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So, wow.

It's been a while since I've been here. I couldn't even remember my password when I tried to log-in. But, I'm back and determined to finish my stories. First on that list is Digital Destiny. I've left it open-ended for too long now. It needs closure, so I will have that finished...soon. I'm not going to give exact dates because every time I do I just end up making a liar out of myself. Rest assured though, that it will get done, a few years after it started mind you but done just the same.

Then I'll start working on "I'll Remember". It will get done too, though when is still questionable.

Writers, and friends, that have inspired my stories are: Letainajup, MarsFireGoddess, Pricilla, V-Babe, and Firespirit. All of these authors manage to capture their characters emotion and portray them so they are believeble, likable and real. They draw you into the story and make you care about each character and what they’re going though. I bow down to each of you!!!

Rant of the Week: The fact that I can never focus on one story because my over active imagination creates a new one each week. GGGRRRRRR!

Lets see, while I'm rambling is there anything else I wanted to say...oh yeah, my favorite Rei pairings. I absolutely LOVE Rei/Heero, even though Duo is my favorite pilot. Rei/Draco is something I would like to see, along with Rei/Boromir. Rei/Aya is starting to interest me though I will admit that I would love to see her knock Yohji down a peg or two...Rei/Inuyahsa might be interesting (I have a small idea about an Inuyasha/SM crossover in mind where Rei is Kagome's daughter but we wont get into that now) as well as Rei/Hotohori and Rei/Nakago. I have a Rei/Robin (Teen Titans) epic in my head that might get written some day, maybe. Rei/Fuuma (Or Nataku) would be spectacular if anyone ever did a SM/X crossover and I would love to see an Utena/SM x-over that paired Rei with either Touga or Ruka! I actually read a Rei/Elrond fic that was fantastic. I never thought about them as a couple but this fic changed my mind. Also Rei/Clef. I think their personalities would compliment each other so well. I think that Rei/Sephiroth would be AMAZING and so would a Rei/Rufus Shinra. Rei/Auron could be great and so would Rei/Shido…has anyone besides me seen Night walker…ack I could go one forever about who Rei could be paired with, but I’ll stop there.

Other couples that I love are Cloud/Tifa, Tifa/Sephiroth, Tifa/Rufus and Tifa/Vincent if they are well written. Dagger/Zidane romance I love but I have a liking for Dagger/Kuja as well. Remy/Rouge always has and always will be my favorite x-men couple. And on the yaoi side of things I am a HUGE Duo/Heero fan. I am also partial to Elrond/Legolas, Eagle/Lantis, Touga/Saionji, and Fuuma/Kamui. I live for Cordelia/Angel fics, too.

And just for more information, characters that I absolutely HATE are: Usagi, Hikaru (Rayearth), Aeris (FF7), Yayoi (Night Walker), Hilde (GundamW), Yuna (FFX) and Guy (Ai No Kusabi). I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of any right now. There are more that I don’t always like but find some redeeming qualities in, like Relena (GW) and Soi (FY) but that list is way to long.

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