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Name: Tara, but call me Yume, Sabella, or Nizzy.

Fan Fiction Penname: Yume means "dream" in Japanese. So it basically means "My Lovely Dream."

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Current Obsessions: Tales of Symphonia, Persona 3 & 4, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon

Official "Tales of" Forums Name: Sakura Yume, but formally known as Sabella Aurion.

. . . . Tales of Symphonia Pairings. . . .

Favorites: Sheeloyd, Kraine, Resea, Kranna, Raingal, one sided Sheelos.

Guilty pleasure: Preloyd, Zelloyd, Raloyd.

Neutral: Mutual Sheelos (SheenaxZelos), though my tolerance for this pairing is slowly turning into a dislike. I'll tolerate yaoi/yuri, shonen/shojo-ai, and crack pairings.

Dislikes: Colloyd, Gesea, incest.


[Gesea] - Genis can't take care of himself. How the hell is he supposed to take care of someone who will need tons of support and love? Genis was on Raine and Lloyd's coat tails the entire game. He's immature, selfish, and needs to grow up. Being book smart doesn't mean a person is the perfect husband. Lloyd is the perfect example of this. "They're cute together" does not constitute a long lasting relationship. Seriously. Presea is going to go through things he can't even begin to comprehend. Gesea pairings are unfair to her.

[Colloyd] - I hate Colette. Her relationships with Lloyd seems so cliched and empty - like a shojo high school manga. Blah. Colette didn't change at all by the end of the game. She spent all of her time being saved by others. I'll admit Colette is "canon," but that relationship seems forced. Colette needs some work done on her personality.

[Sheelos] - Sheena likes Lloyd more than Zelos (even Zelos knows Sheena has a crush on Lloyd). I'm sick of the Sheena love triangle wars. Face the facts, kids. Sheelos can work, but it'll take a lot of character development. Sheena is the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn't like cryptic personalities. Zelos is a walking cryptic metaphor. That is not a long lasting relationship. This relationship has to be developed. A lot.

[Kraine vs Kranna] - Anna is dead. Pregame is Anna. Postgame is Kraine. Kratos is allowed to fall in love again. Stop fangirling. Raine is allowed to get a piece of some sweetdiculous Seraphim booty.

[Kruan] - ... Kratos is not gay. Yuan is not gay. Yes. I'll tolerate this pairing, but you'd better make it good. The yaoi fangirling is getting old. Two men can exist on the same planet and not be friends without questioning their sexuality.

Regardless of my favorites, I'd love to read any ToS fan fiction. I rate on content, storyline, and grammar; not my favorite pairings or least favorite. Just make it reasonable. If it's a pairing I don't like, I will only read it when asked. PM me, but don't expect me to water down my opinion or sugar coat my review. I'm not mean and I don't bite. Unless you're into that sort of thing. -wink-

Honorable Mentions

Meowzy-chan ( If I had to describe her in one word, it would be impossible. Her fan fictions are hysterical. Even if you're not a yaoi fan or a Kruan (KratosxYuan) fan, give one of her stories a try. And if you're on the Tales Forums, check out one of her spoofs, but I will warn you: I'm not responsible for injuries gained as a result of rolling on the floor laughing. Plus, she deals with my nublet self every day xD That deserves credit all by itself. With a sweet personality to match, there's nothing more a person could ask for. Except for a video tape of Yuan in the shower.

Spiritua Masquerade ( Watch out, Martel! You've got some competition! The Goddess of writing herself, rocking more socks than should be legal. Her Highness graced me with her presence and we've been good friends ever since, combining the chaotic forces of our brains. She's an excellent source of Vitamin Advice; one of the reasons my writing is getting better, not to mention her awesome plot-hole filling powers that have saved my behind on several occasions. Her fictions PWN mine to the fullest degree of the word, whether she wants to admit it or not. She's also responsible for the nickname Toast (long story, don't ask). We're working on a ToS collaboration named Tales of Symphonia: Labrynthine, which will completely butcher the way you look at Tales of Symphonia. In a good way.

. . . Read or Die Section . . .

(Read these stories. Or else.)

Choices ( It is a Kraine fan fiction, but give it a chance. You'll be begging for the next chapter. After the Regeneration, everyone splits up to accomplish their individual goals. A certain Raine Sage is studying in Sybak, living in a cozy cottage on the outskirts of town. One day, she receives a visitor. A certain mercenary visitor, badly injured. But, he's brought friends along for the ride. Who injured Kratos? What friends did he bring along? I ain't telling. GO READ.

Will ( One of the first fan fictions to make me cry. Even through finding myself wanting to burst into tears, I could not tare my eyes away. A post-game story, following the World Regeneration and the lives of our heroes. Beautifully written; absolutely beautiful. It's a tragedy, and there are character deaths, but it's merely an afterthought. Just read. If you have any taste in quality tragedy writing, you'll love it. Not always can there be a happy ending...

Quick update to my readers:

September 2011 - (Story statues)

Formatting on all of my stories got messed up for some reason. I'm in the process of fixing it.

[Angelic Sacrifice: Them That Remain] - (Status: Revising) This story is being edited and revised. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback/reviews. (: The revised version will be up soon.

[Tales of a Twist: Fate of the Prodigy] - (Status: In progress/updating) Another story that suffers from formatting goofups that occurred during my hiatus. In addition, I'm also revising and rewriting it. So, no, this story has not been abandoned! I plan to update!

[Tales of Aftermaths: New Beginnings] (Status: hiatus/discontinued)- ... wow xD Rereading that story is painful. Let's say it's on hiatus/discontinued until I rewrite it.

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