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Well, hell, I was reading my profile and realized something, It looks like a four year old got a hold of it! Now, anyone that knows me, knows I can only be lazy for so long!

So here we go!

Hello, I know what everyone has been thinking. Discord has dropped off the face of the earth.

Well, not really.

I am a mother, of a beautiful two year old princess, and a six week old heartstopper. They take up almost all my time. But I have reached new inspiration and am going to try to let that fuel my stories. So bear with me for a while.


I am taking down a good bit of my postings. I want to redo them. So bear with me, I will be reposting them.


All you fuckin twilight fans! If I have one more person come up to me and ask “are you going to see breaking dawn?” I’m going to go bat shit psycho! I cant take it anymore! I’m sorry Stephine Mayer, I tried, I really did. Your books are ehh for a high school level, and I know that’s what you where writing for, but come on! When people walk up to me and ask which I prefer, Edward or Jacob, I reply back and say neither. I’m team Lestat. Do you have any idea how many people have no idea who I am talking about?! Come on people! I mean really! EDWARD FUCKING CULLEN IS NOT A REAL VAMPIRE!!

He lives in the forest, doesn’t drink blood, and FUCKING sparkles! Edward is not a vampire, he is, obviously, a fairy!

You wanna see a real vampire? Pick up a few books (or for the lazy people like me the DVDs)

Queen of the damned

Interview with a vampire.

And for the anime lovers, pick up the OVA for Hellsing! Now there, That’s a real Vampire! Alucard is…Freakin Christ…I cant even describe the awesomeness!

Ugh…Now I’m ranting…Hell…

Another thing has been brought to my attention and I cant seem to stress it enough.


Please, for the love of god, please stop!

Yes, for many of the crossovers, Kagome would have to be a bit stronger to even attract certain peoples attention, but come one! Every fanfic I have seen of Naruto crossover with Inuyasha, she is always lugging around a miniature version of her friends weapons, both the Tetsuiga, the tensaiga, and the tokijin. Well, hell, that pisses me off right there about the Tokijin. That sword is crap compared to Bakusaiga. (watch the final act)

But back to the original rant, Kagome, unless portrayed in the beginning, is not a god. I don’t mind as long as they show her as so in the beginning of the fan fiction. Otherwise, why? Why do you always make her such a bad ass, unkillable machine? Yes, a lot of people will look at me and say “well you give her demonic personalities!” Correction, I made her a temporary avatar. Once the demon goes, she will go back to Kagome.

Ugh…And all the Naruto fanfics that she is the all mighty elemental… I think I would enjoy it more if it where one element. But all four of them!? Fucking fuckity fuck!!

Grr….I’m stopping there…For if I do not the only thing that is going to come out of my mouth is going to obscenities…

Please, please, please, for the love of god please, stop.

I am not going to say I do not do so, but I have my wonderful Beta now (who, BTW, is not on fan fiction.net. I have her in real life). I am talking about how it seems so many people are putting to much work into details and not enough into character detail. Just a little peeve of mine is all.

Alright, well that’s all for now. If anything goes wrong with my stories I shall post it here or it shall be told in the description of the story.

Thank you all for bearing with me. I really, really hope to get a flame now. Just because I have yet to get one, and I need a good laugh.


I dare you.


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