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Hey there everybody so I'm a 16 year old sophomore.

I absolutely love to read and occationally i have started writing a little more.

I'm a HUGE romantic so i do think that everybody deserves an Edward, Jacob, Jasper, Emmett or Carlisle (take you pick) in there life.

I LOVE the Twilight series although i didn't really like the movie.

I also love to read the One for the Money series by Janet Evanovich.

And for all of you who absolutely love adventure there is the Maximum Ride Series.

Something that has nothing to do with books is that i absolutely love Jewlery, that is seriously my obsession.

I also love the sign of the moon inside the sun.

Midnight Sun was my very first fanfic so i am really sorry if it isn't very good in the beginning, when i started i was about 13 and i made mistakes in those first couple of chapters. Hopefully these next chapters will be a little more satisfying.

Meeting was my second fanfic and i also started writing that when i was young so again there are mistakes in those first couple of chapters and i am very sorry if it isn't as great as some other stories.

For all of those who have read my stories i would appreciate it if you would review since i seriously love them and take each and every one of them into consideration, so it doesn't matter to me if you harsh and tell me my story sucks, i'll actually appreciate your honesty, but i would also like some postitive feedback.

I don't own any of the characters in my stories, although i wouldn't mind owning Carlisle...

The Twilight movie i believe wasn't that great and if you want to debate with me i'm open to it, but i won't go more into it here.

After reading the Twilight series so many times i have started to believe that Bella is really snobby and didn't really deserve Edward but what can i do? she's the one he wants??

A reminder New Moon will be in theaters in November 20, 2009 and i am really hoping that this new director gets the story right...

You can check on all the updates on stephanie's website at...

And for all of you people who have read the One For The Money series...

Janet's web site is...

For James Pattersons Maximum Rides series visit...

That's it for now and I do hope that you will all review my stories.

And i will try to update sooner on both of my stories there is no need to tell me that you'll come after me...

Anyways check out my stories...

With lot's an lot's of Love,


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