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Hmmmm, there so much random stuff I could tell you... okay first off I LOVE SPONGEBOB!!!!! He's just inspiration for those of us who are a little dorky but still like to have fun no matter what others think about us ; I am, and I proudly admit this, myspace Addicted. When often asked "what are two words that describe your best friend" my friends often respond 'Needs Ritalin' they know they need it just as much as they say I do = ) Um, lets see, I love reading books, I make it my goal to read at least two a week, and nine times out of ten I do. Um, I love my life. It's not always drama free and some of the people in it wouldnt be on the Perfect Persons list, and neither would I. I have been referred to the Queen of All Spazz's ans I hold this title proudly and if you dont like it...take a flying leap = ) I LOVE graphic design.


I love to write. Especially Fanfics or poems. Most of my Fanfics are for Maximum Ride, Twilight, Alex Rider, and Artemis Fowl. It's not unusual for me to have 4 or 5 FF's in the works (in fact I do = ) I hop ehtat when you guys read then You'll like them just as much as I do. And I usually put a random qoute at the top of all my chapters that are, likeI said, just random and I like them.

I am completly and utterly OBSESSED with Maximum Ride and Twilgiht. For one Fang and Max are perfect and so Are Bella and Edward. I dont like Fang and Nudge otherwise referred to as Fudge, or Iggy and Fang, or Max with Iggy. And Bella and Edward shoudnt be w/ anyone else either. It's just the way it was meant to be.


Max/Ari: This is my least favorite pairing. For one thing the FF's w/ the M rated themes in them between these two kinda gross me out. I mean ARI IS 7 YEARS OLD PEOPLE. In book two he got grossed out when he saw a lady holding a bra, I doubt he would want to screw Max. Yes I know it's FF, but still, lets keep it slightly realistic people. As realistic about a story of bird kids on the run can get.

Max/Iggy: Dont really have a problem with it, tho I would prefer Fax. It depends on hows it's written i guess. But if you get the right person to write it, it can be just as good as Fang and Max

Max/Fang: I love it and that is all that needs to be said.

Iggy/Nudge: This is one of my favorte pairings. They look so cute together!!! Though Iggy and a good OC would do just fine also, as with Nudge.

Nudge/Gazzy: Eh. Okay I guess. = /

Angel/Ari: Could be belivable if Ari still looked like a seven year old, but now tha he looks like a grown man...Ewwwww. I mean if people saw Angel and a full grown Ari walking down the street. they might think that A) That's his sister or B) Ari has a thing for younger girls and that the authorities should be alerted, IMMEDIATELY.



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November 16 2007: I FINALLY UPDATED. Its probably only the first or second time since summer ended. But anyway I updated Scacrifice and as of Right now I'm righting a new chapter for Why Does He Have To Be So Complicated. It'll probally be up be this time next week. I'll try to update more frequently. Love you bbys 3


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