. I know I've covered bits and pieces above, but originally this was a stand alone book about an alternate time line with a new Green Ranger. While I think the final chapter of this book will still be largely the same there will be twists to my orginal idea to prepare for book 2. In the original Josh never died, the Morphing Grid or Construct was less defined and there actually was no plan to use Rito or Master Vile or Divatox and her minions. I still planned to destroy Angel Grove though in a different way using Serpentera. I think the Psycho Rangers were only around for about two chapters and there was a huge sequence of character development within the Ranger's coma state that was suppose to take up about four chapters. The fight in downtown in chapter 8 also never was planned nor were the addition of Adam's friends or a traitor among them. And in probably what would have been the biggest upset the elaborate history of Zordon and Rita was only suppose to take part of a single chapter. I think with this book I've learned that you can make an outline, but things will change as your characters develop and as your characters adapt the storyline must also adapt to keep up.

"You've destroyed a lot of stuff without using it much, both in characters and equipment." That is the price to pay for the direction I've gone with this story. I try to keep things realistic (to a degree) and that means that plans never come to fruition, things that get invented are destroyed in short order and characters die when they meet someone superior. I realize that I spend a fair amount of time working out details that never really materialize because of plot, but that's how life is, we plan for things and then something happens and everything changes. Hephaestus is a good example as he gets a temporary make over post chapter 6 and then is hardly used. That's just life. Even if I spend days working on a character or idea and put a huge amount of effort into their background it doesn't mean I won't destroy them in a quick messy fight, I like details and a wholeness to characters to make them real, but everything and everyone in this story has a purpose, and for some that means getting brutally killed/destroyed without ceremony.

Chapter 19

"What are the Kimera?" While not serving a huge role at present Kimera are actually creatures inspired by Master Vile's Blue Globber that absorbed and mimicked Ninjor's powers. The idea of them is basically a creature capable of assimilating genetic information and arcane abilities to adapt to various enemies. While you won't see much of their potential in this book I might use them in the next book to a greater degree (not completely sure). They do die easily, but they're not meant to be soldiers, they work better in a surprise attack like when they over ran the slave district, but as Zedd's forces mobilize and start using conventional tactics they will find it more difficult to gain ground.

"I can't believe Zordon's back," Yeah, there was no real way to see that one coming...

Chapter 20

"Nothing again huh?" Like anyone needs all out war explained =)...

Chapter 21

"You didn't really explain why the Rangers didn't stay in space and fight..." Oops, I think that might have been a case of "I thought about it, but didn't explain it". Well the chapter was updated with a little more dialogue to explain, but for those of you who don't want to reread, the case is as follows, with most of the lighter craft destroyed the Rangers were unable to do much in the way of damaging ships, so when Andros gets the report that Tommy is outnumbered and things are heating up on the surface he makes the decision to descend and help out there where they could do more good than in space.

Chapter 22

"Nothing?" ...nothing.

Chapter 23

"So is Josh really dead?" Yes and No =).

Chapter 24

Just as a note from the author, I always intended for the book to end this way. I personally like the Sci-Fi ending like the kind that exists in Back to the Future or the original Matrix that leaves you with a sense that so much more is going on than what you've seen. I do think this ending works as a stand alone (though that's my opinion and that of some of my proof readers, some haven't finished the book yet), other people's opinions may vary, and I look forward to hearing them. My apologizes if you're very much into the Kimberly Tommy mentality, but I'm not looking to change the universe that was laid out only to explain it and expand on it. So I hope you've enjoyed the first book in the Dawn of Primacy series and will continue to enjoy those that follow.

"Didn't Kim write Tommy a 'Dear John' Letter?" Yes, but in the original or 'cannon' continuity I have her make a phone call. I think the writers of the series used a letter for several reasons: 1. it was faster to have him read it instead of having a dialogue, 2. couldn't get Amy Jo Johnson back for that episode, 3. a phone call with just Tommy would have looked stupid since you wouldn't hear the other side of the conversation and it would have been Kim doing almost all the talking. So in my story I took great pleasure in correcting that little problem and presented a revision of the 'cannon' to something I feel is much more appropriate for the situation, honestly I don't think anyone who wrote for the show realized the impact that break up would have on some people. So if you want a literal tie in you can just go with Kimberly writing the letter, but Josh was still the guy she met whom she was talking about in it. FYI, I did use that letter as the basis for the dialogue of the phone call.

