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Author has written 2 stories for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and El Chavo del Ocho.

Name: Doesn't want to give

Age: 18 years old

Height: 6'4" (I think)

Main Interests: Anime/Manga, Videogames

Nicknames: Freak or F, Gamer Prodigy (yeah right), The Underground User (mostly in the other accounts)


The ones who want to know me you can call me the Freak. I love watching wrestling, anime, videogames and make my own stories, if you have read some of my stories you had seen that I sometimes put myself in the stories it's because well, you'll guess.

My definition of how do I look is: brown long hair, a mask that only covers the upper side of my face with hair going out, a t-shirt from every single color with a FF on the back, short pants (waist to legs), black boots, a pair of Rollerblade with a boost, two katanas and the Falcon's Eye (Let's me see anywhere that I want)

I have 3 personalities, I'm 1st mate. (Call me 2nd dude, I use round parentheses to identify myself) I'm 3rd, I use square parentheses, I don't talk to much

I like making and read humor fanfiction stories like wrestling, games,and anime. Sometimes I read love stories (I have a soft side) and when I don't have nothing to do I check what's new or what they already made.

My stories mostly involve of the main sticking in on some love problems of course I make some exceptions. The thing is that there are so many fan-couple that is hard to decide. So instead of making all these fan-couples I chose on making the main character a boy/girl magnet excluding yaoi and yuri

Every videogame I have I simply finish it for example: Twilight Princess, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Smackdown Vs Raw, SMBB, MGS4 etc. I also look on what can be good love stories and do sometimes put something funny but I really like love and humor stories.

Right now I'm trying to improve my stories, so wait and I'll try to put some good stories.

One more thing if for some reason you hate well i'll tell something 'Never Mess with Freak Factor'

Current VideoGame Consoles w/ Games

Nintendo Wii (Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Red Steel, Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Sonic and The Secret Rings)

Playstation 3 Currently Damaged (Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, Street Fighter 4, Resident Evil 5)

(Note: I used to own old consoles, but some of them are either busted or sold. And no I don't plan to get an Xbox 360)

Favorite Games:

The Mario Games (One of the Games I'll never forget)

The Zelda Series (Wonder were the timeline begins and ends)

The Sonic Games (Second Game I'll never forget)

The Kirby Games (Gotta like that little dude)

The Metal Gear Solid Series (Being a spy really helps your brain)

The Resident Evil Series (Don't play them on the dark, specially if you're a kid)

The Final Fantasy Series (Too many games with different stories)

The Kingdom Hearts Series (One of the best crossover games ever)

The Street Fighter Games (The First fighting game I ever experienced)

The Pokemon Games (Gotta catch them all)

The Crash Bandicoot Games (Lol, I always laugh at his games)

The Ratchet & Clank Games (Get as many weapons as you can)

The Ace Attorney Games (The law was never this fun)

The Super Smash Bros Games (Another great crossover game)

Favorite Videogame Characters:

Mario (The plumber that got me into playing)

Luigi (Gotta give credit to the brother)

Link (Second best Nintendo character)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Nothing can't top his speed)

Miles 'Tails' Prower (He's always helping his best friend)

Knuckels The Echidna (Easy to convice, but a great ally)

Shadow the Hedgehog (The Ultimate life form, gotta him credit)

Omega (A better version of E-102 Gamma)

Solid Snake (He makes terrorist like a kids play)

Jack Raiden (At first he was cool, but now he's badass)

Gray Fox (Always give credit to the 1st Cyborg Ninja)

Leon S. Kennedy (First character I played as in Resident Evil)

Chris Redfield (There wouldn't be a plot without him)

Cloud Stryfe (Best swordsman I seen, even if he has a big sword)

Vincent Valentine(I think he's way cooler than Cloud)

Squall Leonheart (Gotta give this guy credit)

Sora (Always acting before thinking)

Riku (Best friend equals to Great Rival)

Ryu (Best fighter in history)

Ken (Always looking up)

Crash Bandicoot (Always make me laugh)

Ratchet (Coolest cat like character)

Clank (Without him, no space traveling)

Phoenix Wright (One tough lawyer who always jumps to conclusions)

Apollo Justice (Just like Phoenix)

Miles Edgeworth (Some serious competition and not easy to beat him)

Klavier Gavin (Only Prosecutor who only hepls)

Favorite Anime/Mangas:

Dragonball, DBZ, DBGT (This is where it all began)

Pokemon (I liked the game, so why not like the anime)

Digimon (I really wished they didn't change the story so often)

Inuyasha (Cool series with cool characters)

One Piece (Being a pirate is awesome)

Naruto (The new meaning of being ninja)

Full Metal Alchemist (Always trading something to get something)

Shaman King (Spirits are our allies)

Riruoni Kenshin (Were the swords are your allies)

Detective Conan (Only one truth will prevail, Case Close)

Zatch Bell (Reading was never this fun)

Trigun (One gun, One bullet, One insanity)

Bleach (If you're lucky, you might see ghosts)

Death Note (Hope you don't die young)

Favorite Anime/Manga Characters:

Goku (First Anime character I admire)

Vegeta (Why not?)




Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke Uchiha

Monkey D. Luffy

Edward Elric

Roy Mustang

Yoh Azakura



Edogowa Conan



Vash The Stampede

Nicholas D. Wolfwood



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