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Hey all!!! For those of you interested, (and if you're reading I guess you are,) My name is Holleigh. I'm in high school so my writing skills are quite up to par as some others here, and, like most fic writers, I pretty much write a story after it's been shifting around in my noggin for a while. I like to wander from writing humor, to family, to friendship, to drama, and maybe a little bit of angst here and there. But anyway, I'm rather new to this. I absolutely love responses to my posts, I love to hear what you guys think; if you like it, if you hate it, what I need to change, anything! I highly encourage you to hit me up!... like message me... don't actually hit me. I love requests!

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Yente (Fiddler on the Roof), Nathan Detroit (Guys and Dolls), Rona (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee), Madame Thenardier (Les Mis), Witch (Into The Woods),

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Percy Jackson series, Hunger Games series, Harry Potter series, I don't read a lot...

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LOST, The Office, Scrubs, Law & Order: SVU, I Survived: Beyond and Back, Mystery Diagnosis, Family Guy, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Phineas and Ferb, All That, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers, Glee, Boy Meets World, Friends, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

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Works in Progress!

If you are interested in one of the works bellow, please PM me and I'll make them happen! For now, they are just thoughts.

KURT: Elijah Kurtis is a reporter who has spent 2 and a half years of his life undercover as a gay teen named Kurt Hummel to expose the truths of gay teen discrimination. Before he can write the ending of his book, everything begins to unravel when 'Kurt's' friends discover his little secret. one-sided Elijah!Kurt/Mercedes, one-sided Zachary!Blaine/Rachel, minor one-sided Quinn/ Finn, Finnchel, and very brief Lucy!Quinn/Elijah. No OCs! UPDATE: COMPLETE!!!

DALTON: SCHOOL OF WIZARDRY An incident takes place, and Kurt's father takes him is taken to Dalton Academy, leaving his bored stepbrother behind. Brittany, in her vast 'imagination,' thinks that this means Kurt is a wizard, and he is off to wizarding school. In an attempt to show Brit the light and prove to her that wizards aren't real, the boys sneak into Dalton only to be whisked away into a world of magic and adventure, and their directive changes. Now Finn and the boys think it's up to them to 'rescue' Kurt and escape Dalton. However, Kurt seems to have a much different plan in mind. Possible pairings undecided.

LOVE AFTER LIFE: Finn Hudson and his mother just moved to a house in Lima, OH. He started as a new student at McKinley High and everything is just fine... until, he started hearing singing at night. The rumor's couldn't have been true. A boy couldn't have been murdered in this house, right? Well, the ghost of one Kurt Hummel begs to differ. Now Finn is Kurt's only hope to bring peace of mind to his still living father and loved ones. Who knows? Maybe Kurt can help teach Finn a few things too. After all, dead men speak wise words... or in this case, sing. Blaine/Kurt, Finn/Rachel, Carole/Burt.

LIFE IN A NEW DIRECTION: Kurt Hummel is miserable. He's suffocating and he can't take it anymore. He has two choices: End his life, or start a new one. He chooses the latter and in the middle of the night, without a single goodbye, jumps on a train going east. He soon finds himself in the Big Apple, the best place to disappear and live under the radar. Living homeless, he begins to meet a number of interesting characters, including a broadway wannabe (Rachel), a dimwitted school boy (Finn), a handicapped filmmaker (Artie), an Asian artist (Tina), a thief (Puck), a bakery girl (Quinn), and a rather cute street performer(Blaine). Maybe it's not so hard to find a home when you start life in a new direction.

PIANO MAN: A one-shot of a look through the life of Brad. He makes music, he makes moments. He makes memories that will live on with all whom he encounters. While these kids may never notice, he's helped change their lives for good. Here's to Brad, the true unsung hero.

THE LOST AVATAR: Kurt's grandmother, who just happens to be the queen of the Water Tribes, comes to the glee world in search of the Avatar, the only person who can stop the impending war brought on by the Fire Nation. Now Kurt has gone off to this strange other world, and Finn decides to tag along for the ride. Kurt must find masters to teach him all the elements, such as an earthbender who is the secret son to an affluent family, a handicapped airbender, but will he find someone to teach him fire before it's too late?

