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Hello everyone and welcome to my profile page! My name is Cheshire and I'm a college student from California! It's wonderful to meet you all! I am an author of all trades and I have written many stories that I hope to publish here on! I have really enjoyed reading others stories here on Fanfiction and I feel that maybe I should finally post everything that I have written as well! I have written many stories that are all from either different animes, novels, video games and even television shows. When I see or read something that I heavily enjoy, I always feel the need to write a fanfiction with an OC and try to make her or him fit in as much as I can with the true plot of the story. Hope you are interested in my pieces and here are some summaries for you to read!

SACRIFICIAL DOLL A Fushigi Yuugi story. (2 Chapters available)

Saisei is a sixteen year old girl who has many secrets hiding behind the mask she puts on every day in school, and even in front of her friends Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo who she hates to lie to. One day when the eighth grade girls decide to visit their first year friend at school they notice her covered in bandages and don't know what could have happened to her since she won't give them any answers. But all their questions were soon to be answered when the trio are sucked back into the 'Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho' and a strange young man with teal hair suddenly recognizes Saisei after saving the girls from a group of bandits. When Yui is brought back to the real world, Miaka goes in search of her friend and realizes that she is the Priestess of Suzaku and learns that Saisei has connections with the people within the book. Saisei herself of course is lost on why she was not the Priestess but later discovers her real reason for being sucked within the book and knows that not only herself will be destroyed by her true destiny...

APPLE OF MY EYE A Fruits Basket story. (5 Chapters available)

Ringo Sohma is a sixteen year old girl who is the final animal within the cursed Zodiac that Tohru would have to meet before learning the truth about the curse. She had been missing from the Sohma's lives for almost five years finally arrives back in Japan and has an unexpected meeting with Tohru, Hana and Uo, causing the brunette to become very curious on the mysterious red head. After slowly making her way back into her families' lives and attending their High School, Tohru learns that not everyone is excited about her return, especially not the Cat and Rat of the Zodiac who make it very clear of their dislike for her. Akito learns about her return to Japan and calls upon Hatori to bring her back to the Main House, Ringo wishing that she never had to see his face again but as God... She needed to learn her punishment no matter how horrible the truth could really be... (Warning: Male Akito)

STAND MY GROUND A Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone story. (2 Chapters available)

Ashley Shay was left upon the Stewart's mansion porch and was raised by the loving muggle family who cared for her as their own no matter where she had come from. One day while resting under her favorite apple tree she is met by an owl who carried a rather large letter in it's beak for her. After learning who she truly was, the ten year old decides to take the opportunity to live at Hogwarts and learns that she loved magic more than anything she had in London as a muggle child. After being placed within her house for the next seven years of her life, she learns that you don't always get what you want and have to deal with the consequences, causing her to wonder who her real family was after the Sorting Hat speaks of her parentage. Ashley makes friends with the Gryffindor house mates and decides to help Harry, Ron and Hermione on their search for the Sorcerer's Stone, not realizing that she was going to be in for a big surprise when they stand before the Mirror of Erised under the school...

IRISH CIRCUS BEAUTY A Kaleido Star story. (6 Chapters available)

Nicolette Robers chose to give up the life she knew in Europe and take a chance for the stars when auditioning for the Kaleido Stage in California of the United States. After a rocky entrance into Cape Mary, she takes the ride from Jerry the policeman and with the help of Dominique, a trampelioner at Kaleido, she finds the audition room and hopes to blow the directors out of their seats. After successfully making it as a new performer with her new friends Zachary and Michael, she gets her first role for Sleeping Beauty and has a falling out with May Wong who dislikes the Irish performer for reasons unknown. After Sleeping Beauty becomes a success, Kalos starts to notice that the pink haired woman has more experience in the art of performing then she is letting on. Soon, Nicolette's place in Kaleido is starting to grow and Fool continues to appear before her eyes telling her that one day she will be Great, but of course when people from you past start appearing out of no where, it starts to get dangerous...

