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Hello there peeps. As you already know my name is Tsukimomo. Well it's my nickname that my friends are aloud to call me. NO ONE ELSE!! OR FEAR THE WRATH OF KIRA. Kira's my Oblivion RP character by the way. AH LUV IM!

Age: What are you, a pedo? Asking a woman her age! Alright I'm 16 BUT DON'T GET ANY WRONG IDEAS!

Gender: If you're an idiot I'm male. If you're not and you saw what I wrote up above then I'm female.

Hobby: I like this and that and doing those and them. And I like reading Manga, watching anime, playing video games and listen to music (japanese/american/english, I don't mind)

Likes: Didn't I already answer that?

Dislikes: Okay let me think...what do I dislike...Well I hate chavs, easter, my dad, tea, coconut flavoured things, bannanas, people who think they're all that, people who hate gays, dogs that won't shut up, babys that won't shut up, grandparents that won't shut up, parents who won't shut up, celerbraties that think they're so great, my home town, Harry Potter and everyone in it, pets that sit around and won't do anything, people who sit around and won't do anything, my uncle cos he won't get a haircut, people who are out all night drinking and then cause trouble in the streets, chavs, people who hate goths, JKRowling cos she's rich, computers cos they're slow, chavs, paper cos it gives you paper cuts, teachers that moan at you for nothing, old people that moan at you for nothin, parents that moan at you for nothing, babys that moan at you for nothing AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD THAT IS ANNOYING!! and chavs.

Fav food: Cake that my mum bakes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Least fav food: Sweet corn. It's evil.

Fav bands/Artists: Well I like Evanescence

Splipknot: Stay sick!

Disturbed: Yeah, their cool

30 seconds to Mars: Okay but the lead singer looks like a girl... (gets beaten by her mother)

Utada Hikaru: Yeah she's great. She doesn't do any heavy stuff but whenever I listen to her songs I feel somewhat inspired.

Girugamesh: I only just learnt of them but they sound cool. Their japanese.

SuG: Another japanese band. Not all that heavy but their songs are catchy and I love their looks.

Trivium: My mom got me into this... -.- yeah.

Plastic Tree: Their already. Japanese AGAIN! I've only got a few songs so I can't give a full review but they sound cool.

Spongebob: COME ON! You have to admit that he has a good voice! I love every single song he has sung and will sing.

and a few others that I can't remember.

Fav books: Mostly manga such as:

Bleach: Well I've only got the first volume but its cool.

AI Love you: I've read 3 volumes. It cool. More of the romance type though...

DNAngel: I like dark. Whenever this boy is near a girl he likes then he tranforms into dark the master theif

Mamotte Lollipop: Absolutely boy crazy this book is. If that's what you like then read it!

.hack: Yeah its good. I just wish that there was a game like the one in it.

Chobits: Another romance one. This is set in the present day where humanoid computers called persacoms replace normal computers.

Vampire Doll: I've only read one volume...

The Kingdom Hearts manga: It good but you can't beat the game

Spiral: This is like a detective type one.

Loveslss: It's yaoi. That's all I need to say...

and more which I foregot. I also like to read Electrology and Electrolosis by the greatest author ever: JJ Grym.

Fav TV shows:

Spongebob: THE BEST SQUARE-BASED CHARACTER EVER!! How can you not find at least some love towards him, even if you do find his laugh annoying. But seriously, he is the greatest. And has a great singing voice!!

Chowder: Since this is by the same people that do Spongebob how can I turn it down. Although I don't quite understand why all the men have man boobs...

Simpsons: A classic. That's all I can say.

Fav Anime:

Code Geass: I only watched the first few episodes but it was pretty darn sweet.

Bleach: It's funny and has a lot of action. It's a fraction.

DNAngel: A cute little boy that transformed into a hot smexy guy. How can a girl resist v

Tokyo Mew Mew (Or Mew Mew Power as they call it): Cute.

Serial Experiments Lain: It's weird. I don't understand it, but I can't stop watching.

Chobits: Another cute one.

Elfen Lied: Cute, bloody, violent. I love it!!

Rizelmine: Cute

Gakuen Heaven: It's yaoi. It's cute. I like.

Loveless: Another cute yaoi. This was the thing that got me into yaoi.

Full Metal Alchamist: Another fraction. action/funny Great storyline

Wolf's Rain: Another one of those ones where you just have to keep watching it.

Most exciting thing in your life: Eating...

Most depressing moment of your life: Being born.

Coolest persons ever: My OC: KIRA!! (glomps...8 Kira plushie toys...she does this all the time...)

And the sonadow baby in my RP, Shadric. He's sooooooooooo adorable!!

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A Reflection Or More reviews
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