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Author has written 15 stories for Inuyasha, Harvest Moon, Naruto, Animal Crossing, Death Note, and Kingdom Hearts.

This is the profile of the author formerly known as White Haired Teen. Since I'm legal majority now where I am, I decided to change my username to something more appropriate. I just love it though, how it sounds small, but I'm 5'8" (which is tall for a woman). And yes, I am changing my picture every other week. This time it's Twilight Sparkle. Oh, and here are the links for the pictures to The Strawberry King:

The Strawberry King:

Queen Raito:

So I guess it is now time to say a few thing about myself.

For starters, I will not say how old I am, or where I live, for my own protection. Second of all, my favorite colour is blue. I also like the colour red. AND MAGENTA!

Favorite Books

Xanth Series

Politically Correct Fairy Tales

(Anything that Gordon Korman wrote)

The Outsiders (Doin' it for Johnny!)

Modern Tale of Faerie Series (Valiant was the best. And Studio Gihbli should totally make the movie. It's trippy enough. Sad thing is though, is that MTV has it, and is putting it through development hell. And is probably going to be put through the sparkly vampire filter.)

Favorite Movies/T.V. Shows



The Dark Crystal

Spongebob Squarepants (newer seasons aren't as good though.)

The Simpsons

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Pink Floyd The Wall

Pink Synchs

The Big Bang Theory

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Favorite Video Games

The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask (even though I'm too much of a wimp to play that one XP), Twilight Princess, Windwaker)

Harvest Moon (Save the Homeland, A Wonderful Life: Special Edition)

Kingdom Hearts Series

Luminous Arc 2

Favorite Mangas/Animes

Death Note

Fruits Basket

Return to Labyrinth (Seriously! They made a comic sequel to it!!)

Fullmetal Alchemist

My Favorite Characters

Rock Lee (Naruto)

Hatsuharu Sohma (Fruits Basket)

L (Death Note)

Near (Death Note)

Mello (Death Note)

Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

Ravus (Valiant)

Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)

Penny (Big Bang Theory)

Favorite Pairings

Rock Lee & Haruno Sakura

L & Misa (Opposites attract. Don't hurt me.)

Ed & Winry (it's also canon)

Ravus & Val (because Ravus is honorable, and Val is valiant. And it's just so awesome!!)

Sheldon & Penny aka SHENNY! (although for me, this is one of those where there has to be character development. I probably like it for the same reasons I like L/Misa.)

Favorite Poem

Roses are blue, violets are red. I have to go to the bathroom. ~ Patrick Star

Favorite Stories

The Ugly Barnacle (Patrick Star)

(Anything that Hatsuharu said from Fruits Basket)

(Fairy Tales)

Sorta Cinderella (Fruits Basket)

That story about the guy and his sweater in the haunted house (Fruits Basket)

My Heroes

My Best Friend (the one who brought me back)

Bob Geldof

Shinead O'Connor

That One Guy who threw his shoes at bush.

that one family from that commercial who put a whole stick of butter on whatever it was they were eating

The guy who invented toilet paper/flushable toilets.

Favorite Quotes (it was getting too damn long)

My Sis: What sound does a slaughterhouse make?


My Sis: I meant a cow slaughterhouse.

My Bro: It was a cow slaughterhouse. A couple of guys fell in.


cluckyduck78: Life is always greener on the Rock Lee side!


Some girl in History: He's the freakin' POPE!


Hana-chan:(at a picture I drew) Oh ho ho! Smexy, smexy Axel! Me likey! (drools)


Girl in History class: Yeah, I pulled this Napoleon thing out of my ass, so it's probably going to be really shitty.


To the world, you might be one person, but to one person, you might be the world. -unknown


Me:(to little brother) Quit stupiding up my thinking air!

Little brother: Yeah? Well, quit thinking up my stupid air!


Z: So if sharks were humans, they'd be nazis.




R: You took us to see children dying! And for food.


WHT: Sir, does that say, "Cthulu?"

Mr. M: No, it says "Cladius."

WHT: *to W* So that makes Claudius Cthulu, and do you know who Cladius is?

W: Who?

WHT: The Man With a Fish For a Leg.


You call this a multi-media event?! This is a slide projector and a bedsheet! - Archibald from VeggieTales

Movies That You Can Synch Up to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (Self-Discovered)

For all of these synchs, you set the CD up the same way that you would "Dark Side of the Rainbow". For those of you who don't know how that's done, you need the FIRST EDITION CD of The Dark Side of the Moon. Not the 30 year anniversary CD, LP, or downloaded and burned copy. You need the one from Capitol Records that has 1973 written on the CD. Then you need to start the CD in the CD player (with a "repeat all" function) and PAUSE IT INSTANTLY/AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It can be a total pain in your behind, but what can you do? Anyway, make sure that your Repeat All function gets activated sometime during the first playthrough, or else it will just end, and you'll screw it up trying to put it back on.

The NeverEnding Story - This actually synchs up better than The Wizard of Oz. To play this, I used the original VHS copy (no deleted/added scenes), and started the CD right as the animated Warner Bros logo started to fade to black. You should know if you've done it right, because the cloud backgrounds in the opening title should change in synch with the instrumental opening. It kind of starts up slowly, and there aren't that many parts that synch up (during "Breathe" at the lyrics, "Run, rabbit, run" Bastian's dad turns the blender on, the three bullies are chasing Bastian to "On the Run" and the laugh goes as they run by, some of Great Gig in the Sky matches up and you really have to look for it), but it REALLY picks up at "Us and Them" and keeps up for the rest of the movie/playthroughs. For example, "Brain Damage" is playing as Atreyu is talking to the giant turtle (it even talks to itself if you can handle it), and "Time" synchs up PERFECTLY to when Atreyu's going through the Sphynx gates (?), "Great Gig in the Sky" works good too, as well as "Money" (he's on Falcor the luck dragon), "Us and Them", "Brain Damage and Eclipse", and then the third playthrough starts up when Bastian is in Fantasia and it's destroyed, but he discovers that he has the power to bring it all back, AND "On the Run" starts up as Bastian starts chasing the bullies down the street. Sound familiar?

The Lion King - Oh, how kids' movies and Pink Floyd go together like lungs and air. To synch this up, start the CD right as the Disney Castle logo starts to disappear. Breathe synchs up pretty well, Raffiki lifts Simba over the crowd when Gilmor did that awesome guitar thing (watch it and you'll know), and the title pops up JUST as "On the Run" comes on. Then (and this is what really blew me away) "Great Gig in the Sky" synchs up almost perfectly to the "Just Can't Wait to be King" number. Seriously, I was not expecting that. Then during "Money", Simba scratched Shenzi when it went, "Get back". And the music was matching up excelently with the Wildebeast Stampede and Mufasa's death. The CD also starts again after Simba is revived from almost dying by Timon and Pumbaa, which could symbolize the start of a new chapter in the story. Then "Great Gig in the Sky" matched up somewhat during the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" number, and Raffiki shows Simba the way of Money, (Money could be a symbol for power, which would make sense, since Simba is King), and "Us and Them" synchs up quite nicely, with the lyrics, "God only knows it's not what we would choose to do" just before Timon and Pumbaa do the hula to distract the hyenas. Then the rest of it synchs up quite nicely towards the end.

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