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"I'm going to tell you a secret- one that will see you through all of the trials in life. Have courage, and be kind."


I think it's about time I redo this profile, for many of the elements that I used to have are from a part of my life that I no longer experience. I joined when I was twelve or thirteen years old, and I am hardly the little girl that I used to be. I'd like to think that I'm a bit more self-aware. While some of the experiences I've had while a member of this sight weren't the best, and some left me wondering what else to do with my life. I don't regret them, though. If I'd never gone through the things that I have, both in my internet life and my real life, I wouldn't be who I was today.

So, before I move on, I want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who I've ever had the slightest connection to on this website. Whether you've healed me or hurt me, you've all helped create me.

"Thanks for your help and for all you've done. Thank you for treating me, decently."

Story Time

And now, I'm going to tell you a story. It's not a fairytale, and there has yet to be a happy ending, but the thing is, happy endings only come at "the end..."

Once Upon a Time, in a state in the lower south of the United States of America, there was a tiny town with a population of only a little more than 1,000, just north of Atlanta.

On December 7th, 1994, a little girl was born. Her life was normal. Blissfully, perfectly average. She had an older sister with a brilliant mind, who could read before the age of two, a mother, a father, and two grandparents who lived right next door. She was a lovely child, with blonde hair, and blue eyes. As a child, she was perfectly certain that her life would be wonderful.

And she was right, but not completely.

She can't remember how, or when it started, or if she had always been that way, but from the age of at least nine, until she was around 16 years old, she struggled with her weight. Food was a comfort to her. She didn't understand how awful it was to come home after school and have meal-sized snacks. Gradually, she packed on the pounds, until at the tender age of 16, she reached her highest weight of 212 lbs.

After that, she shocked herself into a brief anorexia. For a solid week, she didn't eat a thing for an entire week, and in those seven days, she dropped ten pounds.

Soon, she came to her senses, and started to eat again. She educated herself about calories, and how to properly eat in order to lose weight but still stay healthy. It took her many years, but by the time she was just nineteen years old, she had dropped from 212, to 118 lbs.

She. Was. Ecstatic. However, like always, the success wasn't permanent. She slipped off of her regime, and slowly put some of that weight back on. She is determined, however, to get her weight back down to what it was before, and it has been gradually dropping.

Now, I'm going to go back to another part of the story, one that pertains more to the website in question.

She joined at the age of 12, out of nothing more than a simple desire to write and read Harry Potter Fanfiction. Until then, she didn't even know that such a thing existed, but it opened a magical world for her. For the first four or five years, she didn't have many interactions with other people on the site, until, after she had posted a story based on Twilight, did she receive a message from a girl asking her to join a forum.

Though hesitant, she joined anyway, and leapt into a world of people who would both adore, and ruin her.

For one and a half years, she roleplayed on that forum, from around the nineteenth of February, 2013 until before April in 2014. That was when she and the admin had a falling out, and with another girl from the same forum, they strove to create a place of their own.

And thank God they did.

The forum was steady, and thriving in it's first months of life, but near the end of the first three months, the administrator (the friend that she had started it with) went on leave for a while in order to care for things in her own life. Determined to not let the forum die out, she took matters into her own hands, and through the help of some of the greatest people she had ever met.

At present, that forum is doing wonderfully, and if you are interested in joining our family, please visit:

Northern Lights Twilight RP Forum

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better? But, because I knew you... I have been changed for good."

Bestest Friends Forever.

Do you remember those people I mentioned before? The greatest people I have ever met? Well, this is who they are, but be warned- don't try to take them for yourself.

I'm going to be perfectly honest. I'm extremely protective of all of my friends and I value them all to the point that the slightest argument can launch me into a panic attack because the one thing that scares me most in life is being left alone.

Disclaimer: These are in order of who I met first, not in order of favorite, etc. I love everyone equally.*

Chy: I met her in the first forum that I joined, when she played Alice and one of my OCs and hers became close friends. Like the people we played, we also forged a connection, and our friendship is one of few from the original forum that hasn't been severed. In truth, she is one of the calmest, and most genuine people that I know, and I love her for that.

Elle: We have been friends for a long time, but it wasn't until recently that we surpassed the boundary between friends, to "Omg I love you so much lets bang." I can't recall exactly what made us bridge that gap, but I'm thankful to whatever did. She's incredible.

Emma: Oh sweet lord...where can I even begin with this girl? We are like sisters, but better than sisters. We have gone through an unbelievable amount of trials together, but it's only because of one another that we have both come out on top. I love her with all my heart.

Katie: Is potentially my "official" best friend, though this is mostly based on length of constant interaction and perpetual angst shared. She's one of the few people who can handle my mood swings, who doesn't get mad if I were to call her names, and can blow my own writing out of the water. I love her, so, so much.

Morgan: She is like my sister, more than a best friend. We can be at each other one day, but then we're back to adoring one another to a level that is almost gay the next. I don't know how I would be here without her. She is my rock, my best friend, the sister I got to choose. I lovesss herrr. Full homo. Just kidding.

Or am I? ;)

There are many other people that I could write about here, but I'm going to leave it at the Sensational Seven ;)

More about me!

Name: Kasey. Yes, it's my real name. You can either call me that, or Stars from my user name.

Age: I am currently twenty years old. This December I will be twenty-One.

Place of Birth: I was born in Georgia, and that's where I still live.

Favorite Colors: Coral, sky blue, aqua, light green, lavender, and sage

Favorite Books: Clockwork Prince, House of Night 1-4 (all I've read so far of those series), the Harry Potter series, Fairytales by the Brother's Grimm, and Hans Christien AndersonLes Miserables.

Favorite Musicals: Into the Woods, Wicked, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, RENT!, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Guys And Dolls, and Sweeney Todd

Favorite Movies: Four Brothers, Les Miserables, Into the Woods, Maleficent, Hide and Seek, Twilight: Eclipse

Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Once Upon a Time.

Favorite Fandoms: Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds.

People I'm Obsessed with: Mattthew Gray Gubler, Cameron Bright, Aaron Tveit, Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp, Daniel Huttlestone, William Mosely, Jackson Rathbone, Dakota Fannning, Elle Fanning, Samantha Barks, Emily Blunt, Lilla Crawford, Anna Kendrick, Helena Bonham Carter.

About my Stories:

At the moment, I have two fanfiction stories in the works, two original novels in the works, and two completed original novels.

Fanfiction Stories:

The Fireflower Blooms at Midnight: Twilight. Rated T. Incomplete. Two-shot. Warnings: Mentions of rape, suicidal thoughts, and abuse.

Good Intentions: Twilight. Rated T. Incomplete. Multi-chapter. Warnings: Future mentions of neglect, minor abuse, molestation, rape and torture.

Original Works:

Though they are not published yet I currently have the first novel of a trilogy, and a stand alone novel complete, along with the two remaining books in that trilogy in the works.

Closing Statement and Contacts.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read through my profile, especially if you've gotten this far. Feel free to PM me if you wish to communicate further, or if you have any inquiries about my stories or the forum.

"Where there is kindness, there is Goodness, and where there is Goodness, there is Magic."

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