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Author has written 4 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Total Drama series, and Suikoden.

Hi it's me NoBoDy Knight. Partner of NoBoDy Queen horray for us! Enjoy my stuff. Oh well what happens happens.

Just to say this now I don't really keep track of all the things i watch/read for all I know half of them could be cannceled.

About me:

Name: none of your buisness

Age: same as name

Date of birh: same thing

Friends: Anyone who knows me well enough

Personalty: Can enjoy anything except things with Horror like movies enjoy rollar coasters and any trill rides.

Anime watch(ed): Bakuman, Medaka Box, D. Gray Man, Vampire Knight, MAR, Naruto, Bleach, Digimon, One Piece, Full metal Alchemist, Rockman EXE, and Cardcaptors, Fruit Basket, La Corda D'oro.

Manga I read: MAR, Naruto, Beyblade, Fruits Basket, Megaman, Tsubasa Chronicle, Cardcaptors Sakura, Suikoden III, La Corda D'oro, and Case Closed, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories, KH2, Bleach, and DN Angel, Gakuen Alice, Shugo Chara, Pick of the Litter, Vampire Knight, Merupuri, .Hack, Bakuman, Medaka Box, Akuma to Love Song, Ultimo, Pokemon Adventure.

Games I played: Suikoden Series, Kingdom Heart Series, Advacne War (all of them), Battalion War(both), Persona 3, Any Tale series, Fire Emblem, Rockman exe games, .hack G.U., Persona Series, Final Fantasy, Professor Lautruc, Baten Kaitos Series.

Other things not japenese related:

Total Drama Series

Once Upon a Time


Friends (Both the TV show and People)

Hunger Games Series







Hang out with friends

My rule of fan fictions:

1. Always get to at least chapter 5 in all fan fictions even thoughs that will be discontinued.

2. Don't take reviews in a negative way take in constructively.

Status of Stories:


Chibi Akatsuki: Seven came late and short but that because there about to be alot of action and sadness. But still humor so yeah next chapter up I don't Know. Most likely will be discontinued unless someone wants the story just email me.

Organization XIII return Chibi: Being remade by Nobody Queen now up for grabs! Who ever wants it send an message.

Totally All That Drama: Enjoy whats there.

Power of the 108: New story that is just starting out.

New Story Idea:

Suikoden/?? Crossover: I know I wish to do a crossover using the suikoden 108 star system however I just wish to use on series unlike the Anime Margin (which is amazing).

Doctor Who/Cartoons Crossover: I just thought it would be funny one day.

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