SWEET SACRIFICE A Kingdom Hearts story. (8 Chapters available)

Rain one day found herself washed up on the shores of Destiny Islands and with the help a silver haired boy named Riku, she finds friends on the island and starts to truly forget the life that she left behind. After nine years of not knowing where she was born, she helps her friends build a raft and hope to sail to new worlds, but everything is crushed when Destiny Islands is destroyed and she becomes separated from her friends, finding herself staring into a beautiful night sky as she falls unconscious to the cries around her. Sora appears in Traverse Town and after learning about the Keyblade and finding Rain, the two leave with Donald and Goofy to help search for the King and seal the worlds of Heartless. When they finally find Riku and Kairi, they realize that the darkness is truly starting to spread through Riku's heart and that only one thing will be able to bring the light back... A sweet sacrifice.

OUR TREASURE A Kuroko no Basuke story. (26 Chapters available)

Kuroko Takara is the phantom sixth player of the 'Generation of Miracles' and with her name meaning 'treasure', those start to learn about how important she really is to the old Teikou players. After being accepted to play on the Seirin high school basketball team, she befriends the tiger like Kagami Taiga and both learn to play as one player, as the light and dark of Seirin. One by one she and Kagami make their way through the 'Generation of Miracles' players and start to feel that they can beat anyone who comes in their path, but when people from their pasts start popping up and slowly pull them for those pedestals, things start to get difficult for Seirin. With Takara worrying about those from her gymnast life and Kagami with America, the friends find themselves starting to pull apart and with the 'Generation of Miracles' wanting their 'treasure' back from the tiger, it's the perfect opportunity...

MARRY THE NIGHT A True Blood story. (14 Chapters available)

Dorian, preferably known as Doe, was a strange woman who was slowly making her way into the hearts of those in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Originally from Greece, Doe moved to Bon Temps from Dallas, Texas after learning about the death of her Aunt Margaret and that she would be the one who would inherit the house. There she meets Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton, not knowing that these two would someday become a big part of her life and some of the closest people she would ever have in her life. After a strange confrontation with Bill on day one and the intense curiosity of Eric Northman after visiting Fangtasia, Doe is going to have to protect her little 'secret' better than she has had before in hopes of not getting discovered. But when she learns that her dearest friend had gone missing in Dallas and that the vampires who hunted her throughout Texas were still after her... Maybe sharing her secrets with a telepathic Fairy, a Southern Vampire and the Vampire Sheriff of Area 5 wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

Here are the summaries of the stories that are already posted here on the site and how many chapters are uploaded for each! I will probably add new chapters for other stories that I plan to post and hopefully they will get some attention as well from you wonderful readers! I can't wait to read your comments and reviews to know what you think! Thank you reading and please read, review and enjoy my stories! Love you all!

* Cheshire.Heart *

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Kuroko Takara was a cheerful girl who made a big impact on her middle school's basketball team at Teiko, but what happens when she arrives at Seirin High and suddenly becomes a tiger's quiet shadow? And how does this effect the story when Kuroko Tetsuya is no longer a boy? Gender-Swap.
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Dorian, preferably known as Doe, was a woman who was slowly making her way into the hearts of those who lived in Bon Temps, Louisiana, but not only was her silver hair and crystal blue eyes the only strange part about her. With an intoxicating scent of the sea that would drive any vampire insane with lust, you could only wonder what she was hiding behind that blissful smile...
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When Miaka and Yui decide to go visit their closest friend Saisei at Yotsubadai, they are stunned to see her covered in bandages with no explanation on what had happened to her. When the three friends visit the library and are sucked into the 'Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho', what are the two middle schoolers to think when everyone seems to be recognizing Saisei?
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Nicolette Roberts was a runaway Irish gymnast from France who wanted nothing more than to live her dream performing with the Kaleido Stage in America. After a strange run in with Jerry the Policeman, she is brought to the Kaleido cast auditions and hopes to wow the crowd with her determination and love of the art. But will her story end with a happy ending?
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"You, Ringo Sohma are a mistake, an eye sore, a fool, and you should be wise not to think otherwise." Her yellow eyes widened at his words and he continued. "This is not the first time you have brought shame to us that we have had to clean up, but now you will finally learn what happens when you fail me."
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