"You never explained..." Two words for you, "Book Two"; Teaser Trailer posts January 1st on Youtube.

"What does Alex say when wanting Josh to get the boxes from his room?" Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu, it's Japanese (of which I learn more and more everyday) it translates as something like "Please do me the honor of granting my request a favorable consideration".

"Warning this one explains the end of Book 1, if you want to figure it out on your own now, or when Book 2 is released DO NOT READ THIS!" So what happened at the end of the book? Why is Josh alive? Well the end is left intentionally ambiguous so as allow you the reader to figure it out, but I will explain some of it since you seem to want to know. Simply put the book ends with reality as it should have happened, ie. as it goes in the series. Zedd has never become all powerful and has not therefore come to Earth early taken out Rita and killed Josh's family and taken him as the Green Ranger. Yet Josh seems to have vague impressions of what happened. Years later Josh and Kimberly meet in Florida where the Raines live and we find again Kimberly and Josh both seem to have some awareness of each other before they even met. Then we have the other reality which still exists in which Josh died fighting Lord Zedd to save the Earth and there in lies the problem. My whole book I have illustrated the impossibility of a parallel universe and yet, now, one exists.

Book 2: MMPR Dawn of Primacy Vergence (FAQ)

"So why nothing until summer?" While I am starting work on Vergence January 1st I acknowledge from Dark Maelstrom that the book would have been VERY different had I released what I initially wrote as some major decisions were made after chapter 5 had been nearly completed prompting some massive editing to previous chapters. To avoid confusion and problems I am taking five months to make sure I have everything worked out and am happy with it before releasing what I have. So the net result will be that there will be nothing until June 7th and then I plan to release what I have completed at that point with regular chapter releases following as normal thereafter.

Chapter 1

"So why are Kimberly and Billy the main characters this time?" Kimberly should be obvious, but since I can't list Josh R. as a main character and I can't divulge the reasons for not selecting a villain like I did last time I simply chose another Ranger that had a starring role, of course this doesn't mean these two characters are surviving this book, nor does it mean they're all dying either.

Chapter 2

"Is Doctor Jeor actually Ninjor?" Since it's not a secret (though Time Force isn't aware of it) Yes. With the history of Rita's end and the birth of the Power Coins created by a Master Jeor I thought it would serve to have Ninjor working for Time Force in the future (since you never hear about him again after season 3... because all the footage from Kakuranger is used up) and it does play a role in the story at large.

"What is a Mu Drive?" It's a device that primarily eliminates friction, since Mu (Greek letter, looks a little like a 'u') is the symbol used for the coefficient of friction in Physics I thought this would be a good name for it.

Chapter 3

"What was coming out of the pit at the end of this chapter?" The thing that would have provided an understanding of why the Rangers were rightfully scared of that place. There will be more information about the Org den when chapter 4 is posted.

"Josh and Kim sure are powerful" They probably are more powerful than anyone expected, and they haven't even had to access Mode Omega yet. The real question you should be asking is Why did I make them this powerful initially =)? I also want to note that their respective power levels are about on par with most Red Ranger Battlizer modes. Which means if Jason and Andros had taken on the Zords using the powers they had (their battlizer forms) in the last book they would have fared about as well against the Orgs for the same time duration. Mode Omega is a different story though.

"Why did Josh and Kimberly go to 2002 and not 1996?" I actually will get to this, but it's because the anchor point is a fixed temporal distance from the period in which it was established. So because 6 years have passed for Time Force the point at which they are connected to the other dimension is also 6 years further along. If Time Force was just traveling through time this would not be a limiting factor, it's because they are trying to cross dimensional barriers and temporal at the same time. Rest assured though Billy and Trip will go on to explain this in future chapters more clearly.

Trivia About the Series (WARNING!! contains spoilers):

While it was mentioned above the series was once called Maleficus Ex Machina, or the "Evil Machine" it was changed to Dawn of Primacy shortly before it began releasing online because I had a shift in the focus of the story beyond just writing an epic story of war between good and evil.

The character Joshua Raine originally was named Joshua Knight and I nearly changed it to Jordan Raine before the first chapter released online.

