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well lets see...where to start...

i'm seventeen.
and a senior.
i like to enjoy life.
although at times i feel like everything is falling apart.
smiling makes me happy.
i like to act silly.
i am optimistic.
art is my passion.
books are my escape
music is my safety blanket
high school is lame.
i have always wanted my own library.
i love the beach.
and i hate the way heaters in cars smell.
i dislike popcorn.
i used to dance.
i have a fear of losing the one's i love.
i honestly believe that everything happens for a reason.
in the end everything will be okay.
and that the best has yet to come.
i love learning things about people.
tell me when your birthday is.
ill bake you a cake.
i love the rain and cold weather.
i don't believe i have found myself yet.
but i'm getting there.
i am indecisive. which annoys some people.
my room is almost always a mess.
i may argue with my family, but i love them a lot.
my favorite numbers are 78 and 11.
i think that every person you meet has an impact on your
life no matter how big or small.
i think that i am a nice person.
but then that's up to you to decide

I am the Biggest klutz ever...yes ever. i used to be a dancer but i stopped to play soccer...not my brightest idea. Soccer is a dangerous sport for me. I trip a lot and run into people and the ball always has an odd attraction to hit me really hard...yet i am really fast, haha, and my schools varsity team wanted me when i was a freshman and they have decided to keep me now in my junior year I bet it is because they secretly love making fun of me and they like watching me hurt myself.

I am a rock and roll type of girl.

Twilight and New Moon are the best books ever...soon to include Eclipse

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