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Author has written 19 stories for Naruto, Eyeshield 21, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Doctor Who, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Final Fantasy VII, Devil May Cry, and Twilight.

Yukii desuuuu~~~! (Yes that's a portrayal of me drooling over Kakashi. Or generally being sleepy all the time, dreaming. Go Konata!)

Age : Wouldn't you like to know? Old enough to be producing these -blush- lemons.

Kakashi fangirl ~

There are virtually no reviews... please review!!

Haaa... Maybe I should start writing some fluffy stories...

And... There are some typos/huge grammatical mistakes in the stories... -sigh- but when I do notice it... I can't be bothered changing them... sorry. just bear with it.

Anime Guys I would drool for:

Naruto : Kakashi! My favourite out of everyone. I want Naruto producers to unmask him!! Oh and Yondaime (Don't wanna spoil his real name) is HOT. Naruto is sweet but if he looks exactly like his dad. Yes.

Bleach : Ichigo/Kisuke/Byakuya... oh and Shuuhei! Anyway Ichigo is general hot. Kisuke needs to remove that stupid hat and Byakuya needs some hugs and love. BIG TIME. Shuuhei? A pervert in "disguise" 69 tattoo on your face really ain't sly!

D.Gray-man : Bak-chan/Cross Marian/ Lavi. Lavi is just cuuuute! Poor Bak... he faints too much when he sees a pretty girl! And Cross? One sexy dirty man. Sorry I am being disturbing...

Death Note: L He's so adorable. my god. Matsuyama Kenichi. HOT

Ouran: Basically everyone. Except from Huni. He's adorable but not into loli.

Fruits Basket: Hatori/Kyo/Haru/Kureno/Shigure Yeah nearly every male. First three sohmas are the most adorable Sohmas. Kureno is sweet but there's not much about him and Shigure's personality is too cynical and scheming. But he looks yum.

Kyou Kara Maou: Conrad! He needs some love too.

Vampire Knight: Zero/Ichijou/Shiki - I love Ichijou! He's so cute and Zero needs a big hug... and blood. But let's not get into that shall we? Kaname is okay but Zero and Ichijou stands out the most. And Shiki is so sweet. I think Rima and Shiki are cute together!

FMA : Just Roy. I dunno about later on in the manga but only watched the anime.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud/Reno/Vincent/Rufus All are one piece of hot ass. Sorry readers. I'm disturbing. I know. But seriously... HOT. Vincent is so cute as a Turk!

Why are the yaoi men with the lovely deep voice so hot?! Kyousuke from Papa kiss in the dark and Chisato from Kireipapa... Junjou romantica's Usagi and that Miyagi You guy... -drool- O.o I'm slowly becoming a yaoi kya kya fangirl.

And I have a thing for hot men in glasses... i have glasses fetish...

There are so much more. But these are the finest. So far... bwahahaha Je suis un pervert!

Disclaimer : I don't own any mangas, animes I base my stories on. Or any TV shows/films BLAH. I really cannot be arsed writing that in EVERY story I do. I'll try.

Author's Style

I write a lot of lemons... Yes I know you're sitting there pointing at the screen screaming "Pervert!" So what? I mainly perv on Kakashi. Because he's my favourite. And he's THE most sexiest anime man ever. End of.

Mainly pairings with OC's. May start to do reader pairings. I dunno. -shrugs-

I write mainly one-shots. Don't really think of HUGE plots. I just can't be bothered.

No Yaoi (unless the actual anime and pairing i write is yaoi... this will be rare... i don't think it will happen. I hate Iruka x Kakashi or basically yaoi pairings in Naruto or most minors with Kakashi i.e Sakura... I don't really like pairings with Kakashi... except Hinata because it's quite cute how she's so shy paired with a perv. Ohohoho! yup i hate made-up Yaoi. Sorry!)

No yuri (cause one. I'm a straight girl two. I'm not into it. Let the majority male authors or Yuri fanatics handle this.)

No rape

No extreme bondage sadistic stuff

Basically no violent lemon stuff that involves blood and guts. That's just sick man. Read one once of Ouran - Kyouya x Haruhi and ends up with rape and a knife through her heart. O.o scary!

What I'm working on at the moment :Doing a lil side project - an original story. But I doubt I'll EVER get it fin... or post it. Myabe I should just stick to some delicious lemon fanfics on my ... bwahahahahah... kawaii anime boys. I'm evil.

Kakashi: yes Kakashi is just the main lemon character here. I wanna keep writing KakashixOC lemons but it's hard to think up plots! Any suggestion guys?!


Naruto - Perhaps another Kakashi x OC... or another Lemon ... lemons are fun.Or a sequel to SaixOCxKakashi's All fun and games ends in?... I am thinking of doing a Yondaime one but i need more research! hohoho! or even a fluffy nonlemon SaixOC one.

D.Gray-Man - I've done a little Lavi x OC... I so wanna do a Bak x OC lemon!! Bak Chan banzai! I love his voice... he was Urahara Kisuke in Bleach... love the voice especially from Papa to kiss in the dark - Kyousuke. YUM. (Perhaps a Kyousuke x OC one shot for Papa to kiss in the dark? Not so keen on Yaoi...) Now that I have written about Cross Marian... There has to be a Cross Lemon bwahaha!

Fruits Basket - Perhaps...probs a Hatori x OC one! I love Hatori... poor soul... heart broken...

Bleach - I was gonna do a Byakuya x OC but it was OOC ... But I just did a Urahara lemon! I think I need an Ichigo bankai lemon. I also need to write a Shuuhei x OC lemon. It HAS to be done. There ain't enough.

Kyou Kara Maou - Conrad x OC (the guy needs some love!) maybe not a lemon...

Eyeshield 21 - Shin x OC Lemon perhaps I don't know if i should do another Eyeshield one...

Final Fantasy 7 (Advent Children) - Considering considering... a few hotties in it. Cloud/Vincent/Reno/Rufus My god. so many possible storylines...

Ouran High School Host Club - In progress but... I don't know who the OC should pair up with! I mean everyone (except from Hani because he's too cute and too muchos like a kid and obv Haruhi) have their own qualities.

I think I might start a fanfic that is extremely tragic with a happy ending ... Or with a sad ending that is heart wrenching. But I don't like sad endings and yet I want to produce something tear-jerking! Oh the dilemma!

End of Transmission.

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