While the book started as a standalone work to allow for a new Green Ranger and an alternate time line the realization of how I would tie the first book back in with the original series (ie Kim and Josh meeting after Kim left Angel Grove) I started to realize I could create a second book to turn my original idea into something much larger. Of course I realized a second book alone wouldn't be enough and so book three was drafted. Interestingly book three is largely inspired by concepts I had created for an alternate fanfiction, which I'll add more about here near the end of the third book. I still feel book 1 could have been the end of it, had a great sci-fi ending filled with ambiguity, but I really think that book 1 will be better served by the rest of the trilogy.

The original outline for book 1 had several chapters dealing with the Rangers after the Command Center was destroyed (Which was suppose to happen in chapter 12) in comma states that existed for the purpose of expanding the depth of the characters. Around chapter 8 my proofreaders decided that would be pointless, and after thinking on it for a while I agreed and instead expanded the history of Zordon and Rita to two chapters and gave the Psycho Rangers a little more time as well as showing Zedd's conquest of Earth.

Some things in this book, like Zedd's planet suppression tactics, were made up off the top of my head as I wrote them and actually didn't change much from the first draft.

Believe it or not, I have the hardest time writing chapters like 24 for book 1 and chapter 1 for book 2. Doing a lot of work on relationships is harder for me than coming up with tactics and battles and inventing new characters because they really are more complex and I put a lot of thought into them sometimes rewriting events five or six times before I'm mostly happy with it. Usually I let it rest if my proofreaders are happy with it.

Deleted "Scenes"

Sometimes when I read what I've written I decide to alter things drastically, in some cases I do save what I cut out in another file, these can be considered Deleted Scenes from the books.

Here's what the original intro to book 1 looked like before I fixed it:

In the year 3000 the anomalies from the time shifts created when the evil Ransik and the Rangers of Time Force breach the 4th Dimensional barrier has created a small tear in the space-time continuum. The quantum energy released sends a time disruption pulse through the universe altering a single event in time.

In 1993 Rita Repulsa is released by NASA astronauts and terrorizes the Earth. Zordon, an inter-dimensional being mobilizes five extraordinary teenagers to accept the Power Coins and defend the world. However, unknown to even Zordon, Lord Zedd has also come to Earth to conquer it. Infused by the quantum energies of the pulse Lord Zedd has grown in power and knowledge allowing him to conquer the galaxy at speed. Finding Rita freed Zedd wasted no time in ending her life, keeping her minions in his service. He then turned his attention to Earth. Knowing of the Green Power Coin Zedd searched the Earth and found a young man named Joshua Knight, a Master of Tia Chi, Ninjitsu, and Tae Kwan Do. As Zedd’s Green Ranger Joshua entered the Command Center, destroyed Alpha 5, and sent Zordon to an unknown dimension and destroyed his Time Stasis Field ensuring he would be unable to return to Earth. The Power Rangers, suffering the loss of Zordon and Alpha engaged Green Ranger in battle using the Zords, the battle ended as the Ranger’s Zords each fell and were rendering non-functional. Unable to fend off the Green Ranger the Rangers fell back to the Command Center and began to work on their Zords. Not wanting the Rangers to regain any advantage Lord Zedd issued a challenge to the Rangers to fight one on five with the Green Ranger on the top of Mount Kiebo, an active volcano in the mountains near the Command Center. Reluctantly the Rangers agreed expecting a trap. A trap was exactly what Lord Zedd had intended. However, fate was against Zedd; the Machine Empire long knowing of Zedd’s growing power had mobilized and reached Earth shortly before the duel was to begin.

With Zedd forced to face the onslaught of the Machine Empire he trusted the task of eliminating the Rangers to Joshua, giving him orders to join the fight against King Mondo when he had finished. Joshua met the Rangers alone, but despite their best efforts the Rangers found themselves outmatched. Now in a state with their armor and bodies failing the Rangers regroup and prepare one last desperate attack…

“Kimberly, are you okay?” Jason asked.

“I think my leg is broken,” Kimberly panted through the pain. She gripped her leg; blood was trickling from the gashes and holes in the armor, her visor cracked.

Jason wasn’t looking much better; his helmet was smashed and cracked everywhere. He reached back removed it and cast it aside...

