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My chapters probably won't be that long, but I promise that I will update whenever possiable. Most if not all of my stories will be about Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse when it comes out, but I may do one occasionally on something else.

Parings: JxB, ExB, JxBxE, JasperxAlice, RosealiexEmmett, EsmexCarslie, JacobxOC, BellaxOC, NO CarsliexBella-I'm sorry if there are any out there who like this pairing--it's too disturbing for me to think about much less write

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Jake,I don't want your hand this time. I'll save myself. It doesn't even matter. I'm not playing the victim this time. Its time to take action. Edwards not here to save me anymore. This has nothing to do with him. This is about me. And this means war. BxE
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Vampire, Vampire, Human? reviews
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Ok, this is one of those rare times I write a fanfiction that is not Twilight based. So, for those of us who like Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson: the Olympian series, this story takes place towards the end of The Titan's Curse. Oneshot.
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