KURT & BLAINE:"Two show choirs both alike in dignity (in fair Ohio where we lay our scene) From and ancient rivalry grows to new mutiny. Where civil love, makes civil hands unclean." The Warblers and the New Directions have been in a rivalry since before the time of any of their current occupants. Enter Blaine, who in the despair of his unrequited love, Jeremiah, looks for new love, under the advice of his best friend, Wes. Upon crashing the wedding of Burt and Carol Hudson-Hummel, Blaine's eyes are captivated by the fairest boy the light of his world hath ever shone. As the star-crossed lovers' passion kindles, a forbidden love affair commences. Could the two bring peace to the rival clubs, and find happily ever after, or will their love die with them by their young own hands? (Yep, it's a direct translation of Romeo and Juliet to Glee form!)

THE DEADLIEST GAME: When Finn Hudson, the most popular boy in the district (and hist soon-to-be step brother) is picked as tribute for the Hunger Games, Kurt volunteers, in hopes of sparing Finn's life, and keeping Rachel Berry, the girl tribute and only friend, safe. He wants nothing more than to keep her alive, and make sure she gets back home, but when a certain tribute boy steels his heart, how will things play out? Especially when he knows there can only be one victor. Sometimes, Kurt wished he'd killed Blaine Anderson before he had the chance to fall in love.

DAGGER: Kurt never thought of himself as a superhero. Sure, he was able to do more than the average person, but I didn't make him feel special. It made him feel like a freak. His dad was excepting of the fact that he was gay, he wasn't about to push his luck and tell him he was also a super-human. Then again, Kurt was never good at hiding these things. To him, running around as the masked superhero 'Dagger' was just a way he could use his abilities, do some good, and not feel the repercussions in his normal life. But, when his dad enters congress, and action is taken to hunt down the masked vigilante, things get tough. Oh, and of course the fact that his best friend is falling in love with his secret identity isn't helping. Can he keep his identity hidden, and resolve this mess? Or will everything fall to s* like spiderman 3? UPDATE: COMPLETED!!!

APERTURE: Dalton was supposed to be Kurt's safe haven. He transfered to evade being in danger. Little did he know he'd escaped the pit of fire and walked right into the monster's den. The sanctuary he thought Dalton was turned out to be an illusion. It's actually an old texting laboratory own by Aperture Science, the deranged nonsensical testing facility for dangerous and fatal experiments. It was overridden by the main computer core and artificial intelligence, GLADoS. Now GLADoS has trapped Kurt in the laboratories and forced him into testing. Kurt refuses at first but after it is revealed that of the hollorgraphic students he met, one boy, named Blaine, still remains. Can he save Blaine and escape the seemingly endless testing chambers with minimal damage from the demonic computer core?

TITANIUM: Skank!Kurt fic :D Kurt's co-head of the Skanks at school. He's a such a badass that even Puck leaves him alone. He and Quinn are a terrifying couple that everyone fears to be reckoned with. But when Kurt goes home, the piercings come out, the dyed hair is hidden, and the normal clothes come on to make sure his father never finds out what he's like at school. So when Burt tells Kurt that his girlfriend is bringing her son for dinner and Finn Hudson finds out his secret. Finn blackmails Kurt into joining Glee club. Kurt reluctantly agrees. The truth comes out and Kurt's facade starts to crumble when he begins to fall for Blaine Anderson despite Quinn's warnings.

Pairings I Support!

Friendships: Brad/Piano, Pavarotti/Kurt, Puck/Kurt, Finn/Kurt, Artie/Kurt, Karofsky/Kurt, Will/Burt, Carole/Blaine's mom, Kurt/Brad, Mike/Artie

Family: All Hudson-Hummels, AnderBerry,

Romance: Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Quinn, Finn/Rachel, Tina/Artie, Burt/Carole, one-sided Kurt/Dave.

(I don't support gay couples for character that aren't canon gay.)

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This won't be up long I just needed to contact my readers.
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