This is what I originally wrote for Jason's crisis before he decided to go to the Dark Fortress back in Chapter 9. You can see that I decided to use most of it, but this is what it originally looked like:

He closed his eyes for a moment, when they opened he was standing on the top of a mountain.

Below him the rock descended into the clouds shrouding the ground. Looking out he saw nothing but a sea of clouds and blue sky. The sun sat on the horizon beaming in a brilliant red. As he looked out toward the sun Jason saw a man sitting on one of the rocks facing out toward the sun, his back to Jason. Intrigued Jason walked down to where the man was sitting, though there was something familiar about him. As he came closer he was filled with a sense of recognition.

“Dad?” Jason said in disbelief.

“Son,” his Father said standing and giving him a hug.

Jason locked his arms around his Father not entirely sure what was happening. The two let go stepping back slightly.

“I don’t understand this,” Jason said. “I thought you were dead.”

“I am,” his Father replied. “But no matter where you go I’ll always be a part of you son.”

“So is this a dream?” Jason asked.

“Not exactly,” his Father replied. “What it is isn’t important though. You are what’s important right now son, what’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“I mean, what’s going on with you that you’re so lost right now? You’ve never been like this before.”

“You know,” Jason said a little startled. “You know I’m the Red Ranger?”

“Of course,” his Father replied with a smile.

“But how?”

“That’s not important, what’s important is how you’re doing.”

“Not well Dad,” Jason said sinking down to sit on a large rock. “I was suppose to be this big deal. One of my friends came to get me and bring me back to life so I could lead the other Power Ranger’s to victory and save the Earth and lately all I’m doing is letting people down.”

“How have you let anyone down son?”

“People have died because of me,” Jason said his eyes glistening slightly. “Because I wasn’t strong enough to save them! Everyone is going to die because I’m not strong enough.”

Jason’s Dad chuckled a little.

“It’s not funny!”

“Do you hear yourself?”

Jason paused for a moment.

“I didn’t raise you to be a quitter.” He said softening his voice. “But that exactly what you’re doing, you’re giving up because the responsibility is too much.”

“I can’t save the world Dad!” Jason blurted out angrily. “I can’t save everyone!”

“No one ever asked that of you. You were chosen to lead the others to victory at any cost, to stop evil!” he said forcefully. “You took it upon yourself to make the lives of everyone your responsibility. You placed that burden on yourself!”

Jason knew in that moment that his Dad was right. Josh had never said he had to protect, or that he would be able to save that lives of everyone. Josh had told him that he was the only one who could lead the Rangers though this time of darkness.

“You can’t make the evil created by others your fault.” His Father said, his voice becoming soft again. “And you can’t force anyone to change, all you can do is stand for what is right and defend those who are powerless to defend themselves the best you can.”

As he said this Jason could feel the weight lift off of him. He couldn’t save everyone; all he could do was his best.

Jason’s eyes opened wide as he found himself back in the medical bay of the Command Center. Beta was unhooking the IV from his arm and sealing the hole.

“Am I fit to fight?” Jason asked.

“Yes,” Beta responded.

Jason sprung from the table. Taking his morpher…

This one takes place when Darkonda first returns, ultimately though I thought it explained too much and didn't flow very well, so I took it out and rewrote his entrance, but here's what it looked like originally:

“We have not heard from you in sometime, how have you faired?”

“I’ve been better,” Darkonda replied. “That fool Mondo failed to dispose of Lord Zedd when he had the chance, and then there were other complications.”

These other complications were, of course, the need to allow Lord Zedd to believe that he had finally eliminated Darkonda. While Darkonda had not learned how Lord Zedd seemingly knew everything about those who inhabited the universe at the time of his ascension it had become increasingly apparent that he did not know everything that occurred. It was this theory that Darkonda had tested and indeed banked his life on.

While it was true that Darkonda initially moved his clones to the war torn planet of KO-Thirty-five in order to safe guard his secret, immediately after his discovery he had moved six of the remaining seven clones to another location, a secondary site he had established after taking on the role of Lord Zedd. He had allowed Ecliptor to come for him, though he had hoped to destroy the drone, the outcome was satisfactory enough to allow his experiment to proceed.

Once again he moved all but one of the clones and waited, more prepared this time for Ecliptor’s tricks, but he never came. After a week of waiting no one had come. It was at this point that Darkonda realized that whatever knowledge Lord Zedd possessed was flawed somehow, incomplete. Whether he had some means to divine knowledge or simply relied on informants he could not be certain, but if Lord Zedd had a blind spot then there was a chance they could take him by surprise.

