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Bonjour, mes chéris, accueil!

I don't want empty things, like friends with benefits and calls not returned and letters that never reach
their destination. I don't want quiet nights spent working on English 202 projects and lonely days filled
with useless knowledge. I don't want spineless, mindless people who just do exactly what they're told.
I don't want rebellion without change and revolution without passion. I don't want kisses without
meaning and I don't want diet coke. I don't want to be part of a generation thats best excuse is that
society made them do all the bad things they did. I don't want music if it's not loud enough to make my
ears ring afterwards. I don't want to be alive unless I can do things my way.


Allo, loves, I am your local fanfictionist, meaning I write to satisfy your fantasies and my own. I personally
cannot find anything more fulfilling than writing, it makes me happy and it gives me a sense of peace
and tranquility. I have an insatiable hunger when it comes to writing, I am always coming up with new
ideas and jotting them down, typing them up later. I will be a famous author one day, I will let you
know when I have my first book out on the shelves. ;) I happen to be exceedingly cocky, but that is just
because I can be. It is a part of my constitutional rights, part of RAPPS, or whatever acronym it was that
I learned back in eighth grade. I am also incredibly OCD, which is why you currently see no apostrophes
in this paragraph, I abhor apostrophes and try to stay away from them. Among the confidence and
obsessive-compulsive disorder is a Grammar Nazi, at least that is what everyone else tells me. Do not
abuse the English language or I will hunt you down and kill you with purple prose. Anywho, onto more
important things.


Stubborn. Passionate. Demanding. Creative. Philosophical. Neurotic. Euphoric. Irrational. Impulsive.
Loved. Idealistic. Eccentric. Antagonistic. Combative. Dramatic. Intelligent. Quotable. Sincere.
Addictive. Inspired. Confident. Impossible. Dedicated. Grammatical. Obsessive. Excited. Ambitious.
Argumentative. Daring. Carefree. Cheerful. Proud. Reliable. Cocky. Alluring. Boundless. Fearless.
Protective. Punctual. Rhetorical. Fantastic. Indecisive. Thoughtful. Lively. Successful. Selective.
Vivacious. Enthusiastic. Lucky. Encouraging. Fierce. Abrasive. Flashy. Secretive. Volatile. Deranged.
Mysterious. Erratic. Energetic. Detailed. Instinctive. Illusive. Dynamic. Entertaining. Extrovert.


I have but one actual passion and that is writing, if you have not been able to tell. But among my one
and only passion are sub-passions, things that I love but not enough to drop everything for. Some of
my sub-passions are reading, dancing, singing, and music. Between August and December of last year
I wrote down every book I read and my count was thirty six, if I remember correctly. I have started over
since then, seeing as how it is a new year and all, but I am not doing as well. I wish I had more time to
read, but with writing and whatnot, I am just plain busy. My favorite books are by Phillipa Gregory and
Tim LaHaye. Gregory writes amazing Tudor Era fiction in which I have fallen in love with and LaHaye
has written the Christian fiction story based off of the Biblical book of Revelations. Which brings me to
the only passion of mine that trumps writing, and that is my passion for God. He has given me the
ability to write and I hope that I can express at least a fraction of the gift bestowed upon me to this
world in need. I used to be a dancer and a singer, but I damaged my voice in 2007 during a three week
period of sickness and have not been able to sing since. I stopped dancing in 2006 when my passion
for writing became stronger than ever and while I will be taking a dance class starting in August,
writing still comes first. And that is all that there is to say for this category.


And The Winner Is: This is a Draco/Ginny and Harry/Pansy fanfiction. Draco and Harry both make a bet that
if Draco can get Ginny to sleep with him before Harry can get Pansy to sleep with him, the loser has to proclaim
defeat in front of the Great Hall and claim that his opponent is a better man than he is. But when the school
finds out and starts making side-bets, keeping the girls from finding out is going to be harder than they thought.

Dangerous Liasons: This is a one-shot fanfiction for Draco/Ginny. Rita Skeeter reports about their relationship
and how they both used one another to get something that they wanted, falling in love in the process.

I Saved Her: A Draco/Hermione tragedy one-shot. A final exchange of words before death, showing a side of
both Draco and Hermione that's tender and trusting, but strong and full of hope.

I Want You: Another Draco/Ginny one-shot fanfiction. After months of watching each other on the quidditch pitch,
Draco confronts Ginny about what she's been doing staring at him. When the truth comes out it shocks them
both, but it's something they pretty much expect. (If you want more, then request another chapter.)

Lady Of The Night: This is a multi-chapter Draco/Ginny fanfiction. Ginny has just gotten a job at Marcus Flint's
Gentleman Club, Lady of the Night. Her first night of working she meets a mysteriously good-looking Draco
Malfoy where a plot of revenge is cooked up. Blackmail was never on Ginny's list of things to go through before
she died, but neither was falling in love with a cunning snake.

Love And Murder: A conversational one-shot between Draco/Ginny. They express their love for one another and
share words before one of the star-crossed lovers seals their fate.

Rebirth: Another multi-chapter Draco/Ginny love story. After undergoing a physically and mentally trying magical
illness, Ginny Weasley returns to Hogwarts as a brand new woman, changed in the ways of her disease. But
drawing attention from attractive Slytherins and crooked Ravenclaws was never part of the Ginny that she wanted
to turn into. Would Adjorate eventually be the death of Ginny or would Draco Malfoy do her in first?

She Kissed Me: A Neville/Ginny one-shot. Comforting a lonely, love-deprived Ginny Weasley after her darling
Harry Potter has gone off to war leads to one of Neville's most memorable kisses.

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Lady Of The Night reviews
After Ginny takes a job a Marcus Flint's Gentleman's Club, she faces her childhood enemy, Draco Malfoy. With dark secrets from her past swearing to come back, being blackmailed by Draco was not part of her plan, but neither was falling in love.
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