“Did you manage to get the support we needed?” Rito asked.

“I did,” Darkonda replied. “Though I would like to investigate these new recruits before discussing such matters openly.”

“Of course,” Rito said with a bow.

“And who is this?” Diabolico asked.

“You may call me Lord Darkonda, you can think of me as the mastermind behind this uprising.”

“So you plan to assume Lord Zedd’s position and rule his Empire?” Olympius asked.

Loki placed a hand on his shoulder fearing his arrogance was beginning to surface once again.

“I plan to destroy the Empire and divide it up piecemeal amongst my associates,” Darkonda replied with a stern glare. “Even I can see the flaws with an Empire as vast as Lord Zedd’s.”

This was a "demo" ending I wrote near the start of the book before I realized Josh would have met Kimberly before they were ever at the Pan Global Games:

Kimberly walked through the crowd at the Pan Global Games taking in the sights and indulging in the sheer exhilaration of being here. Her heart was racing and she hadn’t even begun, it was a whole new world for her. As she turned she ran straight into a gentleman and was nearly knocked off her feet, but the young man caught her.

“I’m so sorry about that,” the young man replied.

“No, it was my fault,” Kimberly stopped, she couldn’t get over the feeling she knew this person, he seemed familiar somehow.

“Are you okay?” he asked, she was still in his arms.

“Yeah,” she smiled, “I’m Kimberly, I’m in the gymnastics competition.”

“I’m Joshua, I’m here for the martial arts; second time here.”

“Hey, if you’re not busy would you mind showing me around?”

Joshua smiled, “Not at all.” The two of them began to walk off together through the crowd. “So where are you from?”

“Angel Grove…”

Six months later Kimberly sat down to write Tommy what may be the last thing she ever said to him.


You know I would never do anything to hurt you, but I feel like I’ve found the person I belong with…

This was what book 2 looked like when it first started, you can tell I changed it a lot as parts of this were written while I was still working on the first book. You can see mention below that Josh and Kim met at the games even though I later realized that was impossible, and I'm sure you can find the few pieces I cut out and saved for the final cut:

Kimberly Raine awoke suddenly. She inhaled deeply as if she were out of breath. It had happened again, the nightmare. She rolled over to turn to Joshua, but his place was empty. She looked at the clock, it was nearly seven, the dim morning light barely visible in the foggy sky. Josh was probably out doing his morning Tai Chi. Kimberly sat up, collecting her thoughts for a moment. This dream had haunted her for the last six months, but it made no sense, why was she having this dream?

She got out of bed, the hardwood floor was cold. She quickly put on a pink hooded sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. Leaving the bedroom she descended down the stairs of their three bedroom home and toward the back door. She slid her feet into a pair of flip flops, happy that they were warmer than the floor, and headed out the door. As she stepped out the cool, salty air filled her lungs, she could hear the sound of the surf pounding on the beach below. She glanced around the yard for a moment looking for their dog Hailey, she didn’t seem to be there; she must have gone with Joshua. Kimberly exited through the back gate to be greeted by a path of winding stairs that traveled down the cliff face. Below she could already see Joshua on the beach. He was wearing his Kung Fu Gi. She paused for a moment to watch him, his graceful agility apparent as his movements where synchronized with the ebb and flow of the tide. Beyond him their Golden Retriever played along the water line chasing after Seagulls and the various items caught in the tide. The scene brought a smile to Kimberly’s face, and helped to banish the nightmare from her mind. She began to descend the steps.

The last six years since their meeting at the Pan Global Games had almost been like a dream. With Joshua winning the Gold in the Martial Arts division and Kimberly taking the Gold in Gymnastics the two had a bright future ahead of them. Joshua went on to get a degree in Business, and the two of them had both gotten certified as physical fitness instructors. Kimberly had gone on to get a Veterinary degree as well. The only hang up had been when Kimberly had taken a trip back to Angel Grove with Jason Scott to visit some old friends. She and Jason were abducted by a Space Pirate named Divatox and sacrificed to a terrible Demon named Maligore. The Turbo Rangers had managed to free both of them, but this experience made it clear to Kimberly that she needed to be able to talk to Joshua about her past as a Ranger. He took the news well and actually was not terribly shocked to learn the truth, in his mind it actually made random parts of her past fit better.

Joshua had proposed the summer after Kimberly graduated. When he had first made plans for a huge evening out she had been certain that he would ask her that night, but he did not, and she began to think that maybe with their careers, Joshua’s Martial Arts School, and her own career as a Vet that it was best for the moment. However, a few nights later during what had seemed a normal outing Joshua asked her to marry him. A little over a year later they were married, August 24th, 2002. With their first Anniversary a week away, she was excited about celebrating their first year together.

Kimberly stepped out onto the sand and walked out toward Joshua. She could tell he had already seen her by the smile that spread on his face. Josh closed up his forms a few moves early and started to walk toward Kimberly.

“You don’t need to stop just because of me,” she said.

“My Tai Chi can wait, nothing’s more important that you angel,” Joshua replied placing his arms around her. His right hand rose and caressed her cheek as he looked deep into her eyes.

“What about discipline?” she teased pressing against him.

“Having discipline means knowing what’s truly important,” he replied tenderly kissing her lips, his hand running back through her hair.

Kimberly melted in his embrace, her cares disappearing in his love for her. Joshua drew her in as their kiss ended; she buried her head in his chest, his chin resting on her head. Kimberly let out a deep breath as her body relaxed. Her shoulder length hair was blowing in the wind. Hailey, feeling left out ran over the couple and pressed up against them whimpering slightly. Kimberly reached down and scratched behind her ears.

“What’s wrong Hailey?” Kimberly said playfully, “Are you jealous?”

Josh smiled, “So what’s going on with my angel that she couldn’t wait to see me today?”

“Do I need a reason to come see you?”

“No,” he replied kissing her forehead, “But usually you have one.” He smiled.

“It was that nightmare again,” she said.

Josh’s look became a little more serious. He released Kimberly and sat down in the sand and guided her down in front of himself, cradling her. His hands grasped hers, their fingers interlaced as he placed his arms around hers and around her waist. His face was next to hers as the two stared out at the waves. They sat in silence for a moment as Joshua considered his words.

“Was it exactly the same again?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she paused. “You and Zedd were locked in combat, but you were the Green Ranger.”

“But I was never even a Ranger, and besides Zedd was destroyed years ago when Zordon…” he paused. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to drag that up,”

“It’s okay,” Kimberly said leaning her head against his.

Zordon’s death had been announced to the world back in 1999 when the Space Rangers returned from defeating the alliance of evil that had threatened all life with the news that Zordon’s sacrifice had wiped out the darkness from the universe. Kimberly had taken it pretty hard. This had led to the Terra Venture project in 2000 using technology provided from one of the Space Ranger’s home world and the former Dark Fortress belonging to Astronema was used as the platform to build this massive project rather quickly, but when that had fell under attack from alien forces from another dimension it had become evident that while evil may have been destroyed in the universe there was still evil elsewhere that could attack the Earth. Fortunately a group of Rangers emerged mysteriously and defended the mission and gave humanity the world of Mirinoi as a second home. This led to the development of the Light Speed Rescue project, the first attempts by humanity to create Power Rangers; though it had been rumored that the government had been working on Project Light Speed Rescue since the early nineteen nineties when Rita and the Rangers had first battled. These had proved invaluable when an army of demons was released and terrorized a city called Mariner Bay. More recently there were reports of another group of Ranger allegedly from the distant future, and within the last year a new group had emerged in Blue Bay Harbor.

“All I’m saying is that these things, the Green Ranger, Zedd, they don’t exist anymore,”

“I know,” she replied softly.

“Maybe you’re just stressed about something else,” Joshua suggested. “After all you had said that the Green Ranger finally lost his powers to Zedd, maybe something else is bugging you and your subconscious is trying to tell you?”

“Maybe,” Kimberly replied.

“Is there anything else on your mind?” Josh inquired. “You know I’ll always be here if you want to talk about anything.”

“I know,” Kimberly replied. “For now, will you just stay here with me?”

Joshua smiled and kissed her cheek. “If that’s what you want,” he replied.

The two sat on the beach watching the tide come in. Kimberly could feel his heartbeat, his breathing, both in flow with the pounding surf. In this tranquil moment she found peace.

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